Attractive shemale jerks off and fingering

Attractive shemale jerks off and fingering
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We got back to the table where Darlene, JoeSandra, Tom and Laura were.

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There were 2 other couples there. Introductions were made. I do not recall their names. Laura said she had to go to the bathroom. I said I would go too. I waited for Laura outside the bathroom. I asked her how she was doing. She said "OK." Then she asked me if I had fun. I said " Yep. We can talk about it on the ride home." She said "Would you mind if we tried to hook up with Darlene and Joe again?

I feel more comfortable with them than anyone else here. " I said "OK. Do we want to ask them in front of others or try to ask them alone?" She said alone. We went back to the table. This could be difficult. How were we going to get them alone. Some time went by and Joe asked Darlene if she wanted another drink.

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She said she did. I asked Laura also. She said she did. As we walked to get our drinks, I said to Joe "Laura wanted to get together with you and Darlene." Joe said "I am sure Darlene would like that." I said " Can you ask her kind of privately? Laura is a bit embarrassed." He said he could.

We got to the room. Darlene and Joe were naked in no time flat. Darlene immediately started sucking Joe's cock. Laura and I got naked and Laura started sucking my cock. Darlene let go of Joe's cock and asked Laura if she could join in. It was exciting looking down and watching two women playing and taking turns sucking my cock. Darlene reached over and gave Laura's tit a squeeze. Laura returned the favor. I thought I was going to see 2 women make out.

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I had all I could do to not orgasm right then. Within a minute, it was all Darlene on my cock. Joe must have noticed and went over to Laura and gave her a slight pull toward the bed.

Laura got up and went to the bed with Joe. He laid on his back and Laura got on her hands and knees and swallowed his cock. Darlene stood up and we both went over to the bed. I laid on my back and Darlene positioned her pussy over my face and lowered her pussy onto my mouth.

In a second I was licking her pussy and she was sucking my cock. I reached my hands around her legs and spread her pussy lips with my fingers. My tongue probed deeper. I withdrew my tongue and found her clit. I massaged it with my tongue. She pushed her pussy harder into my face and sucked harder on my cock. I put her swollen clit in my mouth and sucked on it while I played with it with my tongue.

She started bucking her hips. She released my cock and pushed herself up. She was fucking my face. I heard Joe give out a series of grunts. I figured he was unloading into Laura's mouth. I felt Darlene's legs tense. Darlene was saying," Oh God, Oh God" over and over. Her legs were shaking. She straightened her legs and collapsed on my chest.

I pushed my tongue deep into her, savoring her sweetness. I licked her pussy clean. Darlene rolled off of me and onto her back. Darlene and I were laying on our back breathing hard. SlowlyI was able to catch my breath. I crawled to Laura and whispered to her " Get on all fours." She got on her hands and knees. I put my head between her legs and licked her pussy. I kept licking her pussy getting it prepared. I probed my tongue around her slit.

I wanted her pussy good and slippery. My tongue found her clit. I teased it with my tongue. She pushed back, pushing her pussy harder into my face. I slid my fingers up to her pussy to spread her pussy lips. I drove my tongue hard and deep into her inner recesses. My cock was getting hard again. I got to my knees behind her.

I aimed my cock at her wet pussy and slid it in. I grabbed her hips with my hands and pushed my hips forward. Her pussy swallowed all of my cock with ease. I slowly slid my cock backward and forward.

I looked down at my cock as it was sliding in and out. It was shiny from her pussy juice.


I looked over at Joe. He was laying on the bed. His cock was limp. Laura had said she wanted to get fucked and suck a cock at the same time. I did not know if Joe could get hard again, but she could still suck his member. I said "Joe, let Laura suck you." He got up and knelt in front of Laura. Laura quickly swallowed his limp cock.


I started pumping faster and harded. I was thinking that Laura was getting what she fantasized about.

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That was getting me more excited. I pounded my cock into her harder and harder. Darlene came over and started playing with Laura's tits.

Darlene reached under Laura and with her other hand, she found her clit. How exciting. I was hoping Laura would cum, because I was ready to explode.

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Darlene said "Joe, fuck her mouth, I know you want to cum in her mouth." Hearing that put me over the top. I tightened my grip on Laura's hips. Laura body was quivering. I could feel her pussy convulsing on my cock. I could hear her moan with Joe's cock in her mouth. I gave a few hard thrusts, buried my cock deep in her pussy and rocketed my cum load deep inside of her.


As I was sliding in and out, depositing the last of the cum, Darlene grabbed my cock and squeezed. Laura straightened her body and laid down on the bed.

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My cock slid out of her. I looked down, a few cum drops oozed on Laura's pussy lips. Darlene let my cock go and slid her hand from under Laura.

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The last cum in me trickled on Laura's ass cheek. In an instant, Darlene came over and licked the cum off of Laura's ass cheek. My cock was soft, but that did not matter to Darlene. My cock disappeared in her mouth. She gave my cock an oral cleaning. Darlene then put her hand under Laura's leg to lift it to roll Laura over. Laura rolled over on her back. Darlene put her hands between Laura's legs and spread them revealing Laura's freshly fucked pussy. In an instant, Darlene was cleaning Laura's pussy with her tongue.

There as Darlene, her pussy right there. If I could have gotten hard, I would have fucked her. My cock was done for a while. Joe was still limp. When Darlene was done with her cleaning of Laura, she stood up and went to the bathroom.

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Joe got up and started putting his clothes on. Laura and I figured we should get dressed. Darlene came out of the bathroom and dressed.

We talked about getting together again. We all agreed that we should "Do this again." They said that they had to get going because they had a long drive home. They left. Laura and I left and drove home.