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Free teen twinks gay porn videos and male actors stars dicks movie
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Chronicles of Rek-hovek Chapter 2 In the darkness of night when everyone had finally entered their dream world, Grim stood up from his bed, wore his shoes and walked outside of his house silently. It was a full moon today and the forest was especially beautiful bathed in the white moonlight.

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The cool night wind was flowing peacefully, making his jet black hair flutter occasionally as well. But, he didn't have time to appreciate the beauty of his surroundings. He was clearly in a hurry, after leaving the stone cottage, he walked fast and made his way to a certain tree in the forest.

As he neared the tree, he could faintly spot the silhouette of a woman leaning on the tree, she was wearing simple clothes, looked to be about 30 years of age and was extremely beautiful.

______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ "Have you been waiting for long?", asked Grim. "No, not for so long, my beloved.

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But it did quite feel like eternity the whole week. I just couldn't wait for us to get back together.", said the mysterious woman. "Okay, just give me a second and I'll change back." "No, let us do it like this tonight, the young seem to turn me on more." "You're a naughty little girl." Grim then pulled the woman in his embrace and kissed her on the lips while using his hand to caress her neck while the other hand was on her waist.

The woman also brought her hands behind his head as she ferociously pulled him towards her more and more. They both then lied down on the grass while continuing to kiss. The woman was pushed down on the grass by Grim as he removed her upper clothes and her black lace bra too. "Naughty,", he said, in a seductive voice.

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He then latched onto her right breast, licking it, while using his left hand to squeeze the other mound. The woman had big boobs and Grim was unable to stop from teasing her. "Naughty girl wants to be satisfied, right?", he said while using both hands to tweak her nipples. "Ohhhh, yeaahh. More, pleaseee, more.", she spoke while moaning.

He continued sucking her breasts, often nibbling her nipples with his teeth and hungrily sucking on the them as if they were candy. the woman was flustered, her face a shade of bright red.

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She was sucking her fingers while being pleasured. Grim would randomly change breasts and continued to bite, suck and caress them until the woman was moaning and shrieking like crazy. Grim, then left her boobs and finally took of her skirt and her matching black lace underwear. Her plump and pink pussy was visibly wet, it was glistening in the night, the woman used her hand to touch it.

But Grim stopped her and said, "Here's your punishment." He started by putting his mouth just against her clit, almost touching her. He then blew some hot air onto it.

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in the cold night, the hot breath was just too contrasting and the woman's sensitive pussy could take no more. The girl pleaded, "Please, moreee, ohhh, don't stop, gim'me some more." Grim then grinned in an evil way and dove into her clit with his tongue. the woman couldn't take this much of pleasure.

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She arched her back and instinctively let out a series of moans and shrieks that resonated through the woods, of course, Grim wasn't going to let her go so easy.

He continuedly used his tongue to dive into her and drunk her cum, lapping it with his tongue like an animal. After making her cum another time, Grim stood up, the woman was lying in front of him, she was shaking from the after effects of her last orgasm.

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Her clothes were around her, her boobs still wet with saliva, her pussy still slick with cum and a layer of sweat had already formed around her body. her cheeks were flushed and red. Overall, she looked helpless and hot. This turned on Grim even more. "That was sooo goooodd. You seem energetic today.", said the girl, regaining her composure a bit. Grim took of his clothes, and his hard member also came into view, the woman gave a sheepish smile to him.

"Energetic,huh, I'm just getting started now." He then leaped onto her and thrust his already hard cock deep into her slick pussy. In one moment his entire cock entered the woman while she wanted to moan, but Grim started to kiss her while using his hands to tweak her nipples more and more.

The woman could only helplessly squeal under Grim's sheer animosity, but she loved it and she pulled his head with her hands, trying to kiss him even more. "Ohh fuuccckkk, ttooo mucchhh, ddonntt stopp. Fuck, Fuck ,yeahhh." Grim pounded her pussy, making his cock go in, as much as possible. The woman's jiggly boobs would shake but her nipples would be played with again and again. After breaking off from one of their passionate kisses, the woman came again, this time in the hands of her beloved and let out a shrill moan after arching her back like a bridge.

This turned on Grim even more, as he gritted his teeth while pounding her plump pink pussy like a jackhammer making her feel the ecstatic orgasm almost to the depths of her heart. "I'm cumming too.", said Grim while releasing spurt after spurt of his hot white cum in her pussy, the cock also started twitching but Grim just kept it inside her. Then, they both lied down beside each other, the woman's head on Grim's chest, both equally satisfied and panting and gasping like crazy.

"Tonight, you were really awesome.", said the woman while resting her head. "Thanks, Gina. I quite enjoyed it too." "Hubby, you are just too awesome, but I wonder when we can go back to our homeland." "Soon, we just need to wait for that foolish emperor to make a move first. But fist I want to fuck you again." "You animal.", said Gina while planting her lips onto his.


______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Gina and Grim fucked like rabbits, 2 times again after that, after that both of them dressed and went back to the cottage. Unknown to them, a pool of cum had been formed in a bush near them where Quinnie had come 2 times and quietly went back to the cottage.

The couple had no idea how this would affect them later on. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Author's Note- Another chapter down. I purposely made the chapter with a bit of 8==D. Hope you guys enjoy it.


Again, I request people to give me feedback to at least tell me how they feel the story is.