Gay porn monk and oral sex men Kevin is back in front of the cameras

Gay porn monk and oral sex men Kevin is back in front of the cameras
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My pet's car pulls up to my drive way. I see her exit the car in an almost jilted way. I am guessing this stems from the uncertainty that today brings. I withheld all the details and simply said she should present herself at my house at 15:30 today.

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I watch her walk nervously to the door and I think about all the planning of this day. I needed to wait patiently as the seasons turned sufficiently warm to allow this day. Many orders were placed and so much preparation. She hesitantly knocks on the door and my game has begun. She is in the attire of my preference. Short little mini skirt that is more than revealing, a tight tube top pushing her round fleshy breasts awkwardly upwards and almost falling out. Her make-up is dark and she is walking on heels that resemble stilts.

I take a look at her succulent neckline and there is the collar that I placed on her 3 months ago, proudly owning the body that belongs to me now. I answer the door, not allowing her entry as yet. She greets as she has been taught, "Good afternoon Sir". She does the smallest curtsey and I smile. I abruptly ask in a gruff voice, "What do you want pet?" Surprise streaks across her face. "I would like to come in please Sir." I look at her in the eyes and ask "Why?" She catches on now and quickly adds, "I would like to come in and please my Master in any way he would like." "Tell me more", I say.

She blushes and continues, "I would like to suck my Masters cum from his cock and I wish to feel the throb of my Masters dick deep within my cunt." She blushes at the end too. I lift my eyes as if I am thinking and then tell her that if she wishes to come in, I will need proof of her desires. She looks around at the neighbourhood nervous and ashamed and then she steps out of the g string that she is in.

She stumbles twice in those heels and her haste to complete the task and I laugh out loud at her obvious embarrassment. The g string is wet and the smell of it fills my nostrils. I open the door all the way and she scuttles in. She realises that I have closed the doors to the lounge and I can see the anticipation on her face. I walk over and grope her naked backside under the mini.

I grab and massage hard and she reacts by leaning in to me. "Tell me what a Slut you are my pet" I whisper in her ear. As she starts rambling off the dirty names I blindfold my horny little pet. I hear the words, "Your dirty whore, horny slut, cum hungry girl." My cock swells at hearing these words and it's a fight to not lean this wet pussy over and fuck it raw immediately.

I lead her into the lounge and tell her that today is about choices. They are her choices and there will be 5 of them to make. She is wondering, I can see it and I notice the trickle of pussy juice slowly edging its way down her thighs. The first choice is a selection of 5 fruits .I do not share what they are with her.


I have an apple, a banana, an orange, a litchi and a bunch of grapes on a platter. I lift it to her nose and see the frustrated look on her face at trying to figure out what is about to happen to her.

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I tell her that I am hungry and so is her pussy. She still seems apprehensive and I enjoy watching her nervous look. I lay her down and explain that I need her to choose between 1 and 5.

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Each number represents a fruit that I will feed us both. I do not tell her that I will be inserting it into her cunt and eating it from her, she will find out soon enough. Five she shouts out and I look only slightly disappointed at the fact that I will not be able to torture her insides with the spikes of a litchi today. I take the orange, choice 5. It is a very large orange and it will stuff her cunt full. I open her legs wide before me and I shove the orange into her pussy, little by little until it's filled her pretty hole.

I tell her I need to cut into it to get rid of the skin and I run the cold knife blade over her clit. She shivers and shakes. I plunge the knife into the orange in her pussy with force and she orgasms uncontrollably. Of course I was careful to only go half way into the orange but the thought drove her wild and without allowing her a break I dive into her stuffed pussy. I bite roughly at the orange making a total mess. The strong citrus juice flows all over my face and her pussy causing a pleasant sting that I planned for.

As I eat her out I hear wild panting and soon I decide that it is time to make her make some choices. Her next choice is bondage and I have 5 set ups before me.

The first is an intricate lattice of rope work to suspend her before me and limit any movement. The second is a gynea chair, rigged with straps and spreading foot rests.

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The third is a swing with connecting spreader bars above and below to stretch her like a star for me. The fourth is the one where I do not tie her at all and the fifth is the bed on which I will tie her thighs and her elbows together.

She is quiet and I feel her want building. "Choose between 1 and 5, pet" I say. "Three Sir" she finally utters. "Very good, pet" I say.

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I yank her limbs harshly and attach her to the spreader bars, as soon as her legs are pulled apart the juice runs fast down, coating her inner thighs. What a slut I think to myself. Her sex is now exposed and her want has caused her lips to open enticingly. I touch her lower stomach and thighs scratching gently but not touching the one place she craves it.

Her body jerks and flinches and I hear her breathing is changing.

My cock is now so hard that it's starting to feel uncomfortable. "Choice Three" I say loudly near her ear and she jumps unsuccessfully. Again I make her choose between 1 and 5. This time the choice is accessories. Number one is a pair of rather vicious looking nipple clamps. Number two is a pair of Benwa balls. Number three is a vibrating clit mask.

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Number four is a butt plug. Number five is nothing. She chooses 1 and I am thrilled to watch her face cringe as I apply the clamps to her hard nipples.

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They grip and make her red. My cock is now throbbing and I take photos to show her later.


Bound, spread and clamped. She slowly accepts the pain and it subsides to a dull uncomfortable feeling that does not go away. I blow on her nipples and at first the cool air is soothing, but it is only followed by a hot fire around her nipples.

She squirms and I almost loose it in my pants. "Choose again my pet" I say. This round is about humiliation and again the five options are lined up. One is video recorder and sound system for her own porn scene. Two is me doing nothing. Three is my cock that will piss all over her young body. Four is a bottle of deep heat and my ready fist. And five is her ass, a hole I have not yet taken.

This will be an interesting decision for us both. She hesitates unwilling to gamble any longer. "Now!" I bark. She trembles and I watch her naked body react to the fear and want. Four she says so quietly that I almost do not hear. My cock twitches as I roughly grab her dripping sex and prepare her for the torture and humiliation she is about to feel. I coat my hand generously in the deep heat goo. It's a pleasant tingle for me and it will be more than a tingle to her sensitive insides.

I insert my fingers, I planned to do it slowly but they enter her so easily that it doesn't take more than a minute to work all my fingers in. She is cooing and breathing shallowly and suddenly she realises that her insides are feeling strange, somewhat raw and sensitive.

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Comprehension dawns on her face and I use this exact second to push unrelentingly against her pussy walls. She moans as her walls give way and I violate her squishy cunt. She is so close to cumming and I am not having any of it. I stop leaving her wildly bucking and begging. I let her down from her bonds and drape her hot body over the side of the couch. "1 to 5" I say; now so hot that I am tempted to push my cock right through this girl exposed before me.

I am going to enjoy her final choice. I have four spanking elements laid out before me. One is a cat o nine tails. Two is thin cane. Three is my bare hand. Four is a leather strap and five is my belt. No matter what she chooses I will enjoy taking her boundaries from her and making them mine to taste. Today her limits will be overridden and I will send to her to a place of unbearable pleasure. Her milky white buns bounce at the first kiss of the cat's leather knots and her head lifts as the strong sting spreads through her ass cheeks.

The pinkness turns to red as the cat lands over and over on her gorgeously round butt cheeks. The pain in penetrating her and as I reach 30 I see her resolve start retreating. I swing again and again decorating her now sore ass, her eyes glaze over but I am determined. My cock is now painfully stiff as she screams out nonsense gibberish as the stings rain down on her. Her pussy is so wet she is sliding back and forth on the arm of the chair.

I swing my hand back one last time and with all my force I crack the cat on her ass one last time. She violently rocks and convulses as I shove my cock up into her wet bum hole. I fuck her while she bucks and screams and orgasms in one never ending blinding orgasm. Just before her body is overloaded and her senses shut down I cum deep inside her.