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ONE SHOT Power Rangers Megaforce Pink Ranger/Red Ranger. Its half an hour after their infiltration into the enemy's base. They managed to take down all foot soldiers that they meet along the hallway sneakily. Thanks to Jake, The Black Ranger, they managed to turn off all the security camera for an hour.

Their objective was to find the canon that Admiral Malkor is building and destroy it. They spread into two groups, Emma (Pink Ranger) with Troy (Red Ranger) looking at the east side, while the rest looking at the west side. Both of them are in their ranger suit. Walking sneakily as they look at every corner. Emma keep looking back to watch out for upcoming enemy if there is any.

Being in that ranger suit, Troy can see her curvy body as the spandex pink and white suit sticks to her skin.

She have a nice figure, her breasts are almost flat with that suit, though Troy did admit that they look bigger when Emma in casual clothes.

Her ass are so rounded and juicy. He feels like groping her whenever he see her from behind. Luckily, his will to hold himself as a team leader managed to not do that. He also admits that under the helmet Emma have that cute Asian looks somewhere in her face, but he didn't know where to point. Their exploration leads them to a locked door. Troy take out a device that Jake gave to them to open any electronic door.

With a press of a few buttons, the door opens. "Go…" Troy said as he give Emma the signal. Emma look back for the last time before walk into the room. Hoping it is the right room with the canon. Troy follows after her and the door automatically closed behind them. Both of them look at each other.

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Then they look around. The room doesn't have much. It's like any other room they entered before, dim, alien's electronic stuffs on the walls, some weird techno decorations here and there but there is one thing that is different than the other room.

In the middle of the room, there is a bed. A queen sized bed. "Wow… I guess we found a bedroom…" Emma said as she walk around, looking at the bed. Who knows it's a monster in disguise. Troy nodded. "I don't think the cannon is here, let's go…" Troy said as he walk towards the door. He take out the device again and use it on the door. But this time nothing happens. "What is it?" Emma said as she started to feel weird when Troy takes too much time to open the door.

"I… I don't know… The door just won't open…" Troy replied as he try again. "Here… Let me" Emma said as she takes the device from Troy's hand. No use. The door still closed. They look at each other. Before any of them could response, bright light turned on by itself.

Both of them quickly turn around, expecting danger. The room is now brightly lit. Now they can see there are actually cameras around the room. A hologram screen appears in front of them and they can see Admiral Malkor face on the screen. "Welcome!! Welcome to my humble palace…As expected, you fall into my trap…" he said in his gritty voice. "What do you want Malkor??" Troy asked as both of the rangers are in their ready battle positions.

Malkor laughs all out. "Glad you asked!! You see, I have the rest of your team members here…" He said as another hologram screen come out of nowhere. And they can see that the other rangers are chained up and being whipped by foot soldiers.

All three of them are screaming and pain. "Jake!!! Gia!!! Noah!!!" Troy and Emma shouted but its no use. There is no way they can hear them. Troy look at Malkor back angrily. "You bastard!! Let them go!!!" Troy said as he clenches his fist tight. He can feels his power focused there.

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Yet Admiral Malkor just laughs. "Of course I will… But, I need something from you two…" He said as he look at Emma and Troy.

"What is it??" Emma asked as she can't stand hearing their friends being tortured like that. "Do you see the bed? I purposely choose the biggest size of the bed in your planet for your comfort… So thoughtful right?" He asked in riddles. "Stop it!


Just say what you want!!" Troy shouted as Malkor. "I want&hellip. I want you two to have sex with each other… And give me your baby…" Admiral Malkor said in a serious voice. Both Emma and Troy shocked hearing that. "Stop joking around! Release our friends!!" Troy shouted louder as Emma realized that Troy's fist had loosen up a bit.

Is Troy…? "I told you how rangers, you have to choose it yourself… And one more thing, I need you guys to breed with your suits on, it will channels your power to her womb, combining both of your power…Though I don't think it won't hurt if you take off your helmet… and a few tears here and there…" Admiral said as he laughs looking at the ranger's reaction.

Before they can react, the screen disappears. Leaving only the screen showing their friends being tortured with their screams filling up the room .

"Get started and I will stop the torture, get her pregnant and I will release your friends…" a voice echoed the room. Emma and Troy look at each other. "We… don't have much choice right?" Emma said as she look at Troy. Troy punches the door a few times with his full strength but the door did not even scratch. "Fuck it!!! I don't want to do that to you Emma!!" Troy said in disgrace.

Emma takes his hand. "Don't do it for me, do it for them" she said. Troy look at her. Knowing she is right. He hesitates but Emma pulls his hand slowly. Both of them walk to the bed and the screams stopped. The screens shows that the torture had stopped and their friends are gasping in pain. The screen then disappears. Troy and Emma just sits on the bed.

Looking at each other. "Do you really want to do this?" Troy ask again, reassuring. Emma nodded. "Yes…" she then takes off her helmet, releasing her black wavy hair that later falls on her shoulders, covering her pink shiny spandex suit. Troy then do the same. Both of them looking at each other now.

They put their helmets down. "I am so sorry… It was my idea to come here…" Troy said in a regretful voice. Emma smile bitterly. "Hey, don't be like that, it was everyone's agreement remember?" She said as she takes Troy's hands and put it on her face. "Now, let's make a baby?" She said as their eyes meet.

Their face leans closer before their lips meet. Troy can feels how soft and wet Emma's lips is, maybe because her lipstick? Troy wonders. Their lips pressed more as Emma's hands starts to wrap around Troy's head. Their lips becomes tighter as Emma started to let her tongue out, taken by Troy's lips. Their breath becomes heavier as wet kissing noises filled up the empty room. Troy's hands now on Emma's waist, still doubt if he really should do this.

Emma knows that, then she takes his hand on put it on her tits. Troy shocked a bit and broke the kisses. As his hand still on Emma's breast. "You, don't like it?" Emma asked a bit worry. "No! Its just, I never thought, you have such a nice tits…" Troy replied.


His hand started to massage Emma's tits out of her latex suit. Feeling the roundness and the juiciness of her breast. Emma pulls Troy's head back and kisses him this time, lustfully. Troy tightens his hand around Emma's waist and pulls her closer to him.

Slowly Troy pushes Emma down on the bed as their bodies pressed on each other, separated by those thin latex suit that now they realize kind of shows their body.

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"Ohh Troy, you always wanted me right?" Emma moans in kisses. Her face blushed as their look into each other eyes. "Since the first time you morph, Emma…" Troy confessed before he kissed her again. His hands now wonders around Emma's body more. He never really realize that Emma have such a curve around her waist. Guess he had been a good friend and not ogling her friends.

As his other hand reaches her breast again and massaging them, feeling the tenderness of her breasts. "I wish I could take off your suit…" Troy said as he kisses Emma's neck. "You could tear them though…" suggest Emma, remembering the conditions from Admiral. Troy smile a bit. He grab the spandex at the breasts part, and tear it off with one strong pulls. Releasing Emma 38C breasts out. Troy eyes widens seeing that, "I didn't know that the suit hides your breasts".

"It is convenient, it is hard you know fighting with these on your chest bobbling around…" Emma tease. Troy smile before he dived himself into Emma chest. Her body lifted as she feels Troy's warm wet tongue around her naked juicy breasts.

Troy kisses them, fondles them, licking them with such a lust he never feel before. His hand massages the breast as the other wraps around Emma's body and pulls her tight to him. "Ohh Troy… ahhh that feels good…" Emma's moans filled up the room as Troy keep sucking her breasts. Her hands brushes his head as she closes her eyes, enjoying the sensation from Troy. Her nipples are erected and easily teased by Troy's tongue. His tongue runs all over Emma's nipple making Emma moans cutely.

"That tickles…" She said. Troy then sucks her nipples hard, making her body arched in pleasure being pulled by Troy's mouth. She grab the bed sheet tight as she enjoys the sensation more than she ever felt before.

Then she feels Troy's mouth change to her another tits. The same sensation flooded in, making her moans louder.

Both of them enjoys the scene for long, before Troy pulls his head and kisses Emma on the lips again. Emma's hands moved around Troy's body and found what she have been looking for, a bulge between his legs.

A hard thick fat bulge. Emma bite her lips as she push Troy aside so now Troy is the one who is laying down. "My turn" Emma rise and get on her four with her face on the bulge.

She channels her superhuman strengths on her hands and ripped off Troy's white spandex pants, releasing an 10 inch fat veiny thick cock. Emma eyes widens in shock and amazement on his size. "Wow…" That's the only thing that Emma could say before she wraps her gloved fingers around his huge meat.

Troy look at her as she strokes his cock in amazement and awe, there is some precum leaking at the tips and Emma plays it with her thumb. She bites her lips before she stroke all his cock up and down. "No wonder you're the red ranger…" She said as she keep stroking it.

Before Troy could reply, she take out his tongue and give Troy's cock a long lick on the shaft. "Shit Emma! Ahh that's feels good!" Troy said as she look down at Emma.

Her beautiful comrades who before this fight alongside with him. Now on his cock licking it like a whore. She keep licking his cock, loving how it taste, before she plays her tongue on the head, while her hand still stroking the 10 inch shaft.

Troy is still moaning as she keep teasing him. Then she put her cute lips on the tips, before take his cock into her mouth. Troy groans harder as he feels such a warm wet feelings surrounded his cock. He had received a blowjob before but this is different.

Emma look at Troy's face as she started to move her head up and down, giving a fucking motion to Troy's cock. Emma couldn't take all his shaft, so her hand strokes the rest of his cock as she suck it hard. "Ohh Emma…" Troy groans as she keep giving him the best blowjob a pink ranger could give. Her tongue wraps around his cock as she moves faster.

Her saliva drooled on her chin and his shaft, but that's only add the naughtiness to both of them. Emma keep up the pace and makes the wet slurping noises as she moves. Troy could feel his balls is twitching and his cock is pulsing.

Emma realized that and pulls her head off. She smiles at him. "No you won't…" She said as she grab his cock hard.

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Troy bite his lips as his face blushed. Emma chuckles as she released his cock and climbed back on the bed. "Put it in me now, Troy…" She spreads her latex wrapped legs and pulls her tight skirt up a bit, showing him her mount between her legs, ready to be fucked. Troy blood rushes all around his body. He tears her pants with a single hand.

Making holes at the pussy area. Revealing her sweet pink young tight pussy, with her hard clit erected under the hood. Troy positioned himself between Emma's legs. He look back at Emma. Such a beauty, and sexy. With her breasts poked out of her pink suit, and those tight latex that shows her body figure, curvy and so luscious.

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He grab his cock and aim it to her pussy. He brushes his wet tips on her lips. Making her body arched and shocked by the sudden touch there. She look at him with his red ranger suit still intact apart of his cock sticking out, she bites her lips. "Fuck me, red ranger…" She said teasingly.

Troy smiled as he pushes his cock into Emma. Emma moans and groans as she feels her pussy being spread by such a massive cock. She holds Troy's shoulder tight as Troy keep pushing his meat, impaling her in such a tight hole.

"Ohh troyyyy!" Emma moans loud, echoing the room as Troy keep pushing until his cock reaches the end. Emma moans as her pussy throbs and squeeze Troy's cock tight. Troy do not wait long before he makes his move. He pulls his cock back and push it in. Making Emma's body moves with his force.

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Emma grab the bed sheet tight, as she still adjusting with his size in her. She bites her lips as the pain started to subside down. Feeling his cock in and out of her pussy slowly. "ohh fuck Emma you're so tight…" Troy groans as he moves his cock in and out in a faster pace, feeling its hard to move with her pussy clenching on him so tight. Both of them moans and groans as Troy fasten his pace. They can hear the wet naughty noises by their private parts down there as Troy starts to thrust his cock faster into Emma's pussy.

Troy pushes Emma's legs wide as he moves his hips. Emma bite her lips as she moans in pleasure. He breasts moves every time Troy's cock penetrates her pussy. "Ahh yess yesss…" Troy holds her shoulder as he now fucking her deep, hard and fast. Emma could feel his cock's veins brushes with her pussy's walls. Giving such an erotic friction for both of them. Then Troy turns Emma's body around, her ass facing him this time.

Though still wrapped in those latex suit, Troy still could see her bubbly rounded ass shaped perfectly.

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Emma wiggles her ass teasing him to keep fucking her. Troy snapped from his awe and give Emma a spank. Making Emma moans both in pain and pleasure.

Then Troy started to fuck her furiously. Emma bends more accepting Troy's cock. Its such as his cock is still growing inside her. It is because of the power? Emma thought.

Troy becomes more consumed by lust as he grab both of Emma's jiggling breasts as he fucks her fast. "Ahh ahh troyyy ahhhh" Emma blushed as she feels Troy becoming more rough and hard. And somehow she likes that.

She closed her eyes enjoying her pussy and breasts being ravaged by her own team leader. She moans in pleasure as she moves her ass against Troy's motion. Giving more and more pleasure to both of them.

"Im cumming Emma" Troy whisper at Emma's ear as he fuck her from behind. Emma nodded. "Cum in me, Troy. Give me our baby… ahh ahhh" Emma moans, feeling turned on saying that.

Loving the idea of being breed. A kink she never thought of having before. She bites her lips as she look back, looking at Troy who now have his hands on her waist, grabbing her belt. As he fucks her tight pussy mercilessly from behind. She can feels Troy's cock is pulsing hard and so does her pussy. Her juices had been drooled more and more. And the intense fuck is really makes her pussy feels good. "Ahhh yess Troyyy ahhh" she moans.

"Im cummingg!!!" Troy moans hard and loud as he give Emma a last hardest thrust into Emma's pussy, slamming Emma's womb hard as he shoot his hot thick creamy loads into her pussy. At the same time her body jerks in pleasure, releasing her own bursts of climatic naughty juices all over his cock. Her body arched in pleasure as she moans.

She can still feel his cock in her twitching and shooting more and more cum in her. They pants as they catches their breath from such an orgasm and intense fuck. Troy then pulls his cock out. Shocked at the color of his cum leaking out from Emma's pussy. Its red, mix with pink… But he knows its not blood. Is this what Admiral Malkor wants? Is this the result of a sex from power rangers? Emma falls on the bed with her body still recovering from the power sex.

Breathing heavily. "We did what you want, now release our friends…" Troy said to one of the camera. "No can do rangers…" A screen that shows the face of Admiral Malkor appears again. "What?? Why??

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We did what you want!!!" "Nope, I said I want your baby…" the evil moth Admiral replied. "But, it will takes 9 months to get that baby!!! Plus why would I give it to you??" Troy shouted at the screen. "Then you have to stay here that long then, don't worry about your friends, they are having their own fun…" he said as another screen appears. Showing that Gia is being fucked by Noah while his mouth stuffed with Jake's cock.

His eyes widens. Knowing that they are enjoying themselves. "That's the bad news, the good news is, you can fuck your pink ranger as much as you want in this 9 months… hahaha…" Admiral voice echoed around the room before both of the screen disappears.

Troy look at Emma who is asleep on the bed. Her legs spreaded with their cum leaking all over the bed. Perhaps, this is not so bad&hellip. THE END