Lola Milano and Macy Cartel Eat Some Warm Pussy Pie

Lola Milano and Macy Cartel Eat Some Warm Pussy Pie
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My name is Karen, and I was a good girl. My life changed so quickly. On my 18th birthday I was still a virgin and I had a steady job.

I had been going out with Dave for a few weeks and he'd been the perfect gentleman, but now I got the feeling that he was looking for more, which I was happy to give. On a date, we would go to the cinema, a club, or just the pub, We would have a quick kiss and cuddle before he took me home. My parents liked him, well my dad did, Dave hadn't met my mum.

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She had been in hospital for about five weeks and not looking like she'd be out anytime soon. Dad visited most nights, while I went almost every other night.

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My two brothers went now and again, my younger one Chris, who is 15, was doing his homework and my older brother Craig, 23, was out most nights, looking for sex. He had always been a bit of a pervert. I remember since I started developing, he was always making comments about my body, and what he would do to it! One night I was out with Dave and we had left the club early. He drove to a secluded spot where there were several cars parked.

It was the car park of a big old derelict building. The car park was huge. We started to kiss when he started stroking my left breast. I didn't stop him and he became bolder, unbuttoning the first three buttons on my blouse. I still made no move to stop him so he then unfastened the clasp of my bra.

He was fondling my tits then his lips made contact with my nipple. I had never felt such a feeling, it was wonderful. His fingers were pulling my nipple and squeezing my tit while his lips sucked and pulled on the other nipple.

His hand was working its way up my thigh. Again I was happy to let him, when suddenly I realised that the other couples in the cars around us could see what we were up to.

I panicked and told him to stop, I told Dave my thoughts. He said I was being paranoid.

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He told me to look around, and that no-one was taking any notice of us, they were all busy getting on with what they were doing. I looked and saw couples in various states of undress, far worse than we were. I was fascinated and continued looking while Dave carried on working his magic on my nipples. He worked his fingers up to my pussy and found it soaking wet.

That was when I decided that I didn't want to go any further. I was scared that I would not want to stop. I told Dave that there was no way I was getting pregnant.

The thought terrified me. The next Saturday night we went clubbing, but again drove out to where we had been previously. I was giving Dave a hand job while he was playing with my tits and pussy. Again I was taking furtive glances around to see what the other couples were up to, which was getting me even hornier.

Dave talked me into taking his cock in my mouth, and then proceeded to cum. I swallowed rather than risk getting it all over my dress.


I told Dave he was a dirty bastard, but really I enjoyed the experience. Over the next week, we became more and more bold, which ended up with me losing more clothes, until on the Saturday night, I lost my virginity.


Poor Dave had just got his cock in me when I screamed 'take it out, take it out, I'm not protected'. I really was scared of getting pregnant. A few days later we were back there and Dave had bought some condoms. We fucked like rabbits, but I didn't like the feel of the rubber.

Don't get me wrong, I cum three times before Dave filled the rubber, but afterwards I asked Dave to put it in bareback, just so I could compare, and it was definitely better, a more natural feeling. I told Dave about this and he joked 'I can stick it up your arse if you like, you won't get pregnant like that'.

The next day I made an appointment to see the doctor to go on the pill. I didn't tell Dave about the doctor's appointment, just in case I bottled out. I also bought a tube of lubricant. Janice, one of the girls in the typing pool where I worked was never shy about telling anyone and everyone about her sex life, and how after 4 kids, her husband preferred her bum to her pussy, and how it doesn't hurt as long as you prepare yourself first. I thought we might give it a try so Dave didn't have to wear a condom.

A few nights later, we were back at our normal spot and Dave was working his magic on my tits and my pussy was getting wet.

He reached into his wallet to get a condom, when I told him to fuck my arse. You should have seen the look on his face, at first there was shock, that soon changed to a massive grin. I told him to make sure I was prepared, and gave him the lube. He worked a couple of fingers in my arse, and kept applying more lube. He told me to relax, as he smothered his cock with lube. I felt his cock touch my arsehole and he gently pushed. He told me to keep breathing and not tense up, which was easier said than done.

After some more pressure from Dave's cock, I felt my arse give and his cock head popped inside. He stopped moving, letting me adjust, before slowly putting more cock in my arse. Soon he was fucking me like there was no tomorrow. I was playing with my clit to take my mind off the pain, but soon I was screaming for him to fuck me harder. I felt him cum deep in my bum, which felt strange but good. It was the best night we had had there, and I noticed that quite a few couples were looking over at us.

That soon became our routine, but I still kept the appointment and started on the pill. I waited for 10 days before I felt safe. I really did not want to chance getting pregnant. It was a Friday night when I decided that tonight Dave could fuck me in my pussy bareback. I came home from work and showered, but this time I shaved my pussy bare. I wore a blouse and a wrap-around skirt, but no bra or knickers. I put on a cardigan over my blouse. I didn't want it to be obvious to my family, especially my elder brother, that I was braless.

Dave would be in for such a surprise. He picked me up at the normal time and we headed off. Dave always decided where we were going, I just went along. We drove out of town to another town about 15 miles away.

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When he stopped the car, I asked him where we were going. Cinema, he replied.

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We got out of the car and walked around the corner when I saw a porno cinema. 'Is that where we're going?' I asked. 'Why would you think I want to go to a porn cinema?' Dave said that I always seemed to enjoy watching the other couples when we were in the car park, so he figured that I might like this. I thought 'Why not' and in we went. As soon as we walked in the heat hit me. God it was warm, so I took off my cardigan and found some secluded seats.

As normal, Dave put his arm around me and it didn't take him long to notice I was braless. He was toying with my nipples through my blouse, which started to get my juices running.

As luck would have it, the film was about an old man spying on a couple of newlyweds. I was really enjoying the film and the attention Dave was giving to my tits when he opened the top three buttons of my blouse, put his hand in and was feeling my tits up. His other hand was wandering up my skirt and I opened my legs slightly to give him better access. He soon found my bare pussy, and looked at me, grinning.

He soon had three fingers in my pussy, while he cupped both of my tits and played with my nipples. HANG ON - THAT'S THREE HANDS. I soon found that the bloke behind us had leaned forward and was helping himself to my tit. I pushed his hand away, but he was a persistent bugger and kept coming back for more. His touch was good though. My nipples felt as if they would explode and my pussy was gushing. Dave whispered in my ear 'Come and sit on my lap'. I could see his cock was out, hard and erect, so I stood up and as I sat on his lap I bunched my skirt up.

His cock went straight in my wet pussy and I was in heaven. Dave's hands were now free to play with my tits, but he seemed happy to share them with the bloke behind, which worried me.

I said to him about it, but he said 'When do you think the last time was that the old boy got to play with a pair of tits as young as yours'. I was really getting into both the film and Dave fucking me.


I think the film really struck a chord with me and I began to worry about my voyeuristic tendencies. There had also been a lot of movement in the seats and we were beginning to attract some attention. I now had two pairs of hands groping my tits and cocks being waved in my direction. Dave just laughed and said 'Go on, help them out'. I took a cock in each hand and began wanking them, moving on to a different one every few minutes.

One was really greasy, like it had been covered in lube, but because of the light, I couldn't see any more than the cocks. My blouse was now totally unbuttoned, showing my tits off to anyone and everyone, but the hands still felt good.

I cum just before Dave came inside me for the first time and it felt really good. I thought I would just return to my seat, cover up and everything would return to normal. The blokes had had their thrills. I got up to sit in my seat when two things happened.

Someone had undone my skirt, which fell to the floor, and someone jumped into my seat and pulled me down, sitting on them. It was the lubed cock, and it went straight up my arse. 'Dave' I yelled 'Someone has got their cock in my arse' 'Great' yelled another voice, as he stood in front of me, pulled me forward and put my feet up on the seat in front of me, and stuck his cock in my pussy.

I was stuck as both cocks began to pound me. 'Dave, do something' I cried.

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He did. He pulled out his phone and started recording the action. 'You fucking bastard' I screamed. Men were wanking over me and I was getting covered in sperm. I was aware of loads of camera flashes.

Two cocks came in my pussy before the one in my arse came and whoever was holding me let me up. I grabbed my clothes and ran for the ladies toilet, getting groped along the way.

I dressed as best I could, my blouse sticking to me with all the sperm, and ran outside into the street. Dave was there. 'Why didn't you do something?' I yelled at him 'Why didn't you stop them?' Dave never said a word, but he had a stupid grin on his face. On the way home, he admitted that he always wanted to see a girl getting used like that, so I told him that it would not be this girl and I never wanted to see him again.

Dave dropped me off at my front door and I told him to fuck off and not come back. I went inside, and luckily made it into the shower without anyone seeing me. For several nights after though, I was masturbating to the thoughts of what happened that night.

to be continued.