Frauen sexy nackt geiler arsch

Frauen sexy nackt geiler arsch
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Hi my name is Mark and I want to tell you about my sexploits with my sister Sarah. I am six years older than Sarah and my story begins way back when we were quite young. I am now 28 and living on my own in my own two bed roomed flat overlooking a beautiful countryside. When and how my experience with my sister began was quite a surprise to me. At the time both my parents worked in what can only be described as influential positions.

Because of their positions they were both away a lot and more often than not I was either left to baby-sit or we had a baby sitter depending on how long they were away for, I mean if it was just a social drink then they would be gone for just an hour or two but if it was a formal dinner then the baby sitter would be brought in because they would not get back until the early hours.

It was on such an occasion that mum came to me and said "run a bath please" well I thought it was for her but it was for me and Sarah. I was told to get in and no sooner than I was in Sarah was plonked in with me.

This to me was rather embarrassing because here I was going on 13 years old with my six year old sister in the bath. Mum said she had no time to bath her on her own because dad had called and said she was needed at a convention 20 miles away. Well Sarah splashed around quite happily with her plastic toys and rings when suddenly and without warning she took hold of my cock and held it in her warm hands. JC (Jesus Christ) here I was almost 13 years old and my six year old sister had my cock in her hands guess what?

Instant hard-on. Sarah was fascinated watching me grow in her hand. I then saw at her in a different light. Instead of seeing her as my little sister I was seeing her as a sexy body.

She let go and stood up and for the first time I took a long look at her beautiful well rounded bum and her very cute pussy that was just a slit that seemed to go from the top of her pussy to the back of her bum.

Of course she had no boobs just two small pimples none the less they were boobs. My cock was as stiff as it could ever be. Mum came in to collect Sarah and I knew she saw my cock standing out of the water. As she wrapped a towel around Sarah she looked down on me and smiled. Talk about embarrassment! When I dressed in my PJ's the doorbell rang and mum called out "go let her in" mum had called Jayne our baby sitter for the night.

Jayne was 16 and she was gorgeous thoughts of her had often given me a hard-on and as always I wank myself off. Although I did not shoot spunk then I always had a funny feeling in my stomach. Sarah was put to bed and I was allowed to stay up with Jayne. It was on this occasion that Jayne decided to sit next to me on the sofa more often than not she always sat away from me in an arm-chair.

The sofa is a large one that can sit four so I lay down on my half. Jayne then lay down on her half placing her head in my lap. I could feel my cock getting hard and I knew that Jayne could too. Jayne then pulled my dressing gown open and put her hand inside my PJ's my cock suddenly sprang up stiff.

Jayne turned her head and placed my cock in her mouth it was so hot and moist as she was sucking me up and down the door opened and in walked Sarah but both Jayne and me had our eyes closed me because it was a fantastic feeling and Jayne well I don't know. What was obvious was that Sarah was watching Jayne suck my cock. I opened my eyes to see her standing in the door way I pulled myself up and Jayne sat up and walked over to her.

Sarah wanted a small drink, just how long she had been watching us was not known but we both knew she saw what was happening. I took Sarah back to her bedroom and she asked me "was it nice?" Was what nice I asked?

What Jayne was doing she replied, I saw her you know. Don't tell mum or dad I said or they will be very mad at me. Sarah agreed not to say anything then added "but only if you let me do it too".

I had no idea that a six year old could have such thoughts, but to stop her from telling dad I opened my dressing gown and she took hold of my cock just like she did in the bath then without hesitation she opened her mouth and leaned forward my cock slowly entered her mouth. JC it felt wonderful. Here I was having my cock sucked by my very young sister.

I had to stop her then I said go to sleep don't tell anyone and maybe I'll let you do it again one day, she said OK I can't wait. She pulled her duvet up over her shoulder and closed her eyes. I then went back down to Jayne who was now drinking a hot coffee I lay back down on the sofa with an ache in my lower groin I had never experienced before.

It was now almost 10pm and both Jayne and I knew that mum or dad would not be back until about 4am Jayne had the duvet and pillows for the put-me-up bed ready on the chair.

She said she needed to get ready for bed and for the fourth time this evening I was surprised beyond belief. With mum and dad out for the night, Sarah asleep in her bed, Jayne stood up and started to undress. All I could do was stare. Jayne took off her blouse exposing her white bra and from my point of view two very nice boobs. She then un-did her jeans and slowly pulled her zip down, she turned her back to me and with a wiggle slid her jeans down over her bum. I thought she would have had knickers on but she said they were called thongs, I could see her bum and my cock hit hard for the millionth time that day.

When Jayne turned around my eyes looked right at her pussy. Her white thong was being pushed out and it looked as though she had something hiding inside.

Jayne moved over toward me turned her back to me knelt down and said "undue my bra please" I was all fingers because I had never done this before she even had to tell me what it was I had to do. As she leant forward her boobs fell free and her bra straps slipped down her arms. When she turned back to face me I could see her tits they were beautiful and her nipples stood out.

I don't have to tell you that my cock was so stiff. Jayne asked me if I had seen boobs before and I replied no! She then asked if anyone had sucked my cock before and again I said no! Then she asked if I had seen a pussy I did say I have seen Sarah's but she said that did not count because she was too young and she was also my sister.

So again I said no! Jayne then said "would you like me to teach you what to do"? Of course I said "yes" So we set up her make-shift bed when we laid down she started by kissing me.

Slowly I opened my mouth to allow her tongue to enter and it was nice. As we kissed her hands felt all over my body and I of course responded. At first I was a little apprehensive but gradually got bolder. First I touched her boobs and I could feel her nipples stiffen.

I then let my right hand move down her back until I could feel her bum and the back of her thong. I was sure I was going to have a climax right then. As I was doing this we kept kissing and her hand was pulling my PJ's down my cock sprang out and was in her hand in seconds. She rolled over onto her back and as she did so my hand slid around and touched her pussy.

I pulled away quickly but she just took my hand and placed it on top. "Rub gently" she said so I did. As I rubbed her lightly she moved her hand up and down my ridged cock.

She said for a person of my age I certainly had a nice one.

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I grew more adventurous and slowly started to pull her thong down, there was a little hair but not a lot, Jayne told me she liked to shave because she did not like pubic hair at all.

She then showed me how to put my hand on her pussy and slide a finger into her to make her wet. She began to get moist and wet as I slid one then two fingers into her as I did this she kind of moaned then wanked me even more. She was pushing her hips up to meet my fingers and her breathing began to get like panting as if she had been running.

She grabbed my hand and held it still then she began to settle. She then slid down the bed and took my cock fully into her mouth. It was magic. After about well I don't know how long but she came up, sat up beside me and said "why are you having all the fun" she stood up and took off her thong, I could see her near bold fanny for the first time I did not know what I had to do but she said not to worry it would come natural.

She knelt down placing a knee either side of my head her pussy was almost on my mouth then she sat down. She was sat on my mouth and she said push out your tongue and lick me.

At first I did not want to but I remembered her sucking my cock and how good it felt so I slid my tongue out and tasted her sweet wet slit. Oh JC it really was nice, I opened my mouth and pulled her down on to me and I started licking and sucking.

She tossed her head back and was almost shouting she pulled my head up into her I could hardly breathe she was getting wetter and wetter then I thought was she peeing herself because she gushed out into my mouth and over my face there was so much.

As she relaxed and moved off my face her naked pussy still leaking we heard a noise and again there in the door way was Sarah. "I heard you shouting" she said, so I came down. I quickly pulled on my PJ's got up and lifted her into my arms and took her back to her bedroom. When I placed her on her bed she again asked "what was it like"? I said wonderful. Will you show me too she asked? I said maybe "I won't tell mummy or daddy" she said. Then I said Jayne was teaching me and later I would teach her.

She pulled up her little nite dress so her perfectly formed pussy was on view. Kiss me there she said. So I bent forward and placed my mouth on her naked fanny.

Instinct told me to push out my tongue and slide it up the crack, Sarah just said "mmmmmmm" I licked her about five or six times then said there now go back to sleep and I will get Jayne to teach me some more so I can teach you. Once again she pulled her duvet up over her shoulder turned towards her pillow and again closed her eyes.

I returned to Jayne to find her laying on the bed patiently waiting my return, of course she had no idea what I was doing up stairs. My cock and gone soft by now and I was getting cold she called me over and I sat beside her she put her arm around me and held me close almost immediately I could feel my cock stirring as I lay down Jayne went back to work on my cock and before I knew it I was up again.


Jayne then said "this next bit is going to surprise you" I was hot and solid. Jayne instructed me to lie on my back then she stood up moved down the bed and lowered herself on to my hard cock. I could feel myself sliding inside her hot fanny and the feeling was awesome. She began to move up and down on me then she said "this is called fucking" do you like it?

Like it I love it I said, don't cum yet she told me, there's no fear of that I said as I don't cum yet, you will soon she said. Christ the feeling was one of . well I just could not explain. As Jayne moved up and down my cock I could feel her cuming down my cock. After what seemed to be about an hour she got up and moved around so her pussy was over my face again she took my cock into her mouth and began bobbing up and down I pulled her down onto my face and started to kiss and lick her pussy, she again opened up and it seemed to me she was again peeing but it did not taste of pee her taste was sweet then without warning I began to cum although there was nothing coming out of my cock it felt I was shooting into her mouth.

I felt really great, Jayne said she was fully satisfied we cleaned up and went to our separate rooms to sleep. Well about a week later mum and dad were out for a dinner they said that Jayne could not baby sit us that night I said "no problems I would take care of Sarah" they then said they would be back by midnight they gave me the telephone number of the restaurant in case of emergency then left for the night.

No sooner had the front door closed when Sarah who was standing at the top of the stairs called out "come on" I've been waiting I said "it's only been a few minutes" she said hardly I have been waiting all week.

I followed Sarah up into her bedroom she was wearing a pyjama jacket and a pair of pyjama bottoms; she ran into her room and jumped up onto her bed. As I walked in I could feel a thump in my heart because I knew what I was about to do. I lay down next to her on the bed and she rolled over on top of me.

I could swear she was pushing her body down on to me. Well! She demanded "what you waiting for" I said don't rush things you might not like it. Suddenly her lips were pressing on to mine and she wiggled her ass and this time I knew she was pushing on to me.

I slid both my hands down her back and into her PJ's in no time I had both her bum cheeks in my hands and she felt so soft.

I could definitely feel my cock getting hard and I knew she could. I rubbed her soft bum massaging her gently in my hands, slowly I pulled the bottoms off her bum and down her legs, she kicked them off and here she was half naked laying on top me.

"What we doing first" she asked? What do you want to happen first I asked? I want to do it all she replied. ALL I said such as? I want to do everything that Jayne showed you last week. OK so where do I start. she then touched my groin and she felt my hard cock "let me see him again" she asked.

So I took off my jeans and she helped me with my under pants and as Sarah pulled them down my cock sprung out and almost hit her in the face. Sarah jumped back a little surprised then laughed. Without hesitation she took hold of my cock and moved her hand up and down. Who taught you to do that I asked her "oh I saw Jayne the other night remember?" anyway I told her to hold it a little tighter but not too tight and move her hand up and down all the way, this is "wanking" I said as I lay back to let her have her fun.

As Sarah wanked me off I started to feel for her tender slit. She knew what I was trying to do so she opened her legs more to give me access to her very young pussy.

I could feel her pussy lips starting to become wet and I thought "no way" a girl this young could not have an orgasm could she? I mean I was 13 and not having one so how could she be.

of course I did not know that anyone can become wet if they are played with. Anyway I wanted to know if I could push a finger into her so I started playing with her small hole. At first it was difficult so I put my finger into my mouth and made it all wet.

What you doing she asked? Making me wet so I don't hurt you I said . well use your mouth like last time she replied. So there I was lying on my sister's bed licking her very sexy snatch. As I licked her I played with her tiny clit every now and then she jumped when I thought she was ready I slowly pushed in my first finger. At first she said it was hurting her so I tried to take it out but she shouted not to. I stopped pushing in and out and just kept on licking her.

Suddenly she started to move her ass up and down pushing against my finger. I like it she said it feels funny keep it going. My cock was rock hard she reached over and took it again in her small hand and started to wank me off. Not long after I felt I was cuming that funny feeling I get when I cum suddenly made me feel all shaky. When I eventually calmed down I took my finger out of her pussy looked down on her nakedness mainly to make sure she was not bleeding then helped her to pull her PJ's back on.

She thanked me saying when can we do it again and what will we do? I said when it happens it will happen Sarah then turned over and closed her eyes. Well this was my first contact with my beautiful sister and this we are still doing we have crossed many boundaries and taboo's almost got caught once so if would you like to know more leave a comment. Regards Over the following few weeks Sarah made any excuse to touch me sometimes I told her it was embarrassing and mummy or daddy would see her so I had to tell her not to touch me unless they were out.

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We started to make plans for the future especially after special occasions such as either her or my Birthday. We also made plans for the week after these events because it would be obvious that on such occasions we were never alone.

There was one particular day when both mum and dad would be away and because they would be gone for a whole day and night we were to have a baby sitter again. However Jayne had moved away and finding another was becoming difficult. I was just a few days away from my 15th Birthday and although I was still under aged to baby sit I was quit grown up and acted more like a person of about 17 dad had given strict instructions on what to do and what not to do and mum told me to just get on with it.

We had plenty of food in the fridge and mum had already arranged for a pizza to be delivered for our evening tea so I did not have to use the cooker. I was given £20 and told to take Sarah off to the swimming bath for an outing, of course Sarah was excited not only at going out swimming but also because we would be alone for a whole day and night.

Mum and dad finished packing said their good-byes got in the car and drove away. Sarah was all over me as I closed the front door. Trying hard to pull her off me I said okay go get your swimming things.

"NO WAY" she yelled it's been a long time since we've been alone and I am not wasting the time we have by going swimming. Sarah was now 9 going on 10 years old and over the past few months she had started to fill out more. Her flat chest had started to develop and although they were not full they were plump(ish) her ass had started to fill out also and it was not like when she was 6.

I had also started to fill out more for instance I had a lot more pubic hair and my balls were bigger and dare I say it I had grown not only in length but also in thickness one other thing I have started to produce sperm and for this I must be careful especially where Sarah was concerned.

Well I did not know where to start with her she was all over the house. I was in the kitchen making a drink when she suddenly yelled "Mark get up here" hell I thought there was something wrong so I ran up the stairs to find her in dad's bedroom. What you doing in here I asked? You know it is not allowed.

Yeah but look what I found! She pointed down into a drawer where there were a stack of blue films some were pre-recorded some were homemade and there were three I did not expect to see ever. two were marked one had H C on it the other J H the third not marked at all. Sarah got really excited "come on" she yelled these will do. She grabbed the three that were of interest and ran for the door.

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Down stairs she put on the DVD player and slid in the first disk. Grabbing the remote she jumped onto the sofa and clicked play. At first it was kind of fuzzy and hard to make out but suddenly there it was my mum and dad both naked and chasing one another around the bedroom. Sarah was fascinated with the size of dads cock as it swung to and fro between his legs while I just gazed at mums boobs and pussy. When they stopped chasing each other mum took dads cock into her mouth and started to suck him this went on for what must have seemed like an hour when suddenly he pulled out of her mouth and squished his sperm all over mums face there was loads of it, in her mouth, eyes nose and hair it looked as if dad would never stop, mum was covered.

Dad then started to rub it all into her face and kiss her all over then his cock began to rise and mum laid back on the bed and dad started to fuck her soft at first then real hard suddenly dad pulled out and started rubbing mum fast then she flooded out. Of course I had seen this before with Jayne when she flooded out and I thought she was weeing herself. As this was going on I noticed that Sarah was lightly rubbing herself between her legs.

I did not say anything just let her do it. The film did not last long so in went the next disk it was marked H C and J. H is my mother's first name Heather, C was for Clive our dad but neither of us knew a J so in went the disk. There was mum dressed in suspenders a tight 'G' string and a sexy peek out bra with her nipples poking through dad was obviously behind the camera when suddenly into view came J we both looked at each other then said Jayne.

My mother was licking Jayne's shaven pussy and from the look on their faces both were enjoying it. Jayne was not very old when this was being filmed. I would say she was only about 14 it was no wonder she knew such a lot my dad and mum was teaching her. Jayne then took her turn at licking my mum's pussy at the same time she was using a soft toy sliding it in and out of my mum's fanny.

Sarah was now taking off her clothes and was fingering her naked pussy. My cock was very hard then dad came into the act. Both the ladies started to lick and suck his long hard cock, when they got to the tip they both licked and kissed each other. It was obvious they were all enjoying themselves.

Dad began to fuck Jayne first he put his hard cock into her and started to go in and out mum was on the floor rubbing his balls. She was saying things like "yes that's it fuck her hard" "let me see your cock go in and out" then "remember don't cum inside her she's not on the pill yet" Dad cum all over Jayne's pussy, belly tits and a little on her face mum started to lick it all off.

This disk went on for a whole hour with mum using a toy on Jayne and Jayne using one on mum and dad fucking both of them. I was almost glad when it ended. Looking up at the clock it was 3pm and I was hungry so Sarah and me went out to the kitchen and made some sandwiches taking them back to the main sitting room we again sat and watched the last disk. I was like in shock. I could not eat my lunch and just stared at the TV screen Sarah looked at me and all I could say was "oh fuck" there on the screen was Jayne and me when she first started to shag me when I was 12 it was all there everything she said and did.

Sarah said so this is what you did was it she began to get all hot and horny and started to play with my cock. Worse was yet to come. Suddenly there I was in Sarah's bedroom and she was sucking my cock.

Sarah was six then but I remember it very well. There was also the bit on the disk where I licked her pussy for the first time. But over the last few years there were lots of times when Sarah and me played with each other, we had no idea we were being filmed. Dad and mum knew what we were doing yet said nothing. I began to wonder if they're going away on business trips were deliberate.

What we going to do asked Sarah don't know I said .put your skirt on and come with me. I walked out into our garden and sat on one of the swings we no longer used. Sarah sat next to me.


I said "it seems to me that we have three choices first act as if we know nothing about the disks, second play out everything we want to do over the rest of the day and night, or do nothing". Just act like brother and sister. Sarah said "well it makes no difference now because mum and dad know what we have done in the past, so why not give them a show to be proud of" I could not believe this was coming from my (almost ten) year old sister but she had a point.

So I said OK lets go back into the house and carry on as normal but don't look for cameras or mum and dad will know we have seen the disks. I knew mum and dad were very well off they both drove expensive cars but I had no idea the house was being videoed.

Back in the house we sat close together on the sofa and we talked about what we should do. Sarah asked if we could take a bath together so we put that as number one on our to do list. Then she replayed the disk with mum dad and Jayne and as it played she pointed out different things that she thought she would like to try. So we added these to the list of things to do and after we had finished our sandwiches we slowly walked off to the bathroom. I put the plug in the bath and turned on the hot tap as the bath filled I went into Jayne's bedroom she was standing in the middle of her room wiggling her fore finger at me in a come here motion.

I walked over to her and she put her arms around my neck and kissed me fully on the mouth with her tongue flicking my tongue. My cock was already beginning to react. As we kissed I started to undo the buttons on her blouse this we let fall to the floor she was in her training bra and it looked so cute. I turned her around so my cock was pressed against her ass I could feel her pushing herself back into me I placed both my hands on her pert boobs and started to massage them lightly.

Sarah moaned lightly, (she whispered) I heard mum do this on the disk. so I knew she was putting on a show the only thing we did not know was where the camera's were. Slowly I un-clipped her bra and let that fall to the floor with her blouse. Again I started rubbing her boobs only this time she moved her hands down to my cock and started to rub me through my jeans. Sarah turned around to face me I started to kiss her beautiful tits. As I did this I un-buttoned her skirt and as I kissed her flat slender stomach I pulled it down to the floor revealing her so sexy knickers.

I put my mouth over the top of them near to her pussy and the smell was awesome. My cock was aching to get out and all I could think about was fucking my sister. I did not pull them down because I liked the look of her very young pussy being pressed against the material. I stood up and straight away Sarah started to undress me she did not waste any time in getting me down to my underpants. She was fascinated at my cock pressing at my pants like me she went down on her knees and rubbed her face into me.

Having her mouth breathing hot air on to my balls was almost too much. She lightly bit the shaft of my cock right up to the tip as she was doing it she was saying "mmmmmmmmmmm I like it".

I pulled her up and together we walked off to the bathroom. I stopped the bath and started to fill with cold water casually I looked around for a camera but I could not see one so I pulled Sarah towards me kissed her gently and started to pull down her knickers her bum was so sexy.

She then started to take my pants off and my hard cock sprang up Sarah took it in her small hands and started to wank me slowly.

I did not want to cum so I had to stop her. I checked the bath water making sure it wasn't too hot picked her up and kissed her then placed her in the bath. I then got in and we splashed around in the bubbles laughed and played. I then said OK if you stand up I will wash you down. So Sarah stood up in front of me her pussy was so sweet looking.

I started to rub soap into a sponge but then decided not too instead I thought I would use just my hands. I soaped my hands as much as I could then started to wash her small petite back, slowly I moved down to her cute bum god it felt so soft, I let my fingers slide between her cheeks and up to her bum hole as my fingers crossed she kind of squirmed.

Then when she turned around my cock was poking her in the stomach, she giggled. Again I soaped up my hands then started to wash her boobs, they moved around as I washed them and this did feel sexy. I then moved my hands down to her extremely sexy fanny. Because of her age there was no hair and again I let one of my fingers slide into her slit. After I finished washing her she started to wash me and like me she used her sexy fingers to rub my ass and play with my now aching balls.

I was getting desperate to cum it was beginning to hurt a little. Once she had washed me she knelt down in the water and put my cock into her very sexy mouth. I wondered if this was being videoed or whether or not the camera was in the right place to see everything that was happening.

I said to Sarah "if you keep doing this I would cum" she said just one word.good. as she sucked me she also held and rubbed my balls. I could feel myself getting close and I told her so but she kept bobbing her head on my cock. Then it happened. she opened her mouth wide and I squirted over her white teeth tongue face and hair.

As I came and squirted my cock jumped and she found it hard to keep control of. When I had finished cuming she turned around and around I guess it was to ensure that if we were being filmed she would be showing what she had just achieved. Sarah then washed her face got out of the bath and I followed.

My cock that was aching for so long had now shrunk back to normal. Instead of dressing we just slipped on our dressing gowns went down stairs and carried on watching the disks. We got back to the bit where dad was putting his extremely hard and long cock into Jayne. Sarah said "I bet that feels good" now I was thinking all the time about her age, I mean it is one thing having your sister suck you off but completely different to actually putting your cock into her.

I was only thinking it when suddenly Sarah said "can we do that"? But you're a virgin I said and you should stay that way for as long as you can.

"No I want it to happen" she replied. OK let us see what happens shell we. I went back upstairs to check out the disks mum and dad had hidden away when there in the middle of a folded pillow case I felt yet another disk when I looked at the writing on the front it just read "us" well I had to know what it was so I took it down showed it to Sarah and we put it in the player.

There was no introduction just a girl about Sarah's age walking around a bedroom. The next thing we saw was the girl's mum coming in to the room. We knew it to be the girl's mother because the girl said "hello mummy" the mother replied with "hello sweetheart" next we heard the mother say "are you sure you want to do this"?

The young girl replied with a firm "yes you know I want it to happen and I want it to happen with you and daddy" Neither Sarah or I knew the girl in question or the adults but it was obvious mum and dad did if they didn't they would not have had the disk.

It was now almost 6pm and we both decided not to play the disk instead go and make a drink wait for the pizza to arrive at 6:30 then eat it in the kitchen before going back to the front room and the rest of the film. For some time I sat in silence wondering what it was we would see on the disk and whether or not to let Sarah watch it, but I knew if I didn't she would complain and go on about it and maybe if she did would we be on video.

I then turned to Sarah and said "if we start the film and you don't like what you see just say and we can stop it" Sarah said OK. The pizza arrived piping hot so we sat and ate it. We cleared up the kitchen made a cold drink each then went back to the front room and re-started the CD disk.

For ease of telling you what was on the disk and for what was said I am going to write it up as a script for a play. We have our players at the moment there is mother father and daughter all others I will add as they come in to view. Keep reading my friend things are going to get very heated in more ways than one.

Mother: OK Karen you go and get ready. Karen: OK mum I will. Father: Is she going through with it? Mother Yes my love your wish is going to come true. You have waited so long for this I can't believe it is going to be happening either.

Father Do you think we are doing the right thing hun? Mother Well she has said she wants to do it and if we don't do it with her she will find someone else to do it with so it is better coming from us than a stranger. Father Yeah I suppose your right.

Just then the door opened and in walked Karen she's dressed in stockings suspenders skimpy knickers and a bra all matching in white. It looked as if the outfit had been bought purposely for the occasion. They all sit on a settee looking toward a TV screen Karen is sat between her mother and father. On the TV a blue film starts to play and Karen begins to get excited she says. Karen Does that feel good mum?

(on the TV two females are licking each other) Mother You better believe it does sweetheart wait until it happens to you. Karen I can hardly wait mum I am getting all excited but I am getting cold too. Father Go put the central heating on love I'll cuddle Kar; Mother gets up to advance central heating father puts his arm around daughter as he does so he places his hand on her left tit and lightly squeezes it.

Oh! Says mother don't start without me. The film goes on a bit when eventually a man comes into view with a hard cock and the two ladies start to kiss the man's cock and play with his balls. the father says "wow that looks good" want to try that asks the mother to Karen OK she replies. The girl then starts to un-zip her father's trousers and slides them down his legs the mother sits on the other side of the man and starts to squeeze his cock through his pants as this is happening the girl looks on in complete excitement.

"Want to feel Karen" asks the mother? Karen stretches out her hand and rubs her father's hard cock. Her father asks "is this the first cock you have ever touched"? Karen replies "yes it is" your beautiful hand feels wonderful honey, when you are ready slide your hand inside and feel it properly. OK daddy I will. Come here said mother then all of a sudden she takes off the underpants Karen looks at her father's hard cock and says it's very big.

mother and father start to kiss each other Karen is directed to hold her father's cock again she says it is lovely to touch. On the TV was these two ladies sucking the man's cock all of a sudden Karen bends her head forward and opens her mouth then slowly allows her father's cock to enter.

The mother says to Karen well done that's brilliant darling keep going she then says "what's it like Ken having your 10 year old daughter suck your 7 inch cock? Ohhhhh! Fuck she's good she's a natural Karen was sucking her father's cock all over up and down as far as she could get it in her mouth she was really getting carried away with what she was doing. Sarah looked on with her mouth open saying nothing.

Then after a few minutes of watching she said "is that a big cock then"? "No" I said there is big and then there is big but he's about average, now dad is big as we saw this morning.

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"I'd like to see daddies" said Sarah it looked enormous. On the TV Karen was joined with her mother only now she was almost naked she had very nice boobs that did not sag down then without forcing her, the mother offered Karen one of her boobs to suck on.

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The mother threw her head back and moaned oooooooooohhhhh "she certainly does have a sweet mouth dear" said mother. "Do you like this then mum" asked Karen "yes darling" mother replied.

"Then why don't you do it to me too" and as Karen said it she slid out of her bra revealing a very nice but small pair of boob's.

Karen's dad had now undressed completely and was sat on the settee allowing Karen to play with his cock. OK sweetheart it's your turn said Ken. He pulled Karen to her feet then gently pulled down her knickers to reveal a very soft looking pussy Ken bent his head forward and started to kiss her there and Karen's mother knelt behind her and started to kiss her naked bum.

Karen was loving it and was squealing with delight. Karen was then invited to kiss her mother's pussy. So Karen laid down no her back her mother positioned herself over the top of Karen and lowered herself down so that both girls were licking each other. Ken picked up the video camera and went in for some real close up shots, and from what we were seeing Karen was enjoying licking her mother's sexy lips. Right said Ken use your fingers Karen so Karen followed the instructions her father was giving.

Almost immediately Karen's mother was cuming. Now it was Karen's turn both parents started to fondle Karen first her father then her mother. They were kissing her lips, boob's and pussy.

Karen was holding her father's cock and trying to touch her mother's pussy. Then Ken asked Karen "well hun, do you want us to take away your virginity"? "Oh yes please daddy" she replied. "Once we have done it there is no getting it back so be sure it is what you want" "yes mummy and yes daddy I want it to happen so please stop asking.

Mummy was the first to put gel on her fingers and because she had long slender fingers she thought it would not be too bad. Karen loved it, more, more, more, she shouted out. Ken then took his turn at fingering Karen this opened her up a little more. Then both the parents started to fuck as Karen looked on like to do this hun asked Ken "more than anything" replied Karen.

Come here let me take your cherry darling said Ken. A towel was placed on the floor and Karen was instructed to lie on top of it. It was then explained to her why and she was told there could be a little pain and a little blood, but the pain would soon go away and the blood will stop then she could fuck like her mother does.

Suddenly Karen asked. "Mum if I let daddy do this can I fuck him when I want to? At first her mother was taken a-back a little at the openness of Karen then said "we'll see". Ken used a lot of gel on Karen's pussy and then the mother spread a lot on her hands then started to massage it onto Kens cock.

"Stop or I will cum" said ken. OK . then Ken got between Karen's legs lowered himself into place and slowly pushed his way into Karen's waiting pussy. Karen cried out but Ken carried on pushing his hard 7 inch cock into his 10 year old daughter.

There was a little resistance then suddenly pop his cock slid into Karen. Ken waited a second or two then started to push in and out of his daughter. There was a little blood as Kens large cock slid in and out. "Will that be the same for me" asked Sarah, I think so I replied are you sure you want to do it? More than anything she said back. After Karen was fucked for about 15 minutes she was told to go and take a shower. Here the film ended but it was not the end of the disk there was more film to watch.

On the next film we saw Karen her mother and father then shock of all shocks there was our mum and our dad. So they did know these other people and not only that they were having a full blown orgy. Mum was in a sixty-nine with Susan (Karen's mum) Ken was fucking mum as Susan licked both of them while dad was having his extremely long and hard cock played with by Karen.

It became obvious now that both mum and dad had planned that either Sarah or both of us go with them to visit this other couple and Karen their daughter for a fun packed night. Stop the film I said to Sarah and lets go to our swing. Once out on the swing I explained my feelings to her and she agreed. So I said do you want to try or not. lets do it she said.

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so back in the house we watched a little of the film watched as dad fucked both Karen and Susan then turned it off. Suddenly the telephone rang. I picked up the receiver it was mum on the telephone they said they were not coming back this evening but will see us tomorrow at about mid-day and for us to go to bed when we were ready.

Well this was it there was no need to be in a hurry so we turned off the lights and the DVD player and went up to Sarah's bedroom. Once in the bedroom we got on her bed and we kissed each other Sarah put her hands on my cock and started to wank me off as she did this morning.

I lay back to enjoy it when Sarah got up and positioned herself over my face and lowered herself down onto my face. There we were my 10 year old sister (well almost 10) was sucking my cock and I was licking her pussy.

My cock was very hard and I so much wanted to be the first to take her cherry. So I said lets go to mums room and look for some gel.

Once in mum's room we looked through her bed-side cabinets it was not long before we found her vibrators Sarah had a good giggle at these.

Then we found some magazines that were gay men with very big cocks, one with Bi-sexual ladies and there were lots of photos of people our ages they were all extremely sexy. Eventually we found what we were looking for it said KY I was about to go back to Sarah's room when she said "if mum and dad are not coming home tonight why don't we stay here and use their bed, after all it is a lot bigger than mine or yours"?

So we pulled back the duvet and made ourselves comfortable. We played with each other for quite some time Sarah almost made me cum once. Then I said to her are you ready for the BIG step. She replied with a firm "yes" so I placed a towel underneath her cute bum just like we saw in the TV. Then I rubbed lots of gel into Sarah's beautiful pussy and she rubbed some over my hard cock, again I almost came.

Then going in as gently as I could I started to push my way into Sarah. At first she said it hurt her and to take it out so I did I then started to use my fingers on her first inserting one then two it did feel so hot and so sexy Sarah started to get very wet so I took my fingers away and get back between her legs put my stiff cock on her pussy and began to push again this time I slipped in a little easier then I felt a kind of rip then I was inside her wonderful pussy for the first time.

Sarah cried out and I just lay still with my hard cock inside her she began to cry and said it hurt her so much I just lay there I said if I come out now she would not want me to go back in again. I kissed her on the mouth I let my tongue sink into her open mouth. As I kissed her face I could taste her tears.

I felt so bad about hurting her but I had to be the first to fuck her. She began to sob quietly then she said it was not hurting very much so I started to bring my cock out of her tight little hole and I let it slide back in again Sarah like that bit. So I started to pull and push and she grabbed my ass she was digging her finger nails into my flesh and I started to fuck her real fast.

I did not last very long suddenly I could feel my cock jumping and I was cuming inside my little sister. When I pulled out of her pussy I noticed there was a little blood on my cock and there was a little on the towel we placed on the bed, we went off to the bathroom where I ran another bath for us, when the water was right we got in I let Sarah relax in my arms. We went back to mum's room took the towel off the bed then got on the bed pulled up the duvet cuddled into one another and had a little sleep.

It was about 12:30am when I awoke I could feel Sarah sucking my cock I was very hard again so I fucked her only this time there was no pain and no messy blood Sarah loved to feel my cock sliding in and out of her tight fanny. She said "I wonder what it would be like to be fucked by daddy"? I said "I have no idea", but then said "mum has a great body hasn't she"?

Sarah asked me if I had the chance would I fuck mum and I said I don't know but the thought was there, how about you and dad I asked? I would love to feel his cock she replied I bet I said. I was almost ready to cum again when I said don't make me cum inside you drink it instead. Sarah started to suck my cock and it was not long before I squirted loads of hot spunk into her mouth it was frigging lovely.

Soon after we both fell asleep again. We managed to fuck again the next day before mum and dad got back in fact we fucked twice more once in her bedroom and once in mine Sarah was turning out to be a right sexy bitch.

Well mum and dad got back about 3pm they had a drink then looked around the house obviously looking for tail-tail signs that we had been misbehaving but we had already cleaned up and got rid of the evidence or so we thought. OK said dad come here you two lets really see what you've been up to.

Dad had the whole place wired for sound and vision everything we said and did was on the TV monitor. Even using their bed. Mum was not too surprised and in a way nor was dad. So you watched our disks did you he asked? Yes we both said, what did you think of them and together we asked about the disk with Karen and about how old was she.

Then Sarah asked dad how big really is your cock? Dad laughed and said I'll show you later if you like, yes please said Sarah. We spent a quiet afternoon watching the TV while mum arranged a cooked tea for us. After tea the fun really did start. First we both had to swear that we would not tell a soul about what we were going to do or in the future where we were going to go or with whomever we met up with.

Of course we both did I mean what option did we have? Sarah and I went up stairs first and we have a quick bath together. Mum popped her head in to see that we were okay. Then as we dried ourselves mum and dad came in and they undressed as they did so we were ushered out by mum who was saying "wait and see". Jayne then dressed in her school uniform (typical) I put on my track-suite. Jayne and me went back down stairs to wait for mum and dad.

We did not have to wait long. Like me dad wore his track-suite but mum put on a very short skirt and a see through blouse with no bra. Almost immediately my cock started to act and I was sure dad's was because Jayne was in her school uniform. Dad pulled Jayne onto his lap and began to rub het boobs through her blouse. Mum came to me and said "do everything your father does" so I sat on the sofa with mum on my lap rubbing her tits and I must say they were fantastic.

I knew mum could feel my cock beginning to stretch out she shifted her bum several times. I looked across and dad was lightly kissing Jayne and he had already un-done her blouse his hand was now on her bare skin and squeezing her boobs lightly.

In no time at all I was doing the same thing. I then heard dad say "okay beautiful, show your dad how you suck cock" Jayne got up off dad's lap pulled down his bottoms and stared at his massive cock. She then took it in her hands and started to wank him up and down much to his delight.

As Jayne wanked dad off his cock seemed to grow bigger in her small hands. Then she bent her head down towards his massive cock and opened her mouth.

Not wanting to be left out mum was doing the same to me. She had placed my cock in her mouth and swallowed me right down. Jayne was now sucking on dad's cock and he was loving it. I placed my hand on mums pussy and started to feel her getting very wet.

Dad was now finger fucking Jayne and she began to whimper dad said "I do believe she's having an orgasm" mum said "ssso am I" dad then yelled "Oh shit" as he shot his hot spunk into Jayne's mouth, Jayne pulled back and dad came all over her face and down on to her small tits.

There was loads of spunk Jayne was covered and she was laughing. God dad you came so much, "yeah hon; it was mainly because it was you wanking and sucking me off". Mum stopped sucking me and sat on my lap pushing my cock deep inside her soaking pussy she held on to the back of my neck and started to bob up and down calling out to Jayne to squeeze my balls lightly which she started to do I came hard and fast.

Mum stopped her bobbing and my cock began to shrink and my spunk and mums juices ran out of her and down my cock. We all had a very quick wash and started again. Only this time we took our time. And this time everyone involved Jayne. When it became Jayne's turn to have a fuck she chose me to go first so she positioned herself on her hands and knees and I put my cock in to her from behind mum was sucking my slapping balls and ass and as I was fucking Jayne she was sucking dad again.

Mum said "don't come inside her, at least not until we have her on the pill, so both you boys come over her okay" so I came out of her and mum sucked me off until I come in her mouth.

Dad said it was his turn to fuck Jayne and Jayne said "could it go in me dad"? I don't know he replied but do you want to try? Yes daddy I want to she said. So mum got out some KY and put some on Jayne's pussy and on to dad's huge cock. Then we watched as he started to push his huge cock into her small tight pussy. Dad reassured Jayne that at first it might be uncomfortable but it will all go in he then said to her to relax and slowly in he went. Jayne said it felt massive inside her and she loved it being there.

Slowly and as carefully as he could dad started to fuck Jayne I was watching in awe as his cock slipped in and out mum then said "don't watch help" what do you mean? "I asked" then mum said hold your dads balls and lightly squeeze them. Dad said "but not too hard" now I have never touched another guy before and the only pair of balls I have had in my hands has been my own.

But I must admit the thought did excite me a little. Scarily I put out my right hand and touched the bottom of my dad's ball bag. I must admit it did feel soft and warm and squidgy. So I started to hold dad's balls as they bounced off Jayne's sexy ass.

Mum was watching me and instructing me on what I had to do such as lightly stroke his cock shaft as he went in and out of Jayne's sexy pussy. I was amazed to see how her pussy opened up and shrank back to normal size as dad pushed in and out. Dad then said "oh fuck I am going to cum" then he said Mark take a tight hold of my cock and when I say now pull me out and carry on wanking me until I cum" dad pushed in a few more times then he yelled "now" so I pulled him out of Jayne's pussy aimed his cock up towards her sexy ass and carried on wanking him suddenly he came WHOOSH!

He came and he came shooting hot sticky spunk up Jayne's back and across her naked ass. I carried on wanking his very hard and very big cock and dad was loving it. We all had a long rest and while we rested we spoke about what had happened and the legalities of it. Both Jayne and me were told about incest and what it was and that it happened in a lot of places and it involved families with children like us.

Dad said "we did not know what you two were going to say about having sex with us, so how do you feel about it"? Jayne and I looked at each other and smiled then we both told mum and dad how we felt and that we wanted it to carry on. Dad then made the comment that Jayne had fingered and licked mum's pussy and that mum had done the same to Jayne, he then said that I had wanked him and made him cum but he had not wanked me or indeed sucked my cock. Then he said "how would you feel Mark if I done that to you"?

I said "well I don't know because I have never done it before". "OK" dad said after lunch shell we try it? I stuttered a quiet why not. Jayne was jumping out of her chair with excitement. "Let's get lunch" mum said. So we all drifted out to the kitchen. Not long after clearing up the dirty dishes we all set off back to the front room.

Dad shot off and brought down a DVD to play I remember it was called "bi-the balls" it was a bi-sexual film of guys sucking guys and girls sucking guys then there was the section of two guys fucking each other mum said it was her favourite section.

During our conversations with mum and dad it became clear that they had joined a social group (if you can call it that) who are into the same things. Dad wanted to know if he could suck my cock and of course I said OK so he and mum sat on the floor and took it in turns to suck me until I was fully erect.

I noticed that dad's cock had started to rise but it was not full size so I put out my hand and started to rub him then to my surprise he said why don't we all have a sixty-nine party. Both Jayne and I asked what was it then he said Jayne and Heather both lick each other and you and me suck each other we can give ourselves a time limit of say 10 minutes and then we can swap partners, so it will be Heather and Jayne, me and you then you and your mum me and Jayne then you and Jayne and me and mum.

Does that sound okay with everyone? We all agreed so off we went. Dad was sucking my cock like he had done it a thousand times before but for me it was my first time so I started slowly. I looked over to see Jayne and mum and Jayne was going for gold. She had her head buried deep into mums pussy and was loving it. I thought well if she could so could I so without thinking about it I opened my mouth and took dad's cock in as far as I could get it.

It did not taste bad in fact there was no taste to it, it felt soft and silky and in a funny kind of way it was sexy. Suddenly time was called and we all changed around now I had Jayne's sexy pussy in my mouth again and she tasted fantastic mum had done a great job getting her going.

My tongue slipped up inside her pussy quite easily I thought this was because she had taken dad's cock earlier. Jayne was about to cum when "time" so we changed around again now it was me and mum and she was really sucking my cock great and I had my fingers and face in her pussy. She was loving what she was doing when suddenly "time" so we changed again I was back with dad and his cock was really tasty now I can taste his pre-cum it was so sweet I wanted to taste more.

Eagerly I sucked dad's cock I had no idea that because I had started, Jayne and mum carried on that dad was close to cumming suddenly I found myself choking on hot sticky spunk as dad came down my throat. Dad kept sucking me and with all the excitement going on I came too and dad just kept sucking.

Well here we all were totally sexed out and spent of energy. We all sat around in dressing gowns chatting in general about everything. It became clear to all of us that things had changed as a family we now knew there were no taboo's we could now talk about any subject and this was a strange thing to know.

We had discussed the fact that if in the future we carry on with what we were doing then Jayne would have to take the pill. Although she was only 10 and had not started her period she had to be protected so it was agreed that mum would take her to the family planning clinic within the week. Although dad played with Jayne it was not too much having said this Jayne always wanted to play with dad mainly because of the size of his cock.

Of course as a brother and sister we spent a lot of time in each other's bedroom. I must admit though one of the best things mum and dad did for us was to purchase us both a double bed each. During one of our nights in talking about what was what mum mentioned the party. Dad said ah the party! Jayne asked "what party" well mum said we have become friends with a few families and next week we have been invited to a party.

Each party has a theme and the next one is Lords and Ladies. The visiting family are the Lords while the host family is the servants and they must do everything we ask of them. Of course we go sexily dressed and they carry out any and all sexual requests. The guest's then host a party and the servants become Lords or whatever they want to be called I mean it could be tramps and beggars, or tricks and dicks.

You get the picture. Well we have been invited to one next week and we are wondering do you want to come with us? I jumped at the idea and Jayne asked could we see the other family first? Yes of course mum and dad said wait a second I go get the disk.

Mum returned with a disk then put it in the player selected start we sat back to watch a video. First we saw the dad he was about dads age in his 40's he came on to introduce himself he said his name was Geof he gave a short history of his likes and dislikes then introduced his wife Claire she gave a short talk on herself then introduced their daughter Jackie who was 12 years old and very nice looking.

She then introduced her sister Anne who was 11 who intern introduced her twin brother James. If you would like to know what happened please just ask. Regards Protrusile