Young stud fuck old couple

Young stud fuck old couple
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i set ion my window seel looking out at the rain. i loved days like this. they were beautiful and most of all my brother would stay home. he was usally always gone but on rainy days he would stay home just for me. " gabreil" i said looking at him from the window seel. he was sitting at the computer with his shirt off.

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i had always thought my brother was hot but today he looked it more then usal. his pecks snd abbs all nothing but muscle. he had the body of a male underwhere model and the most beautiful blue eyes i had even has the pleasure of waking up to." what is little brother." he said turning around.

"i'm hungery," i said getting up and kneeling bewteen his legs. " from down their i can give you something to eat." he said. i rolled my eyes and got up.

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gabriel was always saying thing like that. i didn't blame him though. i was a boy with the body and hair of a flatchested girl.

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he would tell me that if i looked anymore like a girl he would be able to stop him self from raping me. i was lookinfg the frigde when i felt him behind me. he put his hands on my hips and rubbed his croutch against my ass. he was hard as a rock. i moved from in front of him and smiled. " now brother you know that was noughty." i said seeting at the table. " bad puppy." i said. gabriel pushed his blong hair behind his ears.

" oh realy but you like when i'm bad." he said coming behind me and running his ahdns down mt chest. he had never done this beofre contiued to play with me after the jokeing moment had past. " i wan to fuck you lttle brotherm" he said in my ear.

my heart skipped a beat and my dick hardened. " and i will wether you want to or not." he gently pulled my hair so my head was looking up at him then kissed me roughly. his hand was undoing the button on my pants then the zipper. i moaned in his mouth as he began to to play with my dick.

he released my mouth and said for me to sit on the table. i hesatated for a secound and he picked my up and set me on the tabel. he was like a ravenus beast the way he looked at me. i beged his to stop and he told me to shut up. he pulled my pants off with one firce tug, i hated my self for not whereing any undwere.

he was sucking on his fingers and looking at me with pure lust in his eyes.

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" relax and it won't hurt. so much." he said.

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he pushed his wet fingers on the ring of my asshole. he aplied presure to it and i felt his big fingers enter my ass. i screamed and writhed, but gabreil put his hand around my neck.

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all i could do was moan. he lowered his head down to my 10 iche dick and be gan to suck it.


i bucked under him as he used hsi toughe to make circles aroud the head of my cock. " oh god gabreil." i yelled. he started to go faster. thrusting his finger into my ass in section with how he was sucking my dick. i screamed in painful pleasure. gabreil told me to turn over so he could fuck me.

once again i hesatated and he roughly turned me around and bent me over the table.


he begane to licked at me ass hole, i mouned. it felt so good. i gave a loud moan and he grabed my hair pulled my head bakc and spit inmy mouth. " i'm going to fuck you now" he said. i was dreading this. gabreil had a huge dick, it was about 12 and a half inches witch was why i sometimes call him hercules. i felt him slide it between my ass cheeck. he fuck me like that for a while then i felt him push it in he din't go slow or wait for me to agust to the feeling of it in my ass no, he just rammed it right in emplaing me like a wooden stae through the heart of a vampire.

i screamed and scream and he contenued to fuck me. i was in so much paind i left long scratch marks in my moms cherry wood table from clawing at it.

the pain lessened but nerver when away. gabriel gre tired of my screaming and clasped his hand over my mouth. my moans and yells where muffeled.

gabreil beat my dcik while he fucked me and i new if he kept at it i would cum right there. i told him in muffeled sighs and all he siad was go ahead." i felt my balls tighten and the tip of my dick tingle. i shot about two big loud all over gabreils' waiting hand.


then gabreil be gan to speed up, his breathing became harder and he said clear as day. " i'm gonna fill your ass with ym jiuce" i pushed bakc on his everythrus and squeezed my ass tight around his cock. grabed my shoulder and with hartd shove i felt him filll my ass with cum shot after shot, i thought he would never stop. he set down on the flooor and i set in hsi lap. " sorry little one," he said kissing my neck. " i get kinda crazy when you make me horny, usaly i can control it." i kissed hsi nipple and said in his ear.

" can you loose cntroll tomarrow night too." he smiled and his blue eyes glinted in the sunshine coming tought the window the rain was over and gabreil's eyes where only mine. my btoher an i played games like that a lot, maybe i'll write about the othe times. leas give me a good rating, iknow my grammer is bad but please over look that.