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Brunette slut sucks drivers big dick to get a free ride
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Dylan's Bedroom Mirror Chapter 1 I am Brian, most of you don't know me, but I am sure that is not the case with my wife, Dylan Dreyer.

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All that I am about to reveal to you now about something I have spent many hours contemplating if I should reveal to the world, well at least those who enjoy reading all the sex stories so available all over the internet.

It is from there that in my mind began to build my own fantasies that were pretty much in the realm of normal but over time as which is often the case, your mind seems to take over and push your limits off the charts.

You all know what I mean just as I have read them most of you have also indulged in one of many topics from simple threesomes, or wife swapping to incest and bestiality. Well I have now read them all and it has lead me to begin to take them from fantasy to reality and Dylan has no clue to the plan I have put together over the last several months that will lead her down a path she never knew she was capable of much less going to be seduced into.

If everything I have already set into motion is followed through, Dylan my wife, that all American Innocent blonde weather girl that many of you out there have fantasized about her will discover a new dark side to herself that over time she will devote herself to meand allow me to lead her into this darkness where she will experience all of those most dark fantasies we all enjoy in our own little secret minds stored back deep in there safe from anyone's knowledge just how deviant and daring we are when it comes to sexual pleasures and what drives them.

So this first window into our private sex life Dylan and I have shared in our new lifestyle that is far from what you would think possible of someone of celebrity status as my beautiful and sexy wife who I am sure you agree has the hottest ass on TV.

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This is where it all began our first major steps into the more dark nature of sex after close to a year of me starting with just dropping occasional hints about us expanding our lovemaking to spice things up even more. Dylan truly was very innocent when we met she had stayed true to her values, she was a virgin when we married, really no kidding. So I had my work cut out for me to be able to bring her along slowly into a new world of sexual pleasure far beyond just a man and wife relationship.

But over time with hints and small actions such as playing with her ass and gently rubbing my finger across her tight rosebud.

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At first she was very nervous about letting me touch her there, saying to me that even though it felt soo good that it seemed to her so wrong. Of course over time I had moved her from just that to pushing my tongue as far as I could to driving my cock till my nuts exploded deep into her and let me tell you feeling myself deep in that nice bubble ass is incredible, and once she experience it she wanted it more and more.

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Once after we had a couple cocktails Dylan had become really hornyand after I pulled out a joint of good marijuana a friend of mine insisted I try it as he had discovered after he and his wife tired it he said it just seemed to intensify their sexual release.

At first she said no, but I lit it up anyway and then handed it to her, she reluctantly put it to her soft kissable lips and inhaled some into her lungs as I watch her tits rise up as her chest expanded she coughed, everyone does the first time. By the time we finished it, we were all over each other never mind that we were outside on our deck overlooking our hot tub and pool.

We stripped down and practically ran down the stairs as I watched my wife's sexy ass jiggle as she ran ahead of me. Once we got into the hot tub I immediately tuned her over told her to raise her ass up and offer it to me.

I wasted no time shoving it straight I until my balls was bounding off her ass. I reached around her and began to rub her clit as I fucked her harder. She peered back over her shoulder looking up at with through her now glazed eyes, she screamed out she was going to explode and wow did she.

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Something happened that had not in all our lovemaking; she began to squirt all over my hand and herself. She kept on shooting almost looking as if she was peeing herself but I brought my hand to my own mouth and savored the taste of Dylan's first real ejaculation. Then there was a natural reaction as I slowly mover my hand towards her mouth leaning down whispering n her ear, to tasted herself on my hand.

She looked back again the kept focused on me as she almost reluctantly rolled her tongue out and licked right up two of my fingers and smiled so I lowered my hand back down catching the last few drops running down her pussy to dripping into the tub.

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I brought it back to her mouth and she licked it clean never looking away from me. I was watching my wife transform into a real sexual creature opening her mind to a whole world raw sexual experiences that will carry her down a path to all those dark desires in all of us. What this that just happened her enjoying the taste of herself a woman showed me that even her delving into lesbian sex was in the cards now for sure.

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For my next place on our path for us to take our sex life into those dark places we all peer into, will require opening Dylan up to bring others into our journeys, knowing this will take some real convincing being her celebrity status. But where I am taking that has already been in place, unknown to Dylan is that before her and Ithere was connection to her parents and they were actually the ones who introduced me to my future wife.


I will get into more details on all that in the next chapter. My first moves to push her in this direction I decided to begin sending her stories from erotic sites that had hundreds of hot stories about threesomes, even threw some in about wife swapping, but I would leave out any about what would be the first move into the darker side of sex, incest.


So over the next couple months and much effort I think I had Dylan close to being ready to cross her next hurdle, letting me share to woman I love, the woman I made my wife, the woman who was now about to cross into something all parties involved would have to be kept to ourselves as because none of us wanted to jeopardize Dylan's TV career, But once we indulged in this everyone involved will crave this and more, and there will be nothing to stop us.

Now if you are asking yourself what does the triple full length mirror that Dylan just had to have one after a segment she did on TV where she was modeling different outfits.

Well the next chapter the mirror will play a part in Dylan's first threesome.