Very naughty pussy play with Skin Diamond

Very naughty pussy play with Skin Diamond
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Next-Door Neighbor It was Billy's birthday and he got to spend it with his fantasy woman, his next-door neighbor.

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Sometimes you actually get your birthday wish. Author's note: Every character in or referenced in this story is 16 years old or older. Sometimes in real life people lie about their age. In the same manner, these story characters may lie about their age, stating that they are younger than 16. But I am stating here and now, as the author of this story, that every single character is at least 16 years old.

Any reference to an age younger than 16 is a lie, stated by the character or narrator of the story in an attempt to shock the reader. But do not believe them. It is not true. They are really 16 years old or older. Believe me. I know. I wrote the story. "Hey Billy." My neighbor was calling my name from across the hedge.

Her voice sounded so crisp and clear, just like the morning. It was a June Friday morning, I was done with high school and was planning on doing nothing all summer until I started college in the Fall. "Hi Mrs. C," I called back. Hannah Clark, or Mrs. C as I called her, was my next-door neighbor. She was petite, only about five feet high, but well proportioned.


I thought she was the most beautiful woman I had ever seen even if she was in her late 20's. I had the good fortune to see her once soaking wet. She got caught out walking when a sudden downpour hit. I was helping my mom out by pulling some weeds right by the edge of our property near her front porch when she came running up her walkway. I swear her tits barely bounced and I could see them through her soaked blouse. The ring around her nipples was dark and the nipples themselves poked out long and hard.

It was a quick look so I may have just imagined some of it but what I wouldn't give to find out for sure. Ever since then she has been my fantasy when I take care of myself, generally on a daily basis. The one catch in my fantasy is that she is married and must be happily so as she is newly pregnant. "Happy birthday," she called out. "Thanks Mrs. C," I replied. "So Billy, now that you're a man and all, what are you going to do for your 18th birthday?" she asked.

"I don't know. Nothing planned," I told her. "Have you had breakfast yet this morning?" Mrs. C asked me. "Not yet. I slept in and my parents already left for work so I missed breakfast," I explained. "But I thought I would fix myself a bowl of cereal or something." Mrs.

C. sternly chided me. "I won't hear of it. You come over here right now and I'll fix you up a breakfast worthy of a real man, seeing that you are now 18." It only took me an instant to be there and I followed her into her house. As we walked into the kitchen I asked, "How's Mr. C?" "Oh fine, I guess." She had that disappointing tone to her voice. "My husband has been really busy lately so we don't spend as much time together." There was something more to it than that. I could tell from the way she answered my question and the sound in her voice.

But I wasn't going to pry, too much.

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"Where's Mr. C?" I wondered out loud. "He had to go out of town for the weekend again," she explained. "He'll be back Tuesday." Hearing that actually made me a little excited, knowing that I was here with Mrs. C all alone. "How's the baby, I mean how are you doing, I mean with the baby?" Stupid, I'm so stupid. I'm trying to sound grown up and I sound so juvenile.

She laughed. "I'm doing just fine Billy, and so is the baby. You know I'm not even three months pregnant, yet my body has been changing, more than just the growing baby. Well I shouldn't really be talking about it. How do you like your eggs?" "Over easy," I answered ".and what do you mean you shouldn't be talking about it. You can't tell a person part of a story and then leave them hanging. It's . well it's rude. So see, you have to tell me.

What's changing?" "You'll laugh at me," she said. "I promise I won't laugh, honest." "Swear to me you won't tell a soul," she demanded. I was really intrigued now. "I swear on my death that whatever you tell me today goes nowhere else," I promised. "In fact I won't ever tell anyone that I was over here today. I'm not here. Today is your free day. Anything you say or do today never happened. Is that good enough for you Mrs.

C.?" "OK, OK, don't overdo it. Yes, that's good enough," she conceded. "In fact that's perfect. But first you need to eat your breakfast, eggs over easy, bacon, link sausage, and my own special breakfast drink made especially for you on your 18th birthday." "Wow thanks Mrs.


C. What's in the drink?" I asked. "Oh a mixture of juices and some secret ingredients just for you," she teased. "Secret? Like what?" I took a taste and it was pretty good. "Well if I told you then it wouldn't be a secret would it?" she replied. "Come on Mrs. C., tell me, please?" I begged. "Maybe later," she conceded. "But now you wanted to hear how I've changed. Alright here goes." Her voice got lower as if she was afraid someone would hear her. "I'm not sure what it is exactly but now that I'm pregnant, I'm more, well I mean I want, I need, I .

Oh shit, oh forgive my language. OK, I'm just going to say it. I'm horny as hell. There, I said it. It's out there. I can't call it back. Remember your promise. You won't tell anyone." I about choked on my breakfast when she said horny.

"Do you mean .?" "Yes I do, I want sex, and I want it more now than ever before," she explained. Putting on my council hat I responded, "Well it's a good thing you have Mr. C. so he can help you with that." "That's just it, I haven't had sex in at least two months.

Ever since we found out I was pregnant Robert hasn't touched me. He says he doesn't want to hurt the baby. Well I've done enough reading to know that there isn't anything he could do to hurt this baby, not in bed anyway. But he won't listen." God was I going to have a lot of new material for my daily fantasy sessions now. Here my next-door neighbor was hotter than hell and hornier than all get-out.

I wondered what was next. "So what are you going to do?" "First I am going to have you finish your drink. I made that special for you. So down with it, every last drop. That's it. Good. Now I'm going clean up the kitchen and you are going to help me. After that we can talk some more and that's as far ahead as I'm going to go right now." So that's what we did.

She took her time with the dishes too. We must have spent over a half hour with them. We had to wash them all by hand, one by one, and then rinse and dry them before putting them all away. We had to pause and talk about things between every dish and utensil.

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It was almost as if she was going slowly deliberately. But the time did pass quickly, talking while we worked. We talked about anything and everything, nonsense stuff mostly.

I found out she was 28 and Mr.

C. was 52. I knew he was older but not that much older. No wonder he wouldn't touch her. He probably didn't have the energy. But just being with her was exciting for me. In fact I kind of noticed a bulge growing in my pants as we finished up the last of the dishes and moved to the living room. I tried to hide it but it just kept growing. Then Mrs. C leaned over and kissed me on the cheek and thanked me for helping her with the dishes.

It wouldn't have been too bad I'm sure, but she put her hand on my thigh and I swear her thumb nicked my growing penis. That's when I knew I was done for. My shaft went stiff and I had to reach down and adjust myself before I broke something.

"Oh my, is that because of me?" she asked. I turned red. "Has that ever happened before?" "Yes and yes," I confessed.

"So tell me Mrs. C, does that promise I made work both ways? I mean I don't talk about today and neither do you?" "That's fair. Today never happened then," she agreed. "So talk to me about this Billy. Why are you so .stiff?" "It's because of you Mrs. C," I told her. "I think about you a lot, you're so beautiful and all.

Then I go to my room and take care of it, if you know what I mean." "Oh I know exactly what you mean," she replied. "With my husband not touching me, the only way I get any pleasure at all is by masturbating." I couldn't believe I was having this talk with my neighbor.

"Mrs. C?" "Women have needs too Billy and we use the same methods that men do to meet those needs." "Wow, I never realized," I confessed. "Well if you could have one wish right now Billy, what would it be?

And you can tell me anything. After what we have just been talking about, everything is on the table. So tell me, any wish, you can say it because this day never happened. Your wish will be our secret forever." "What if it's about you and it makes you mad?" I asked. "It's just a wish Billy, so nothing is going to make me mad," she assured me. "You can say anything at all and I'll be fine. Pretend you get one wish. What is it?" "Honest? One wish? Well here goes nothing, and it is probably obvious to you now .

I want to make love to you Mrs. C., more than anything in the whole world." "Wow Billy. You really went for it didn't you?

Have you ever been with a woman before, a girl, I mean have you had sex before?" she asked. Should I tell her the truth or pretend I was experienced.

I opted for the truth. "No, never. I'm a virgin." "Well you know we couldn't do that. It wouldn't be right, me being married and all. But maybe we can help each other out a bit. You obviously need to get off," she said, pointing to my erection, "and I might be willing to help you there. It would be some release for me just to do that and it wouldn't be like we were having sex or anything.

Once you climax you'll go limp and we can get on with our day, your birthday." I couldn't believe my ears, what she was offering me. I wondered if she was willing to do this, then how much more. "But what if I need it again, soon, today I mean?" "How quick do you recover Billy?" she asked me. I thought about it and didn't really know.

I recalled masturbating once about an hour after already doing it. "Maybe an hour." "That's a long time," she said. "You might not even be here in an hour. Can you recover in a half hour?" "I'm sure I can, thinking about you helping me Mrs. C." "How about a quarter hour? Can you recover in 15 minutes?" "I really think I could but you may have to let me see some of you to do it, like maybe your breasts," I told her, hoping she would go for my outrageous request.

"Yes, if you showed me your breasts then I'm sure I could recover in 15 minutes." "That's pretty bold Billy. You would need to recover faster than that for me to show you my breasts. If I did you would have to recover in say 5 minutes." "I could do it I'm sure of it but for a 5 minute recovery I would need to see you fully naked. Then I know I could do it." Wow, are we really negotiating like this or is it all just a game?

I don't know but I'm getting really turned on playing this game and my dick is rock hard just thinking about it. "If I go completely naked then you have to also and I would expect you to not go limp at all.

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You would have to just stay as hard as when you climax." I knew that wasn't possible but I was in this game already so I just kept playing it. "If I can stay stiff after you make me climax then I want something else." "What?" she asked. "You let me make love to you until I can't keep it stiff any longer, whether that's 3 minutes or 3 hours.

Agreed?" She paused a long moment, then said, "Agreed. But if you can't keep it up, we're done and you go home. Neither of us will ever talk about this day ever, to anyone, not even to each other. OK?" "OK," I said, knowing that even if I couldn't keep it up I was going to have a vision of her naked to take with me and jack off to for a long time.

I didn't really expect to be able to keep myself hard. Nobody could do that. Mrs. C took me by the hand and led me into her bedroom. She made me undress first and just stared in amazement at my shaft pointing to the sky. Actually I had never seen it myself quite so big and hard.

I could feel it throbbing in anticipation. Then Mrs. C undressed, slowly to tease me I'm sure. My God she was beautiful. Her breasts were small but solid and stuck straight out, no sagging at all. Her nipples were like the ends of two pencils, firm and straight, with a dark circle around each of them. More than their hardness though was that her nipples were so large relative to her breast, like they belonged on a much taller woman with larger breasts, not hers. I wanted to reach out and touch them, to suck on them.

Oh God just thinking about it made me harder. When she removed her panties she had a full covering of hair around her pussy. I wanted to dive in there now but I wasn't going to rape her. I would just let things happen and get my one climax she promised. It would feel great having her jack me off. She knelt down in front of me and taking my shaft in her right hand she licked across the head. God it was glorious. I thought she was just going to give me a hand job but this, this was too much.

I was already showing pre-cum, which she just licked off. This went beyond any fantasy I ever had of her. Then she slid my cock into her mouth. I almost came right then but forced myself to hold back. In and out I went as she moved her head on my shaft, deeper each time until she had to remove her hand to get it into her mouth any more.

That's when she grabbed the back of my butt and literally shoved my shaft in and out of her mouth, fucking it just like I wanted to fuck her pussy. Finally I couldn't take it anymore and yelled, "I'm going to cum." With that she stroked me a couple more times and then forced her face all the way down against my body, pushing my shaft partway down her throat.

That's all I could take and I exploded inside of her. I'm sure my cum ran straight down her throat, squirt after squirt until I was empty. She sucked me dry and continued to lick me. To my amazement I stayed stiff and hard. I wasn't going down. I didn't understand it. Maybe it was Mrs. C's continued work on my shaft but I was still hard as rock. "Well it looks like you did it. You are staying hard. I always make good on a promise so it looks like you get your wish." I heard her say it but I didn't believe what I was hearing.

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"Do you really mean you will let me fuck you, I mean really, really fuck you, until I go limp?" I hesitantly asked. "A bargain is a bargain. I promised so yes. Come on over to the bed. This is turning out to be one great birthday present for you." She pulled me to her bed and climbing on, pulled me up between her legs.

"But you need to get me wet first, like I did for you." That's all the prompting I needed. I didn't care about the hair. My head went straight down between her legs and I began sliding my tongue all over.

I didn't know what the heck I was doing but it was glorious. She must have thought it was at least OK because it wasn't long before she was moaning with pleasure. "Oh yes Billy, that's it, yes, lick me all over," she cried. "Oh God, yes, that's right. Do my clit baby, yes right there, yes Billy, yes, oh God, oh shit, oh shit, yes Billy, I'm cumming, I'm cumming, oh." Just then she grabbed the back of my head and pressed my face hard against her pussy and just held me there for a full minute.

Finally she relaxed and said, "Oh God Billy, that was wonderful. Get up here and fuck me. Ram that virgin prick of yours into my cunt. Fuck your little pregnant neighbor. Fuck the hell out of me Billy." I did as I was ordered. As my head passed her breast I grabbed a nipple between my teeth and tugged.

Holding on as best I could with my mouth and teeth, I arched my back and put my cock at her pussy door. Then letting her nipple slip from my mouth I rammed my shaft all the way in with one thrust. It was the most incredible feeling I have ever had, tight, moist, and hotter than hell. My God it felt good. I just stayed deep in her cunt without moving, just enjoying the feeling, until I heard her say, "Fuck me now. What are you waiting for? Fuck me." So I began by pulling most of the way out and pushing back in, over and over and over.

It was only a few minutes and I was ready to cum again. "I can't hold it. I'm going to cum. Should I pull out?" I asked. "Why? I'm already pregnant," she replied.

"Fill me up. I want to feel your seed shooting into me." So I let go and climaxed into Mrs. C's pussy. I thought it felt great to shoot my cum down her throat. But this was like nothing I had ever dreamed of.

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It was like slow motion to me. I felt my cum rise up through my shaft, yet at the same time her pussy walls were trying to squeeze my shaft, to pinch me off. The force of my cum was stronger and finally fought its way out. With my first shot into her vagina, my whole body tensed up, like electricity had shot through all my limbs.

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Then another shot of cum was forced through and my body went even stiffer. I found myself pushing hard against her body like I was trying to see how deep I could go and not know why. My body just seemed to do it on its own.

There were several more spurts of cum before my body began to relax and I could talk. "Oh my God that was incredible," was all I could say as I fell backwards and slipped out of her. "Are you still hard?" she asked me. I had to check and sure enough I was still hard, as hard as ever. "Yes, yes I am.

I'm still hard. I don't believe it but I am." "Then don't stop on my account. Ram that thing in me and bring me again." I did as I was asked. I pistoned my shaft in and out of Mrs. C as hard and fast as I could.

A few minutes later I had her screaming in pleasure. But even when she asked me to slow down I decided to keep it up as fast and hard as I could just to see what it would do to her. Soon she was screaming as I brought her once again to a climax.

"Deeper, I need more of you. Lift my legs up high and drive in deeper," she instructed. I lifted her legs up to her chest tilting her pelvis up towards me.

Then I pushed in as deep as I could and felt myself bottoming out against something deep inside. She grunted in pain each time I hit but after a dozen or so more thrusts, she was gripping me in yet another orgasm. "Over, turn me over," she gasped.

I pulled out and flipper her over onto her knees. She reached between her legs and helped guide me back into her hot canal. Then I began assaulting her from behind. But she met every thrust of mine with one of her own as our bodies banged hard against each other. This went on for nearly ten minutes before I grabbed her tight around the waist and pulled her back into me, holding her there while I filled her up with my cum once more.

She turned her head up to me and said, "This is so fucking hot. I have never had sex like this before. Are you still hard? Please be hard. I don't want to stop." I pulled out to check and sure enough I was still just as hard as when I started. I didn't understand it. "Yes, yes, I don't believe it.

I'm still as hard as ever. We've been going at this for nearly an hour and I'm still hard. You are the most incredible woman I could ever imagine being with. Mrs. C, I love you." "Well there are two things I have to tell you. The first is that you are still hard so keep fucking me. That was our agreement. Yes that's it, nice and slow for a while, just until you catch your breath.

Now the second thing, I told you that I would tell you my secret ingredient in your drink." "Oh yeah, is that what's keeping me hard?" I asked, jumping to the obvious conclusion. "Well you know how old my husband is. He needs a little help to get it up. Now that I'm pregnant and he's not touching me I figured he didn't need them.

So I took one of his little blue pills and ground it up into your drink. It's the high dose kind. You are bigger and harder than you have ever been and will stay that way for . well three more hours at least. So what was our promise?

Oh yeah you are going to fuck me until you go soft. So we have a while to go yet. Enjoy." That's exactly what I did. It was a good thing that she had a tube of KY handy too. I didn't want us to get raw. We fucked in every way imaginable as my mouth and tongue explored every inch of her body. I finally went soft after about four total hours of fucking. Though I was tired I was sad that it ended. This was the most incredible birthday present ever. "Thank you Mrs.

C for my birthday party." "What birthday party Billy?" she asked. "This day never happened, remember? If you want me to throw you a birthday party, just the two of us that is, then you have to come over tomorrow. If you want I can fix you breakfast. I make a fantastic breakfast drink that you will just love." "I'll be there first thing in the morning," I promised. "But since today never happened I was just wondering what you might be doing later today." "Why, do you think you can be up for a little fun after what we just did?" she asked.

"Maybe, if I can get a little help from your husband, if you know what I mean." She did know and we had a great time, or not, because today never happened.

The end (until tomorrow of course)