Hottest straight male gay porn stars movies and big dick twins

Hottest straight male gay porn stars movies and big dick twins
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Power Pussy 2 After making love to Audrey I thought things would be different. But the next day in class she ignored me. But finally after class she walked by me in the hallway paused for second and just said "I'll be over after my aerobics class." and kept on walking. I was so excited that when she got there I jumped up off the couch to greet her with a hug and maybe a kiss. However when I got close to her she grabbed me by my ear and pulled me down so that my face was only inches from her bellybutton.

"What the fuck are you wearing?" she sneered. "Jeans and a T-shirt." I cried. Confused. Audrey leaned down so her face was only inches from my face. "When I come over I want you to be waiting for me by the door on your knees wearing the panties I gave you." she commanded.

" You know what time I get here." "Now, go to your room and change into your panties." Shocked I straightened up and ran to my room stripped naked and picked up the panties that she had left last time. I could still smell her pussy in them.

Audrey yelled out" Hurry up and you better not be standing there sniffing my panties." How did she know? I quickly put on her pink Lacey thong and hurried back out to her. Audrey was standing by the sofa when I came back out. "Get on your knees." she ordered.

I knelt before her, my ass cheeks resting on the back of my heels as I looked up at her. "That's better." Audrey commented.

"From now on you will do what I tell you, when I tell you." I was stunned at what she was saying. After having sex with her yesterday I thought she liked me. She leaned forward at me and lightly smacked me in the head. "Do you understand?" I was so confused that I couldn't answer.

"If you want to touch my body you have to obey me." she stated. "Do you understand?" I looked down and nodded yes. "That's better." She says. "Now go get me a drink and I'll let you undress me. With her cold drink in her hand I knelt back at her feet. She lifted up her foot and said "Take my shoe and sock off." I unlaced her shoe and pulled it off with her sock next.

"Kiss my foot." she ordered. I did as I was told and kissed her foot. Audrey smiled and held up her other foot. I removed her shoe and sock and kissed her other foot. "Good boy." she smiled. I was so happy that I had pleased her.

"Undress me for my shower" Audrey said as she walked into the bathroom. I immediately pulled her T-shirt off and then her bra exposing her beautiful full breasts. I rubbed my face back and forth across them. I knelt down in front of her and slid her shorts off, then her panties.

I was in love with her pussy so I gave it a kiss. Audrey stepped into the shower and after taking off my thong I joined her. I washed her body and her hair and just like last time my seven inch hard dick was rubbing all over her.

Audrey didn't seem to mind. After the shower I dried her off. She walked naked to the bedroom and said "Now for my massage." as she laid on the bed face down. I eagerly jumped on the bed straddling her and started massaging her. My mind was racing as this was exactly what we did yesterday so I was hoping to fuck her again. I rubbed her neck,shoulders, back, ass, legs. I gently rolled her over and massaged her titties.

I got between her legs and spread them and started licking and kissing her pussy. Audrey had her eyes closed and a smile on her face. I licked her pussy good giving her orgasm after orgasm. Now was the the time I thought as I scooted forward to stick my dick in her pussy. But suddenly Audrey sat up and pushed me onto my back. Maybe she's gonna to straddle me I think.

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But Audrey spread my legs her pussy only inches from my rock hard boner. "Cum for me." she said as she grabs my dick with both hands and starts jerking me off. Her hands are so soft I can't hold back and after only a couple minutes start shooting big gobs of cum all over my smooth hairless belly, chest, and her hands. Audrey just coos and grins. "Yeah that's a good boy." She crawls up and lays next to me.

She holds her cum covered hands to my face. "Lick them clean." she tells me. I obey her immediately licking her hands clean. She then scoops up my cum off my body with her fingers and feeds it to me.

We lay there for a while, then I dress Audrey so she can leave. Audrey tells me to wait for her by the door. I am naked and on my knees waiting when Audrey comes out. "From now on I don't want you to cut your hair. I want it to grow out like a girls and I want you to shave all the hair off your dick, what little you have.

And no more masturbation unless I allow it." she commanded.


"I'll be able to tell if you have masturbated." I could only nod yes or Audrey would smack me. Audrey bent forward and kissed me on the forehead. "That's a good boy." I was overwhelmed by her kiss.


"Wear the panties I left for you tomorrow.' And with that she left. For the next two weeks Audrey would come by every day at 2 pmI would eat her pussy and ass and lick her titties. Sometimes she would let me fuck her. She always got off and so did I but sometimes I had to masturbate while she watched.

One day I was on my hands and knees while she masturbated me and worked a small dildo in and out of my asshole. I really liked the feel of the dildo in my ass.

Soon I shot off into her hand when the dildo was in the deepest. She rubbed my cum all over my ass. Audrey said that she was so proud of me for taking the dildo up the ass like I did that she had a surprise for me tomorrow. I was on cloud nine. Maybe Audrey really did like me. I was on my knees naked by the door when Audrey left and as soon as the door shut I ran to the bedroom and jumped on the bed.

I had my face down and my ass up in the air as I worked my hairbrush into my asshole. I just loved the feeling and stroked my ass for 30 minutes. I wanted to jerk off but was afraid that Audrey would notice and get mad. At 1:55 pm the next day I stripped naked and put on a lavender colored thong of her's and knelt by the door waiting for her. I could hear her footsteps coming down the hallway.

I could barely contain myself!

More of Audrey's pussy, ass, and titties. My dick was hard as a rock and poking out of the top of my lavender thong. Without knocking Audrey walked in. I looked up at her excitably but there was something wrong, she wasn't alone!

At first I thought it was just someone walking by in the hallway but no this person was following Audrey in. It was a really cute blonde girl the same height as Audrey dressed in gym shorts and a cut-off T-shirt. I freaked out and jumped up and started running for the kitchen. Audrey grabbed my arm and pulled me back down to her feet. I cringed in fear as I hid behind Audrey. It was one thing for Audrey to see me dressed in panties but for someone else, no way.

"This is Elaine, she's here because I told her how good you was with your tongue." I looked up at Audrey, then peeked around Audrey's ass to look at Elaine. I couldn't help but notice her long tan legs and big boobs.

Her blonde hair was in a long ponytail. Elaine had a bemused smirk on her face. "Audrey you've got to be joking. He looks like some sissy-boy." Elaine states. Audrey responds " Well what did you expect?

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The star quarterback? You will be the first with the strap-on and he will be worth every penny." What were they talking about I wondered. I was on my knees with the side of my face pressed against Audrey's ass peeking around at Elaine. Despite being scared by Elaine I started to get hard. "Stand up and show Elaine what you have." Audrey commanded.

Timidly I stood up and stepped out in the open. My hard 7 incher was poking out of my thong. I turned to the side and bent halfway over and wiggled my ass. Elaine looked at me then Audrey "Yeah he will do." Audrey looks at me and orders me "Go get in front of the sofa." I go to the sofa and kneel back down. I see Elaine hand Audrey an envelope.

I look down at my dick and it has a drop of pre-cum on the tip. Audrey walks over "Undress me. Now." I quickly undress Audrey I rub my face on her tits and ass but I can't stop looking at Elaine the whole time. Elaine walks up to us "My turn." as she presents her body to us. Audrey kisses Elaine right on the lips deeply as I kneel in front of Elaine my face only inches from her pussy. I reach up and slowly pull her gym shorts down.

She has on pink panties that were damp in crotch. Sweat from her workout? Or maybe she was excited too.

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I decide to "go for it" and oh so slowly pull her panties down. I look up and Audrey had taken off Elaine's top and was removing her bra. I watched as Elaine's beautiful tits came into view she had big pink nipples the size of half dollars. They looked so big from the view I had on my knees at her feet. I continued pulling her panties down only to get a shock as her blonde pubic hairs came into view.

I had never imaged there was such a thing. I pulled her panties all the way down and she stepped out of them and her shorts. I starting kissing and licking her blonde pussy the best I could. Audrey was sucking on Elaine's big titties when she looked down at me "Go kneel by the bed." I stood up and quickly felt Elaine's tits before going to the bedroom.

Audrey called out "Take that thong off." I knelt by the bed completely naked as Elaine and Audrey came in. Audrey said to Elaine "Bend over the bed." Audrey bent down to me face to face, her swollen nipples swinging about "Lick her asshole." I crawled to Elaine and pressed my face into her ass. Her ass cheeks were firm against my face. My arms wrapped around her thighs. My tongue went up and down her crack then I plunged it deep into her hole.

I was in heaven. I would lick around the rim of her asshole then I would plunge my tongue deeply into it. Then over again.

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Elaine kept panting "Oh my God! Oh my God!" Audrey was standing next to us with one hand on Elaine's back and the other playing with Elaine's tits that were hanging down.

After several minutes Audrey knelt down in front of Elaine and started eating her pussy. Our chins were almost touching when Audrey grabbed my rock hard dick and slowly stroked it. We licked Elaine's ass and pussy vigorously. Elaine had her head on the edge of the bed with her ass up in the air.

She was moving her hips back and forth. "No one has ever licked my ass before." she moaned. Elaine pushed her ass back on my face as I tongued her. Soon she moaned loudly and convulsed as she had a massive orgasm. She then slowly straightened up and turned around.

On our knees Audrey and I just looked up at her. "It's time for what I came over here for." Elaine breathlessly said as she reached into her gym-bag and pulled out a flesh colored 7" dildo that was in a leather harness. It looked just like a real dick with balls.

Audrey helped her strap it on. "Suck on it. Both of you." Elaine commanded. Elaine stuck it in Audrey's mouth and deeply fucked her mouth. I watched awestruck. "Your turn." Elaine said as she turned to me. This was new to me. Licking ass or eating pussy I could do but sucking a dick? Even if it wasn't real I had no experience at it. I opened my mouth and the dildo pushed in. Elaine was forceful and the balls were soon hitting my chin. I gagged some but overcame it.

I looked up at Elaine with the fleshy dildo in my mouth. She had a devilish smile on her face as she fucked my face with her tits swinging wildly. I couldn't help myself and started to masturbate. Audrey spotted it immediately. "Stop him." she said to Elaine. Elaine pulled the fleshy dildo out of my mouth and bent over to me face to face."NO!" she said and lightly slapped my face. Audrey looked at Elaine 'It's time." Audrey pulled me to standing.

Elaine pushed me onto the bed. I was lying face-down looking back at them. Elaine climbed on the bed behind me and pulled my hips up. Audrey jumped onto the bed and was kneeling by my head. Elaine was rubbing some kind of oily substance onto the dildo.

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I suddenly realized what was going to happen. I could feel the fleshy dildo head touch my anus. Elaine wasn't wasting time as she pressed steadily into my ass. I could feel the head go in.

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Surprisingly there was little discomfort or pain as she worked it back and forth deeper into my ass. Soon I felt the front of Elaine's thighs touching the backside of my thighs as she had the dildo balls deep into my asshole.

I reached back and felt the dildo balls as they touched my own balls. Elaine pulled out then back in. Slowly at first, but soon Elaine was pounding my ass and I was loving it. After several minutes they rolled me over onto my back. Elaine on her knees put my legs over her shoulders as she continued fucking my ass.

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Audrey grabbed my dick and started masturbating me. Her hands felt like velvet vise-grips. I wasn't going to last much longer. " May I cum?" I gasped to Audrey. "Yeah baby! Cum for mama. Show Elaine how far you can shoot." Audrey panted. That was all I needed to hear and shot a massive load all over my stomach, chest, my face, and Audrey's hands. Elaine pulled out of my ass leaving me wanting it back in. Audrey started rubbing her titties in my cum Elaine joined her.

After their titties were covered in my cum they started making out with their cum coated titties rubbing against each other's titties. I could only watch as they started licking the cum off each others tits.

After a few minutes they stopped and Elaine got dressed. Elaine came over to me and kissed me on the forehead and then left out the door. I was too spent to help Audrey dress so she dressed herself. As she was leaving she picked up the envelope that Elaine had left and pulled out one hundred dollars "I going to leave you some spending money. I won't be here tomorrow, but will be the next day." And with that she left.

Wow I thought how nice of her.