Chudy dziewczyna na żywo pokazuje masturbację

Chudy dziewczyna na żywo pokazuje masturbację
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Juno had been thinking for well over an hour about the problem at hand. As he remembered the council had called him to their land, world or dimension whatever it was decades ago. He and his Jinn had been chosen to aid the Ever Last Master when he appeared. There was more but his memory never was that good, looking at Nyrae he said, "I wish I could remember all that the council told me all those years ago." "Yes Master I obey," Nyrae said then the memories were flooding back.

He'd been warned that interfering with the Ever Last Master would bring the wrath of the entire council upon him. Nodding he went on, the Ever Last Master would be very well hidden there was nothing that could find him. Juno nodded to that, true by all means; he and his Jinn would be rewarded greatly when all was done. Then Juno remembered, 'you and your Jinn will also be of great aid when the final battles start.


'Remember keep her safe, well hidden, near to you and tell no one including family. Juno cringed that last part had hurt he had such a large extended family, as Jake had found out mostly females. Juno shook his head his family were the horniest bunch he'd ever seen. Was it possible it was run off from him having a Jinn? Jake had finally managed to get out of bed; he and Gen barely had time to make it to the house to meet Juno.

As his Jinns were flying at break neck speed to get ready, Jake was trying to decide just what to wear. Shaking his head it was going to be difficult again as all his Jinn's were parading around naked modeling various clothes. As they started to inch closer and closer to him each time his erection was letting him know he should enjoy the views.

Jake tried to turn his back, they'd come around causing his cock to grow hard again each time 'til finally it refused to go soft.

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"Look girls I have to get dressed! I can't if you keep parading naked like this!" Gen and Rosalinda smiled then Gen stated, "but Master! We simply adore your cock and wish it to be used on us. It is so wonderful. I know Master! I could slow time and then you'd have time to pleasure each of us!" Gen was starting to breathe hard as she and the others had stopped and were staring at the almost painful hard on that Jake had.

Jake sighed what was he going to do with them, then an idea hit him, "I wish to be dressed with no pain. I wish that all of you were dressed and ready to go." Gen and the other's mouths dropped open as they all blinked and were ready as was Jake.

"Aw, Master that wasn't fair!" Rosalinda said almost in a little girl's voice. Jake was thinking for a moment he was having a hard time remembering where the house was supposed to be. "I wish I could remember exactly where the house is." All his Jinns blinked and the route was almost second nature to him.

Finally he and Gen climbed into his truck and were on the way. The three sisters were laying in wait near the only half finished new home of Jake. Nuha thought she had the perfect plan to lure Jake and his first Jinn into a trap. They'd await his approach then attack in full force concentrating their full powers on his Jinn. Once that little bitch was destroyed then Jake would be theirs to use over and over then they'd kill him as slowly as they could.

Looking over, Nuha could see Fatin wringing her hands in anticipation of the kill. Abla's chest was also heaving at the excitement of destroying the Jinn and then using Jake as a slave then finally killing him slowly and as painfully as they could. An hour had passed after the time that they expected Jake to be there. "Do you think that he suspects?" Alba finally asked Nuha. "No I don't think so; we did everything that was possible to throw all suspicion off." Nuha told her sisters, "Though I do believe that something might have happened.

I also feel that there is another powerful Jinn involved. Did either of you feel anything when we were in that old man's office?" "Now that you mention it there was a faint trace of a Jinn's power there." Fatin's mouth dropped agape as she continued, "sister do you think that the council is involved in some way? We are powerful together but not even we can withstand the power of the whole council!" Nuha was nodding as she thought there had been a touch of a lot of power there; it could have been the council or one that the council was watching.

"It appears that the human Jake isn't." about that time Jake's little white truck could be heard coming down the road. "Ah! The metal beast on wheels approaches! Positions sister we will kill him this time!" Nuha said as she and her sisters disappeared from sight.


Jake was just topping the rise when he noticed that the house was far from being as complete as Juno had told him, if it had been Juno! Slamming on brakes, the ground in front of his truck exploded in a mass of dust and dirt. Jake nodded and started to back the truck when behind the truck the ground suddenly disappeared from another blast.

Instantly Jake was quite a distance from the spot as the truck backed into the hole and fell a good twenty feet. Damn it he thought, not again! Jake watched as three women he assumed were Jinns also began to advance on his position.

Funny he thought they looked very familiar. Rashala appeared a moment later firing off a quick series of blasts of her own hitting the raven haired one in the shoulder.

Screaming the red headed woman obviously the leader pointed a finger at Jake, "A very good trick Ever Last Master but as of today you are dead! No one injures the deadly trio and survives long!" With a flourish she and the other two were gone in a flash.

Jake stood and walked to the hole, once again his poor truck had taken the brunt of the attack, and sighing he knew his Jinns would fix it up but it was still upsetting. Turning back all five of the Jinns appeared and hovered around him checking every inch of him for injury, Including several lingering grabs at his now exposed cock and balls, by four sets of hands.

"Alright! That really isn't necessary!" Jake told them as they all smiled each of the four lingering with their inspection. Sighing Jake knew better than to wish them to stop, but really they were out in the open and he was so damn exposed! Finally satisfied they all blinked and he was fully clothed and on his way back to his house. Jake thought there was still the matter of the two men that had appeared after his and Sheeka's bout of sex.

Home a few seconds later Jake could see that the doctor and Trully had made the men comfortable 'til such time as he awoke and dealt with them. Jake walked to the now peacefully resting men and waited 'til they both awoke.

They both awoke with a start looking around they spotted Jake and slowly nodded to him. "You both know who I am?" Jake asked both of them to which the weakly nodded again; well first Jake thought I need them to be normal, energy, and health wise we'll see about their powers soon. Both men's eyes flew wide when they felt their strength and energy return, both kneeled on the floor in front of Jake.

"Thank you Ever Last Master!" They both said at the same time. Gen and the rest of the Jinns had just approached when Jake heard Gen Gasp.

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"What's wrong Gen do you recognize them?" Jake asked. "YES!

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That is Aahil, and that is Aalee they were the twin princes of the royal Jinn family! They were the last of the royal family that were left before they were destroyed!

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Oh master! This is wonderful; finally members of the ruling family are back!" Gen said excited about the two men who were still bowing to Jake. Though he wasn't too sure just how this was good news, he could see that Gen and the rest of his Jinns were very excited. Reaching into his shirt he grabbed the bottle shaped talisman and thought of the council. Within moment all twelve had appeared behind Jake and his Jinns. Ramir was moving to Jake when he saw why and WHO, was the reason the entire council had been summoned.


Ramir fell to his knees in a prone position as did the rest of the council amongst a multitude of gasps. Jake was the only one who was not kneeling and in truth it was starting to make him feel a little out of place. Finally, the taller of the two men, Aahil looked up at Jake, "Master Jake we owe you our lives, as does the royal family you are indeed as the legend fore told.

May we rise?" Aahil said as he brushed the light brown hair from his dark eyes. Jake was a little startled as were the rest in the room, "Yes please I feel uncomfortable with others kneeling to me. Please I find it much easier to talk when we are at an equal level." Aahil sat up and looked at his darker haired brother who had also sat up.

"We are forever in your debt," came the deep bellowing voice of Aalee. "Anything you ask of the royal family will be granted, we will." Aalee was suddenly staring at Jake's Jinns. "Brother it is true! A mortal master has produced a child with a Jinn! By the great Jinn the war is finally close to being over!" Jake once again was in shock, how in the hell could they tell?

He sure as hell couldn't neither could his Jinns and they had been looking as hard as they could. Once again both of the brothers bowed to Jake as did the rest of the council. What in the hell?

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"No, no, no, please get up I do not like being praised I am just a normal man, I." "But Master Jake you are far from a normal man, you are the mortal of legend, the restorer of the Jinn race." Aahil said trying not to look up. Jake wasn't having any of it as he tried to get the brothers off the floor.

Jake was about to give up shaking his head no matter what he did it seemed that if he sneezed he killed something or someone that helped to restore more of the Jinns. Christ he thought it sure seemed that it was getting that bad!

Many miles away Fatin was screaming in pain as Nuha tried to heal her. That bitch Rashala had burned Fatin's arm almost to a crisp plus her shoulder was badly burned also. Nuha was pouring all she had into the healing but she was afraid that Fatin would lose her arm. "I told you there would be consequences if you used the ancient magic to produce the hell fire, I'm not sure I can save your arm." Again Fatin screamed at the top of her voice the pain felt as if her arm was being eaten away inch by inch.

All that her sister was doing she could hardly feel then she started to become angry, angry at the Ever Last Master, angry at his first Jinn that started this. Mostly though she was even angrier at the bitch Rashala! She'd damn make sure that the bitch paid in spades for what she'd done to her! Nuha slowly backed away as she watched Fatin become more and more angry.

Then her burns started to heal two, then three, then five times faster. Her mouth agape Nuha could only watch the healing process of her sister. Smiling a moment she thought, ah dear sister if we could only harness this hatred of yours, no one would be able to stand in their way, perhaps not even the council.

Nyrae had been resting her powers stretched out to their limits trying to find anything that she could that might lead to the Ever Last Master. A small smile crossed her lips; Master had promised that she could go home and see her parents soon.

They had to be close to finding the Ever Last Master if her master was being the gracious. Suddenly there was a gigantic spike of power; calling her master she reported it to him. "Alright let's go," he told her. Within moments they were not too far from a construction site.

Hmmm Juno thought this looks awfully familiar, moving closer he saw that it was one of his construction sites! What in the hell was going on? Though there was no one there, the acrid smell of an ozone odor was in the air, almost what Juno thought fire and brimstone might smell like.

"Looks like something went on here," Juno said as he looked at the huge holes that were on the roadway. "MASTER!" Nyrae yelled suddenly. "There was a Jinn battle here!" Concentrating Nyrae had a sphere appear in front of her.

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Juno and her watched as three females waited then it looked like a truck was coming down the road. The three females released a series of blasts that hit in front of the truck right after it stopped.

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Backing up, the truck disappeared into the hole behind it and was crushed. Then the three females advanced upon a small hill. A Jinn appeared and started to fire at the three, hitting the raven haired on in the arm and shoulder. They both heard the red headed female as she pointed at the small hill, "A very good trick Ever Last Master but as of today you are dead! No one injures the deadly trio and survives long!" Nyrae dropped to her knees her mouth agape as she stared at the vision of the Jinn who had gotten the blasts off and hit the raven haired one.

"No," she almost whispered, "it isn't possible! By the great Jinn I saw you destroyed!" Staring harder she had to make sure. Then the image cleared and she could see it was indeed who she thought it was. "How? I was there when you were destroyed." "Nyrae? What's wrong? Do you see someone you know?" Juno asked real concern for the woman who had been an important part of his life for decades. "Yes Master." Nyrae said in a tear strained voice.

"That Jinn that hit and hurt one of the deadly trio was Rashala. She was the only friend I ever had Jinn wise. I was there when she was destroyed by the evil leader, she saved my life. I thought she was destroyed, gone forever. Now it appears that she serves the Ever Last Master." Looking up at her master it suddenly hit her. "By the great Jinn! No wonder I wasn't able to find the Ever Last Master! Rashala's power rivals my own! The legend is true he does have powerful protection!" With a smirk Nyrae thought now I finally have a way to find him, through her!