Cynthia and Strawberry Sandy are two horny lesbia

Cynthia and Strawberry Sandy are two horny lesbia
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As Destiny left class to use the bathroom, so did I. She walked into the girls restroom and I slipped in without her noticing and locked the door. She went into a stall a closed the door. As I waited I thought about all the dark carnal thoughts and plans I'd had about this moment. I waited by the stall door when, finally she opened it. As she turned the corner and faced me I slapped her pretty white face, knocking her into the stall wall.

She hit it with a thump and passed out. I stood there gazing at her beautiful 15 year old body, well developed for her age. She had double c tits and a big firm ass.


She had blonde hair the fell about halfway down her back. She wore black tights that showed off her ass and a small OU shirt that revealed her cleavage.

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I walked over and began to rub and massage her tits making her nipped poke out against her shirt fabric. Then I moved down and sqeezed her big tight ass, causing her body to tense up.


I pulled her tights off, not bothering with her shoes, and pulled her flimsy purple panties down to her ankles, and began to rub my fingers up and down her small, virgin pussy. Her unconsious mind started to make her wimper as i sped my pace up and began to toy with her clit.

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Her pussy got really wet and I set her up against the stall. I pulled my pants down and put my dick at the entrance to her pussy and thrust in popping her cherry. Her sleeping body jerked and tensed at the pain, but I plowed on. I kissed her and parted her lips with my tongue and the plunged it deep into her warm mouth.

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I reached down and grabbed her ass and began to fuck harder and thrust in deeper. I was about to cum, but I wasn't finished.

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I wanted to see the shock and her reaction to me plowing her face when she awoke. I let out a grunt as my cock exploded shooting cum into her steamy cunt. I pulled out and it drizzled out pooling on the ground. After a while she began to stir and I took my chance. I walked up and grabbed her head and shoved my cock between her lips and began to hump her face. Her eyes snapped open and she began to struggle, but I slapped her in the face making her jerk.

Each thrust slammed the back of her head into the stall after a while I reached down and pulled her shirt up enough to reveal her bra. I took my cock from her mouth, pushed it between her nice, firm tits, then shoved her head back down on it. And there we were me with my dick between her tits and fucking her mouth.

Her with nothing but purple panties pulled down to her sneakers. Now she could see her cum filled pussy and her eyes got big.

Or it could have been that she was choking on my cock which was being thrust halfway down her throat. I reached down and began to finger her pussy making her moan. Soon it was sopping again and she began to, against her will, rub against it. Then her pussy tensed and she began to hump my fingers and ahe started to shake as her body was rocked by a massive orgasm.

I pulled my hand out grabbed onto her head and shoved it down onto my cock. I let out a groan and filled her mouth with cum.

As she struggled to swallow, she begsn to gag on it. I pulled out and covered her face and tits in cum. I then, as she still orgasmed, slapped her again, knocking her out. I then left and went to class. Luckily she didnt remember anything, at least, I thought that.

Later that day her and her friends were staring at me in class.

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Finally I walked over and asked what their deal was. Destiny then told me about how she remembered everything and had told our friends Bailey and Allison. She grew quiet and said, "We want to fuck you in the janitors closet later," which sounded like a plan to me! At 3:00 pm I slipped into the janitors closet and shut the door. I turned to find the three smiling girls and their perky little titties.

I walked up to them, got on my knees, and started to lick and nibble on Destiny's tits. With my other hands I reached out and grabbed one of Allison's and one of Bailey's tits as well and began to massage them, this wasn't hard because they were all short enough that on my knees my head was at their tits. After a while they all got horny and i stood up.

They all got on their knees and pulled off my pants. As they freed my cock Destiny greedily took the head into her mouth and started to suck and lick it. They other two girls started to make out around the shaft of my cock, their tongues swirling around my dick.

Then Allison pushed Destiny out of the way and started to bob her head halfway down my cock. Then I grabbed her dirty blonde hair and shoved her dead with a grunt, and filled her mout with my cum.

She pulled off gagging and, as she fell to the ground, I shot ropes of cum all over her hair, face, and tits. Destiny and Bailey started licking her fave a nipples clean, then, after all the cum was gone, Destiny pulled Allison's pants off and started to lick her pussy.

Bailey pulled down Destiny's tights and spread her ass cheeks apart. She then shoved her tongue deep into her asshole, making Destiny moan. Then I pulled down Bailey's and she, expecting me to lick her pussy, stuck her ass into the air. I grabbed hold of her firm ass cheeks and thrust my cock into her asshole.

As she let out a scream she dug her nails into Destiny's tender ass cheeks, making her moan into Allisons pussy. I began to thrust deep into her little asshole stretching it wide. Soon they all started to shake and let out loud moans as their orgasms neared. The I slammed into Bailey's ass a couple hards times and she let out a loud moan and started to shake.

Her eyes rolled into the back of her head, and she dug even deeper into Destiny's ass.

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I grunted and filled her ass with warm cream, then I pulled out and covered her back and hair in cum as well. Then she collapsed and Allison and Destiny swarmed her. As I cleaned myself up and left, they were in a tangle of cum, pussy juice, and sweat, trying to make their orgasms last forever. They spread their experience with my other girl classmates and had many more encounters with these girls as well.