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For the past two years, Savanna devoted herself to her boyfriend, Rhett. Every night she would be sitting around the house, waiting for him to come back home.

The two of them were working for their degrees, the summer heat of the Northern Territory getting to them both when they weren't in A/C. Savanna's life had changed when she moved from her simple Midwestern home to the busy diversity of Darwin. They had met each other online, two years spent sending MSN messages back and forth. She could remember all the times that he didn't remember her birthday, or forgot that she was adopted, but she couldn't get enough of him.

The first time they had begun talking to each other, Savanna had just turned 17 and Rhett was about to turn a ripe 27. At the time, she didn't want to talk to a guy so much older than herself, but the more she talked to him, the more she liked him. His red beard contrasted with the brown hair atop his head, his brown-blue eyes almost always hidden by his black-rimmed glasses. He was smart, funny, could turn into a childish idiot from a mature genius in only a few seconds, and he had a beautiful body of chiseled muscle.

After a few days, she learned that Rhett had worked so hard on his torso because he relied on crutches for his mobility. After a few years stuck online, Savanna got accepted to an Australian college in Darwin and moved to the country, almost immediately moving in with her boyfriend.

After almost a year, the couple was still going strong, but Savanna often felt neglected, Rhett usually leaving for hours on end to go watch the night's wrestling match. Once more, Rhett was off with his younger brother, watching Undertaker returning to Smackdown. The two had spent less time together this semester than they ever had, and it was driving her insane.

Savanna knew that her boyfriend was getting used to being a full-time student again, ditching his almost finished degree for one that he actually wanted, but she thought that it was no excuse to leave her on her own with nothing to do.

Sitting at the table, it's bright wood reflecting the light above it, Savanna frowned at everything in front of her. The television set was playing softly, her tapping nails grating against the smooth rhythm of the music.

All she could think of was how she thought their relationship was growing bland. Savanna couldn't even think of the last time that the couple had had sex, let alone, make love. It was in that moment that she realized she missed having him inside her. Savanna loved how his strong body would power into her, the smooth rubbing of his skin against hers as they moaned for each other. Just thinking about having him inside her got her juicing her cotton briefs. Having a wet spot beginning on her panties boldened Savanna: she decided with finality that Rhett was going to get the best sex of his life, whether he wanted it or not.

With determination, Savanna got up and headed to their room. Hours later, Rhett got home from his brother's; the lights seemed to be half-lit. He had had a few too many Foster's flowing through his veins and the comfort of his bed was a delicious holy grail. With a fumble of his key ring, Rhett made his way inside.

The idea of having Savanna ignore him after bitching at him for staying out all night made him cringe, but his eyes were drooping too much to care about either.


The light above the kitchen table was the only light on, a dim light coming from underneath the crack of their door. Rhett stopped in his tracks and recalled his memory.

When had she ever been in bed before he had gotten home? Wasn't Savanna always up to welcome him home, even if it was a snarky comment about the time? "Savanna?" he called. "Bub, I'm home." His keys clanked against the tiled counter, the chair left open my Savanna scraping against the linoleum flooring. No answer met his announcement and he was settling into a state of fear. Was she in any sort of danger? The fear of losing his love made Rhett rush down the hall.

Rhett flung the door open and immediately shut it on his face. Savanna had been laying on the bed with her laptop playing a lesbian video, her face scrunched up in pleasure as she moaned, a large dildo powering in and out of her shaved pussy. She had been wearing his favorite black bra and a pair of stockings connected to the black garter belt around her waist. He knew that Savanna loved to rub her pussy and make herself come, but he never knew how horny the girl would be after he took her cherry.

Through his hazy memory, Rhett tried to recall the last time they had any sort of sexual contact. Minutes went by before he finally found a memory laced with any sexual undertones, his brain barely processing that that memory had been over two months ago.

The fact that they hadn't been intimate in so long made Rhett feel horrible.

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He knew that they had been busy, but he didn't realize that the two of them had been so detached from each other. As he thought, Rhett could hear the tense moans and gasps from his girlfriend, the soft, wet pounding of her drenched pussy floating through the door. The musky scent of sex was beginning to fill the hall, the man getting a nose full of her arousal. Savanna's long moan gurgled into a scream, the bed springs squeaking noisily beneath her writhing body. Rhett wasn't watching his girlfriend writhing in pleasure, but he could picture her hips thrusting up as her legs shook crazily.

In his mind's eye, he was watching her face scrunch up, her eyes closed shut as her open mouth gulped at the air for her heaving lungs. Now his exhaustion was gone and replaced with the growing bulge in his pants, the blood slowly gathering in his dick. The door to their room was flung open, Savanna presenting herself with one of her bra straps falling of her shoulder, her tossled hair framing her slim neck. Rhett gaped at his girl, her sex hair making his blood rush even faster to his swelling manhood.

Without saying a word, Savanna pulled him to her by the collar of his shirt, slamming the door as their lips glued together. Hands were running up and down, exploring the bodies they hadn't touched in so long, reconnecting with the estranged contours. The feel of rope going around his wrists made Rhett pull back.

The next thing he knew, Savanna had pushed his back against the door. She tied his wrists to the doorknob, her mouth once more melting against his. Her warm, wet tongue pried his slippery lips apart, massaging his tongue as her hands ripped his shirt away. The tattered cloth barely stayed on his shoulders, barely covering his chiseled obliques. After decades of working on his body, Rhett had gotten his abs so defined that his abs showed perfectly without him flexing.


His skin prickled when the tips of Savanna's nails ran down his sides. Her tongue slowly ran across the width of his bottom lip before she trailed butterfly kisses down his neck.

The soft brushes of her lips peppered the base of his throat, her puckered lips showering the taut muscles of his chest. Rhett moaned loudly, his hard member throbbing painfully as he felt the sensual lick between his pecs. Another moan caught in his throat when Savanna moved her tongue down the middle of his abs, her piercing eyes peering from beneath her lashes. Sensuality was radiating from every pore of his girlfriend's being, the sexual tension making pre-cum seep from the slit of his cock.

A small wet spot was beginning to form on the front of his khakis when Savanna ran her hand up the leg of his shorts, caressing Rhett's strong abs with gentle kisses. More pre-cum dribbled into his boxers when Savanna's nails scratched his thighs, his eyes rolling in the back of his head at the painful pleasure. "Oh baby…," Rhett gasped, his head thudding against the door. With careful tenderness, Savanna gently bit at the skin of his belly, teasing him before she let his erection free from the confines of his pants.

"Baby, please," he begged. Another drop of pre-cum coated the inside of his boxers as her gentle nips inched near the zipper of his jeans. Rhett's hips gave a simple jerk when the smooth edges of her teeth squeezed the skin just above the hem of his pants. "Savanna, baby, please stop teasing me," Rhett cried to her, his heart pounding wildly as he watched the top of her head.

Savanna smirked up at her lover, knowing that he was going to enjoy the surprise she had in store for him. Her teeth gripped onto the metal zipper and pulled it down, his engorged dick bouncing at the small freedom. Another fierce throb was sent through his dick when his skin sensed Savanna's soft breath. Rhett was now begging her to suck his hard cock, to let him come down her throat with a torrent of cum.

He impatiently watched his girl undo the button of his pants and pull the cloth to his ankles, leaving him bare from the waist below. At its new-found freedom, his cock slapped against the skin of his stomach, a small glisten of his pre-cum smearing against his flesh before bouncing away.

Savanna's red lips kissed the wrinkled skin of his steal hard cock, her lipstick leaving prints on his girth. She kissed to the top of his cock before swirling her tongue around the dripping slit, still teasing him.

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With a final begging moan from her boyfriend, Savanna swallowed his veiny girth down her throat. As she sucked him, greedy to taste the slight saltiness of his cum, one of her hands slid up the inside of his thigh. His heavy balls jumped with excitement, her finger pads brushing against the smooth skin of his sac.

Rhett groaned and felt his load thicken his shaft, the warm softness of her hand making his heart beat so hard that he thought it would fly out of his ribcage. "Oh fuck Savanna, I think I'm gonna come.

Oh, babe, oh damn your mouth feels so fucking good. Oh, oh yes, baby, yes!!" Ropes of cum shot out like a hot poker from the tip of Rhett's cock and coated the back of Savanna's mouth. Savanna swallowed every spurt of sperm, milking her boyfriend's shaft with vigor. Rhett's thrusting hips made his sac slap against Savanna's chin, spit running down the skin of his shaft and down to his balls. When his spurts died out to a trickle, Savanna still had her mouth sliding up and down his softening shaft.

Small amounts of his tasty cum glided on her tongue as his cock became semi-erect once again, his breath heavy as small drips of sweat fell from his temple. "Oh, Savanna…," Rhett moaned to her loving tongue, the smooth feel of her muscle licking his shaft gently. Her hands continued to lightly claw at his naked thighs, pink marks appearing where her nails traced. Beneath her fingers, she could feel the strength of his muscles twitching in pleasure, the feel of his hip muscles contracting when his pelvis lurched forward for more of her warm mouth.

Once he was fully erect, Savanna mischievously smirked up at him. Looking into his eyes, she licked from the tip of his cock to his base, up his shaved pelvis to his defined abs.

She kissed and licked at his washboard stomach, caressing his skin with loving lips as she worked herself to his open mouth. She seized the moment to thrust her tongue down his throat once more, their lips dancing together as their tongues slithered intricately in a sloppy dance.

Their moans were muffled by each other's tongues as they kissed passionately. Their bodies pressed into each other, Savanna's arms wrapping around her boyfriend's neck as she attacked his mouth with hers.

Her breasts were heaving with excitement against his toned skin as she pressed him into the wall, his hands still tied to the door. Rhett was aching to wrap his arms about her, carrying her to the bed so he could have his way with her.

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Needing some control over the situation, Rhett kisses around her face, lacing her jaw and temples with loving brushes of his lips. Savanna's head leaned back with her eyes closed as she enjoyed the intimate caresses of his want. Savanna pulled at his hair as she moaned, knowing that he'd like the gentle pain.

Her other hand scratched down his arm as he began to suck her collarbone. Much to his delight, Rhett could hear Savanna give low, drawn-out moans.

"Oh, Rhett," she sighed when his nimble tongue massaged her skin, her body pressing tighter against his form. He let his teeth nibble at her flesh as the rope cut into his wrists, his animalistic growl exciting her more. In her craze, Savanna untied him from the door and pushed her boyfriend to the bed. With a soft thud, Rhett's back met the mattress. His girlfriend wasted no time in crawling on top of him, her hair draping down to tickle his chest as she passed.

Her beautiful eyes met his and their gaze locked together, both feeling the electricity that pulled their lips in a passionate kiss. As their lips tangoed, their hips began to grind into each other, Savanna's wet pussy rubbing against Rhett's hard cock.

Her horny pussy flexed at the idea of being impaled by the large intruder and she moaned into his mouth in anticipation.

He pressed his hips up only to be pushed back down by Savanna's forceful pelvis. Pre-cum was drooling from his tip as he felt the soft mounds of her ample breasts pressed against his chest. He could feel her hard nipples poking through the fabric of her bra and wanted the division to be gone. His hands slid up the smooth skin of her back and found the clasp, unhooking it in one swift motion.

Her breasts popped out of the loose fabric, the feel of his skin against the curve of her chest making her nipples tighten into long tips. Before she had a chance to move, Rhett drew a nipple into his mouth and suckled. Savanna's eyes fluttered shut once more, her arms slipping out of the straps of her bra as more juice dripped from her hole. Her slit became slicker and her panties were now soaked through with dampness. Rhett swiped his tongue around her hard tip slowly, gradually picking up speed as he sucked harder on her tender flesh.

Her moans were growing out of control as her want to be filled became stronger, her hips rocking softly as her body began to shake. The soft skin of his under shaft was being massaged against the soft cloth of Savanna's damp panties as her hips rocked uncontrollably, her weight pressing against his length desperately in hope of release.

Savanna protested when Rhett let go of her nipple, but her protest ended in a moan when her other nipple was bathed with his tongue. His teeth grazed against the nub, gaining a sharp gasp of pleasure from his lover. As he teased her nipple with his tongue, Rhett let his hand fondle her other breast. He knew that she was close to attacking him and ramming his cock into her depths and he sucked harder thinking about feeling her walls surrounding him again. While he was feasting on her breast, he let his free hand slide between their bodies to find her flooded crevice.

His fingers circled the top of her slit, her hard clit nudged by his calloused fingers through the soft fabric of her panties. Savanna ground down onto his hand, her sheer panties bunching up as if fingers continued to circle her button.

Rhett's fingers soon found the edge of her panties and pulled them aside, letting his fingers rub her bare clit. "Yes, Rhett, yes. Oh, God, yes!

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Mm, baby," Savanna whined as her body tensed. Her inner walls spasmed as they released a torrent of fresh liquid from their depths, thinly coated the tips of his fingers. Her high pitch whimper reverberated off the walls and windows of their home, only a faint echo heard beyond the inner confines of the house. When Savanna's moan faded to an end, she realized that her boyfriend was still suckling on her breast.

Her ballooning bosom felt cool in its naked form, her skin prickling with excitement and chills as she watched her love continue to suck and lick her nipples. Rhett continued to rub her clit, dipping his fingers into her gaping hole to gather more of her juices. He brought a finger to his mouth and moaned at her taste, coating her nipple in her own cum before sucking it off her skin.

Forcing herself to tear away from the pleasure of his mouth, Savanna pushed her boyfriend straight on his back. "Stay," she ordered him, her voice dripping with want.

She blindfolded her man and got up from the bed, leaving his skin open to the cool air.

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The rope around Rhett's wrists was soon attached to bedposts, leaving him partially tied. "Savanna, what's going on?

What are you doing to me?" he questioned with a laugh, his lopsided smile making Savanna smile. She rolled her panties down her thighs and left the cloth discarded on the floor. "Oh, you'll see," she giggled as she began to crawl up his body once more. She paused at his waist long enough to lick his softening cock, sucking him gently for only a few minutes before continuing her journey. "Flex your biceps," she commanded huskily into his ear.

She was instantly rewarded with his strong arms flexing, his pecs bouncing subtly as the veins popped up around his large biceps. Just the sight of his flexed muscles made another wave of lust flush across her body, more juices spilling out from her horny cunt.


She straddled his face, knowing that he was able to smell her arousal. "Damn baby, you must really like being in charge if you're that hot," he laughed, letting his muscles relax. Wanting to shock her, he stuck his tongue out to lick the length of her drenched slit. Instead of getting a taste of damp fabric, his tongue got a wonderful taste of her natural nectar, unperturbed by stale dye.

Rhett's tongue immediately flashed along her pussy again, his mouth attaching to her feminine mound to quench his thirst. His tongue danced and lashed at her hardened nub at the top of her slit, her moisture dripping onto his chin. Wanting more of her delicious juice, he stuck is tongue inside her gash, her aroma wiping against the tip of his nose and enveloping his senses. The petals of her pussy surrounded his searching tongue, crying out in pleasure as his muscle wiggled inside of her sleeve, brushing against the hidden crevices of her hot depths.

She writhed and rocked on his searching tongue, the tip of his nose bumping her sensitive clit into overdrive. Her chest was heaving as she leaned back, allowing her full breasts to thrust outward. Sweat spotted her back and neck as her hips furiously ground into Rhett's face, wanting his tongue to lodge itself deeper. Putting all his skill to work, Rhett curled his tongue and found the spongy softness of her g-spot. As soon as his tongue caressed the curve of the area, Savanna howled uncontrollably, delicious girl cum suddenly spraying all over his face.

Rhett gulped down as much as he could, excited that he finally got her to flood his mouth with such a sweet liquid. Savanna turned her body over, still showing her worn cunt into her boyfriend's face. Her warm breath floated across his cock, her warm hand wrapping around his stiff shaft shortly after.

As her hand worked up and down his meaty pole, her moist tongue teased the tip of his dick. He moaned into her muff, never being turned on so much before in his life. More electric shocks of lust filled his body as Savanna gently massaged his length with her lips, her tongue slithering over his skin.

His large cock was engulfed completely in her mouth, her hand gently rubbing his sac as she took him down her throat. They moaned on each others crotches, the vibrations driving them crazy with lust. Savanna pulled away before she could explode into another orgasm and straddled Rhett's hips.

She leaned down quickly, pulling on his lip between her teeth before going down to nibble on his neck. Her teeth were gently chewing on his flesh when she felt his wet cock slide against her horny cunt.

He moaned loudly into her ear, his arms straining to free themselves from his confines. She knew that he loved the attention on his neck and she smiled to herself at finding his spot once more, biting him harder.

"Savanna," Rhett cried out as his hips lurched forward again, their groins mashing together. "Oh god, fuck me baby. Fuck me hard and let me feel your hot cunt." Savanna's hand scratched down his torso roughly and guided his cock to the mouth of her pussy. Rhett could feel the heat radiating from inside her pussy and forced himself into her hole.

"Fffuuck!" Savanna screamed as her hole stretched around his girth, her moist pussy pulled him inside her, gripping him like a vice in her velvet folds.

She rolled her hips in a circle, his cock filling every bit of her warm tunnel as her boobs bounced softly. Her hips continued to roll as she bounced up and down his cock, her tits bouncing up and down as she rode him. It wasn't long before her bounces became more desperate, wanting more of him inside her. Rhett's hips bucked beneath her, feeling her inner walls massaged his cock like a million tiny fingers begging his cum to shoot out. "God, I've missed feeling you inside me," moaned Savanna as her pussy flexed around his engorged dick.

"Fuck my cunt baby, oh God, yes," she cried as her body bounced harder, getting Rhett balls deep inside her. Their skin slapped against each other fiercely as their hips bucked wildly. Rhett's hips were rising off the mattress as he thrust powerfully into his girlfriend's hot cunt, making her bounce up and down in the air before having his cock ram into her tight pussy once more.

Savanna's eyes rolled in the back of her head as she felt Rhett power through her, her mouth gaping wide as her silent moans continued to rack her body. Her body lurched forward and untied the rope around his wrists. Rhett tore off his blindfold and held Savanna by the hips, helping her bounce up and down his shaft.

His nails dug into her skin as he worked her on his cock, feeling the familiar tingle in his balls. "Baby," he warned, "Savanna, I'm gonna come. Oh God, I'm so close," he said as his powerful thrusts powered through her pussy faster and harder. Savanna's eyes closed shut tight, excited about feeling Rhett's load explode inside her. Wanting him to paint the inside of her pussy with his cum, Savanna flexed her inner walls as she bounced.

The feel of her tight grip around his shaft sent Rhett over the edge as cum exploded from his cock. Cum filled Savanna's womb as her pussy spasmed around his cock, her walls milking the rest of his cum. Savanna's tense body shook wildly as her juice exploded around her boyfriend's cock, her strong orgasm racking her body. Her vision blanked as she collapsed on top of Rhett in exhaustion, their sweat covered bodies sticking together as they panted.

Rhett held her in his arms as they fell asleep with sated lust.