Ashley Lane In Spontaneous Sextape

Ashley Lane In Spontaneous Sextape
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Introduction: From bigbob1200 Amanda is taken to the Commmdant Prior: Foxy Knoxy Prior: Foxy Knoxy II Prior: Foxy Knoxy III Meredith's Ordeal Begins Prior: Foxy Knoxy IV Prior: Foxy Knoxy V Prior: Foxy Knoxy VI Foxy in Prison, Fox Knoxy Hard times in prison (Foxy Knoxy Foreign Students Amanda and Meredith fight at their flat in a small Italian city.

Amanda goes to the bar where she goes to the back room to entertain three men who are a little rough. Done with the men Amanda waits at the bar for her boyfriend. Meredith goes out to get laid and finds Rudy, an immigrant from Africa. Amanda heads home with Raffaelle while Rudy and friends entertain Meredith. Meredith is fucked, and then abused in the toilet. Now the thugs have her on the bed where she is brutally assaulted.

Foxy finds herself in prison, held for Meredith's death, abused by inmates in the shower, she is taken to see the Commandant.

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Naked with guards at her sideAmanda stumbled along the corridor and then up an elevator to a large wooden doorway. Inside, in front of an ornate desk stood an older man in uniform.

"So here is the much celebrated Foxy Knoxy." He walked around the still shivering Amanda running his hands over her breasts then her ass. "I hear you met some of the girls." "Yes Sir" replied the terrified Amanda. "You cause a lot of trouble in the shower room. You are big distraction for order in the prison." "No Sir, it wasn't my faul………………………" "SHUT UP." Yelled the Sergeant.

"Amanda You are a lot of trouble. You killed that innocent English Girl and now you are my problem." "Go over to my desk." "I didn't kill her, I didn't cause any problems." Foxy felt the Sergeants club against her ribs.

"I said SHUT UP" "Lean against the corner of the bench and spread your legs." "No Please. Don't." This time the Sergeant pushed her forward. The sergeant slapped Amanda across the back of the head. Stunned she grabbed the desk. "Spread those legs." The sergeant ran his club up and down Amanda's spread thigh's while the Commandant watched.

He ran the club over her pussy.

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"Bitch you better be good if you don't want this club up you Slut ASS." Amada sobbed as she felt the Commandants hands on her butt. His cock ran up and down her slit.

"AHHHHHH" Amanda moaned as she felt him pushing inside her. "Thump thump thump." The commandant kept up a steady rhythm as his cock slip back and forth inside her. The sergeant ran his hand over her breasts while she was fucked by the Commandant. He leaned over her, pulled her head back and kissed her. The slow rhythm kept going. Amanda whimpers turned to moans. She didn't want to, she tried to fight it, but she could feel her orgasm beginning.

As her moans became louder the sergeant laughed. "See the American SLUT wants it." He grabbed her hair. "Scream Bitch." The commandant picked up the pace fucking her hard and fast. It was how Amanda liked it. "OH God. Yes. Fuck Me. Harder." The commandant leaned into Amana. Giving her every last bit of his cock. The Sergeant yanked her head back by the air. "lounder." Hearing her scream the commandant tried to hold back.

"Yes, More, Harder." "Fuck ME. Aghhhhhhhhhhhhhh."Screamed Amanda. She pushed her ass up against the Commndant. She twerked her slut ass, her butt bouncing up and down. He shot his load inside her. His cock convulsed and throbbed as he filled her with his semen. He rubbed his still throbbing cock against her ass." The sergeant pulled by her hair to her knees. The Commandant shoved his dick inside her mouth for him to clean. She sucked his shaft clean swallowing everything.

"Fucking Slut likes to be raped." "She lives up to her name." Hot American Whore. "Let's give her more of what she wants." The commandant laughed while giving the sergeant some instructions."Sergeant, when you are done with your turn, take her to the conference room." "Fix it up for our little American Whore." The Sergeant made arrangement with a couple of guards and then returned to Amanda.


'Sit on the desk, face me. His pants down he moved toward her rubbing his cock on her pussy. "Wrap those legs around me." The big strapping sergeant leaned into Amanda.

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Amanda moaned as he penetrated her. "Tell me what you want Tramp" "Tell me" Amanda's hips told the story as she pushed against him. "Foxy had a mean intent look on her face.

Amanda couldn't help herself. She couldn't hide the lust.

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Part of her didn't like the abuse. Raped in a prison. Fucked by guards. It was the ultimate fantasy. As, the sergeant continued even more violent, Amanda screamed and moaned louder. Finished, the sergeant penetrated Amanda with three fingers pushing deep inside her. He pulled out with fingers coated with cum and Amanda's own juices and shoved them into her mouth. "Lick then clean, he shoved his fingers as deep as he could down her throat.


"AGHHHHHHHHHHHHHH" Amanda barfed down her chest. The sergeant pulled her off the desk. We have a special surprise for you. Weak kneed after two hard fucks, Amanda wobbled down the hallway.

Her hair soaked with sweat matted to her face. Puke coated her breasts.

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Cum streaked down her legs, she was terribly fearful of what was to come she. Two great fucks already, how many more to come. As they approached the conference room she quivered with excitement and fear. To Be Continued