I miss fucking this pussy

I miss fucking this pussy
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Riding in Cars With Boys Your mouth is warm, your lips soft, your tongue aroused and probing deep into my own wanting mouth. I sigh as you kiss me deeply like you mean it and with a promise of more. Your hand moves under my blouse then slowly reaches under my bra and starts kneading my breast. I almost gasp beneath your kiss which becomes harder, sloppier as your tongue feels like it's going down my throat.

You push my bra and blouse up with one hand, quickly, then suck my nipple, groaning a little as you suck it hard and bite it. The heat rises in my stomach and I push my breast toward you wanting more of your mouth and tongue sucking me and I want your teeth to bite hard.

My whole body is tingling and I pull away and gasp and moan as you find the other nipple and suck it. I hear a new ballad start on the radio as the man in the front seat changes the station and I hear him say, "Oh my God. Look in the rearview, Tim." I hear a man chuckle and say, "I want some of that." You push me down face up on the long back seat, kneading both breasts now and breathing as heavily as I am and moaning as you say that you want me, please, baby.


Then you kiss me again, still kneading my breasts and pinching my nipples until they hurt as your tongue is in my throat again. I feel you hump me and feel a hand move down my body and under my skirt. You murmur, "Oh, baby," and moan as my panties are pushed to the side and you slide a finger into my cunt while you spread my legs wide. The radio station is changed again and a man says, "Jesus, Tim, he's gonna fuck her." I'm lost in you though, lost and feeling so good as your finger moves in and out of me, feeling better the deeper it goes.

The music on the radio is all about love and I think I feel it for you even though I barely know you. I can't seem to catch my breath and I find myself moving my hips up towards you, wanting your finger to go deeper and deeper.

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Another finger is in my cunt and I feel them pushing in deep and moving around then pull out and start moving in and out fast. You knead a breast with another hand and suck my tits, alternating between them, sucking them with rapid movement as the heat in my belly grows and I find myself bending to you and wanting more.

You lick an ear, blow into it and nibble and suck the lobe. My lips are licked and your tongue is deep in my mouth so that I can hardly breathe. Up front the man says, "Damn it, Tim, park the car before you kill us all. You know where to go." I feel the car peel out fast.

Tim is eager to reach his destination and you are eager for me to let you go farther. You plead and whine and almost beg me and then your fingers pull out of my cunt and I hear you unzip your pants then I feel your hard dick at my entrance. You start pushing in while you say, "Let me in, baby, yeah, like that, your cunt wants it, yeah," as you inch in cautiously not sure yet I won't stop you.

How could I stop you? It feels too good to stop and my need is too strong to resist. You are too gorgeous to resist, pretty boy, and I want to please you so that you'll like me the way I like you.

I feel the car stop and it's quiet except for our heavy breathing and moans and the sound of you sucking my tits and slurping a little as you lick them. You've started slowly pulling out and pushing back into my cunt with your long, hard dick.


Then you put both hands on my ass and pull me up a little towards you and thrust in deep and start doing it harder and faster. A man up front says, "Oh, God, he's fucking her," but I ignore him and concentrate on kissing you again and enjoy feeling your dick hit the back of my cunt. All too soon it's over.

Your dick has only been in me for a couple of minutes when you say, "Shit, I'm gonna come," and you groan and you pump harder into me and then you stop and I swear I can feel your dick pulsing, swear I can feel your warm cum fill me. You pull out as soon as you're done and I can feel cum moving and dripping out of me. I feel you wipe your wet dick on my thighs and watch you tuck it in your pants again. I want you to kiss me and hug me and maybe tell me you love me, but you don't.

You say simply, "That was pretty good, baby, wanna do it with my friends too?" Then you start sucking and kneading my tits again and I see you motion to the guys in the front seat to get in back.

I want to protest but my tits are saying no, just enjoy it.

It feels so goddamned good and I feel I can't resist. I find both guys in the back seat of the car, each sucking a tit now and I feel one of them pull my panties down to my ankles. He tells the other guy, "I'm going first," and he starts fucking my cunt with his finger and saying, "Nice, wet cunt, still tight." Neither of you kisses me but one of you keeps sucking my tits while I feel the other push my legs wider apart and then I feel a dick inside me pushing slowly all the way in.

The man grunts and then starts moving in and out, over and over, finally slamming in so hard that the sound of skin slapping skin is loud in the car, that and a wet sound whenever his dick pounds back into my cum filled cunt. He's done in less that two minutes saying, "Shit, coming," and pounds hard again into my cunt. I swear I can feel the cum filling me as the man stops and groans while rocking slightly into me.

He pulls out right away and tells the other man to switch with him while he's tucking his dick back in. I feel my tits being sucked again and I watch the other man pull his dick out and say gleefully, "I'm gonna fuck you good, honey." I feel his dick go in deep and hard and I groan as he fucks my cunt so fast it moves my whole body and he grabs onto my hips to steady me and he only lasts for a minute at that pace and I hear him yell, "Fuck it," then hear him groan as he stops moving and cums inside me.

He pulls out right away, wiping his dick on my belly before tucking back in. The other man is still sucking my tits while the man who has just fucked me asks "Anyone for seconds?" That's when the cute guy, the one I like says, "Start driving around and I'll do her one more time." So they switch and the car starts moving while cute guy sinks his dick into my cunt then pushes my legs way back to get a better angle and the other guy sucking my tits has to move out of the way.

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My cunt starts getting pounded hard and the guy grabs both tits and holds on, squeezing them hard as he pumps into me, over and over again.

I watch him fuck me and it turns me on even more and I can't help but moan and tell him to fuck my cunt harder because it feels so good. He fucks me for a good ten minutes when the driver says, "I'm gonna pull over and talk to Joey for a minute." I feel the car stop but keep running and I close my eyes as my body writhes and I push up trying to get more of cute guy's dick in me.

I hear Joey say, "Oh my God, he's fuckin' the bitch." The driver responds, "We've all fucked her and now we're doin' seconds. You want some?" I can hear the drool in Joey's voice as he says, "Fuck, yeah I do." I hear the back door open and feel cool air rush in as Joey gets in the car. I can feel him watching as the other guy fucks me and it occurs to me that I know his name is Joey but I don't know the other guys names, though I think I heard one of them call the cute guy, Tommy who I now hear breathing hard and who I feel tense up as he prepares to get off again and starts fucking me a little erratically as he finally pushes in hard spurting cum deep then pulls out with a slurping sound and wipes his dick off on my thighs.

He looks at Joey and says with a laugh, "Ready?" Joey says, "Hell yeah," and they switch places and Joey is in a hurry and doesn't bother with tit sucking or any other prelude. He just takes out his dick and slides slowly in saying, "Oh yeah," as he does so.


He starts fucking in and out while saying, "God this really is sloppy thirds, guys." He pushes in and out faster and deeper and is done in two or three minutes as he comes to a sudden stop after going in deep and yells out, "Fuck yeah, you cunt." Joey tucks back in then flicks a finger on my tit which stings and says, "Next." One of the other guys says, "I'll fuck her again," and starts right in. His dick feels kind of small because there's so much cum in my cunt and it's very slippery.

I can't see it but it feels like cum is spurting and dripping everywhere as the guys fucks in and out of me, making squishy noises as he does.

Finally he gets a fast tempo going, squeezing my tits the whole time and moaning and saying what a great cunt I have and how he could fuck me forever, and it seems like he is fucking me forever because it takes a long time before he finally comes, filling my cunt.

Meanwhile, the driver has stopped the car again and is talking to another couple friends of theirs and they're all laughing about the cunt in the back seat who's getting fucked.

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Joey says he has to go and when he opens the car door the other two guys get in. I am now wedged in between cute guy and the two new guys. The car starts moving again as the guys up front high five each other and cute guy tells one of the new guys to suck my tit. He sucks the other one and the other guy gets in between my legs while the other two guys push me down so that my ass is hanging over the edge of the seat. I feel the guys dick go deep and he fucks into me fast, over and over and then way too quickly he's talking about coming and moans really loudly as he pushes deep in and stops, his dick pulsing his cum into me.

He pulls out right away saying, "God, what a pig." The other guys laugh and the other new guy is switching places with him and I feel another dick start to fuck my cunt.

He has a pretty big dick and it reals good as he pushes. My cunt's pretty sore by now but it still feels good. Too bad he too comes after about a minute, pumping hard as he keeps squirting his cum in me. The car has stopped and the driver tells the guy next to him to drive because it's his turn. Two guys are sucking my tits again when the car starts moving and the driver starts fucking me.

The two new guys ask to be let off and tell the guy now driving to look for Jimmy and Brian who he says would love to get in on this.

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The car drives around and around as the driver fucks my sore cunt harder and harder, over and over for a long time. He's got my legs pushed up so they rest on his shoulders as he drives into me, his dick like a drill in my hole. I hear the guy driving talking to two guys who ask to come for a ride and feel one of them next to me now and a hand kneading a tit, squeezing it until it hurts. He's apparently finishing a cigarette because I feel a searing, sharp pain on my breast as he grinds his cigarette out.

I hear myself scream and the guy says, "Shut up, bitch and he slaps my face." I'm quiet then as the guy on top of me keeps pounding me until finally he says, "I'm coming, baby," and shoots his load in my cunt. He rocks into me a couple of times then pulls out with a plopping sound as the cum pours down my ass crack and onto the floor. Another guy's dick is inside me and I'm not sure which one it is, I just feel my cunt being fucked hard and another hand on my tit and it hurts when the burned area is rubbed hard.

The guy inside me comes fast and pulls out saying, "The cunt's all yours." I smell cigarette smoke again and open my eyes and watch while the guy who burned me puts his dick in me and fucks me while holding on to my thighs and pushing them apart even wider.

A half-burned cigarette dangles from the corner of his mouth while he's fucking me slowly. I think he knows he'll come too fast unless he goes slow, so he pulls back slowly and slams back in hard, over and over for a couple of minutes. The cigarette is almost burned down when he comes with a groan after five minutes or so. He pulls out slowly then takes the cigarette and shoves it in my cunt to put it out.

It only hurts for a second or two but I start crying and cute guy is pissed that I'm crying and tells me to stop and tells the guy he shouldn't have done that 'cause look at her now.

The two guys get out when the car stops again. One of the guys hands me my panties and says, "Put 'em on, honey." I pull them on and they're wet immediately as the cum is really dripping now. My skirt is pulled down, my shoes found and my bra and blouse pulled back down.

Cute guy says, "Get the pig out of here." He opens the door and pushes me out and I fall on the sidewalk. He slams the door closed and I hear him say, "Good riddance, her cunt is disgusting." I hear them all laugh and watch the car peel out and drive quickly away from me.

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All I can do is get up. Looking around I see there's only a few people out and while a few take long looks at me, they keep on walking, and I do the same. I think about the night and how I probably shouldn't have fucked all those boys. I'm not even sure how many boys fucked me. Most of it felt good though and I still feel heat in the pit of my stomach because I still want more.

I start walking and a car with a group of guys drives up and stops and starts, moving slowly next to me as I walk. I know I should go home and wait until tomorrow but it's still pretty early and these guys seem really nice and ask me if I'd like a ride.

It's impossible to say no when they're being so nice, and a couple are really cute. I promise myself I'm not going to fuck them, just take a ride with them, and I mean it right up to the minute one of them starts kneading a breast. God, I love riding in cars with boys.