Girl with horny holes get them properly screwed by horny lad

Girl with horny holes get them properly screwed by horny lad
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Mikes Daughter's by Gail Holmes Mike was a very influential man; he'd a large export business handed down by his father, with two daughters and a son he considered his family complete. He'd be away most of the weekdays, staying in a hotel in Mayfair a suburb of London. Malcolm his son was a prison governor, he'd worked his way up through the ranks, his daughters well, if you could call them that; one was drop dead gorgeous, the other, well I don't think any man would have like suggesting that she were of his loins.

She didn't even compare with Cinderella's ugly sisters; one might think that if they made eye contact, they'd be turned to stone. Claire the beauty of the two feeling sad for her sister always ignoring her ugliness, she'd never had boyfriends as such, and was envious of Claire with her beautiful figure and stunning looks. Very rarely did she go out, certainly not to nightclubs or any such venue; the thought of going out with Claire, well it would only make her ugliness more prominent, the fat just rolled off her, it's as much as she could do to wipe herself, even her chin was treble.

Claire had made a date to meet up with her brother, in town. Malcolm was a little unsettled by her proposal, not quite understanding her need to see him on his own, he visited their home at least once a week, as to why the cloak and dagger suggestion intrigued him.

"So what's all this about then?" Malcolm questioned as he sat down with Claire, taking the contents of the tray and placing them onto the table. The bistro was a favourite of them both; often they'd visit it, but never in this undercover way. "It's Sammy, I'm worried about her!" Claire replied.

"Worried in what way?" "Well, she's never had a boyfriend; let alone sex! I know she's really craving for it. Often she's asked me what it's like. Ok, she has her arsenal of sex toys, but to be honest they're nothing like the real thing!" Malcolm smiled at this remark. "I take it you've tried them all then?" He quizzed. "I'm not jesting, she really needs a man; I feel really sorry for her!" Malcolm pulled his teacup closer to him as he spoke.

"What are you suggesting, why have you asked me to come here; you want me to offer my services?" Malcolm was now happily married with two children, with his own house. "Not your services as such, it's you're profession that appeals to the problem!" "In what way!" Malcolm replied, taking another sip from his tea.

"Well you have many a man that would jump at the chance to have sex; that I'm sure of?" "If your suggesting what I think you are, how do you propose this to happen. I know she's our sister, but she's not everyman's idea of an attractive girl is she? I can't see any man lusting after her!" "I have a proposal to run past you, I don't know as to what your thoughts would be.

I know she's not attractive by a long chalk, but what I have in mind might just work?" "Claire, forgive me; really even if she was the last woman on earth, and as much as some of my inmates would give their eye tooth for a good sex session, I can't see any of them taking up the offer!" "Please Malcolm hear me out, this suggestion could work.

It's for our sister, she can't help her looks!" "Ok, lead on; let hear this proposal of yours!" He grinned. "You often take prisoners out don't you?" "Only if they've been good boys!" He smiled. "I'm trying to be serious Malcolm. This is a chance for our sister to get laid!" "Sorry!" He replied, trying to keep the grin from his face. "Right you bring him to our house.

But please make sure that he doesn't understand as to where it is!" Malcolm nodded at this implication. " When he gets there he only sees me; I'll be dressed in something alluring. You take him up to the bedroom and then blindfold him, lying him out on the bed; then Sammy comes in and takes over!" "You really think he'd not know the difference between the two of you?

Come on Claire, the guy would sense the difference straight away, he'd only have to touch her and he'd shy away, she's build like a battleship!" "Not if he could be restrained in some way?" "You mean tie him down?" "Well if he couldn't feel her then he'd not recognize the dissimilarity of us both!" "What you're suggesting, yes I can see it working.

But he'd have to have a good insight of you before he was blindfolded. I can see it working this way!" "So if I tied him down and then blindfolded him you'd let us try it?" Claire pleaded. "Doe's Sammy know anything of this?" Malcolm inquired. "Nothing, I've not even suggested it to her. But I sure she'd play along with the idea, if she knew she'd get laid!" "I think it better to say it would be the guy that got laid, he'd have to really imagine it was you working on him, I can assure you of that!" "I understand this, when it's all over and finished with I'd take the blindfold off of him, and it would only be me whom he sees" Claire grinned.

"So you'll do it then?" "You'd better put Sammy wise to the idea!" "She'll not turn it down, if you knew our sister like I do she'll jump at the chance!" Sammy was over the moon with the idea; she didn't even think that the guy would be thinking of her sister at the time. "You'd have to keep quite though!" Claire implied. "Quite!" Sammy questioned. "Sammy, I've heard you with those toys of yours, this will be the real thing!" "Surely the guy will understand that I'm enjoying it, we wouldn't want him to think I'm not taking pleasure from him!

I've heard you when you've brought a fella home?" Claire knew she'd have to leave her sister to it when the time came, even though she sounded more like an animal when she was in orgasm with her toys.

Claire and Malcolm arranged a time for the visit to take place. He'd made sure that Claire had adequate restraints, assuring that the prisoner wouldn't be able to move or do a runner.

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Malcolm could only hope that Claire's inspiration would work, he knew his sister was a fuckable choice of any man, but would he sense the difference.

Sammy could put a guy off sex for life should he have wisdom to know the difference between the two girls. The given day came; Sammy was over the moon, it was agreed that the prisoner would stay the weekend, or at least Saturday and Sunday, Sammy's spare bedroom was not unlike the prison that the inmate was actually residing at, the bed was a single, being of metal framing allowing special restraints to be implied.

Needless to say Sammy was kept absolutely out of view; as both Claire and her brother realised that the man might well deduce something amiss if she'd been allowed within the vicinity. Claire had dressed in the skimpiest mini skirt, with a near see-through blouse, her long blonde hair over one shoulder. As the prisoner entered the house she flaunted herself as she walked around him; his eyes never left her. She could imagine that his cock was restricted within his trousers his look alone enlightened her that he was taking delight in the sight before him.

"Christ! You're a sight for sore eyes!" He stated smiling toward Claire. Claire walked up to him as he stood with his hands securely cuffed behind him. She reached out with her hand clutching his manhood, what she'd assumed had been right his cock was in a strengthened state, even she seemed to melt at the size of the organ she held, thinking of as to how lucky her sister would be, he was an attractive man, looking every bit the lover that he was going to be.

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"So you think you could satisfy me then!" She smiled up into his blue eyes. "Should I have the chance Miss; you can be assured of that!" He smiled with a wanting expression on his face.

Claire began to feel somewhat frustrated, she herself would have liked to take him on, whether it be that she knew he'd no control over himself being held secure by her brother and also cuffed from behind she couldn't tell. "Take him upstairs!" Claire stated with an air of demand in her voice. Malcolm turned the prisoner and headed for the stairway to the bedroom with Claire following close behind "Is this some kind of joke?" The prisoner asked. " I can't believe this in happening?" Once they'd climbed the stairs, Malcolm edged the prisoner into the small bedroom, although not sparsely decorated; it suited the objective admirably.

He moved towards the small bed, gesturing the prisoner to sit. Claire watched as Malcolm removed his handcuffs then pushing him back down onto the bed, the prisoner looked up at him when he took his hands and tied them to the rail each side. "I'd hardly think I'm going to do a runner with her in mind!" He implied with a smile.

Claire moved toward him, lucky for her he was wearing just tracksuit bottoms and a T-shirt, she slowly started to drag the tracksuit bottoms down over his legs; he'd not been wearing underpants; his cock immediately stood up firmly.

Again she felt she was missing out, she turned towards Malcolm as she started to remove her skirt. "I'd be grateful if you would blindfold him, there's no need for him to see any more of me!" She requested.

Once blindfolded Claire knew she'd just have to hold the majestic cock for herself, her fingers just reached around its girth. It was then that Sammy came into the room' she was mesmerised by the sight before her, never had she seen a rampant cock in real terms, pictures or movies yes. She was amazed at the spectacle; Claire was rubbing his cock up and down with her hand.

Malcolm left as soon as he realised that Sammy was getting undressed, that was a sight he didn't need. Sammy moved in beside the bed taking over from Claire as she stepped aside, clutching he's cock in one hand she leaned over taking the raging organ up into her mouth. "Ye God's, hell that feels good!" The prisoner exclaimed, sensing her lips go over the helmet Sammy had never given a blowjob, but she was pleased with his justification.

Nevertheless, she needed this cock like there was no tomorrow and clambered up onto the bed, putting her legs aside his slim body, gradually lowered herself over him. Claire knew that there was no way that her sister could reach between her legs to aid his cock. The matted hair between Sammy's legs was enough to turn any man off; Claire was pleased she'd had the prisoner blindfolded. Taking hold of his cock she aimed it toward her sisters moist pussy as she hovered above it.

Sammy drew in a deep breath as she felt its head enter her; she lowed slowly making sure that her body never made contact with his. She reached out taking Claire by the hand with a broad grin on her face, she wanted to speak but knew better of it. The prisoner sensed her tightness, not realising he was to be her first; he tried to buck his hips but his restraints held him tightly.

Claire felt sure that if the prisoner could sense the scene before him, he'd more than likely throw-up; it was not a pretty one. Sammy's dark matted hair clung to his cock every time she withdrew, her pussy lips were basically flaps where she'd abused herself over the years with her so called toys.

However, Sammy was taking more than enjoyment from him, his cock felt more like a fairies wand inside her, it seemed to touch all the right nerve ends. Orgasm was upon her, placing her hands down each side of him, she eased herself back onto the majestic rod, then let out a low moan, thankfully the prisoner didn't sense the manly tone.

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Suddenly she started to buck her self back and forth in violent movements, making sure that her sizeable arse never made contact with him, her breathing was now becoming laboured with the effort she was propelling on her huge body as she lunged onto his cock. For the restrained prisoner, he was enjoying every minute of it, he had Claire clearly in his mind, he desperately wanted to reach up and caress her body.

Mates back at the jail would never believe his words, what would they give to fuck such a raving beauty; what had he done to deserve such gratification, he couldn't believe as to how tight her pussy held him, it was literally sucking the life's sperm from of him. Trouble was he'd no control over his inner sensations, with such a beautiful girl fucking him at such an alarming rate, knowing only to well he'd blow before very much longer.

He couldn't envisage as to why she wanted him blindfolded, what had she to be so shy about. Sammy sensed the warm fiery spurts that were being pumped up inside her body, but she still continued with her fucking movements, not realising now that the pleasure had turned to the uncomforting sensation that men often have after they have ejaculated. He knew he could say nothing; let her take her pleasures from him, she'd done him proud; he'd been wanking for the last ten years or so.

Slowly his cock waned, sensing its floppiness within her pussy Sammy lifted from it climbing steadily off the bed, aided by Claire. Claire literally had to help her to a chair so that she could get dressed, she was glad when she'd pulled her knickers back on, one could hardly call the panties, more like knickers from rent-a-tent At least now she knew that her sister had had her man; she looked back toward their captive, he's chest heaved with exhaustion.

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When Sammy had left the room Claire ran her hands through her hair as to ruffle it, then went over to remove his blindfold. "Hell Miss, that was really great!" He smiled up to her.

Claire did wonder as to what he's reaction would have been should he have known the truth of the matter. "Glad to hear it!" "Would there be a next time, if so I'm looking forward to it. But why me?" Claire looked down at his cock it suddenly flinched as he spoke, she'd have loved to sit astride him, although ample in size she had much bigger, at this moment in time it would have served her purpose admirably.

"Maybe later, we have to get you fed!" She smiled down at him. Malcolm came back into the room when Claire had left; he looked at his prisoner lying naked on the bed, his cock gradually regaining its strength. "Hell Governor, what did I do to deserve such pleasures, and why me?" "Just you make sure you keep out of trouble and there could be more!" Malcolm replied.

"Of that you can be sure! But why the blindfold Gov, what had she got that I shouldn't see. She not a shemale is she?" Little did he know that Miss Michelin herself had just fucked him?

That was Malcolm's name for her in his own mind. "She's just a little shy if you like, as long as she gave you a good innings I'm sure you're not complaining are you!" "You have it in one Gov!" Sammy was still sitting in the kitchen when Claire came down the stairs. "God sis, how can I ever thank you, well both of you come to that!" "That good then?" Claire smiled. "Much better than I'd have expected, are they all that size?" "More or less, when are you going to take him on again?" Claire mused.

"Well to be honest I still haven't got over the last session, God, he made me sweat!" "Don't go so wild at it, he's here till tomorrow?" "I should like to sleep with him!" Sammy smiled. "Now you know there's no chance of that, who do you think in his mind he was being fucked by?" "Why you of course! But I do see your point! Can I have him again before I go to bed?" "I see why not, but we'll still have to go through the same procedures!" "I understand that fully!" "You'd better go out soon as we'll have to feed him!" Claire implied.

"D'you want a cuppa before you go, I'll have to make him and Malcolm one?" "No, I think a bit of fresh air will help me get my airways back" Malcolm and his charge came back down the stairs about fifteen minutes after Sammy had left. "I'd like to express my thanks Miss, I found it very enjoyable" Claire looked toward Malcolm; he gave her a wink of understanding as to her feelings.

He knew she'd wanted the prisoner herself but there was no way it was possible, he'd know the difference straight away. Best let him continue to think it was Claire he'd fucked. "Lets hope the next time is as good then!" Claire beamed at him. "You can rely on it Miss!" The prisoner smiled. "But why the blindfold?" "No man has ever seen me nude and I don't intend to start now.

How long have you been in Prison?" "Just over ten years, why d'you ask, didn't I give you a good filling then?" Claire wished that she'd have taken his load it was only wasted on Sammy she knew she'd had it, but fucked him through it, something Claire would never have done, if there was one thing she enjoyed about sex it was the filling at the end.

She liked to think her man was deep inside her when this happened, ideally holding his rump, assuring his depth. "You might not have had sex with a woman; however I'll bet you've had plenty of hand jobs?" The prisoner smiled at her remark knowing it to be true. "If it hadn't been for this weekend I think I might have gone the other way, there's plenty of arse fucking I can assure you!" "Ever tried it?" Claire asked with a mocking grin on her face.

"Only once, Christ it's to tight for me. And the last thing I want is some guy blowing his load up my arse!" "I thought they wore condoms the guys that did that?" "If you could get them a Gov?" He turned to Malcolm as he spoke. "Don't bring me into it!

The last thing I want to hear is of the sordid details of your nightlife!" The prisoner ignored his remark turning back to Claire; she was now standing with her back toward him reaching up to one of the cupboards; a better eyeful he couldn't of hoped for. Malcolm didn't know if she was doing it on purpose or not, but it was having an effect on him. Sister or no sister, she was so fuckable it was beyond a joke. "Keep on doing things like that you'll have me to contend with!" Malcolm suggested.

Claire realised that he was talking to her and turned back toward him. "That wouldn't be such a bad idea, I might like it?" Malcolm was surprised by her words, unsure if she really meant it or not "She'll be good and wet after the load I blew up her Gov" The prisoner chuckled. "I'd be good and wet for him anytime!" Claire smiled. "If I didn't know you, I'd deduce you meant it!" Malcolm voiced, hoping for a positive answer. Claire had often lusted after her brother, being a couple of years older than herself he really appealed to her.

When he'd come to their home telling her father that his wife was now with child, her imagination ran wild, she could visualise him blowing that victorious load deep inside his wife's pussy. Even now the thought ran across her mind. "I've never spoken a truer word?" She smiled. The prisoner turned toward Malcolm with a smirk on his face. "There you have it Gov; believe me she a good ride, but don't knock her up, remember she's promised me another helping!" Malcolm knew they'd have to get the prisoner back upstairs, as Sammy would surely walk in any moment.

Claire could see that her brother was willing, but the situation didn't lend itself to their coupling at this present time. "I suppose it will have to be our friend here first; as he said, I've promised him another get-together!" Claire hoped that her brother would read between the lines of her words. Once Sammy was back in the saddle they'd have their chance.

After they'd eaten the prisoner was ushered back upstairs, Malcolm immediately secured him to the bed. Claire quickly removed his tracksuit bottoms; his cock was already swaying to and fro. "Well don't just look at it, sit on it!" The prisoner hailed. Claire was sitting on the corner of the dressing table now her feet on a stool. She would have loved to go and jump on his cock, but for the moment she thought it was wind up time, slowly she spread her knees apart, allowing him just a glimpse of her panties.

The prisoner held his head to one side; the scene was a mite too much for him. "I wouldn't do that if I were you, I'd hate to blow my load just looking at it, and in my position that is very likely!" "I think you can hang on a little longer, the more you're worked up the stronger your cock will be, I prefer a thick cock, the more your blood pumps the chunkier he'll be! Or would you sooner I blindfolded you now?" Movement could be heard on the stairs; Claire knew that it would be her sister.

Malcolm opened the door and poked his head around it. "Will you blindfold him, I think he's getting a little oversexed at the moment!" Claire knew that Sammy would be outside the door waiting for the okay to enter, and with the windup that she'd given the prisoner she didn't want him to blow unnecessary. As soon as Claire came to the door Sammy was in, immediately she started to remove her clothing. Malcolm got out of the room post-haste, that was the last thing he wanted to be confronted with at this moment in time.

He was hoping that Claire was going to be true to her word. Claire knew she'd be needed to guild the cock into the fissure, if one could call Sammy's pussy a fissure; it was more like the Grand Canyon. This time she'd turned facing the bottom of the bed, Claire took hold of the rampant organ guiding successful into her pussy in one go.

Once again Sammy gave out a gasp as she pushed herself back onto it, taking it entire length in one swift movement. Claire had already explained to her sister to take her time with him then it will last longer, well at least she hoped it would, with luck she was now going to get her own length of cock.

"You are sure of this aren't you, I mean it wasn't just for the prisoners benefit?" Malcolm quizzed as Clair came back into her bedroom. "As sure as I have ever been, I wanted this for years!" Malcolm's hand went straight down under her skirt, nibbling his fingers at the elastic at the sides of her panties, Claire held him firmly around the neck as she sensed them enter her. "God, that feels good!" She wheezed. "We'll have to be quick; with pace that Sammy fucks he could blow at anytime!" "That's fine with me, at least we'll have broken the ice, they're will be a next time I hope?" Claire implied kissing him gently on the cheek.

"You could have had it anytime should I have known you we're up for it!" Malcolm edged her back toward the bed, easing her down, he knew there was no time for getting undressed, with one hand he pulled her panties to one side whilst the other undone his flies releasing his cock. Edging forward he butted the helmet up to her pussy lips.

"Hell, Malcolm!" Claire spluttered "Bit bigger than you remember his is he?" Malcolm chuckled. He knew she'd not seen his cock since they'd been young children. Not considering as to its pleasures at the time. "You could say that, it was just unexpected that all, more than likely, after seeing what Sammy's taking at this moment!" Malcolm pushed his cock in deep, he'd wanted this for ages, always envying her boyfriends, and she was as good a fuck as he thought she'd be.

Reaching down he lifted her legs up in front of him; then really started to fuck her in quick time, Claire was straight into orgasm, his cock was so chubby she thought he might tear her, she placed her hand up onto his tummy as if to hold him back, she was a little apprehensive of him going in to deep. "Don't worry so!


Enjoy it; I won't hurt you; you can be sure of that?" Claire relaxed letting him fuck her at his own speed and depth, it was incredibly enjoyable. His cock felt like a thrashing machine, she'd never been fucked at such swiftness, again she came this time it seemed for ages before it gave way, the whole of her body seemed to go rigid. Once through it she felt Malcolm's hands under her. "Come on over onto your knees!" Claire sat up then turned ending up on her knees with her rump facing him.

"God, that feels good," Claire always did prefer it doggy style. "Jesus, I really do envy that Wendy of yours!" Malcolm started fucking her deep; in spasmodic movements lifting her into a high, she'd never experienced orgasms like it, it was almost as if they wouldn't end, each orgasm followed the next, without as much as a rest period, her body tensed, but her pussy relaxed, each movement could be felt as his enormous cock reamed its way in and out of her.

Claire bent her body in an arch type posture with her head held back, spreading her legs as wide as she could assuring aid to Malcolm's stance. Although now she realised that it was too lengthy to except it all, however, what she could administer; was more than pleasurable. Sammy was rocking back and forwards at an alarming rate; although his hands were tied down; the prisoner was clasping both sides of the bed keeping his head from banging on the headboard; never had any woman fucked him like this, she had to be a raving nymphomaniac; he'd couldn't make her out, she was beautiful, he was sure she could have any man, by her methods of fucking it was almost as it she'd not been fucked for years and was taking the opportunity to get as much cock as she could.

Not that he wasn't enjoying it as he was, he'd just wished she could slow down, he tried to lift his hips as to block her thrust, he wanted it gentle now as he was about to cum; he didn't like the way she rode him through orgasm, he preferred to hold deep.

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Claire was on cloud nine, whether in her mind or not she couldn't make out; but she was sure she could smell the odour of pussy, she knew her juices were running thick, there was a hollow sound every time Malcolm withdrew then forced himself back into her.

He went in deep and held; Claire pushed her face into the pillow readying herself; her thoughts went to Wendy her sister-in-law knowing that she herself ought be receiving this download. Swelling could be sensed as his cock thickened as if it wasn't already adequately proportioned. The sensation was good, she gripped the pillow firmly giving out a loud sigh; Malcolm pulled her back on to his cock forcing it as deep as she could take, the awareness was intense, he'd not cum this much in weeks, he let out a low animal like moan.

Engorgement could be sensed, as his cock pumped the bulky load welling it deep inside her pussy, her mind wondered once more; thinking now of her little niece, this is how she had started life, for moments she became broody. "We'd better get back into the other room, heaven knows what's happened if he's cum!" Malcolm implied withdrawing his cock slowly not wanting to cause a mess on the bed.

"God, that was something else Malcolm! That's the most excellent fuck I've ever had; I'm positive Sammy would like a session with you, that I'm sure of" Claire chuckled with a grin "There's little chance of that. She's lucky for what she's getting now; I'd hate to think what that rouge would think if he really knew whom he was fucking!

He laughed Claire opened the door slowly peering around toward her sister, the sight was not short of that of a blubber Whale, her breasts were swing to and fro as she fucked the prisoner, he was lying still beneath, he'd spent at least ten minutes ago. Claire couldn't understand her sister, being cum up was a wonderful sensation, but by the look of it she'd rode through it, there was a look of anguish on the prisoners face, nothing of the enjoyment, that one would of expected. Sammy slowed to a stand still as she finally sensed the cock was limp.

When Sammy slowly removed herself from the bed both girls left the room leaving Malcolm alone with the prisoner. "Well at least you had a good inning for today then?" Malcolm smiled down at the prisoner as he removed the blindfold.

"Gov, I couldn't go through that again the girl is insatiable, I've had some aggressive women in my time but she takes the biscuit.

I don't know what she does but it's more like being fucked by an elephant. To start with it's fine; but as time goes by she goes into frenzy I don't think I can handle anymore!" "There now, and there's me thinking that you were just the man for the job?" Malcolm laughed.

The prisoner looked down at his wilting cock. "I feel as if my cock's been through a mincer, look at it it's all red and puffy! Never have I been fucked so hard, she's an animal! I still can't work out as to why the blindfold" "Don't ask me, women have funny ways sometimes, think yourself lucky that I got you a fuck!" Malcolm replied as he finished untying his hands from the bed. "I am grateful to you for that Gov, it wasn't to bad the last time, but hell she went like a steam train, I didn't think I'd have any skin left this time!" "I take it you enjoyed it then?" Claire asked as her sister sat down at the table.

"Claire I cant tell you just as to how appreciative I am, I have the taste for it now I'll need more; much more. I can understand now as to why you make all those noises when you have a fella home. You'll have to bring me one back the next time!" "Did you feel him cum?" "I didn't notice anything, should I have?" "That's the best part of it, you get a wondrous swelling sensation deep up inside your pussy!" "Felt nothing like that; perhaps he didn't cum, I'm sure that I'd have felt something like that!" "Didn't he give out a moan of any kind?" "Well yes; just before you came into the room as a matter of fact!" "That was when he came then, they always do that, you should have held back, by the sounds of it you fucked him through it again.

You should have held fire then you have felt it, it's a breathtaking experience!" Claire replied standing from the table, sensing she was getting very damp in her panties. "I must go to the bathroom!" she smiled. "Where's Claire?" Malcolm quizzed as he walked into the room. "She's just popped into the bathroom, shouldn't be long!" "How do you feel now?" "Great, I feel as if I could take on a dozen men now I've the taste for it. And thank you I have really enjoyed it today! It's a pity I can't sleep with him tonight!" "You know that's not possible; he still thinks he's screwing Claire!" "I think she was getting a little randy over him, perhaps she should have a session with him, I'm sure she like it!" "Session with who?" Claire inquired as she came back into the room.

Malcolm looked across the room on hearing her voice. "Sammy is feeling somewhat guilty, thinking that you might like a session with our friend upstairs?" He replied.

"You haven't had a boy home for ages!" Sammy implied. "When was the last time you had a good seeing to?" Clair knew there is no way that she could tell her sister it was minutes ago. The prisoner had most likely finished before Malcolm had by the way Sammy was going at him. She noticed the smile on Malcolm's face.

"God, I can't remember now, I'm alright for a bit; don't you worry none!" "You sure about that?" Malcolm said with a silly grin on his face. "You're alright you're married!" Sammy said turning to her brother. "Shouldn't think you'd want a bit one the side with that lovely wife of yours!" Malcolm looked at Claire with a smile "I can arrange it for you should you like to take up the offer.

However, I should wait a while; the poor sod is knackered with the seeing to that Sammy's given him!" Claire knew that her brother meant to keep his offer; she was a mite taken a back by it; knowing only to well that she did fancy the prisoner.

Knowing that her brother intended to leave with the prisoner early in the morning she could take him up on the proposal; Sammy was always late up, she'd have her chance then. See if Sammy was right about the prisoner's capability. Malcolm knocked on Claire bedroom door and let himself in walking up to the bed he shook her by the shoulder.

"If you want this you'd better get in there now!" Claire awoke immediately when she heard his voice turning to look at her clock beside the bed. "Hell Malcolm it's only 5 o'clock, it's still dark out side!" "It's up to you if you want a portion you'd better get in there, they'll be no need to blindfold him whilst its dark!" The room was in complete darkness when Claire entered sliding in the bed beside the prisoner; she reach over and cuddled up to him; he stirred immediately, surprised that she'd not bothered to have him blindfolded.

This time he took the lead pushing his hand straight down between her legs; it took seconds for his cock to revitalize. This time he'd give her the fucking of her life; she'd have no chance of making him sore. Claire was amazed at the speed he moved in between her legs, forcing his cock straight into her. "A mite tight this morning aren't we; don't worry none the old fella will soon get that pussy of yours moist" He started to fuck her straight away.

"Now lets see as to how you like it fast and furious!" If there was one thing that Claire did akin to; it was a good hard fucking. She grasped his shoulders drawing him down to her face then kissing him. "Make the most of it, it'll be your last one for a while!" She inferred, knowing this to be true. Sammy wouldn't wake for hours yet. Considering she'd had very little foreplay; his cock fitted well, he was really going to town.

However, Claire was enjoying every minute of it; she loved his roughness, he grunted as he force his cock up her, from time to time he hit bottom making Claire winched at the pain but worked with him, he never faltered in his stoke. He was good darn good, he took her on a high; then fucked her through it. Claire squealed with delight, dragging her knees up to his sides. "This is much better, you feel more of a woman this way!" The prisoner implied, as with Sammy, she always as bent his cock backwards fucking him with her back toward him.

Claire could fantasize of whom ever she wanted in the darkness of the room, his cock was broad stretching her pussy walls, Malcolm was the first in her mind even though it wasn't to long ago since he was in the prisoners position, often she'd speculated was to how her brother would be, then her mind went back to Wendy his wife recalling as to how broody she'd become when she was informed that she was pregnant.

For moments she lost it, another high, this time she was in a wonderland, she was being made love to in a corn field, her lover was none of which she knew, his shoulders were broad, his hair long, often he'd flick his head throwing his hair to one side.

There was a slight breeze chilling her naked body she eased her lover down, his chest now warming her exposed breasts; he nibbled her lips then gently lowered himself kissing her body as he descended downwards, the cool air replaced his cock once removed from her pussy only to be replaced by his tongue, once more she went into a supreme orgasm as he flicked the gold stud around over her prominent clitoris, his beard now blocking the coolness of the air.

Suddenly she was brought back to reality, the prisoner was fucking her like it was about to go out of fashion, with the power of his thrusts she was being propelled up the bed. He pushed his cock in deep, then moaned loudly as his came, Claire sensed the fill, never before had it been so intense, she could feel the inner swelling, spreading her legs she lifted her hips allowing him deeper entry. By no means had she ever felt this bloated, it seemed the flow was never ending, but the sensation was delightful; how Sammy had not commented on it she could but wonder, or was it due to the fact that he now knew who he'd been doing the fucking, being in that saddle himself so to speak?

He eased his cock out leaning forward over her kissing her gently on the lips. "Now that's what I call a fuck, why couldn't it have been like that before?" "Sorry, I thought you might be partial to with me fucking you. Nevertheless, I to enjoyed it!" Claire suggested.

"I must leave you now or I'll be in for trouble as Malcolm is waiting to take you back!" "There, just as I was beginning to enjoy myself, never mind, it is with hope that he brings me again!" The prisoner implied. Sammy was somewhat annoyed when she finally got up.

"You could have told me he was going that early, I'd have like another session with him. It's alright for you, you can have it anytime" She informed her sister. "Don't fret so, I'm sure Malcolm will bring him again!" Claire replied with a smile. "Should think the poor chap was glad of the rest after yesterday, he looked shattered when you'd finished with him. "Well at least I out shone you this weekend, it was me getting all the glory for a change!" Sammy sniggered.

"You say he's coming again, I should have really have thanked Malcolm? Sorry yes you to, without you he'd more than likely have never come near me" Claire thought for a moment realising that should Malcolm bring him back again, he'd want to take the lead himself now he considered that her guard was down with no blindfold. Still she'd enjoy him if he came back.

As to Sammy saying she'd come out on top, at least she'd had two different men, and thoroughly enjoyed them both, she for one wouldn't mind the prisoner back, he'd given her quite a filling that morning. "Well how do you feel now that you've lost your virginity?" "It felt no different, except for it being a real man, trouble is I'll have to go back to the toys from now on. I really thought I was going to get another innings this morning; I was looking forward to that!" "At least you can now say you've had a man, and it wasn't against his will, he wanted you!" "You more likely!" Sammy snapped.

"You can't really say that, if he hadn't have enjoyed you he wouldn't have cum!" "May be so, but you were the one he considered he was cumming up?" "That's neither here nor there, he still cum, and I should imagine it was quite a load?" Claire quizzed hoping she get a reaction from her sister, knowing as to how full she'd felt after her lovemaking session with him.

"I suppose he did, but it didn't feel like you said it would!" "You couldn't have given him a chance, you just fucked him through it, if you'd have held fire you'd have without doubt been aware of it!" "I must admit I was relatively wet when I pulled myself off him!" Sammy finally implied with a smile.

"But I'd considered it was from myself; after my toys I'm quite wet on the odd occasion!" "So if we can get him or maybe another prisoner you'd be up for it?" Claire smiled. "You can depend on it, but I'd sooner that the guy fucked me?" Claire said nothing for moments then she was inspired by a thought. "You never know that might be probable, I'll have to have a word with Malcolm, I think I have an idea; but I'll have to run it passed him, I know if its possible he'll do it for you!" "Come on then Sis, spill the beans?" "No I'll put it to him first; we should really reward him for his efforts!" Claire proposed.

"We could always ask him and Wendy to dinner one evening?" Sammy suggested. The thought of Wendy being in the house made Claire blood come to the boil, she knew that is something she'd not be able to handle; especially now that she and Malcolm acquired an on going relationship, the thought of Wendy being in the house, and sitting at the same table.

That did go against the grain; she'd be thinking of him in bed with her, knowing that he was there and she couldn't. She'd enjoyed sex with him, without the need to see someone whom could have him any time she took the fancy. "No I don't think that would go down to well!" Claire recommended. "Best keep Wendy out of it!" She knew her sister-in-law never took to Sammy anyway.

"I'll have to have a talk with Malcolm, leave it with me, I'll have to work out the plan anyway!" It was another week before Claire managed to meet up with Malcolm; he'd speculated what she was up to, he knew he couldn't bring the same prisoner, even though he'd been approached by him, him himself "So if it's not the same one what have you come up with now?" Malcolm quizzed as they sat in the bistro once more.

"Well, I really don't know as to how to put this to you, but I'm sure it could work!" Try me, you'll not know until you've place your idea on the table so to speak?" "Well it's Sammy, she now wants the real thing!" "I'd considered that's what she did get!" Malcolm smiled. How do you mean the real thing?" "She wants the guy to fuck her, actually see her first or during the session!" "Hell now you're asking the impossible, I really don't know how to related to that, I mean she no oil painting is she?" "What the worse thing that could face a prisoner?" Claire asked.

"You mean other than fucking our sister!" Malcolm smiled. "There must be something that they'd take an instant disliking to!" "Solitary confinement is all I can come up with!" "How long would that be for?" Claire asked. "As long as I could muster I suppose. A month maybe?" "Surely a man would take to sex rather that a month of solitary confinement?" "That would be until he saw our sister!" Malcolm chuckled. "But leave it with me; I know if it was possible the prisoner wouldn't say anything to his inmates" Sammy was over the moon with the idea thinking that she herself was going to be fucked without the need of her sister.

It was another three days before Malcolm came back with his offer. Claire picked up the phone in the hallway; she hadn't anticipated Malcolm ringing her, thankfully she was home alone. "That sounds fine, but there must be a catch, I mean the guy hasn't seen her yet?" For a moment Malcolm never answered her, the line went dead. "Malcolm!" "Sorry Claire; I really don't know how to put this to you!" "Try me?" "Well the guy in question is a right hard nut, his crime list is as long as your arm.

He knows that shortly he's going to get a month solitary; in fact I've told him it could be as much as six weeks.

But he has stipulated his needs; he knows he has me over a barrel so to speak!" "Malcolm; don't avoid the issue!" "He'll do it providing he has an attractive girl to also fuck?" The line went dead again. "Ok, I can see where you're coming from!" Claire abruptly answered. "But how do you feel about that?" "Me, why should it have an effect on me?" "Well at this moment in time your are fucking me, what would you say if you were sharing me with one of your prisoners; I mean you'd be sharing me wouldn't you?" Malcolm thought for a few minutes before he answered.

"Putting it that way, at the moment you are sharing me with Wendy; and I might add you're getting more than she is?" "Really! That's made my day!" Claire chuckled. "Well in that case I'll go for it, you sound as if you don't seem to mind. Nevertheless, I don't intend to make this a going concern; I myself haven't seen this guy yet!" "That's the last thing I want, you turning him down as soon as I get him there!" Malcolm mused. "I didn't mean it that way!" "Ok, Saturday then, but this time no overnight stay?" "That suits me fine, I'll tell Sammy when she gets back!" Claire implied rubbing her hands together.

"Two o'clock alright?" "Fine!" Claire informed him. Sammy was ecstatic by the idea when she came home she was full of it for the rest of the evening. On the Saturday morning Claire had sorted out Sammy's clothes, trying to make her as presentable as she could, she knew she herself was up against an unknown commodity, she didn't know if she'd let him fuck her, but at least she thought a woman can lend herself to any man, whereas a man has to fancy his fuck before administering it.

Claire was dumbfounded when the guy came in with Malcolm, not only was he attractive but he was built like a brick shithouse.

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"So where's the pretty one then?" He asked looking over Malcolm's shoulder at Claire. Malcolm twisted his face in embarrassment, knowing as how Claire must have felt. His words didn't go down to well with her, nobody had related to her as ugly. For a moment she sensed as to what Sammy must feel like. Trouble was that Sammy was in the kitchen, she heard his words, not realising that he'd actually seen Claire in the hallway, thinking that he wanted to see the prettiest of them both first.

She only been told by Claire that he'd wanted to fuck the pair of them, nothing was said about one of them being ugly. Thankfully the prisoner didn't show his shock when he saw Sammy, he knew that he'd almost certainly have to fuck Claire first, he'd never get a hard on with the repulsive one, he didn't anticipate as to how long he'd be able to fuck her even then. He recognized he'd have to switch from one to the other to keep his erection; feeling thankful that he'd made the arrangement with the Governor for the two of them; the thought of solitude didn't appeal to him in the least.

He never believed that anything so unattractive could actually live. Malcolm knew he'd have to get things started, or he'd run out of time; Wendy was expecting him home knowing he didn't normally work on Saturday. "I think you'd better get yourselves upstairs we haven't all day!" He stated looking mainly at Claire.

Sammy's room!" Claire stated she didn't like the idea of the prisoner fucking her in what she now classed as Malcolm and her bed, even though she'd had others in it before him. Sammy couldn't get her clothes of quick enough before she jumped into the bed. When the prisoner came in to the room he just saw the two girls with their heads over the duvet. He knew which he was going to start fucking first; she'd had a sexual effect as soon as he'd seen her.

"Ladies this is Luke, or bomber Luke as he is nicknamed. The girls watched as he started to remove his clothing, Malcolm had left the room, he didn't really want to see Claire fucked by him; although he didn't like to admit it. "God forbid!" Sammy sighed. "The size of that bloody cock, Christ he'll split us both in two?" She said in a hushed voice so that only Claire could hear her.

His cock jutted out before him as he made for the bed. He knew his cock had caused a stir between them. "Well let me get in the middle of you then!" He smiled standing beside the bed.

Both girls moved to the edges of their side of the bed allowing him to slide in between them both. He placed an arm around both their shoulders. "Don't you want to feel him then?" He stated with a grin. Both girls moved there hands down under the duvet, Sammy was the first to take hold of the thick organ, but there was plenty of room for both of their hands but neither could hold it fully. By no means had Claire yet come up against such weaponry, both could sense the heavy pulsations along the shaft, he'd not had a women for as long as he could remember.

He knew Claire just had to be first, knowing that he'd have to give her some primary foreplay; moving his arms from around their necks he run his hand down first clutching Sammy's breast; however, his other hand went straight down to Claire's pussy, inserting immediately two of his bulky fingers, even then she felt taut to him.

Claire gripped the duvet with her free hand the suddenness of his thrust had taken her by complete surprise; enjoyable as it was she knew she'd a lot thicker object yet to fill her. Sammy didn't realise that her sister was being fingered, she'd never experienced this sensation in her life, the caressing of her breast was nice, thankfully she didn't realise as to what she was missing.

The thickness of his fingers soon brought her to orgasm. Luke knew he'd have to start fucking her soon or he'd blow his load over the duvet; suddenly he sat up. "Right who's first?" He looked at both but moved over between Claire's already outstretched legs. Claire knew this wasn't going to be easy, even his finger felt tight, by she knew she'd not to show any form of discomfort to her sister.

Luke guided his cock up to her opening, butting its bulbous head into her moist pussy lips. Claire reached up gripping his wrists then looked into his eyes; there was a wicked smile within them, she knew she little choice but to except the large organ. Luke leaned slightly allowing a slight weight on his cock; he sensed Claire hands gripping his wrists.

He knew she was being very brave in not showing her sister her discomfort; slowly he edged it up her little by little.

Every time he was edging at least a half-inch forward; Claire accepted it with no form of strain showing on her face, by the time he was a mere three inches up her she went into orgasm. Luke used this space of time to push more up, knowing she'd be more relaxed, when Claire came to she'd now at least half of his cock within her, the sensations had changed, she felt that not only her pussy had been spread, but also her legs, there was a numbness in each but it wasn't uncomfortable.

Luke was now fucking at a pleasing rate; her hands now had let go of his wrists. Even a fanny fart was heard, which was something she'd never done, Luke didn't want to leave her yet; not until she had a couple more orgasms, one of which she was going through at this moment, this aided him to penetrate her fully.

During this time Sammy had sat up onto one elbow watching her sister as she went in and out of orgasm, knowing that soon, very soon she'd be having the same experiences. Luke's cock was working perfectly now, it was as much as he could do to stem her orgasms, as each gave the impression of sucking him dry. He knew he'd have to swap soon. "Over onto your back young lady!" He demanded of Sammy, but his pace never faltered with Claire, he would have loved to blow up her there and then, but the agreement came back to his mind; slowly he withdrew, lifting himself between Sammy open legs.

What Sammy didn't know was that her sister had been relentlessly fingered before he'd try to make entry. There was no way that she could have reached down to aid him in positioning his huge cock in the right direction.

Thankfully the sight of her sister and as to the noises she been making had had its effect on the flood of her pussy juices, which had been flowing before he'd come anywhere near to her. However, she also felt the pressure of his cock as he tried to enter her, she knew if her sister could; she'd not let the side down, thankfully Luke still had remnants of Claire juices along his shaft.

Remembering Claire's words before her last encounter she started to pant as he leaned on the massif organ. Luke closed his eyes, the ugliness of her face and the foulness of her breath it was enough to put any man off. Thankfully he managed to turn toward Claire, she had a smile on her face, knowing what was going through his mind; by looking at Claire his mind had freed from the distorted figure beneath him, his cock reared once more.

Sammy was in a form of distress, she didn't want to belittle herself in front of her sister; if she could take it so would she, her fingers gripped the duvet. It felt as she was having a marrow pushed up her, his helmet was no guide, as that itself was so bulky, his cock must have been at lest three inches thick, miles to broad to enter her freely.

Luke never took his eyes from Claire, he was getting somewhat annoyed with himself, he wanted to push himself straight up her, but knew that in reality she was the one he'd come here to fuck, he knew he should have given her a decent fingering before attempting to fuck her, but her face couldn't have looked worse if she'd been chewing a wasp.

Sammy almost cried out with anguish; but still she held fire, if she could relax she knew her pussy would consent to the organs entry. "Let me get a little more juice!" Luke said smiling down to her as he moved across the bed toward Claire.

Claire immediately opened her legs; this was just what she'd wanted. She knew her sister was having difficulty with his cock; it made her feel majestic in a way. As soon as Sammy had started to pant she knew he'd be back to her. Again she experienced the width, although this time she identified if she taken it once; she'd take it again, quietly she herself panted relaxing her pussy muscles. It went in a treat, Luke started fucking her in slow but deep thrusts. Claire reached across under the duvet clasping Sammy's hand as she went through orgasm, then let out a long gutterish moan.

Luke looked across to Sammy as he thrust his cock in and out of Claire. "You see it's exceptionally enjoyable once it's in! Are you ready for it now?" He didn't really want to leave Claire but he knew he'd have to fuck her sister or it would be six weeks solitary, that didn't appeal to him in the slightest.

As he tried to withdraw Claire gripped his hips holding him. "Come now miss you must share, this is what I'm here for!" Luke managed to break her grip, moving across the bed once more; his cock was soaked with Claire fluids as he butted it up to Sammy's pussy. Sammy took in a deep breath and forced herself onto his cock, with the pain of her primary pussy muscles, she let out a loud shriek. It was quiet painful for Luke; he didn't expect her to be so sadistic, there wasn't a lot he could do, his helmet was locked in front of the tight outer muscles, he could move but a fraction, there was no way he could withdraw.

He inched in short but forceful thrusts, little by little he gained headway, Sammy reached up holding his thick wrists, then look over toward her sister.

"See I can do it!" She said smiling. Luke knew he couldn't do anything else but fuck her now; thankfully he'd got his cock in fully.

Sammy squealed with utter delight, to Luke the sensation was great, he couldn't doubt that this was the unsurpassed pussy he'd ever had the chance to fuck, it was just her boat race, how could she be so bloody ugly. Sammy now knew what complete orgasm was; her mind ran in circles, she could now visualise all the guy's she'd ever fancied, each and every one was now fucking her in turn, with her eyes closed she went into an immense orgasm letting out an enormous deep growl.

Luke tried to use the full length of his cock but still he couldn't pull it past her outer pussy muscles it had locked behind the flange of his helmet. Again he looked across at Claire as if for motivation, Sammy's pussy felt like an angels, he knew before very long he'd blow, but it wasn't Sammy he'd wanted to cum up, Claire was the true beauty of the two, nevertheless Sammy's pussy felt like a purse from heaven, she was still squealing beneath him as he plunged into her.

Claire was by now somewhat exasperated by the sight of her sister's contentment, she'd have him there all day.

She looked up to Luke clutching at his wrist with a pleading look on here face; he knew what she wanted but still he couldn't withdraw his cock, the only way out of it would be to blow his load, then wait for his cock to subside. With the sucking actions of Sammy's pussy he knew only to well time was limited; his balls were now throbbing with the swell of cum building up, his cock swollen beyond all means.

As Claire gazed at her sister in contempt; Luke bent his body forward, arching his back; she knew only to well as to his objective.

"Noooooooooooooo!" Claire cried out; gutted that he'd blown his load into her sister. She thumped the pillow beside her in frustration.

It was to late, his seed was already on the move.


Sammy sat up promptly on her elbows sensing the colossal swelling within her virginal passageway. She didn't know whether to cry out, the sensation was titanic, it felt as if it was boiling inside her, she squealed again with the pleasure of it.

Malcolm had been outside the door listening, in his mind he'd considered it would be Claire that got the final load, he to felt somewhat troubled, thinking that all the noise was coming from her, when he'd never taken her into such heights of pleasure himself. He opened the door immediately, the sight besieged him; Luke was slumped across Sammy, Claire was still thumping the pillow and Sammy had a broad grin on her face.

"In hells name what's all the noise?" Malcolm quizzed. Malcolm could see that he was unquestionably wrong in his presumption; in fact Claire had tears in her eyes.

Luke looked as if he'd been pulled through a hedge backwards; as for Sammy she was just cuddling Luke with both arms. "Get me out of here Gov!" Luke pleaded. "Not on your Nelly! You've me to satisfy yet; the deals was for us both!" Claire voiced in a sarcastic manner. "So he's not finished yet then?" Malcolm inferred, taking a step backwards. "I'll tell you when he's completed his undertaking, or he'll be going back to solitary!" Claire had simmered down now knowing that she just had to be next.

Malcolm nodded and walked back to the door leaving the room. "God Sis! I see what you mean about the finish! I feel so full; Hell I could take that sort of feeling any time of day" Sammy held Luke up in front of her kissing him on the lips. Luke wanted to throw up but he succumbed, he knew now was the time to pull his cock out of her should she let him.

"I think you can leave him to me now, you've had you're dues, I'll take him now or he'll be going back without fulfilling our needs!" Claire informed Sammy, in the hope that she'd get up and leave her to it. Her words were an aspiration to Luke, although he'd thoroughly enjoyed it with Sammy his need to get her out of his sight were paramount.

He lifted from her as to withdraw his cock, he knew it would soon revitalise with Claire. Claire looked at the expression on his face it was one of disbelief. "What's up?" "I don't believe this! She has me locked; I can't get my fucking prick out of her!

Her fucking muscles have an enormous grip, I can't get it out!" Luke had a look of annoyance on his face, he knew he'd an above average cock, he'd trouble getting into some girls but this, this had to be some kind of joke. Never had he trouble of getting it out. Sammy was still sitting up, but this time she was looking down at her private parts, she wriggled every time he tried to move from her, turning back to Claire she'd tears in her eyes. "It's not of my doing, Claire he's really hurting me!

I don't want it to end like this?" Claire got out of bed and withdrew the duvet, Luke's cock still looked pretty puffed up, and as to the size of Sammy's pussy well it didn't look unlike a piece of raw liver. "You are joking the pair of you aren't you, come on Sammy let him go!" Claire demanded trying to pull Luke back off her.

Sammy let out a scream; the pain was too much for her. Claire stepped back away from the bed. "I'll go and get Malcolm, he'll have to sort this out; if this is some form of joke you'll get your solitary confinement if I have to administer it myself!" With this Claire slapped Luke across the face and left the room. Malcolm was dumbfounded by Claire's explanation looking at her with a smile. "Come on Claire what a load of rubbish if he got it in then it must come out!" He's voice was somewhat raised.

Luke was still trying to remove himself from Sammy as they both came back into the room. "Come on! Let her fucking go, I'll see you pay for this!" Malcolm was about to thump Luke in the face that was until he could see for himself the restriction was genuine, putting his legs down the bed Luke had tried to lift his cock out of her.

Sammy gave out a loud yelp complaining bitterly; it was obvious that there was no way that it would come out naturally. "Leave it with me I have an idea!" Malcolm advised them leaving the room. Malcolm knew he'd have to sort the dilemma, or he'd be left with egg on his face, picking up the phone he rang the prison. It seemed forever before the phone was answered. "It's Mr Robinson here put me through to Ray Saunders!" Malcolm said with an air of urgency.

Ray Saunders was the prison doctor. It was a few moments before the doctor answered. "Malcolm what's the trouble?" came the reply "Ray I have myself in somewhat of a dilemma" Malcolm went through the story then waited for the doctor's reply. "Sorry Malcolm but it's a hospital job, there's nothing I can do; what's happened is one or the other of them forced the issue, it's the inner muscles they're not going to let go until there relaxed, as I say you'll have to get them both to the hospital!" Malcolm thanked the doctor and replaced the phone back into its holder.

"Fuck it!" He cursed. "What can be done?" Claire asked as he got back into the room. "We have to get them both to the hospital, there's no way around it!" Malcolm stated. "How the hell are we going to do that Gov!" Luke quizzed in a not to friendly tone. "You'll have to carry her!" "You are joking aren't you?" Luke turned his head back down to Sammy.

"She's got to weigh a ton!" "See if we can't get them dressed Claire; we'll be all day at this rate. Between them they managed to get most of their clothes back on. "Right, see if you can stand!" Malcolm stood behind Luke pulling him up.

Sammy put her arms around his neck as he tried to stand; she was dead weight to him. With a few wobbles he managed it. Sammy clung to his waist wrapping her legs around him.

"Can you walk?" Malcolm asked. Luke took a step forward, or tried to; he wobbled then fell back on the bed. "It's no good Gov she's just to bloody heavy!" Malcolm looked at Sammy, "You'll have to try!" he told her. "Come we have to get you both to the hospital; try and see if you can lift him? Sammy worked her way around so the she was in a position to stand from the bed lifting him as if he were a baby; trouble was that with her stomach sticking out she had to hold him as if in a sling with her arms around him.

"Lets get down stairs I'll have ring a taxi, we'll never get you in my car like that!" Malcolm advised. Once downstairs Malcolm rang for a taxi, insisting that it was like the London Taxis. Claire tried to arrange their dress so that the problem wasn't too conspicuous; when the taxi arrived Sammy managed to get into the back with Luke sitting on her lap.

The hospital was some 12 miles or so it was quite cramped in the back of the taxi, and the road was bumpy, having an effect on Luke's cock "Hell…I don't believe it!" Sammy stammered clinging hold of Luke.

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"What's wrong now?" Claire blurted out. "He's only got another bloody hard on! God, that feels good, man that is some cock!" Sammy managed to say before going into orgasm. "Bet she a laugh and a half!" The taxi driver chuckled looking in his rear view mirror. Sammy was fucking the life out of him, jiggering him up and down in her lap.

"Get off the seat!" Sammy gestured to her sister. "Let me get on top of him. As Claire moved Sammy swung Luke around under her, then she started to fuck him like there was no tomorrow. The driver was having trouble holding the taxi in a straight line there was so much momentum in the back. Needless to say Luke was in his element. He'd a leg each side of her waist and working with her. Claire was getting quite randy, although it wasn't a scene that was much of a turn on; she was just envious of her sister.

She looked toward Malcolm. "Oh no! Not on your Nelly!" He knew the look in his sister's eye, and as to it's meaning. Luke had long blown his load again before they'd reached the hospital. Still Sammy was labouring on top of him. "I think you might need a bucket of water before she'll give up!" The taxi driver laughed without turning back. It took two porters and the taxi driver and Malcolm before they'd finally got them both onto a trolley.

Both Claire and Malcolm didn't know how to show their faces as the two were wheeled into the hospital. The Doctor did explain this was a common dilemma; they'd not be the first. It was the waiting that they found frustrating; Sammy and Luke were pushed into the corner of the waiting room for all to see. Claire and Malcolm sat at the back as if they'd not been with them both.

Finally two porters came and pushed the trolley into the surgery, brother and sister could but wait. "Well we are in a pickle!" The Doctor mused seeing the two on the trolley, "Lets hope you both enjoyed yourselves?" Sammy didn't give a dam, she was hoping that Luke would stiffen up again; she was more than geared up for it. The doctor explained what had happened to them both before administering Sammy with an injection to relax her pussy muscles.

She told the Doctor that she didn't mind staying in the position for the rest of the day should it not work. Luke sensed the pressure of her pussy muscles lapse, he was glad that his cell mates wouldn't know of his predicament, or even that he'd actually fucked something so ugly. When they finally parted cum spewed all over the trolley, it went everywhere.

"Well you had a dam good innings by the look of it!" The amount of cum that leaked from Sammy's snatch was unbelievable it just pored from her. The doctor laughed as they removed themselves from the trolley. Sammy adjusted he knickers as left the surgery walking back into the waiting room to meet her brother and sister, others in the waiting room clapped as they both entered. Malcolm turned toward Claire as the two of them walked back into the waiting room.

"Come, let's get out of this madhouse, that's the last time I'm bringing anyone else back for her! I've never felt so humiliated in my entire life!" Malcolm grabbed the first taxi outside the hospital and clambered in followed by the other three. "It's straight back to the jail for you!" He informed Luke.

"That's hardly fair is it!" Claire remarked, with a touch of bitterness in her voice. "How so?" Malcolm remarked. "Well Sammy's had him; the deal was he fuck us both!" "You don't think we're going all through that again do you!" "It won't happen to me, he's been in and out of me; it's Sammy that was the problem, she was to tight for him!" Claire replied pleadingly.

"I think she's right Gov!" Luke interrupted. "Are you up to it?" Malcolm asked, not really fancying the idea, he'd taken it that Claire was his bit on the side, but it was obvious that she wanted him. "Glad to be of service!" Luke chuckled.

"We'll see what happens when we get home!" Malcolm stated, not liking the idea one little bit. When they arrived home Malcolm asked Claire to go straight upstairs, then asked Sammy to put the kettle on and make tea, deep down he was annoyed at Claire's remark, he knew he shouldn't be as she was her own person, From what he'd seen of Luke's cock it out shone his own my a long chalk; the last thing he wanted at this time was to go to the hospital yet again.

"Right, shouldn't be to long just want a word with Claire!" Malcolm informed Luke and Sammy when she came back into the kitchen. "You're angry aren't you?" Claire suggested as Malcolm came into her bedroom. "You hate the thought of another guy invading my body!" "What do you expect the way his hung, Christ he makes two of me!" Malcolm was annoyed she could tell by his tone of voice. "That's silly, a girl will always go back to normal, why did you send me up here!

For a fuck of your own then?" Claire sat back onto the bed pulling her legs up in front of her; he couldn't but miss the scene. "Come on then, at least you'll open me up for him, then you'll have nothing to grumble about" Malcolm walked towards her, his eyes glued between her legs.

The idea sounded great to him; at least Luke would not think she was that tight after he'd shot his load up her. Claire eased back as he climbed up between her legs, she felt him tug her panties to one side then straight in up to the hilts, the suddenness made her winch, she knew it was for her own good. Luke would have little trouble with her after Malcolm had finished: even he wasn't that small; she knew by the way he'd been worked up he'd soon blow then she'd have the big one again.

"Steady on, you'll have it coming out of my mouth; I have feelings to I'll have you know!" Malcolm never answered her, he just fucked her hard, taking long deep thrusts, he'd soon brought her back into her world of orgasms, she was on a high again.

He didn't worry if her noise could be heard downstairs, which no doubt it did. "Sounds as he's getting her moist for me!" Luke chuckled lifting his mug of tea. Sammy couldn't believe her own senses, Claire was actually letting Malcolm fuck her, the sounds were obvious to her, she knew when her sister was getting pleasure from a guy, but her own brother.

Still why not; keep it in the family, she not mind being pocked by him; it was music to her ears. "I suppose you'll be going up next?" Sammy replied in a huff "Well that was part of the deal, anyway how do you feel now?" Luke asked, he didn't want to get to involved with her in case she took another fancy to him, the last thing he wanted was to be put off Claire. Malcolm made no attempt to hide he's efforts of upstairs he was still tucking his shirt back in when he came back into the kitchen.

"Okay Luke, up you go and don't take all night we have to get back to the nick, she's more than ready for you!" Claire was lying stark naked on the bed when he entered the room, she eased her legs apart as came alongside the bed. "My, he's given you a high-quality filling hasn't he!" Spunk was dribbling from her open pussy lips. "See if I can push some of that back into its rightful place shall we?" Luke's huge cock bounced over the top of his shorts as he eased them down.

The sight made Claire's pussy do a fanny fart at the scene, spunk started to flow in belches. "Come on then girlie, lets push some of that goo back before you mess the bed up!" Luke climbed onto the bed pushing her knees up in front of him, even though Malcolm had just given her a extreme fucking and empted his bullocks, she still sensed the pressure on her pussy walls as the gigantic organ was gradually eased up.

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"Hell, that feels dam good!" Claire managed to blurt out. "I aim to please!" Luke grinned down as he lifted up on to his toes. "Now I've got to make this snappy, you're sister has taken up to much valuable time today, And I should like to come back and see you both another time!" When he said snappy he really meant it he went into turbo, even the headboard of the bed was banging.

Claire was more than squealing this time, her orgasm was so intense she actually elevated Luke up in the air as she arched her back. She could understand as to how her sister had become locked on his cock. The helmet felt enormous as he allowed it to ream her. Claire went through orgasm after orgasm, she'd surpassed her own record, at one stage she'd thought she might have passed out, but managed to hold on, a fucking like this she didn't want to miss out on for one moment of his time.

Although Malcolm was a good lover, Luke had a roughness to his lovemaking that sent her wild, she'd not seem the amount of cum that her sister had lost at the hospital, and okay he'd blown up her twice.

What Claire didn't identify was that he'd been lusting after her on both occasions, little did she realise as to the volume she was going to get. She was taken-a-back when Luke suddenly withdrew from her to flip her over onto her front pulling her up onto her knees. The abruptness of his action made her moan with sheer enchantment, in one foul swoop his cock was embedded in her from the rear, whether he'd got bigger; or was it that she was tighter this way she couldn't tell; he's cock felt so immense she had to bury her face into the pillow to drown her cries.

Unexpectedly he lifted, bringing his legs and feet each side of her, his hands now underneath clasping her breasts, she was literally pinned down.

He fucked her hard and deep, each time he filled her he'd hold as if waiting, then he'd lunge again speeding his actions, unexpectedly his hands left her breasts, reaching over her now and holding her by the shoulders ramming his cock fully home.

Claire sensed the distinctive change, his cock felt large; but now it was gigantic, it had swollen allowing his seed to pass along its girth. His breath now laboured, his groaning very deep and masculine, his body was locked held by his powerful hands pulling him deep with the aid of her shoulders. The rush was somehow different to what she'd ever experienced; cum was being pumped up deep inside, she'd never felt so blown up, it had a warming sensation something she'd by no means felt this much awareness before.

To Luke it felt as if his cock was a hydraulic piston, and his seed was trying it's hardest to force him back out of her, as it had nowhere else to go.

The inner swelling was too much for Claire this time she really did pass out. Luke eased back; stepping sideways off the bed; already sperm was dribbling from her. He pulled her legs down the bed then eased them together; leaning over her he kissed her on the cheek then left the room. "Where is Claire?" Sammy asked when Luke came into the room.

"Having a well earned rest! We ready to hit the road then Gov?" Luke asked looking toward Malcolm. "I think we've both had a good innings to-day!" Malcolm stood from the table collecting his keys from the dresser then walked toward the door. "Come on then! I have a wife to get home to!"