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Thai n black mixxed ho katt dylan banged by bbc romemajor nutzilla nut
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The Big Bang Based on Characters from the Big Bang Theory Television show Jax_Teller©2016 By Jax_Teller Lenard and Penny had been arguing and had broke up once again. Penny had marched out of Lenard's apartment and slammed the door shut to her apartment.

A short time later Amy who had been on skype with Sheldon through the argument knocked on Penny's door. Penny let her in and handed her a glass of wine. Amy and Penny sat and talked through several glasses of wine and Amy was venting her sexual frustration with Sheldon. Amy looked over at Penny who had passed out while Amy was talking and her bath robe had fallen apart in her drunken state.

Amy said so do you wanna and leaned over pushing on Penny's leg. Penny stirred and said sure as she slumped back into the couch, her legs falling apart. Amy said OK and slid stumbling to her knees in front of Penny. She said OK girl friend, moving her hands up Penny's' legs pushing the bathrobe off her legs. Amy opened the robe completely and revealing a perfectly hairless pussy, and said I dreamed it would be shaved.

She lowered her mouth and began licking at Penny's pussy, as a knock at the door stirred Penny. Bernadette announced herself and Penny said come on in, it's open. As the door opened Bernadette said oh my, and quickly closed the door behind her. Penny focused enough to realize Amy was actively eating her pussy and put her head back in pleasure, Bernadette walked over to them on the couch removing her clothes as she walked.

As she got to them, she put her leg up on the couch next to them and began rubbing her pussy. Penny looked at Bernadette and said honey you are so hot.

Bernadette slid behind Amy and pulled her dress up fumbled with a few layers of clothes and then began finger fucking Amy. Penny said get off me and get in the bedroom, Both Bernadette and Amy raced to get to the bed room.

Amy took her clothes off as Penny opened a drawer on the night stand and handed a large black strap on dildo to Amy. Penny laid on her back and Bernadette knelt down and began eating Penny's pussy. Amy got the strap on secured and stepped between Bernadette's legs and yelled tally hoe, and slid the fake cock in Bernadette's pussy. Amy slammed it in and out of her and then said how much more work it is fucking. Penny said you have a point of reference, and Amy said well not really but she had spent a lot of time researching it.

Penny laughed and then grabbed Bernadette by the hair and pulled her face into her pussy holding it as she had an orgasm. There was a knock at the door and Penny said go see who it was. Amy went to the door and it was Rajesh at the door, so she opened it hiding behind the door until he was in and then said get in there pointing to the bed room. Penny and Bernadette asked what the fuck to Amy and she said she always wanted to fuck the little caramel skinned pussy boy.

He started to say something but couldn't speak, and Amy barked for him to get his pants off. He couldn't move fast enough and once naked he stroked his cock to life as Amy told him to kneel on the edge of the bed.

Rajesh started to reject her order when she pushed him onto the bed and he complied. She barked at him to pull his cheeks apart and when He did, she moved between his legs and started running the strap on up and down his ass.

Bernadette said in her best squeaky voice down forget the lube, tossing a tube of lube to Amy before going back down on Penny. Amy fucked Rajesh and reached around stroking his cock until he was humping her hand whimpering.

She pulled him from the bed to the bathroom and told him to kneel like the little piss ant he was and when he did she walked over to him and pulled the strap on to the side and let loose with a stream of pee. Penny sad oh my God now I have to go, and Bernadette said lets all piss on the little fucker. They took turns pissing on him and he just sat there in the bath tub jerking off.

Amy said well come you fucking little caramel cream pie. Amy barked come or you'll never get the chance to stick that pathetic little cock in any real hole tonight.

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Penny stepped forward as Bernadette and Amy stood off to the side and turned around and told him to eat her ass hole, bending over shoving it in his face. He jerked and jerked as the girls helped her stabilize herself and then she bent farther forward and let loose a stream of pee right in his face.

Rajesh kept jerking faster and came on Penny's ankle and Amy was the first to bark at him to lick it off her. When he finished licking his come off her foot and ankle Amy said now get clean and turned to cold water on. The girls just laughed at him as they went back into the bedroom. Bernadette got on the bed laying on her back and Amy mounted her, kissing her and then running her breasts over Bernadette's face as she began thrusting in and out of her.

Rajesh came out of the bath room and Penny knelt on the edge of the bed and told him to stuff his little tool in her. His cock was average but he wasted no time in mounting her.

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As he got fully inside her she grabbed his balls from underneath and began yanking on his balls pulling him in her and then letting him pull out enough to yank him back in her. Bernadette came loudly and Amy leaned back on her heals and knelt down to lick her pussy as she finished coming. Penny said your turn Amy and let go of Rajesh, who stepped back waiting for instructions. Penny helped Amy to take off the strap on and put it on herself. She then told Amy to lay back on the bed and when Amy did, Penny pulled Rajesh by his cock into Amy.

Bernadette mounted Amy's face as Penny slapped Rajesh's ass encouraging him to fuck Amy harder.

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He did his best and Penny stepped up on to the bed and shoved her fake cock to the back of Rajesh's throat. He gagged and stopped fucking Amy for a second until Penny told him if he wanted to breath to fuck Amy harder.

He pounded Amy and Penny let him breath for a second before throat fucking him some more. Amy started to buck and moan loudly and then she screamed as she came. Penny pushed Rajesh off Amy to one side and Bernadette just leaned down and licked at Amy's comey wet pussy. Penny flipped Rajesh onto his back and pulled him to the edge of the bed and sunk her strap on cock in his asshole.

She grabbed his cock and jerked on it squeezing it mercilessly, pulling some pre-come from his cock head and slipping it into his mouth and fucking his mouth with her thumb. Penny grabbed his cock again and yanked it furiously as she pummeled his asshole and then she pulled back from him and jerked the strap on as she came.

Her knees jerked and she squirted from around the base of the strap on cock and rubbed it pushing it up against her clit and pussy as she squirted a few more times. Then she grabbed his cock again and jerked at it with one hand while slapping his balls with the other barking at him to come. He was moaning and crying out at the slaps to his balls but couldn't seem to come until Amy and Bernadette joined in berating him, pinching his nipples and slapping his face. His whole body shook and as Penny jerked his cock she directed the flow of his come into his face and chest.

Amy screamed fuck yes and Bernadette said I knew you could my little brown muffin. They all let go and stood back looking at Rajesh as his cock spewed the last few drops of come, Amy holding his hand on one side and Bernadette on holding his hand on the other. Penny leaned in and took the base of his cock skin into her teeth and jerked his cock with her teeth causing him to scream and she said tell the boys about this and I'll bite it off.

Rajesh shook his head and Penny said I can't hear you and he squeaked out a yes mams. They all showered and went back to the living room. Penny opened another bottle of wine and Bernadette pulled out a joint from her purse lighting it and passing it to Amy.

Amy said I knew peer pressure would lead me to drugs one day, and Penny said about time slut. Amy mewed and set out a "who" her reaction of total excitement, biting her lip and then taking a toke of the joint.

Bernadette saw Rajesh moving to the door dressing himself and said oh no you don't get back here and suck on this joint, at which they all laughed.

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Rajesh dropped his clothes and took a toke off the joint, rolling his eyes and giggling. Then it happened he said this is some good shit and all three girls laughed. They sat about the couch and chair smoking and drinking until a cellphone rang. Bernadette said it was hers and grabbed it from her purse, she answered it and told Howard to jerk off and then straight to bed, that she was staying over consoling Penny.

Penny flipped her the bird and every one laughed as she hung the phone up and turned it off. Two hours later Amy and Penny woke up Bernadette signaling her to be quiet, and then pointed to Rajesh who was out cold. Penny showed her the rope from her bath robe and they tied Rajeshs' hands. Then they tied his ankles together. Bernadette said she wanted to fuck him too and Amy said sounds fair and they went in search of the strap on.

Penny turned Rajesh over so his hands were between his legs and attached his hands to his ankles leaving his ass up in the air. When Bernadette came back in the room with Amy she commented that is wasn't right fucking him while he was sleeping and Penny sprang to the kitchen and back in a flash saying she had just the thing. When she returned she had an ice cube in her hand and asked if they remembered the lube which Amy produced.

She squirted some on his asshole and he mumbled moaned, and then Penny pushed the ice cube in his asshole.

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He cried out, and Bernadette said well he's awake, and stepped over to him stroking the strap on cock. Rajesh mumbled something and Amy sat down on the couch at his head and put her leg over and then lifted his face long enough to slide her pussy under him and let him face down in her pussy.

Penny stood next to Rajesh and held his butt cheeks apart as Bernadette slid the cock in his asshole. Rajesh stirred at the invasion of his ass and promptly began to eat Amy's pussy.

She rubbed his head and hair and guided him as he ate her. Bernadette fucked him and Penny grabbed his cock under him and began milking his cock, She said hold on and went and got a small bowl from the kitchen and returned placing it under him as she returned to milking his cock. Amy came on his face rubbing his nose in her pussy as she squirted and squirted in his face.

Bernadette slid the strap on out of Rajesh's asshole and said lets get this show going and slid two then three fingers in his asshole pushing deeper with every stroke. Amy slid out from under Rajesh watching Bernadette fingering him and then she turned her thumb in and slipped her hand in Rajesh's asshole.

He screamed oh my God in his Indian voice and he shook as Penny pulled down hard on his cock. Bernadette added some speed pushing almost up to her elbow and Amy reached over the back of the couch down beside Bernadette's hand in Rajesh's ass and grabbed his balls.

She pulled them down and away from his body as Penny stroked his cock faster and harder. Bernadette said OK girls here it goes and stopped with her hand inside him and then he convulsed hard and cried out, and his cock exploded. His come streaming out of him filling the small bowl that Penny was holding under him. They girls all at once separated from him taking the bowl of his come with them. He tried to collapse but was still securely tied.

Amy said look at that load and just three hours after coming twice before. Penny asked Bernadette what she did, and she described the prostate massage and how to do it properly. She said because her hands were smaller she was able to do it with her whole hand. Amy said fascinating and Penny said who knew just as Rajesh said please. Before he could get another word out Amy pulled his face up and slid the bowl of his seaman under his mouth.

He tried to resist but gravity took over. He licked it up as Bernadette took pictures of him in his position, his gaping asshole and red balls. The hand slap marks on his ass, and his come on his face were keepers she said putting the phone camera away. They untied him and they led him into the bed room where they all laid around him on the small bed and went to sleep.

The next morning they woke him up as they got off the bed, and they washed him in the shower, dried him and helped him get dressed. They were still naked as they opened the door just as Lenard was closing his door, and they kissed Rajesh and pushed him out of her doorway into the hallway. Lenard obviously got an eye full of the three naked women as they pushed Rajesh out and then closed the door behind them giggling.

Lenard looked at Rajesh and said what the fuck happened to you, what were you doing with them, and did you just spend the night with them. Rajesh looked at Penny's door for a second and then shrugged his shoulders and started to the stairs with Lenard following. An hour later at the diner around the corner the three came in and sat down as Lenard, Howard and Rajesh were paying their breakfast tab. Bernadette pointed to Howard and said go home you're next.

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He looked at her, in total confusion, and turned double timing it out the door. Once seated Amy said she had to go to her lab and check on the new batch of orangutans. Penny said she had a shift at the cheese cake factory later. Bernadette said if they wanted she could turn torturing Howard into a sexting game. They talked out the details as they ate and then went about their ways. When Bernadette got home Howard had the house clean and was taking out the garbage.

She noted how the house was cleaner than Howard had ever got it before and in fact it was as clean as she would have done. She said it looks like you have been a good boy while I was away. Howdy said yeah just doing my part, and Bernadette said well get in the bedroom and get naked you are about to get rewarded. Bernadette grabbed her lap top and headed for the bedroom too. Howard was laying back naked propped up by pillows and Bernadette told him she was going to play a little rough and not to cry too much.

Before Howard could think to protest Bernadette had pulled her panties off and stuffed them in his mouth. She proceeded to tie his hands to the bed posts. He calmed down and relaxed being she had done this to him before. When his feet were secured she turned around and picked up her lap top and tapped away at the keys for a few minutes. Howard was confused but patient( like he had a choice) and then he heard Penny's voice and then Amy's voice, it appeared Bernadette was skyping with them.

He wasn't sure why she was skyping with them right now, and then she got up leaving the laptop open facing Howard and he could see Amy and Penny in skype windows on the laptop.

He thought to cover himself but couldn't move, but to his dismay he started getting a hard on. Bernadette stepped out of the room and then back in saying she got them. Amy said let the fun begin and Bernadette walked over to the bedside and said oh good you're hard. Howard was happy she wasn't mad at him for being hard in front of the girls, but then she had set it up that way, either way she was happy which was usually a good thing.

She put a small basket of clothes pins down next to Howard and he realized what she was going to do. She tugged his balls free from under his cock and used the clothes line from the basket to tie his balls until they were at least 5 inched away from his groin. It looked like a ball sack pony tail.


Penny said now the clothes pins and Bernadette took five and started at the base of his cock and put them on his cock. Howard was about to start crying and was relieved when she stopped. Bernadette took the head of his cock in her mouth and sucked on just the head pulling on it and then using her teeth just under the glands to tug on his cock.

Howard jumped and screamed into her panty gag. She said oh you don't like that honey bear and sat back up, pulling out another five clothes pins showing them to the laptop and then Howard. The girls cheered her on and that was when Howard realized Amy had several women with her at her lab and they were all watching him. Howard could tell he had little choice in the matter as Bernadette put another five clothes pins opposite the others. This time as she sucked just the head of his cock, another female voice said pull down on his balls as you suck him and Penny said yeah real hard.

It was odd having an audience of women who could physically manifest things being done to him, but they weren't in the room.

It was like he was their internet cam whore, he stopped thinking about it abruptly as Penny said jerk on the clothes pins now. The following pain lifted him off the bed stuffing his cock in Bernadette's mouth until the first clothes pins hit her lips and then another jolt of pain as he flopped back to the bed causing the pins to pull the cock skin tight and one of the clothes pins snapped off. He screamed into her panty gag so loud both viewing cams had to turn their volume down.

Bernadette let loose of his cock and the replaced the clothes pin as Howard screamed through the replacement. She turned throwing her leg over Howard's chest and straddled his face. Amy said nice view and Penny said nice rack sweetie as Bernadette leaned down and began sucking the head of Howard's cock while stroking his cock using the clothes pins. Howard screamed and cried but was muffled by Bernadette's pussy rubbing his face. As Bernadette stroked him she was taking a clothes on at a time off by pulling it and letting it snap off of cock skin.

As the pins snapped off she would have to balance herself as Howard jumped. When she had all ten of the clothes pins off she jerked his cock and began deep throating his cock, while pulling down on his still tied balls.

She stopped sucking him a few times waving his cock around violently and then continuing to suck. She finely pulled her mouth off his cock shaking his cock violently and said come you fucking panty whore. She jerked it fiercely and twisted his balls and said come now, and the first volley of come when straight up into the air the second got Bernadette in the face. After Howard stopped coming Amy said now make him lick it off your milky white tits.

Bernadette got up and the pulled the soaking wet panties out of Howard's mouth. He breathed deeply and as he started to say I love you she bushed her come soaked tits in his face.

She turned to see that the viewers could see and rubbed her tits in his face as he licked his come off them. Penny said oh my god he's still hard, and Bernadette said oh yeah, and removed the clothes line from his balls. She laid down next to him and stroked his cock and rubbed her hand over his now free red balls. She said when you get off work come on over and help with the next part.


Howard realized this was just the beginning and Bernadette got up and sat at the laptop closing windows. A few minutes later her cell phone got a text asking if some of Amy's co-workers could come over too. Bernadette said not this time but maybe we could make this a regular thing, abusing men for fun Fridays. The End