American gay teacher porn first time Exotic Bareback with Zidane

American gay teacher porn first time Exotic Bareback with Zidane
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Cindy is a quiet, innocent white 15 year old girl from Sun City West, Arizona. She's 5 feet 6 inches with small titties and a round ass. Her dad, William, recently died in a car crash. Her mom lost her job shortly after that and decided to move to Detroit, Michigan, where William's parents live. Sunday Cindy's legs were stiff when she got off the plane.

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Detroit, Michigan. She was finally here. Cindy pulled her small suitcase behind her as she walked into the airport. She waited for her mom once she got in. They slowly walked towards the baggage claim. "Are we going to Grandma and Grandpa's house?" Cindy asked.

"No," her mother replied, "They're going to pick us up from the airport and drive us over to our house." Cindy was quiet for a moment. "Mom," she started, "Why don't you like them?" "It's none of your business!" Cindy's mother snapped. "I think my life is hard enough without you always bothering me with those questions of yours." 'Bitch,' Cindy thought.

Her mom had changed after her dad's death. She was always OD-ing over everything! Cindy was looking for the last big suitcase when something covered her eyes. "Guess who?" she heard a voice say. Cindy quickly spun around.

"Grandma!" "My sweet pea," her grandmother said warmly. "How are you? You look so big now!" All the suitcases were gathered and piled in Cindy's grandparent's van. It was an awkward ride to her new house. Her mom was refusing to look her grandparents in the eye. A few minutes passed. Cindy dozed off. When she woke up she was horrified! It was like the neighborhood she had seen in a movie. A ghetto! It was so dirty, so messy, so. BLACK! All through Cindy's life, she had probably only seen 2 black people.

In this ghetto there were black people all over the streets. Smoking, and staring at her grandparents car as it drove by. Cindy shrunk back, scared. But she was also fascinated. She stared from inside the car. "Ugly ass white girl!" she heard someone call. Cindy flinched and forced herself to stop looking out the window. Who was that girl calling her ugly? SHE was the one with a fat ass. Her grandpa looked back at her.

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"Be careful out there," he said. "It's dangerous. This is no place for a girl like you. Only a fool would move make their daughter live here." Cindy looked at her mom to see her reaction. There was none. Cindy lay in her bed. Tomorrow would be her 1st day of school. At Darlington High.

She was nervous. Not only was she staring in the middle of the 2nd semester, but she would also get a roommate she had never met before.

Darlington is a special school, her mother had said. You go there for 2 weeks and come back on the next Saturday. Not at all like her old school. Monday "Bye mom!" Cindy said.

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Her mom waved goodbye, and drove off. Cindy walked up the steps of Darlington. She was wearing a white shirt and dark blue jeans, since she didn't know the Detroit fashion yet.

Cindy was not going to take any chances. She walked into the office and got directions to her dorm room. 42a. She found it at the end of a dark hallway and slid in her card. Her mouth dropped open when she opened the door. In the room was 2 black boys sitting on the bottom of a bunk bed.

One of them was really short and light-skinned. The other was tall and brown. "The fuck?" the light-skinned one said. "How you get in?" "This-this is my room," Cindy stammered.

The two boys burst out laughing.


Cindy stared. "What? We sharin' a room with a white girl?" said the tall one. Cindy was speechless.


"Yes?" "Close the door and get yo ass over here," said the light-skinned one. Cindy complied. She was scared.

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"I'm Juleon," the tall one said. "This my nigga Jeremiah. What's your name?" "Cindy." Cindy gasped as Juleon grabbed her around the waist and pulled her onto his lap, but she did nothing.

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"I know exactly what you are," he whispered in her ear. "You one of those slutty white girls who's scared of niggas like us. By the time you graduate you gone fuck most of them here." "Get off of me!" Cindy squirmed out of his lap only to be grabbed by Jeremiah. He quickly unzipped his pants and a big brown penis with a tinge of pink popped out. "Suck it," he ordered Cindy. "What? No!" Cindy was disgusted. She had never seen a real penis before and she was definitely not about to suck one.

Jeremiah did not seem to hear her. He stuck his dick in her mouth anyway. Cindy pulled away. He slapped her.

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Crying now, Cindy started to suck his penis. She had no idea what she was doing. Frustrated, Jeremiah grabbed her hair and face-fucked her. He groaned and cummed in her mouth. Cindy choked on the thick liquid. "Swallow it," Jeremiah said, his penis still in her mouth. Cindy managed to swallow some of it but then threw up.

Out of the blue, Juleon punched her stomach as hard as he could. Cindy gasped and passed out. "Ugh," Cindy had a headache. She opened her eyes. It was sunny outside. Cindy suddenly remembered where she was and sat up. She was still in the dorm room and she was completely naked! Luckily there was no one in there. Her titties were sore. She guessed that the 2 boys had roughly grabbed them while she was knocked out cold.

She froze. Had they raped her too? She tentatively stuck a finger into her pretty pink pussy. No, she was still a virgin.

At least for now. Cindy stood up and almost fell back down again from the pain in her stomach, where Juleon had punched her. She saw a note taped to the door and limped over to read it. "Bitch, get to class". There was a clock on the wall. 11:45 am. She had gotten here at 6. Cindy looked for her clothes. To her horror, she couldn't find them. Cindy looked around for something else to wrap around herself. There was nothing! Not even the boys' clothes! She started to feel tears in the corners of her eyes.

"Dumb bitches!" Cindy screamed. What a horrible beginning to the 1st day of school!