Jada Fire Gets Her Black Ass Stuffed

Jada Fire Gets Her Black Ass Stuffed
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"Beep! Beep! Beep!" I slowly opened my eyes, I had just woken up. I sat there for a few moments struggling to keep my eyes opened, but all I could hear was the mechanical beeping. I just sighed and slapped my hand against my forehead to wake myself up.

I pushed myself up, off the pillow. I looked over towards my phone, where that damned ring was emitting from. I grabbed it and turned it off. Friday. The word rung in my head as I looked at the time: 5:20 AM. I sighed, Another Friday, finally. I thought to myself. I pushed the covers off of myself, and I was suddenly exposed to the freezing temperatures. Maybe a small over exaggeration, it was probably just around 68*F/20*C. Either way, the house was cold to me.

I shivered, but I felt something more cold and damp on the front of my panties. Suddenly, I remembered what I was dreaming about. I was dreaming about one of my crushes/best friends, Billy. He's a skinny guy, but almost the same height as me. He always seemed so laid back.

In my dream, he was just jerking his hard, lengthy dick to a picture of me. I remember him moaning or whining, something like that, which I loved. He began to cum on his dick and spurts of it went out on his stomach. Just thinking about it now makes me horny because I could feel some liquids flowing out of me and seeping onto my white panties.

I live in a decently small, very old, house, there are only two bedrooms. One for my dad and mom, and one for me and my brother. I don't see him around too often because he's out a lot. At the age of fifteen, I wished I could get my own room and one preferably without a boy. We have two different beds on each side of the room. My side of the room was usually messy, though.

There are upsides to having a boy in the family because he usually tells me what I should wear to school, and he's usually right. The kitchen was right outside of our room.

It wasn't a big kitchen, it had a small round table in the center of the room. The floor was uneven, as in, the floor was warping in the center of the kitchen as if it were dipping into an extremely shallow hole. It's a very dim house mainly because we used old lights. There were tons of dishes in the sink and all sorts of dishes and bowls on the counter. Yes, it's a dirty house but I couldn't really do much about it.

I will always want to move into a different house. I had a pretty decent face, boys had always given me a lot of compliments about how I look, which I appreciated. I thought it was sweet. I'm around 5'3-5'4.

My hair is a nice brown with a very light tint of red to it. I'm a decently skinny person, but not too skinny. My breasts were rather small, at around A cups. Some boys had told me that my butt looks nice, but those kind of comments usually made me feel kind of awkward.

Whenever I looked at my butt, I didn't like it and I wished it was bigger. What I like about myself, though, is probably my calfs. A lot of people told me they look gorgeous, and not to toot my own horn but I'd agree. I am still a virgin, and I kind of want to stay that way until I find the right person, which I hope will be Billy.

He's gorgeous, but he only thinks of me as a friend. One way or another, I began to think about his body features. His muscles weren't defined, but he still looked gorgeous to me. His abdomen/chest regions weren't defined either. I know this because I've gone swimming with him, just for the purpose to look at him. Sure, it might sound a little creepy, but it made me so hot.

No other boy has made me feel this way, but anytime I began to think about him, he makes me horny. I could feel liquids trickling out of me and more liquids had began to flow onto my panties. I laid back and I slowly pushed my hands beneath my pajamas, my hand between my panties and loose pajamas. I looked over at Josh, my brother, to make sure he was asleep. I sat there in the same position for a few seconds before I moved my hand across my mound and I pushed forward.

My middle finger, I could feel, was on the tip of my mound. I stopped just before I could begin to feel the dampness my body had made in my panties. I grabbed my phone with my free hand. I unlocked it and went to where all my photos were stored. I pulled up a picture of Billy. I could see the outline his dick made in his pants. He was completely unaware when I took the picture, which only made me hornier at the time.

I pushed my hand further down, I could barely feel the warmth on my clit because it was under a damp piece of soft, white fabric. I began to rub it, slowly at first.

I imagined what he would look like, in the picture, if he was naked. I imagined his throbbing cock, I imagined giving him a handjob. I kept picturing images in my mind, and I began to move my hand back and forth on my clit. I quickly put my hand underneath my panties, now I was in direct contact with my clit.


It felt so much better. I was getting close to my orgasm, I could feel it. Unfortunately, I heard my brother's alarm clock ringing on the other side of the room. I gasped and my body shuddered at the unexpectedness. I pulled my hand out from underneath my pajamas as fast as I could, I didn't want to be caught.

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I held my breath. I sat there for a moment and I heard my brother moan and I could hear him shuffling around in bed. I sighed in relief, he didn't know what I was doing. I felt my heart returning to it's normal rhythm. Eventually, I began to get ready. "Josh," I said, "Who's going to shower first?" He looked up at me as I was sitting on the edge of my bed. "Uhh, I'll go." I nodded, still heavily disappointed I wasn't able to finish. I looked at the time: 5:23 AM. I couldn't believe I had sat there masturbating for three minutes and I was already close to an orgasm.

The thought of missing the orgasm only made me hornier, and I wanted to have it. Josh usually took long showers, so I wouldn't be able to finish my sexual activities because my mom and dad also had to take showers. I was upset that I would have to wait literally all day to get home to masturbate. Then I remembered Billy, the sight of him was only going to increase my arousal. I shook my head and I went to the kitchen to start getting breakfast going, still in my pajamas. Today wasn't going to be the best and it's all because I wasn't able to finish.

I got dressed into my usual attire: Jeans, T-Shirt, and one of Billy's hoodies. It smells like Billy, and less importantly, it's October. I was forced to go throughout the entire day with a little grouchiness because I wasn't able to finish what I started that morning.

The school was very big. It had two floors just for classrooms, an elevator, a huge cafeteria, it's own auditorium and two gymnasiums, a big library, and just a lot of stuff in general.

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The only thing I didn't like about it was that we had to carry MacBooks around everywhere. First, second, and third block were very uneventful. Just two types of English and Algebra. After third block, Lunch had rolled around. The second time I get to talk to Billy for the day. We sat at our usual table, which was outside. It isn't just me and Billy, I feel like that'd get awkward.

There's Alyssa, Katie, Hunter, me, Billy and some weird kid named Drake who said some pretty strange things sometimes but they were funny. I sat next to Billy, as usual. We talked and ate. It was normal stuff, about school and general life stuff. He made a few jokes and I laughed and vice versa. But something amazing happened that needs to happen more. He went to go mess with my hair, but he hit the underside of my boob instead on accident.

I didn't want him to know I am obsessed over him, so I dropped my mouth and jokingly said, "You just touched my boob." He apologized and I just guess he felt awkward about it, so he changed the subject. If it wasn't for my bra, I could have felt his hand so much easier. Him touching my boob made me feel so good, I just don't understand why. I could feel my face growing hot, and I could feel the trickling in my panties.

The thought of his hand groping my breasts just made me feel so hot. At some point, I stopped paying attention to what he was saying and began to daydream about me and Billy being in my bed. I imagined him on top of me and entering me, breaking my hymen.

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I could feel my vagina tingling to the thought and my nipples stiffening, rubbing against my bra. I imagined him leaning over and groping my breasts. I imagined the feeling of him cumming inside of me, his goo filling me up. Suddenly, I was snapped back to reality as the lunch bell had began to ring.

"Well hey, I'll see you on the bus." He gave me a smile, and it just melted me. His smile was amazing.

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I stood up and grabbed my things, and I realized how wet my thoughts had made me. I looked down to check to see if it wasn't visible, and thank god it wasn't. I went to 4th block, Spanish.

The final class of the day. It was a fun class because the teacher was laid back and everyone is super funny. Other than that, nothing really happened in that class. It eventually ended and I got to the bus, but Billy wasn't riding.

I sighed in major disappointment, I was rather upset that he wasn't riding. I texted him asking why he didn't ride the bus, and he replied that he had a surprise dentist appointment in 4th block. Great. At this point, my arousal was killing me.

I sat on the bus for an hour to get home, and I was just sitting there. The anticipation of me masturbating was making me incredibly annoyed, I couldn't wait. Eventually, I got to my stop and began to quickly walk home. This weekend, I'd have the house all to myself. My brother, mom, and dad are going to go on a trip. One that I insisted that they took.

Surprisingly, they accepted. As I walked home, I noticed a very large dog following me. He seemed young, but he was massive. He was clean and adorable, and he had a collar. I've never seen a dog that big, but he was so adorable. I couldn't help myself, so I went in for a pet. "Aww, you're such a good doggy." I said. The dog brought a smile to my face.

I looked at his collar, "You got a name?" I asked the dog in a higher pitched voice. I looked at his collar and it read out, James. "Well, James, you're a gorgeous dog, but you need to go home." I told him. I turned around and began to keep walking, but I could hear his feet on the asphalt. "Ugh, how can I say no to you?" He clearly wanted to follow me, so I let him.

My plan was to feed him, since he seems like such a good boy, and let him go. I got back to my house with James close behind. I walked inside the kitchen and looked for something suitable for a dog to eat and drink out of. I put the bowls on the ground and filled them up with leftovers and water. Afterwards, I gave James a rub on the head as he ate. Suddenly, thoughts of Billy came to my mind and my incredibly strong arousal came back to me. I went to my room and opened the door. I jumped on my bed and I threw my shoes and socks off and leaned back on it.

I grinned, "Finally! At last." I closed my eyes and began to imagine Billy on top of me. I groped at my small and soft breasts, imagining it was him. With my other hand, I pushed my hand underneath my skinny jeans and began to rub my incredibly wet pussy.

Quickly, I unbuttoned my jeans and pushed them down, exposing my white panties with a slit of wetness in the front of them. My pussy was recently shaved, only little small stumps of black pubic hair had only begun to sprout again. I spread my legs and began to rub my pussy as fast as I could, I was already close to my orgasm.

I began to grope my breasts harder, as if it were Billy doing it. I began to moan loudly, since no one was home to stop me. My moaning made me feel so much better. I imagined myself saying Billy's name to him. I imagined him cumming inside of me, which pushed me over the edge. I felt my orgasm quickly building up and suddenly, I felt my orgasm shake my core.

The feelings of the sexual pleasure erupted throughout my body like a volcano. I kept rubbing my pussy, but the pleasure I was experiencing was getting so incredibly intense, I couldn't touch it anymore. My stomach began to convulse as if it wanted my hands to get away from my pussy and my legs pushed themselves up on each other.

I just held my hand over my pussy and leaned onto my side with my other hand still grouping my breasts. I was breathing heavily as my orgasm ended. Suddenly, I heard rapid breathing. I sat up to see where the source was, but it had turned out to be the Great Dane, James.

Immediately, I went into panic mode, I reached over and grabbed my blankets, covering myself as if James were another person. I sat there for a few seconds, looking at the dog. He knew what I was doing, and he was only curious. And he's just a dog. It felt extremely awkward either way. "Shoo, James. Get out of here. I need to put something on." I tilted his head and it seemed as if he understood.

He turned around and walked out. Later that day, I was flicking through the channels on TV, trying to figure out what to watch. I looked at the time and realized that it was 8:00 already.

Time had flown by fast. I pushed myself off my bed, but my leg scraped against something on my sheets, and it was wet. Did I squirt? I thought to myself. I thought it was amazing, I had never squirted before. If that is what squirting feels like, I wanted it to happen all the time. The thoughts of squirting flew around in my head, and eventually, the thoughts went to Billy. Immediately, I was thinking about what I imagined when I masturbated earlier.

Already, I began to get wet. I didn't want to get another pair of panties wet, so I took mine off. All I was wearing now was a T-Shirt, but it was okay because no one else is home. I walked out of my room and turned right to go to the bathroom, but I saw James. He was out of food. "Hey, after I get done taking a shower, you need to go home I think.

Before then, I'll grab you some food." His tail began to wag as I said food, and I just giggled. I grabbed some more leftovers from the fridge and filled the dog's bowl up with food. Afterwards, I grabbed his water bowl to go fill it up. I carefully walked back and bent over to place the bowl down. Suddenly, I felt Jame's presence very close by. I felt air rushing around my vagina and a sniffing noise.

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I quickly jumped up and and spun around, my feet almost landing in the water bowl. I pointed at the dog and waved my finger around, "No! Don't do that again!" I told him. I immediately felt bad for him, so I gave him a head rub. I saw his mouth flicker into a growling state and it only lasted for a second.

I saw his white, sharp teeth. "I-I'm sorry, James," I said. I felt bad for scolding him, but the flicker of the teeth made me feel on edge. I decided to go ahead and take a shower. I walked into the bathroom and turned the water on. While I waited for it to warm up, I checked myself out in the mirror.

I looked at my side and noticed my nipples were hard and poking through my shirt. My eyes went down towards my ass, I guess it looks pretty nice. I thought to myself, I wanted to make myself feel good. I took my T-Shirt off and examined my rather small, circular boobs. They looked nice, but I wished that they were bigger. I grabbed one of my nipples and twirled it a little. I pulled on it and let it go to watch my breast jiggle.

I giggled as it did and I hopped in the shower.

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I washed my hair and body with soaps, first, so I wouldn't run out of hot water. Afterwards, I laid back in the bathtub and spread my legs. I closed my eyes and my thoughts turned to Billy. I began to rub my vagina and again, squeeze my breasts.


I imagined that he was doing it all. My thoughts constantly changed the positions, but my favorite one was probably the 69 position. The thought of giving him a blowjob while he licked my vagina made me want to blow up.

I began to moan louder as the pleasure slowly began to get more and more intense, and the moaning became almost like yelling. I could be as loud as I wanted to because my neighbors live a decent while away. As my orgasm approached rapidly, I pushed myself into the flow of the shower. I arched by pussy and faced it towards the shower head. I could feel the water landing on my vagina as I rubbed it, and I just exploded.

I could feel my juices rushing out of me as the pleasure began to take me over, and the water only enhanced the feeling. I rubbed as fast as I could until the pleasure became so intense, I just couldn't go anymore. I had to stop because everything that touched my clit made me feel so much pleasure with so much intensity that it made my entire body shake with pleasure.

I sat there for minutes with my eyes closed, breathing heavily. It took me minutes to finally get out and turn the water off. I reached up and grabbed a towel, and I bundled my hair up with it.

I used another towel to dry myself off. I walked to my room and laid down on my bed without changing. I grabbed my phone and began looking through social media.

I replied to all my streaks with streaks, I had loads of streaks on Snopchat. My highest one is Billy, and it's almost a full year. The thought of keeping streaks with Billy thrilled me. I had some conversations with some guys and girls. Eventually, I got up from my bed and removed my towels. My side of the room was a mess and I usually just kept my clothes in a pile, so I had to dig for some panties in that pile. I dropped down to my knees and leaned over completely nude, searching for some panties.

As I moved my hands around, I felt my boobs jiggle. Gravity pulled them down, but not by much. They were far from saggy. The thought of saggy boobs made me giggle, but I continued the search. "Ugh, come on. I have to have some in here." I kept rummaging around until I heard the clack of nails on a wooden floor directly behind me. It was James. I was too late to react because he had already jumped up onto my back.

I was stuck on my hands and knees, and I couldn't move because the dog was just so heavy. I began to panic and scream, trying to escape, but I heard the dog growl at me. I felt a wave of fear spreading over me. I felt a pit form inside of my stomach. Oh my god… what is this dog going to do to me? Why is he doing this now?

I even fed him and everything and he just seemed so nice… Oh my fucking god… I wish I never brought this dog in here. Questions were racing through my mind, but the one that stood out the most was: "What's going to happen to me?" Suddenly, I felt something hard poking my butt.

OH MY GOD! I'M GOING TO BE RAPED BY A DOG! The thought exploded in my mind as I felt the dog's penis looking for his mark. He began to thrust, looking around.

He kept getting closer and closer. My eyes began to water up with tears, the thought of having sex with a dog or any animal disgusted me.

The thought of losing my virginity to a dog made everything even worse. I didn't want to lose my virginity to a dog, I wanted to lose it to someone who actually cares for me. Someone I would want to spend the rest of my life with. Not this. My thoughts were interrupted by my screams for help. James had finally found his mark. I felt his dog penis in the entrance of my hole.

Just a few more inches and my virginity is gone. I began to sob heavily, my cries for help didn't do anything. My arms and legs felt weak all of a sudden. I felt the dog slowly pushing forward, allowing my body to adjust. I tried to look down, through my tears, to see how big his penis was. It was fucking massive. The sight of the penis made me begin to cry even harder. The massive penis was stretching me out. It felt as if his penis were still getting bigger, but just inside of me.

It was painful at first, but after a few minutes of adjustment, the pain slowly started to fade. I begin to feel a new feeling. Suddenly, I felt the penis break my hymen. I screamed as if it would make me feel better, but it didn't. This is the worst thing that has ever happened to me. I have to live with this forever.

The thought raced through my mind. As the penis slid past my hymen, I could feel pain. It eventually faded, however. The dog had finally reached as far as he could go, but I felt some pain very deep inside me. He began to thrust, it was slow at first. The pain faded, but a new feeling was forming. It was a feeling I didn't want… in a million years, I would have never thought that my body would want something like this. The feeling was pleasure, and it slowly grew.

My arms finally gave in, and I leaned down. My head was buried in my hands, and I just sat there sobbing. How could my body want this.? As the dog began to speed up, I felt more and more pleasure build. I feel so. betrayed by my body. He sped up, and I had let out an accidental moan. The pleasure was building. I.What's happening?

The dog's penis was still growing, stretching my walls even further. There was pain, but it was overridden by the pleasure I was experiencing. The amount of space the dog's penis was so great that it was hitting the mythical spot, the G-Spot. The pleasure was so great, with every thrust, I could feel the animal growing inside me and hitting the mythical spot. It felt so good.The pleasure was obscuring my thoughts on morality.

I can't fucking believe I am enjoying this. I wanted to hate it so much, but I couldn't. The pleasure was just so great. The pleasure just kept building. Eventually, I the orgasm came. The orgasm was so powerful, it made my entire body shake like I had seizure. The screams of pleasure loud to me, but so distant. As my orgasm hit me, I felt something warm and thick exploding inside of me. There was so much of it. The dog was cumming inside of me and it just kept coming and coming.

I don't know how long it lasted, but it only added to the orgasm. My arms and legs went limp and everything seemed to fade away from me. I don't know how long I was out, but it must have only been a few minutes. The dog was still inside of me. I tried to pull out, but something was wrong. He was stuck inside of me. It took me a second to realize what is happening, and once I did, I entered full panic mode. I didn't know if I would be stuck like this for the entire weekend, how would I explain this?

Thoughts like these exploded in my mind. During my panicked thoughts, I suddenly felt the dog pull out with a wet 'plop' sound. I gasped and fell on my clothes, I rolled over. I looked down and watched as cum flowed out of my pussy and sighed. I was way too tired to do anything.

I just sat there, watching it create a pool around me. What is wrong with me.? The question remained in my head until I couldn't keep consciousness.