Geile Drecksau fickt ihren Chef

Geile Drecksau fickt ihren Chef
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First, I will give you some background on the whore I called my girlfriend for four years. For sake of keeping privacy we will call her Tee, which is short for the rest of her name, and if you wish to connect dots you may do so yourself.

I met her while working at a restaurant when I was only 18. She went unnoticed until one day she walked into work on her day off to pick up her check. The loose fitting work uniforms deceived my eyes and the reality of the situation hit me like a ton of bricks. Picture a sexy European model type with perfect natural 34C tits, slim waist, and an ass with long toned legs to match. Who would have known the complete package was hiding around work this whole time?

At that moment I decided I would make it my mission in life to fuck this girl. After a couple weeks of flirting around work, we finally decided to go out. Long story short two dates later I fucked her. I had her over at my place. We're hanging out playing pool.


Then I pulled out the secret weapon, unknowingly at the time, Hennessy. She took a few shots of that and jumped on me.

I swear she was ready to ride my dick on top of that pool table in front of my roommates and everything, I had the presence of mind to take her to my room. As soon as the door closed she began to strip.

The music from the living room was leaking into the room and she moved her body to the beat.

She soon was completely naked and spreading herself open for me to see her. I sat on my bed to watch the show as she continued dancing until the song ended.


I have to admit I was slightly intimidated by her. Imagine Tori Black with beautiful natural 34C's. Tee was a straight 10 and nobody could deny that. She made her way over to me on the bed and began to take my clothes off.

She started with my shirt making sure to press her supple tits with perfect silver dollar sized nipples. Her body was truly a work of art and some sign of the existence of God. She licked her way down my body, sliding my pants off to reveal my half-staffed cock. She grabbed my cock into her hand and stared for a brief moment. She then gently put the head into hear mouth, removed it and then licked it from the bottom of the shaft to the top.

My cock instantly stiffened and began throbbing in her hand. Her eyes widened as she shoved the entire length of my cock in her mouth. She then looked up to me with her light brown eyes as she slowly removed my dick inch by inch from her mouth. She then stood up and began fingering her pussy while maintaining her grasp on my hard cock. She pushed me back onto the bed and slowly lowered herself onto my dick. I penetrated her pussy and she slowly took more and more of my cock.

She finally became comfortable and began to ride me. She had rhythm for a white girl.

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Up and down taking every inch. Her tits were fucking out of control, but I needed to get a look at the ass.

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I rolled her over stuck her face in the pillow and jammed my dick into her soaking cunt. Her ass was a match made in heaven with her tits. I grabbed two handfuls of that ass like I was palming two basketballs and went to town on her pussy.

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Every bit of my dick was sliding in and out of her. She became increasingly louder as I pumped into her faster and faster. I smacked her ass and she let out a scream.

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She yelled for me to come. I thrusted my dick in one last time as far as possible and busted my load. She let out a moan as my dick pulsated inside her. I pulled out and smacked her ass one last time. I flipped her over and she had a huge smile on her face.

She took the condom off of my cock and sucked the remaining juices from my softening cock. After a quick breather we fucked one more time before falling asleep. Fucking on the second date should have been an immediate red flag, but something about this girl was different, or so I thought. Oh and did I mention the tramp stamp (Flowers & racing flags?) Aw, to be young, naïve, and have the hottest piece of pussy you've ever had in your life. Luckily for me I performed well enough too keep this stunning girl around.

We continued fucking and began to become close. I discovered that she had broken up with her high school boyfriend of 3 years only 2 weeks before our first encounter. I also discovered that I was the 2nd person she had ever slept with, her ex-boyfriend being the 1st. FUNNY SIDE NOTE:(One morning Tee's mom was cleaning her room and knocked over a container on her nightstand.

Out spilled condoms to our embarrassment. She bent over and revealed a gold wrapper, The Magnum XL. Her mom smiled and asked if it was mine. Before I could say anything, Tee made it clear that her ex was packing the monster cock, not me the average Joe. Her mom smirked smugly and left the room, after cleaning up the rest of monster's condoms.

Feeling embarrassed with my cock size diminished, I made sure I punished that stupid bitch Tee for the humiliation. I fucked her brains out every which way while intermittently shoving the entire length of my 6.5-inch cock down her pretty little throat; all while having her scream she loves little dick the whole time for her stupid smug mother to hear. Enough of me venting I'll do plenty of that later.) Now where was I?

Oh yes, I discovered she had only slept with one guy prior to me. I smelled BS, but I wanted to be trusting and take her word for it.

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It's not like she said she was an angel. She had done other things before, as well. One interesting story she told me was when she sucked off some guy's dick to the very last drop in the bathroom during Chapel. Did I mention she was a Christian schoolgirl that played soccer in high school? Now picture the white blouse and plaid skirt with those athletic, toned legs leading up to her voluptuous hips and round ass. While the rest of the kids were listening to the gospel, my girl was sucking dick like a champ in the bathroom.

I have a few more stories, but won't bore you. I will tell you she was the stat girl for the Varsity baseball team, so you can let your imagination run wild with that. Long bus rides, late night practices, you get the picture. Even with all these red flags I couldn't help myself. I was beginning to develop feelings.

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We continued fucking for a year becoming more open to each other. It was a perfect situation.


I could go over there after work, fuck until we passed out, wake up and beat that sweet pussy up one more time before I got my day started. It was by then she trusted me and went on birth control, so I could go raw. This was a revelation to me. Her pussy would get ridiculously wet. I've never felt nothing like that before and haven't found another girl that got so wet.

It was the perfect situation like I said. Like all good things, somehow it gets complicated. We decided to make it official. This would be a decision that would haunt me for the next 4 years and continues to. That was the decision that turned a filthy cock-loving whore into my girlfriend. Everything I have told you thus far about Tee is true.

Everything I will write in the future will be as well. Please enjoy, more coming soon.

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