Free gay boy sex porn and teen school fuck Welcome back to Broke

Free gay boy sex porn and teen school fuck Welcome back to Broke
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A harsh slap across the face brings me back from my dazed stare at the television. I always thought it would start like this, sudden, yet the smack still brought tears to my eyes. I turned to look at her quickly as I was jerked up out of my seat on the couch. I still can't get used to this, she changes, more man now than anything else and the look in her eyes is enough to make me shiver.

I'm not a small woman, standing at 5'6 about 130 pounds, 34 D tits and wide hips with a nice round ass. I'm not exactly easy to push around, yet she does.

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We're actually pretty close to the same size, only she's way more masculine, broad shoulders, tight hard muscles and yet it's her eyes that always make me melt, and cringe.

Another smack brought me back from these thoughts and once again I made the mistake of saying she, I bite my tongue but it's too late I get another hard smack for the ultimate sin. Although female, we never refer to her as such when she's like this. I don't dare rub my cheek; it would only make it worse.

She throws me down on the couch, ass up and rips off my pajama shorts.


Once again, I don't dare object or move as I hear her belt come off her pants, and I get a hard lash across my lower back. I bite my bottom lip in pain and intense pleasure and at the sudden urge to cry out as another harsh lash across my ass sounds through the house. I remember now why I didn't want us to have neighbors.

I'm told to turn back around, another smack across the cheek, and she reminds me that I'm to look at nothing but the ground.

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She grabs a shoe string from the dresser drawer and tells me to put my hands in front of me. I'm quick to do as I'm told and she ties my hands together with double and triple knots, I quickly begin to feel my hands going numb.


She drags me to the bed by my hands throwing me down hard and telling me to put my hands above my head. Her belt goes between my hands and secures me to the bottom of the bed and I'm half on the bed half off, no support, no escape.

She pulls my shirt over my head and blindfolds me with it, covering my entire face, and a small laugh is all I hear when I wine in complaint. A hard lash of a whip across my stomach reminds me not to wine or complain.

Sometimes I wish she'd just gag me so I can whimper and get away with it, but that wouldn't make it as fun for her. She drags the whip up and down my thighs, telling me what a nasty whore I am for soaking through my thong at the mere thought of what's to come. I bite my tongue to keep from moaning in response.

I try not to feed the fire. She rubs my clit through my thong with her whip and I shiver against it, a hard smack across my pussy sets it on fire and I gasp in response. She reaches up and pulls my shirt the rest of the way off my face, undoing my bra and pulling it up over my arms to rest around my wrists. She leans up and bites my nipple hard, pinching the other one with her free hand and pushing her whip against my pussy.

I moan, and she tells me I'm a whore and that I don't deserve to be fucked by her. I'm dripping wet against my thong and over time I've learned to keep my legs tight together to keep the whip from being shoved inside of me, it doesn't feel the best. As I'm thinking this she must have noticed it because she quickly shoves my legs apart and positions herself between them, shoving two fingers inside of my pussy. I moan in response and get a harsh slap across the face.

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"Shut the fuck up bitch, you moan when I fucking tell you to moan, until then I don't want to hear your fucking mouth." I'm very quick to stop when reminded.

She pumps two fingers in and out of me, stopping only to shove them in my mouth to tell me to clean up my mess. I bite my lip to keep from crying out as she rips my thong off of me. I close my eyes and try to think about anything else, when I feel her cock being pushed inside of me.

She didn't take the time to get it wet, just shoved it inside of me, and I feel myself being ripped apart as it goes in. The hard plastic against my pussy makes me shiver, and she pumps it in and out a few times and luckily enough I'm wet enough to make it not hurt.

She smacks me hard across the face before pushing my legs above my head and pushing back hard inside of me. I cry out in pain and pleasure as it goes deep inside of me.

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She leans down and bites my nipple hard, slamming all the way inside of me, and slowly pulling back out. I moan and wine softly as she fucks me harder and harder, finally pulling out and telling me she doesn't think I deserve her cock any more. She pushes her fingers inside of me and smiles at the fact that my pussy is swollen and "torn up".

She leans down and bites my clit, pushing her fingers back inside of me. She asks me if I'm too much of a slut to cum when she's touching me and I quickly say no sir and moan against her fingers.

She reaches up and puts her hand over my mouth and tells me to shut the fuck up while slamming her fingers hard inside of me and pushing up hard against my g spot and biting my clit at the same time. The combination of all of it pushes me to climax and I cum hard all over her fingers. She puts them into my mouth and tells me to clean up my mess while she undoes the belt with the other hand.

I'm thrown in the floor and told to get on my knees, hands underneath me. A hard lash of the whip on my ass brings tears to my eyes and she shoves her fingers back inside of me from behind.

She smacks me hard on the ass and rams her fingers deep inside of me. She tells me I'm a nasty whore and to be a good little girl and cum hard all over her fingers. I fight back my climax, but a hard smack on the ass and her quick fingers against my g spot bring me to a quick climax and I collapse as I cum hard on her fingers.

She leans down and runs her tongue over my pussy, kissing it up and down and kissing along my ass. She kisses up my back and pulls me up to kiss her.

She cuts my hands free and my arms are shaking from trying to support my weight. She helps me get dressed and lays me on the bed and cuddles up against me telling me how good I am and how much she loves me.


I feel a tear roll down her cheek and I realize she switched back, the whole thing pushed from her mind and the harsh tones forgotten. The pleasure is worth the pain. She holds me and tells me she loves me, and asks if she hurt me. I lie and say no, just a little.

I wrap myself up in her and we sleep till the next morning.