Dia de placer me quede muy mojada segunda parte

Dia de placer me quede muy mojada segunda parte
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vWhen I was at boarding school in my late teens I used to sneak down to the groundsman's hut it was a ram shackled old place, with grime so thick on the window that daylight barely penetrated the dark dusky gloom inside, but there was a little stove in the corner that was always lit which gave the place a warm comforting glow, the groundsman Harold always let me stay there. Harold had worked on the Three Cliffs family estate for years, and my boarding school was situated in the well kept grounds, he new that all of the girls came from upper class rich family's and that I didn't, my Gran paid my fees so I didn't really fit in.

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The school environment was quite harsh up at 6am every morning an hours prayers before breakfast, as I wasn't part of the gang I could slip away after lessons most days, Harold would let me stay in his hut chatting with him and his gun dog Spike, Harold often gave me small little treats and shared a cigarette with me I was always so great full for his friendship.

After the last Christmas holidays I had turned 18 and I had started to smoke dope, it wasn't long before Harold and I started to share a joint "he was really cool for a 40 year old " the silly thing was that most people got the munches or fell asleep after smoking dope, not me I got horny as hell.

So when the weather got warmer I would leave Harold and Spike and go into the woods behind the hut, and follow the path down to the lake were I would strip of completely naked and lay down on the sun warmed grass, I would pull at my nipples until they stood out proud, then slowly work my hand down to play with myself until I had come "oh those warm summer evenings were bliss", dope always made me wont sex so much, sooner or later I new that I would need more than my own hands to pleasure myself.

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My body ached for a man with a thick bulging cock, this went on all summer I was exhausted playing with myself (happy days) I went home for the summer I really missed Harold,/smokes,/and my private little pleasures, but I new the holidays would be over soon and I would get back to school.

When I did get back I was called into the headmaster office, I was told that as Harold would be away for a number of weeks he had suggested that I should look after the dog feeding and walking him after classes, I was tempted to say no as I hated the headmaster he was a pig, and always handed out extreme painful punishments.

Once I had broken a small pane of glass he went mad shouting and dragging me to the showers, he held me under alternate hot and cold water then still soaking wet he pushed me against the wall and spread my legs like he was a cop, he leathered my ass with his shoe, holding his hand over my mouth to muffle my cries he grabbed my arm and and marched me to his office, were I was made to stand in the corner shivering wet and cold, after an age he wrapped my long hair around his fist and said that if I complained to anybody he'd make me pay, so I was going to say no, but the thought of spending time in Harold's hut made me say yes.

As usual I was smoking dope when I went to feed and walk Spike, I was so horny that I lay down on the couch undid my shirt and took of my knickers I started to play with myself, I was miles away on a wave of lust when I felt Spikes soft fur coat brush my thighs, as I opened my eyes spike began to lick my pussy his tongue was so warm and wet, I took my fingers away to let him get deeper but spike licked all my love juice of them, then went back to eating my muff I did this three more times and every time he finished licking my fingers he went back to my pussy, I was so turned on that I spread some of my juice over my breasts with special attention to my nipples, Spike went wild licking my beasts when his velvety tongue rolled over my nipples I cum on the spot, then Spike went back to my pussy making me wet and horny again, I had only ever played with myself until then but my first time with Spike was AWESOME, so every day I would go to the hut and play with the dog, but now I didn't need pot to get aroused, just the feel of Spikes warm coat got me all horny, after a few day of letting Spike pleasure me I got fully naked and sat on the floor with him and rubbed him all over as he ate my pussy and tits.

I rubbed Spike slowly from head to tail then I gently worked my way along his belly going closer and closer to his sheath, I explored his balls in his sack, I had never seen a cock before never mind hold one in my hand, I was so turned on I instinctual new what to do, so I lay on my back looking up between Spikes back legs while he had his head buried between my legs eating my fanny, as I moved my hand backwards and forwards along his covered cock the pink tip on his nob poked out from his pouch, I caressed him and worked my hand back and fore until more of his nob came out, soon his cock started to drip pre-cum all over my face, Spike came around and licked all of his own juice of me it was so hot, I was so turned on that when Spike went back to my muff I decided to taste Spikes nob for myself.


Tentatively I stuck out my tongue to touch the end of his nob it was so warm and moist I just loved the taste of it, so I slipped all of his cock into my mouth O MY GOD I could feel the tip slide down the back of my throat, I started to move my head back and forwards along his shaft until he started to hump my mouth, the next thing I know Spike is trying to ram his big knot into my mouth, I had to pull back before he choked me, but he kept trying to shove his dick back in so I cupped his knot with my hand and sucked for all I was worth, It wasn't long before Spike came in my mouth it was so hot when he pulled away his cum splashed all over me, it dripped warmly over my mouth and breasts, Spike began to lick all of his cum off me when he finished I did the same for him, I went down and cleaned every last drop, lapping it all up with my tongue then swallowing his salty dribble, I hated to leave Spike that night but I had to go back to my dormitory, all night I tossed and turned thinking about Spikes big thick cock I must have been moaning in my sleep because June the girl that shared my room slipped into my bed and put her arms around me she cuddled in close and whispered in my ear trying to calm me down, I had to laugh she thought I was having a nightmare and all the time it was a sex dream, June begged me to tell her all about it so I did every last horny detail except that now my lovely Spike became a boy from the local school, June got so hot when I told her about having my tits licked that she started to move her body against mine, it doesn't take much to get me going so gently I started to fondle her breast through her her nightdress soon her nipples were rock hard, as she didn't stop me I ran my hand all over her body working her nightdress up to her hips I new she wouldn't stop me going further by the little moaning noises she made, I rolled on top of her, her legs parted for me to slip in-between them then I started to work on June's nipples as I sucked on them she moved her hips against me I new I could do anything I liked to her so I took my gym jams of and helped June remove her nightdress I had never laid down with someone in the nude before, the feel of her flesh on mine was electric as I lay down on top of her again I started to kiss her soft and gentle until her lips parted and she pulled my head in closer to her, I slipped my tongue into her mouth she surprised me by sucking on my tongue which drove me wild it sent butterfly's to my tummy after a deep lingering kiss I started to work my way down to her breasts as I sucked all of her nipple into my mouth she moaned softly for more she was grinding her pussy into mine I got the Idea that I should do the same as Spike would, so I kissed her all the way down to her pussy her scent was so nice I buried my face in her mound it tasted so sweet.

I found her clit and used my tongue to work her up she was gasping in delight the more she moaned the harder i sucked the sound of her moans driving me into a frenzy of lust I just had to fill every part of her, as she began to rock back and forwards against my face I slipped a finger into her tight little whole she was so wet but my finger would not go in very far as I worked my finger around her lips and hole she reached down and took my free hand up to play with her nipple June thrust her hips against my face crying for more so I willingly obliged as I had been fingering her my thumb was brushing against her ass so I used a little pressure to push my thumb up her ass just a little bit, June went wild forcing her ass down over my thumb it was amazing to feel her tight ass.

[All the time my thumbs deep in her ass I'* pulling her tits sucking her clit and fingering her pussy.] June was so worked up that she forced herself down harder on my hand until my finger slipped all the way into her pussy she rode my hand hard until with a groan of ecstasy she cum in floods of pleasure I could feel her muscles contract and squeeze my hand as she kept cumin I had never done anything like that before it took a while for my own heart to stop pounding.


June slipped her arms down around me and drew me up to her on the bed she gave me a deep long lingering kiss and got out of my bed I was so disappointed I was hot and horny as hell. The next day I pretended to be ill to skip classes, but I went to the hut to be with spike I was so turned no from the night before, June had not returned the favour leaving me high and dry, I was aching to have something fill me the way I had filled June, all morning I played with Spike we sucked and licked but I needed more I looked all around the hut for something to pleasure myself with but everything was sharp of pointy.

I never dreamt that keeping the fire lit would be the answer to my dreams I got down on all fours to put some logs on the fire as I had a million times before only this time Spike mounted me from behind, I stayed still at first I had not thought about this but the feel of Spikes fur on my back soon had me trembling with anticipation as he started to hump me I could feel His nob trying to get inside of me his front legs were locked around my hip and I could not get hold of his nob to guide him in to me so I lowered my body down until he calmed down then when he let go of me I moved over to the couch.

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I sat down and with both feet on the ground and opened my legs, as soon as I started to play with my self Spike came over to kick my pussy I bent sideways so that I could get both of his front paws up on the couch on either side of me then I gently stroked his shaft to wank him of as I saw the pink nob poke out of his sheath I moved my hips forward of the couch so that my fanny would meet the head of his cock it didn't take long for Spike to get the idea he started to pound my pussy it stung for a few seconds as he took my virginity but with his relentless pounding I was to wet and exited to care his cock seemed to grow even bigger inside of me then to my amazement he slipped his knot into me.

I cum in floods of pleasure as Spike frenziedly fucked my cunt I thought I would burst with the size of his cock in me but he just kept pumping me it wasn't long before I came a second time I was so full of cock as my muscles clamped down on Spiked prick he cum it was so hot I could feel him fill me full of his jiss he lay down on top of me licking my face until his cock softened and slipped out of me, as I stood up all of his lovely hot cum flowed out of my pussy I could not believe the amount of cum that trickled down my legs, spike started to lick his cum of my legs one by one by the time he reached my fanny I was panting for more cock.

My pussy was a little sore from the pounding I had just got,Spike had fucked my mouth and humped my pussy there was only one hole left, in my heightened state of sexuality I longed to have him fill every part of me, I decided to use the couch again as it made it easer for Spike to enter me. While I waited for Spike to rest and get ready for our next fuck I started to pull my nipples, just thinking of Spike up my ass got me all horny I tried to slip a finger into my ass but I was to dry I needed something to lubricate my finger I got up and went to the fridge I took out some butter and warmed it by the fire and rubbed it all over my fingers then I used the butter to lube my ass it felt so good that I wanted to push the bloke of butter up my ass as well, but I could see that Spike was licking his own cock and as the nob pocked out I new he was ready to mount me again I laid back down on the couch, to get myself ready for this new experience I slipped my butter covered finger into my ass it slipped in like a rat up a drain pipe, as I fingered my hole Spike came over and started to lick me I could see his nob so I reached down a with my buttery fingers and moved my hips to guild Spikes cock into my ass, I was so desperate for him to fuck me hard he found my ass hole on the first push OOOMYGOD a wave of pleasure rippled through my body I moved further of the couch to make sure I got all of his cock deep inside of me.

He started to hump me slowly at first perhaps after cumin in my pussy 10 minutes earlier had slowed him up I didn't mind as my ass was so full of cock I needed to adjust to his huge cock size a soft slow screw would do me fine, he pumped me again and again starting to get faster and deeper I started to push my hips out to meet his every thrustthen with the hardest deepest thrust he filled my ass with his knot I was so full of cock I couldn't move he still rode me his furry body rubbing up and down my clit until I cum in a bone shuddering orgasm, my muscles clamped down on Spikes prick so hard that he could not move in me then to my surprise Spike started to turn his body around until his ass was touching mine his whole cock must have twisted around inside of me and still his mighty cock pulsed deep in my ass I was rubbing Spikes back as I drowned in my ecstasy as I moved my hand over him my fingers slipped into Spikes ass when I realised what I was doing I stopped But Spike started to back his ass into my finger adding to the pulsing of his cock I gently finger fucked him until his knot slipped out of my ass and his cum gushed all over the place.

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I THOUGHT SPIKE HAD MADE ME HIS BITCH IN EVERY POSSOBLE SENCE OF THE WORD BUT NOW HE BECAME MINE. As I had been having so much sex lately finger fucking June every night then making sure Spike could screw every hole at his leisure i was quite tired sex 3 or 4 times a day "enjoyable as it was " was taking its toll I fell asleep during my maths class, and as a consequence I was sent to the headmasters office, I trembled as I came near his door I still shuddered at the memory of my last punishment, I knocked gingerly hoping he would not hear me and make good my escape but no such luck the door was answered impatiently, I knew I was in trouble when he locked the door behind me.

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He walked over to his desk and told me to stand before him on the other side, it was so surreal like he was some kind of psycho he never said a word just rearranged his desk putting everything in orderly lines down each side of the desk, I started to relax as he didn't seem to acknowledge my presence how stupid am I !! like lightening his arm shot out and grabbed me by my hair pulling me over his desk I screamed but he just laughed " the rooms sound proofed you silly bitch I'* going to make you scream as hard as possible" still holding me down by my hair he fumbled with something in his desk draw, the next thing I know he's leaning over my back slapping my ass hard I can tell you it was very easy to scream and god I did.

I noticed that every time he leaned over me his cock brushed my face making him harder and harder at every scream this was a turn on for me so I screamed harder working myself up I started to buck forward every time he hit me with the rodhe must have noticed his erect cock rubbing my face because he started to lean forward shouting scream bitch I was getting so randy and wet between my legs I just had to suck his cock.

So slowly i opened his fly and worked his prick out of his pants all the time wiggling my ass to the slaps as I slipped his prick into my mouth he stopped hitting me but continued to thrust his hips back and fore His cock was smaller than Spikes and thinner but I didn't care I just wonted to suck him off I hated him but my sexual desirers took over everything else I worked my head up and down the shaft as I pulled my mouth back to the end of his helmet I sucked hard stretching the bulbous end of his dick enlisting a deep throaty moan from him it wasn't the same as sucking Spikes long thick wet dick but it was my first man dick so I went for it sucking for all I was worth.

I could not get all of him into my mouth at this angle so I untangled his fingers from my hair and with his dick still in my mouth I rolled over onto my backmy head was dangling over the edge of the desk I could see his face at this new angle I was great full for his small dick because I put my arms around his buttocks and pulled him into my mouth i could see the look of surprise as i slid all of his cock into my throat he was in so deep my nose rubbed his hairy balls I did everything I could to make him cum but he just kept riding my mouth I was like the proverbial bull in a china shop I think my tonsils cum I could see look look of rapture cross his face but he did not cum he pulled out of my mouth and stood looking at me he said to go back to class and come and see him when classes were over.

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When I got back to class June could see that something was wrong I was squirming in my seat, when the dinner bell went June took my hand and led me to our room she sat on the bed but I preferred to stand as my ass was still smarting, what's up said June with genuine concern in her voice it's my ass i replied I got a canning OH you poor thing let me see so I turned around,June lifted my skirt and gently pulled my knickers down around my ankles o my god there are red welts all over your ass I know I said it stings like buggery, June went to a cupboard and brought back a jar of salve bend over and I will put some of this on it will help with the stinging, as she slavered the cooling cream over my bum her light touch became firmer in ever decreasing circles she used both hands the stinging forgotten my pulse quickened June said stay were you are she didn't have to ask me twice we don't wont to be disturbed she said locking the door she went to the bathroom and came back a few minutes later with an arm load of things tubs tubes and bottles my mind boggled at the thought of what she had in mind for me, she started to lick my pussy it was the first time she had ever touched me even after all those finger fucks I gave her so I was well up for anything she wonted to do to me, as she sucked and tongued me she slipped her hand underneath me and twisted my nipples I exploded inside I could feel my juices leak from my pussy but June hadn't finished even after the bell went for class June continued to twist my nipples I could see between my legs to were June sat on the bed she was opening a tub of tea tree oil cream and rubbed it all over a bottle of shampoo and very gently penetrated my tight honey pot it was amazing the tea tree acted like ice and fire in my pussy I'd never felt anything like it before when she had most of the bottle up my pussy she started to twist my nipples again and worked the bottle in and out of me.

As I moaned she drew my arm back behind me and got me to hold the bottle ridged inside of me then she creamed up the handle of the hair brush I new what was coming and wet myself in anticipation it took a bit of working around my ass before the handle slipped into my ass inch by hard inch "mmmm" I was so full of bottle and brush my legs trembled as she pushed both objects in and out of my holes she fucked me with them harder and harder until I cum I was so full of things I didn't think I could walk.

When June pulled them all out she came around to the front of me and stood me up giving me a long deep kiss on my mouth I could taste my own juices on her lips then she pulled away telling me that I was hers now and I had to finish with the lad from the other school I readily greed as she didn't know Spike was my special gun dog she laid me down on the bed and we fell asleep in each other arms.

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As we fell asleep in each others arms there was a knock on the bedroom door which woke us up I jumped out of bed and tided myself up quickly I could hear miss Davis the school secretary giving out the other side of the door when I opened it she informed me that I had missed my appointment with the headmaster and he was very annoyed I was to go NOW to his house in the grounds of the school I wasn't worried this time going to see him as I knew that what ever he wonted me for I would end up having sex i still feared him a little but this gave me a strange excitement in my tummy I found the path to his house and rang the doorbell on the second ring the door opened and he dragged me in he was trembling with rage and threw me on the floor his roughness made my pussy contract I never liked pain but he was getting me all wet between my legs as I went to get up he shoved me down with his foot I could not move he gave me a verbal bashing with lists and rules which I was very happy to follow and with a final warning he told me that failure to follow them would result in the harshest punishment all this amounted to was that I did what I was told when I was told and to never refuse him once I agreed to this he let me get up of the floor I followed him to a curtained of door under the stairs which lead down to a cellar it was very cold down there with only a dim bare light bulb in the middle of the ceiling.

He told me to stand still then proceeded to remove my clothes as he pulled each piece of I got colder and colder my skin rose up in goosebumps everywhere when he yanked my bra down my nipples instantly hardened sticking out like creamy jelly tots he lowered his head to them and sucked my sensitive right nipple into his mouth catching me with his teeth I jerked back but he grabbed my hair and held me in place while he mauled my breasts sucking and nipping me it sent a thrill through my entire body I could feel my love juice seep from my honey pot and soak through my lacy knickers.

As his head moved down lower on my body he used his teeth to remove my panties he spread my legs and began to rub my clit a moan escaped from me he pushed me to one side and told me to wait for him while I waited for him naked and shivering I took the chance to look around the room on one wall was a rack with all kinds of whips and spanking paddles and suspended from he ceiling was a cross with metal rings at each end there was also some kind of leather harness attached to a wooden frame my mind raced as to what kind of kinky sex I was going to get I rubbed my pussy in anticipation when the headmaster came back he was all dressed in leather with shiny metal studs sticking out all over the place just the smell of the leather and the hard sharp points of his studs had my sexual emotions jumping of the scale I just had to have him fuck me in his gear.

He came to me and ran his fingers through my hair then savagely pulled my head back with his free hand he pinched my breasts and pussy I responded to the pain it was like electric all over me you dirty little bitch he yelled I only take pleaser from you I never give it which just made me hotter he dragged me over to the cross and tied my hands and ankles to the rings as he moved over me I could feel the studs pressing into my back and ass he thought he wasn't giving me any pleasure but each scratch of his cold studs made my pussy drip more juice I could feel it run down my legs.

When he finished tying me to the cross he went over to the rack and selected a red velvet paddle testing it out on his hand it made a satisfying whack. The first slap stung making me jump and gasp but by the third slap I wonted it harder as I started to moan with each wallop he threw the paddle away he roared only sluts and whores liked spanking nice girls don't like pain I'* going to make you suffer talking to himself he muttered through all the merits of his different punishment if he used only a quarter of them on me I would be extremely satisfied as he untied me I could feel his cock rock hard against my ass I would have loved him to push his cock into my snatch it was dripping wet and ready I would have him shag me while I was tied up but I couldn't ask as he was the boss.

He pulled me to the middle of the floor and went to a chest I had not noticed before when he opened it I could see ropes and chains and brightly coloured ribbons he chose a few ropes then lead me over to the leather harness laying me down into it he expertly pulled my legs apart and tied my legs to the leather straps of the harness winding the rope around and around working up over my body with many knots he worked slowly and methodically there was no way I was getting out of this he wove intricate patterns over me when he reached my breasts he made them bulge using tiny knots I would have given anything for him to slip my tits into his mouth and suck really hard he continued up over my arms there were so many coils of rope and fancy knots that I could not move to finish of his work he got a length of red silk ribbon he wound it around my waist then down between the checks of my ass pulling it tight up between the lips of my soaking pussy as he tied it of it rubbed my clit and sent an orgasm ripping through my body I screamed in my release desperately trying to work my clit against the ribbon.

He started to rant again on how I needed punishment and lessons on how to behave he went over to the chest and took out a long thick object it started to hum as he switched it on as he passed it over my thighs a hundred little tiny shocks ran through me I screamed in surprise that's better you cock sucking bitch I said I'd make you suffer as I screamed I saw his prick strain against his leather trousers I needed cock and the only way to get it was to scream as loud and as hard as I could I begged him to stop not to fuck me his cock twitched he moved to throbbing probe up over my tits and he got into position between my legs he pushed the probe into my mouth as he undid his trousers pulling out his cock it pressed against my pussy I screamed harder desperate for him to enter me using all my power to buck my hips forward he got so exited he forced his way into me I bucked and jerked pretending I didn't wont him to fuck me he pushed harder he wasn't big but he battered and rammed my pussy into another orgasm he fell on me as he came his breath coming in gasps to the pulse of his ejection he slipped out of me and came up to my head to clean him of with my mouth my god it was the best kinky sex ever I new that if I pretended to not want to do this again he would make me I couldn't wait After the headmaster had finished with me I made my way back to my room luckily June was not there I don't know how I would explain the rope burns and the over powering smell of sex juices seeping from between my aching pussy and legs so I showered and changed and went to to feed spike I was so tired that after feeding and walking him I fell asleep on the couch I woke up to feel spike licking my face and when I rubbed his soft furry back he put his front paws up on the couch presenting the tip of his pink nob for my attention the horny little bugger knew how much I loved to suck him off my pussy let out a gush of hot juice as I nuzzled his cock with my face his eager arousal matched my own wanton sexual need I was desperate to cum I wonted as much cock as possible I tasted the tip of his cock with my tongue already his pre cum was flowing from the end I devoured it with long deep slurps the harder I sucked the bigger Spikes cock grew in my mouth as he started to hump my mouth I ripped open my shirt and pulled at my braless nipples twisting and pulling them savagely god I needed a good hard fuck but as I licked sucked and teased I took hold of his cock in front of the knot and squeezed, I went to town on it wanking his shaft and sliding my head up and down again and again over his wet throbbing tool until with a mighty thrust Spike cum all over my face it was so hot and powerful that it dripped from my mouth down over my tits the heat felt so good as I rubbed his cum all over me when his cock stopped jerking Spike bent his head and started to like all of his cum off me his velvet tongue rolled over each breast flicking my hard nipple making me pant with anticipation after coming in my mouth I knew Spike would last longer when he was ready to fuck me but I thought that I heard a sound outside the hut so I got up and went to the door with Spike at my heel the brush of his fur reminding me of my need to be shafted but there was nobody there but I was spooked so I settled Spike for the night and went back to my room I undressed in the dark not wonting June to see my rope burns and slipped between the cool cotton sheets it wasn't long before I drifted of to sleep but i came instantly awake as June slipped into my bed just the touch of her bare skin heightened my desire I still needed to have my snatch filled my thoughts flew wildly about what exotic object June could ram deep into my pussy to make me orgasm I rolled on top of her desperate to kiss lick and suck every part of her time and again I frenziedly moved from her mouth tits and cunt working her up from one orgasm to another I was possessed with lust I buried my face in her wet pussy as I came up for air I begged June to pleasure me but she refused she wonted to know were I had been all evening I told her I had to go and finish with my boyfriend as she had told me too she confessed that she thought that I was getting a big fat cock to fill my crack and that I wouldn't wont her I reassured her the only way I new how I started to lick her up and down her body then when her pussy was once more sopping wet I positioned my pussy over hers and taking my weight on my outstretched arms I rocked my pussy against hers copying the humping actions that Spike used to fuck me so often as i moved back and forwards our clitoris engorged with blood hit of each other as June grabbed my ass pulling my harder into her I could feel my orgasm build and build from deep in my stomach I felt it grow June thrust up to meet my heaving hips bringing me to the most wonderful climax I had had in a long time it was such a release for me after so much sex that I went down on June and sucked up every last drop of our combined cum I was so grateful but this had the effect of relighting June's desire she grabbed my head and started to rock her pussy up and down my lapping tongue as she thrust her hips my tongue slipped out of her hot hole and started to rub her perfect little ass hole it opened up like a flower this was new to me and I loved every minuet of it she clamped her legs around my head and rode my tongue until she cum as her pussy gushed her juices it ran down her pussy lips straight onto my tongue buried in her ass I slurped up every drop when she let me go she pulled me up and drank the last of her juice from my mouth using her tongue deep down in my throat to get the last drop we both fell into an exhausted sleep +the next day after morning prayers the headmaster sent for me to go to his office now I hadn't done anything wrong so I went with some trepidation and the stirrings of excitement I knocked on his door and walked in he grabbed my arm and spun me around pushing me up against the closed door he pulled my arm up behind my back then forced my head back with my hair he said that Harold was back and that I was not to go to the hut any more a loud no escaped from between my lips which made him pull my hair harder with some difficulty he managed to pull my knickers down to my knees he shoved his semi hard nob up into my tight ass I was not turned on or wet enough to take his puny prick with out causing some pain and I yelled he pushed his hand up under my blouse and pinched my sort nipples which instantly sent a shock of pleaser to my pussy as he dry humped me my fanny flooded with juice it ran down my leg and covered his shaft making it more slippery I needed him to fuck me harder so I started to scream it had the effect of stiffening his prick deep inside of my ass but as my screams turned him on so much he gave one final hard thrust and cum spurting his seed deep in my depths I was so frustrated I was just getting to feel my orgasm start as always he slipped out of me then pushing me down on my knees he turned my head and made me clean of his dick with my mouth he pulled out of my mouth and did his fly up opened the door and with out a word pushed me out of the door I went to the nurse and said that I was not well laying her hand on my forehead she mentioned that I look flushed she gave me two aspirin and sent me back to my room I went back to my room and got naked into the cool sheets of my bed but sleep would not come I tossed and turned for ages I didn't wont to stop Spike fucking me the thought of his big thick cock ramming in and out of my pussy had my juices seep out of my snatch I started to get turned on again everybody was in class so I sneaked out and went down to Harold's hut when I walked in Spike jumped up on me and dribbled his drool all over me nudging my snatch with his lovely wet nose Harold smiled and said that Spike had a soft spot for me just like he had (if he only knew that Spike only had hard ons and thrusting cocks for me) I sat down and Harold handed me a shot of whisky its warming burn relaxed me and took of the edge of my desire it was very warm so I undid a few buttons to cool down the next thing Spike is trying to lick my pants under my skirt I was horrified as I could see Spikes ping nob tip poking out of his sheath when I looked up Harold was smiling he came over to the coach and sat beside me and pulled Spike away we talked for a while all the time Spike tried to lick me or Harold after a few more whiskeys after a while it was obvious that spike had a big hard boner Harold turned to me and told me that he knew from the start that I was special when we would smoke dope in the summer he would follow me to the lake and watch as I undressed and played with myself as he told me I got all hot every time he had watched me he had come back to the hut and pulled his own cock until he came then one day Spike walked into the room and started to lick is prick and balls as they rolled around the floor in a 69 position Harold had sucked his own fingers and gentle rubbed Spikes hole as the dog kept licking his cock Harold pushed a little harder and to his surprise Spike had backed up onto his finger so from then on Harold had worked on Spikes hole until he could take three fingers they had sucked and fucked each other when ever I had been to the lake it got to the point that Spike would offer Harold his ass at all times of the day Spike works his ass so good that Harold confided in me that it only took a few thrusts before he cum deep in Spike who then would turn around and lick his softening tool clean with his lovely soft tongue I was so horny after what Harold had told me that I just had to be fucked Harold leaned over me and kissed me he was so sexy I melted under his touch he opened the rest of my blouse and took my nipple into his mouth sucking each one in turn I was moaning softly then spike came over trying to lick me I tried to push him away Harold said to leave him as last night he saw me suck Spike's cock until he came it was the hottest thing I have ever seen said Harold so I let Spike lick me Harold pulled down my knickers and spread my legs wide so Spike could get a good lick at me Harold went back to my breasts it was out of this world I reached down and undid Harold's trousers to fondle his cock I was amazed his cock was as big and thick as Spikes I couldn't get down far enough to take his cock into my mouthy so I stood up and undressed in front of Harold his cock had a life of its own twitching all over the place I pulled Harold up and began to undress him all the time Spike was licking his cock I kneel down in front of Harold's magnificent pulsing cock and took him into my hungry mouth it was so long I could not get it all in as I moved my head up and down Spike liked Harold's balls he pulled out of my mouth and laid me down in the couch Spreading my legs and buried his face in my sweet mound Spike jumped up on the couch and tried to hump my face I positioned him with his front paws on the back of the seat and his back legs either side of my body I just sat there while Spike fucked my mouth penetrating deep into my throat I was in ecstasy as Harold sucked my clit and tongued my opening pussy I could feel spike getting ready to cum so I moved over and stood up moving Harold and my self into the last position only this time I was on my hands and knees I sucked Harold's cock and to my amazement he moved Spike into position and started to lick the dogs pre cummy cock as my sucking got faster I could out of the corner of my eye that Harold's head was bouncing up and down on Spikes cock this was to much for me I needed my pussy filled so I pulled Harold up and got him to lie flat on the ground and all the time Spike licked Harold's cock I straddled Harold and lowered myself onto his thick shaft Spike continued to lick Harold's balls and when I had taken all of the cock into my sopping cunt Spiked licked my ass it was heaven I leaned forward on all fours with keeping his prick deep inside of my pussy and started to move up and down the long thick shaft Harold took hold of my tits rolling the delicate nipples between his fingers gently squeezing them I came so hard I thought I would die but there was no rest for me Spike mounted me from behind his juicy cock found the mark first thrust he must have buried half of his cock in one go I gasped as both my holes were stretched more than I thought possible Harold moaned as he felt Spikes cock rub his through the thin membrane of my pussy and ass Harold stayed still deep in my fanny letting Spikes throbbing nob work up the both of us Spike humped me like a demon by now I could tell that Spike was trying to force his knot into my ass but there was no room left inside of me me frenziedly thrust his furry hips in and out banging away at my pussy as I had cum a number of times already I slipped Spikes still hard cock out of my ass the I got off Harold cock I laid on my back and Harold rolled on top of me it took tow mighty thrusts to force his way back into my pussy he rocked his body back and forth rubbing my clit with his pubic mound then out of the blue Spike mounted Harold I could hear Harold gasp as Spikes cock slipped all the way into his ass Harold kept very still so I moved my hips up and down his shaft then I noticed he was pushing back up to meet Spikes thrusts it was unbelievable Harold was being fucked in the ass by the dog as he fucked me I came with a roar I clung to Harold above me he made a sudden lung with his hips I guessed that last forceful push was spike slipping his lovely knot up Harold's ass Harold moaned louder he was really into it as the knot flooded his ass with pleasure he started to rock back and forwards over me driving his cock even deeper into my pussy it was like a red hot piece of steel lunging in and out of me then Harold gave a shuddering jerk as Spike came in his ass I could feel the hot spunk dripped from Harold's ass all over my pussy as he ground his cock into me I used all my strength to pump my hips up and down Harold's shaft I bent my head to suck his nipple into my mouth dragging load moans of don't stop from Harold he came in great big jerking thrusts roaring with pleasure as Harold fell exhausted on top of me I used my pussy muscles to contract around Harold's cock and squeeze every last drop of cum from him when Spikes cock softened and slipped out of Harold's ass he rolled of me we both lay in each others arms the smell off our mingled sex every were to finish of suck a major shag Spike began to lick all the cum he could find I didn't go back to my room that night Harold Spike and myself indulged in a wild orgy of sexual games fucking into the early morning.

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