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Hottest black girl in porn fucked silly adrian maya amateur teen
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My Asian Treat Pt.7 Kaykos Exercise Routine I will admit that we were both pretty tired after the heavy round of sex we had just finished having. Kayko was all sweaty and still breathing hard with the occasional spasm of mini residual orgasms rippling through her. I was rather satisfied myself.


I rolled off Kayko and lay down beside her, giving her the opportunity to stretch out her legs. "Damn, that was good," I sighed out heavily while trying to catch my breath.

Kayko rolled on her side to face me, "So is it always going to be like this when you get a new account?" The smile on her face said she liked what had just happened. "Sweetie," I answered while playing with one of her long pony tails, "I could do that with you every day!" Kayko smiled before leaning over and giving me a kiss.

"I hope so," she replied while grasping my softened cock in her hand, "Because I really like this." With that she wiggled my dick back and forth and giggled. "It's all yours honey," I replied before pulling her onto me and kissing her deeply. To say that I was getting comfortable around Kayko would be an understatement. I was starting to look forward to seeing her as much as possible, and I missed her when I was away.

Kayko had a hold on me, and I don't just mean by my dick! She was steadily occupying a bigger and bigger place in my heart. As we laid there on the floor gathering our senses, I was imagining what it might be like to have Kayko for my own. She had already told me that she was mine to do with as I pleased, but I was starting to wonder just how far that meant.

As she rested her head on my chest I could not think of anywhere else I would rather be. And at that moment, I think I fell in love with her. Watching her trace the outline of my skin with her delicate finger revealed that she was really in to me.

All I knew, at that moment, was that she was the most arousing and incredible woman I had met. After almost 20 minutes of resting Kayko lifted her head, "I will go and prepare our bath." "Do you need help?" I asked while Kayko stood up, propping myself up on my elbows.

"No. Stay here, I will be back for you." She gave me one more kiss before turning and walking out of the room.


I had to ask. It was the polite thing to do. Besides, I still was not completely used to her doing everything for me. Granted, it is nice to have things done for you, but I was not getting into this to have my own slave. I considered Kayko as an equal. A 5 foot 2 inch, 105 pound, absolutely gorgeous equal! I also saw her as a woman that I truly enjoyed spending time with out of the sack.

It was only a matter of time before I was going to say something; I just wanted the timing to be right. I was looking forward to bath time today as I lay back down on the mat. It was going to feel good after being all sweaty. Kayko had a way of turning a normal everyday task into something very erotic and sexy, and being bathed by such a beautiful and caring woman was a genuine treat.

Kayko returned a few minutes later still naked. "Our bath is ready," she said as she gestured for me come with her. Following Kayko down the hall was always a treat in and of itself. I enjoy watching her tight little ass "wink" back and forth at me while we walked. With her long pony tails licking at the top of her butt, I just had to reach out and grab a handful of ass. Kayko let out a little squeal of surprise as I squeezed the firm flesh under my hand.

"Nice," I commented while keeping in stride with her. Kayko responded by reaching behind her back and catching my dick in mid swing. "Yea, but this is better," she giggled while looking over her shoulder at me with a shit eating grin. I let her lead me down the hall and into the bathing room by my dick, thoroughly enjoying her soft hand wrapped around my shaft.

At times Kayko reminds me of a kid in a candy store. She certainly enjoys my body and the things I am able to do to her. And believe me; I definitely enjoy her body and her extremely talented pussy. Making her feel good to the same degree that she pleases me had become an unsaid guideline for me. Granted, I am no super human lover or anything like that, but I do take a certain satisfaction in making a woman's toes curl up.

And Kayko is by far the most responsive than any woman that I have had the pleasure of. My time with Kayko could only be described as one thing, bliss. After Kayko had washed us both and we were in the hot pool in our usual position, Kayko sitting balls deep on my dick and milking me slowly, I felt compelled to ask her a few questions.

"Sweetie," I asked while running my hands up and down her torso, "what do you want to do?" Kayko smiled and squeezed my dick firmly with her pussy, "I want to make love to you all the time," she said before leaning forward and giving me a kiss. "No, I mean what do you want to do with your life, your degree, what do you want to do in the future?" Kayko paused for a moment, though she never once slowed at milking me, before she answered, "I would like to have a career of some kind, and I want to be a mother." But then she leaned forward and looked me directly in the eyes, "But I would gladly forgo all of that for you." Grasping both of her breasts in my hands I then posed the question, "So you would want to come to America and be with me?" The smile that came across her face was warm and accepting.

"Yes I would." she replied. "What about your family? You would not be able to see them for long periods of time." I could tell my question had some weight to it because she did not answer immediately. Kayko leaned forward and rested herself against my chest, hugging me tightly while grinding her pussy down hard onto my dick.

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"They will be fine," she replied while spooning her neck against mine, "And so would I." I hugged Kayko against me in the hot water, savoring the feeling of her smooth skin against every part of me she touched.

And her tight little pussy was really doing a job with my dick.

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I'll bet she felt like she had a piece of titanium steel stuck inside her. Changing the subject I said to her, "Sweetie that feels so good." Kayko sat up and smiled really big at me while changing the tempo of the sucking action of her pussy.

"I learned this just for you," she said while adding a little hip roll to her actions. "Well it certainly is fabulous," I replied while giving her tits a firm squeeze. "Thank you. But I need to go and do my exercises for today," and she started to dismount from my engorged member. "Can I come and watch?" I asked while she waded to the side of the pool and stepped out. "Yes." After we dried and Kayko dressed us we headed out toward Kaykos place at the back of the property.

I held Kaykos hand as we walked in the shade of the cherry trees and past the beautiful flower beds. "So you take care of all of this?" I queried while gesturing to the splendor around us. "Hy," she replied as we approached her house. "That is my morning task. In the afternoon I exercise." "By all means," I replied as I sat down on the edge of her back porch, "don't let me interfere." Kayko excused herself and stepped back inside her house. As I sat I looked around the yard.

It was just as immaculate as the rest of the grounds even though it had several different exercise locations spread around. A few moments later Kayko reemerged from the house. She was still tying her hair back into one great big pony tail as she stepped off the porch and into a clear open spot in the yard.

She was also wearing a loose fitting mid-thigh length robe that was tied in the front with a black belt. Once she was in place she paused and bowed her head. I sat quietly as she began a slow and rhythmic series of moves. First to the right, then to the left, she stretched her arms and legs in a simulated fighting posture.

(I will tell you guys now that she was practicing the Japanese art of Budo. An exercise that not only works on the physical aspect of oneself, but also attention to the mind and how one should develop oneself) For 15 minutes I watched Kayko move gracefully back and forth, flowing from one position to another.

It was almost hypnotic. Every move was precise, and each position was held for a few seconds before moving on to the next. I could see why her legs and arms were so toned now that I watched her. I also enjoyed the way her robe would open and close, giving me numerous looks at her naked pussy underneath.

Many of the moves looked to be a little painful; especially when she lowered herself all the way to the ground in a split. Her flexibility truly amazed me. By the time she was done she had a few drops of perspiration on her forehead.

As she walked over to me she removed her robe, revealing my beautiful Asian doll in all her naked glory. She didn't say a word as she hung the robe on a wooden peg above my head before turning and walking over to the little platform to the left with the 5 strangely shaped dumbbells on it. She took the smallest one and set it away from the others. After positioning her feet on either side, she slowly scooted her feet farther and farther apart until she was standing like a sumo wrestler.

She paused for just a few seconds before squatting down onto the wooden peg that stuck straight up from the top, taking all 5 inches inside until her spread pussy lips rested on the narrow center at the top.

As soon as she was all the way down she stood up, picking up the wooden dumbbell using just her internal muscles. I just sat there like an idiot with my mouth hanging open as she did this. When she was standing fully upright with her legs together I was able to see the advantage of the hourglass design.

It allowed for the weight to be carried without the interference of her legs, meaning that she had to carry its full weight with just her pussy! Kayko looked at me and smiled, a little giggle escaping her lips. I think my mouth was still hanging open. She then walked over to the long, low, skinny table in the center of the yard. The small dumbbell twisted back and forth with each step but did not slide out an inch. Standing at the foot of the table Kayko spread her feet apart and started to straddle the table.

She took one step forward before lowering herself down until the small dumbbell rested on the table top. She stood up, leaving the dumbbell behind, until her legs were straight. She then squatted back down and picked the dumbbell up with her pussy again. She took one step forward and repeated the process. Down, leave the dumbbell, stand up, squat down, and pick up again. She repeated this same pattern until she had worked her way all the way down the table.

My guess is the table is about 10 feet long, so it took her about 14 repetitions to make it to the other end. With the last rep finished she walked back over to the small platform and squatted down, leaving the small dumbbell on the ground.

She then got the next larger one in size and repeated the whole process again. By the time she had worked her way up to the biggest one she had been at this, nonstop, for almost 45 minutes.

I was very impressed. The largest dumbbell seemed to really give her a workout. When she stood up for the first time I could see her pussy being pulled downward toward the ground by its weight.

She also did not walk as fast over to the long table. As she straddled the table her movements were considerably slower and more deliberate, but she never once dropped it. Slowly and steadily she worked her way down the table in a steady series of moves. When Kayko finished the last rep with the largest dumbbell and started to walk back over to the platform where she had started I called her over.

"Can I see that?" I asked while pointing the dumbbell between her legs. "Yes," she replied while spreading her feet apart.

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I reached down between her legs and placed my hands underneath it. I was not expecting it to be so heavy! When Kayko let go with her muscles and the dumbbell dropped into my waiting hands I was shocked. It must have weighed 15 pounds! "Holy shit!" I exclaimed as I struggled to get a hold of it without dropping it, "How much does this weigh!" "I don't know what it weighs in pounds," she replied while taking it from my hands, "but it does weigh 8 kilos." I quickly did the math in my head.

At 2.2 pounds per kilo that means it weighed 17 pounds! "No wonder you can grip me so well!" I exclaimed as she walked over to the platform and set the weight down. Kayko smiled at me as she walked back over to the long table. "I have lifted more," she commented while reaching into the box on the far side of the table. "I use this for maximum strength training," she said while producing a 5 inch long phallus that was rounded on the top and had a hook on the bottom.

Kayko inserted the lone wooden peg until about half an inch still stuck out of her with the hook turned sideways. With it positioned she reached down toward the box and produced a short rope that was about a foot long but connected to the sides of the box.

Kayko squatted down until the rope could be hooked into the hook. With the rope hooked in place she closed her eyes and took several deep breaths, holding her hands together in front of her like she was praying. When she opened her eyes she took a deep breath and began to straighten her legs. I could see the muscles in her thighs tighten and her face took on a determined strain as she slowly started to rise.

The box steadily come up from the ground as her legs straightened out, giving me a look at its contents. It was full of rocks! Kayko pressed her lips together tightly and her eyebrows furrowed as she strained to lift the weight, the muscles in her legs tightening up like steel bands.

After several seconds she straightened her legs out completely and stood there with the box dangling between her legs. This was, by far, the most impressive display I had ever seen! Kayko placed her hands on her hips and stood motionless, not allowing the phallus to pull out even a millimeter. Beads of sweat popped up on her forehead as she remained under the constant strain. And what truly got to me was that she was doing this, voluntarily, for me!

For almost 5 minutes she stood completely still before slowly starting her decent to the ground. When the box rested firmly on the ground and the rope went just a little bit slack, she paused for a minute, taking several deep breaths.

Again she stood up slowly, her legs shaking slightly under the strain, until she was standing with her legs completely straight. The box swung slightly between her legs as she again stood motionless. She repeated this 10 times before lowering box back to the ground. When the box was again resting on the ground she unhooked the rope and dropped it inside.

As she stood up, stepping away from the box she pulled the wooden phallus from inside her and dropped it into the box behind her. "That is how I practice maximum strength training," she commented while stepping over toward me. I was flabbergasted.

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As she took her robe from the wooden peg and began to dry her forehead I stepped over to the wooden box. It must have had 10 or 20 stones in it of various sizes.


I bent down and grasp the sides of the box. "Holy shit!" I exclaimed as I lifted the box several inches off the ground before setting it back down. "This must weigh 30 pounds!" "I'm not sure," she replied as she walked over to me, "It weighs around 15 kilos." I looked over at her with almost disbelief. If I had not seen it with my own eyes I would not have believed it. Kayko was smiling up at me as my gaze went from her face to her crotch and then to the box several times.

I didn't know what to say, she had really amazed me. I bent down and gave her a kiss while cupping her pussy in my right hand.

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"Thank you sweetie." Kayko smiled back at me as I pulled my face away and removed my hand. In an instant I felt her delicate fingers caress the rock hard boner I was sporting through my slacks. "I'm glad you approve," she mused while giving my cock a bit of a squeeze with her hand. "If I may finish my exercises I'll come back and take care of this." She smiled and gave my cock another squeeze. "I can hardly wait" I replied while motioning with my hand for her to go to her next exercise.

I resumed my seated position on the edge of her porch and watched silently as Kayko went to the tall A frame horse to the right. I kept thinking how fortunate I was to have such a wonderful woman doing such incredible things just to please me. As she sat on the wooden floor under the A frame, strapping her ankles onto the ends of the spreader pole, I noticed the stone phallus was sitting on the deck next to me where she had left it from the day before.

With her ankles firmly strapped in Kayko began pulling on the rope. With each pull her legs raised up from the floor. She would scoot her ass back a little and pull again, raising her legs higher. It took her several pulls until she was hanging upside down by her ankles with her head only an inch or so off the ground. Satisfied by the height she brought the rope over to the cleat where she quickly tied it off. Now fully suspended, she looked to her left to find the stone phallus.

"Loose something?" I mused while walking across the yard with the stone phallus in my hand. Kaykos head spun around quickly to see me approaching with the object. "Hy." she responded with an upside down nod of her head. She reached up with her hand to get the stone but I casually put it behind my back, clasping my hands together. "Let's see what we have here," I said as I stepped up to my upside down beauty.

Even though she was hanging upside down, her pussy was still at the same height off the ground as if she were standing. I bent over at the waist and lowered my head between her wide stretched legs. The insides of her thighs and her partially dilated pussy lips were bathed in the bright afternoon sunlight.

"Hmm," I said as I looked down at her, "Looks like pussy to me." Before Kayko could say a word I lowered my mouth and began licking and sucking on her tender gash. At first contact she gasped, grabbing on to my lower legs to steady herself. It was a great position for me because her legs were out of the way and she was spread wide open.

It kind of reminded me of sitting at the dinner table with my meal spread out in front of me. Kayko began moaning as I licked and sucked away at her delicious pussy. When I brought my right hand around and stuffed two fingers down into her, she let out a loud gasp and clenched my lower legs so tightly that she almost knocked me over. Her pussy was absolutely sopping wet and my fingers squished and slurped as I wiggled them in and out and all around inside her.

I dug them in deep too, her pussy or legs unable to slow the insistent probing. Kayko began blurting things out in Japanese, English, and some hybrid language that I don't think really exists.

Her legs began shaking and her body began to spasm back and forth as my fingers and tongue continued their assault on her defenseless gash. As I pulled my mouth away to look down at her face she came in a large fountain of semi clear cum, grunting loudly as her body spasmed. The squirt reached as high as her knees before cascading down all over her wide spread crotch.

I quickly began licking up as much of it as I could, sticking my tongue inside to get any residual pool that might still be left. Kayko was breathing very hard, and her grip began to wane on my legs.

I pulled my fingers from inside her and looked down at her face. She was bright red! All the blood was rushing to her head from being upside down. I stepped around behind her and bent over between her legs, reaching down to grasp her hands. With a firm hold I pulled her up. Kayko bent at her hips until she was able to grab the spreader bar with both hands, this left her in the position of having her hands and feet at the same height with her legs spread wide apart.

"Wow," she exclaimed while trying to catch her breath, "that was incredible." "You like that?" I asked while pulling on the rope to raise her up a little.

"Oh yes!" she exclaimed with a big smile on her face. I knelt down and looped the excess rope around the cleat before standing back up. With the added height her pussy was now at the same height as my dick, which I slowly extracted from the confines of my slacks.

Kayko looked down at my throbbing rock hard member as I stepped forward, aiming it into her dripping pussy. I pushed just the head in and stopped, looking up at her face. Kayko looked up at me with a wonton lustful look in her eyes.

"Please Mike, don't make me wait," she pleaded while licking her lips. I eased another inch inside her and stopped again. I could feel her trying to pull me inside her with her muscles but I don't think she had a good enough grip.

Her tight little box squeezed and sucked at the head of my dick as I just stood motionless. "Please Mike!" She was almost begging. With one firm thrust I was balls deep inside her, our pelvic bones colliding with the force of my thrust. Kaykos mouth formed a perfect O as the head of my dick planted firmly into her cervix.


I don't think I had ever been so deep inside her before as right now. As soon as my dick stopped its forward progress Kaykos pussy clamped down hard, locking my dick in place. "Oh&" was all she was able to utter as she hung, impaled on my dick. Her body twitched back and forth as she relished having me so deeply inside her.

"My goodness," I remarked as I grasp her hips, "My sweetie is deep!" Unable to move at all, she was mine for the taking. And believe me, I took her! Kayko let go of her grip on my dick and I took the queue. I pulled back and began to screw her with long deep strokes, pulling almost all the way out before sliding all the way back in until I could feel my cock head trying to enter her cervix. Kayko gasped each time I "bottomed" out in her.

I reamed out her sweet little hole for a long time, thoroughly enjoying each second. Kayko must have cum 20 times because her sweet juice dripped steadily from the bottom of my nut sack into an ever growing wet spot on the wooden planks beneath my feet. Pussy heaven had left the doors wide open, I thought to myself as I began picking up speed, determined to make a large deposit.

Kayko hung on for dear life as I pummeled away into her, building ever closer and closer to a major orgasm. When my dick started to swell and my movements became more erratic Kayko began to moan very loudly. With 3 more hard thrusts I rammed into her as far as I could, doing my best to put a dent in the top of her head from the inside. The head of my cock was planted firmly at the entrance of Kaykos cervix, ready to pump my seed directly into her womb.

In a flash my dick erupted, blasting stream after stream of boiling hot cum deep into her. With the first shot Kaykos eyes opened up wide, her pussy clamping down hard on my dick, locking me in place. We both spasmed together in blissful release.

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"Oh my!" she gasped as my seed flooded into her, "that's so hot inside me!" I couldn't say anything. I just clung onto her hips as my dick steadily pumped the contents of my balls into her, blasting through the tight opening of her cervix straight into her uterus. "MORE!" she screamed at the top of her lungs, "MORE!!" My body began to quake and spasm as every last drop of sperm I had was injected directly into her baby maker.

I moved my hands up her back from her hips and pulled her toward me. In the blink of an eye Kayko let go of the spreader bar and threw her arms around my neck.

Our embrace was so tight I think we were restricting the amount of air we were getting. Instantly we were kissing passionately, our tongues doing the tango inside each other's mouths. Kayko began massaging my dick with her pussy as the throbbing and pumping began to slowly fade away.

For the next several minutes we kissed like we were trying to eat each other's faces. Hands ran through each other's hair, tongues danced and played, and the fire in our loins slowly began to dwindle.

Finally we parted for air. "My god," I exclaimed in between deep breaths, "that was good!" Kayko nodded in agreement with a huge smile on her face. "I mean that was very good!" I reiterated while kissing her again. "Oh yes!" she replied while giving my dick a nice hard squeeze. "You can do that to me any time you like!" "I think I will," I replied while kissing her all over her face and neck.

"It sure makes me feel good to make you cum like that." I retorted while sucking on her earlobe. "And why is that?" she asked while pulling her face away to look me straight in the eyes, "I enjoy you regardless of what you do." Kayko again squeezed my dick firmly with her pussy.

I paused for a moment, feeling the butterflies swell up in my stomach. "Because," I said as I looked deeply into her dark brown eyes, "I love you." End Pt. 7