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Lucky horny stud banging three hot mature sluts group sex and big tits
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This story takes place in the early 80's. My wife and I had been at the tail end of the hippy generation, and when we met we were both enamored with the hippy lifestyle: free love, peace, happiness, all of that. When we moved in together, we decided our home would be completely nudist. If anyone wanted to come over, they'd have to strip down, just like us. It really wasn't a problem since most of our friends were hippies, too, so on any given night, you could find us sitting around getting high, listening to records with four or five other naked people and it was no big deal.

And while "free love" was definitely in full effect at our house, that's not the story I'm here to tell, perhaps some other time. I do have to emphasize, though, that she always made any of her partners wear condoms, and I did the same whenever I was with someone else.

We wanted to be sure that our first child was really "our" first child, not knowing that our precautions would also save us from the rash of stds that plagued a good number of that generation. It was about eight months after we started living together that she got pregnant and we were both very excited about it. When we found out it was going to be a girl, we wanted to give her an earthy name, but knowing how cruel kids can be, we decided not to go too far out there where she'd be getting made fun of for the rest of her life.

We chose Lily Rose, my wife's favorite flowers. We never discussed whether or not we'd stop the nudity around the house, we just both assumed (correctly) that the other would want to continue the lifestyle, and try to raise our girl to not be ashamed about her body.

We hoped that being raised nudist would eliminate all the hang ups people seem to have about sex, and let her lead a more carefree, fuller life.

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Raising her as a nudist actually helped potty train her, as she wanted to walk around like mommy with absolutely no clothes, and therefore learned to control her bladder early. As most kids, she was curious about her body, what everything was for, and how it compared to her mother's and to mine. She was fascinated by all the hair around her mother's pussy, and she loved running her fingers through it. It wasn't a sexual thing, she just found it a pleasant thing to do.

When she was still learning about the differences between men and women, she would often grab my cock in her little hand and ask me to explain again what it was, and why I was different. Having been a nudist for so long, and being the hippy that I was, I wasn't bothered by having her hold it, and I would calmly explain to her for the second, third or fiftieth time what it was for, and why I was different, and she'd scrutinize it for a bit, then go off and play with something else.

It came as a big blow when I found myself a single father after her mom died. She was crossing the street when a careless driver took her life. My daughter was eight years old, and motherless. My whole life turned around. I abandoned all my hippy ideals, and would've stopped the nudity, too, but my daughter cried and cried when I told her we'd start wearing clothes around the house.

She said "Mommy was always naked, I wanna be naked, mommy's still here if I'm naked, daddy don't make me put on clothes!" How could I argue with that? I didn't. When she got her first period at 10, I again tried to end the nudity. It scared me when I would help her put in a tampon, that I could feel myself start to get hard. I hadn't been with any women since her mother, I just didn't have any desire, yet here I was getting hard while I spread her lips and inserted a tampon. Fortunately, she learned how to do it fairly quickly, so that was only a brief crisis.

When I suggested that we should start wearing clothes, her eyes watered up, and she said, "Daddy, no.i-it's mom.don't you understand?" The only concession she made to her period was that she'd wear panties.

I let it go until she was 13, and get hair between her legs. She was very excited when she discovered she was getting pubic hair. She ran up to me and grabbed my hand. "Daddy, come here, you have to look. It's so awesome, you gotta come look." With that, she ran to her bedroom, with me following. When I got to her room, she was laying on her bed, her legs wide apart, gesturing towards her pussy. I had no clue what was going on, and she urged me to look closer.

Her carpet matched the drapes, as they say, which didn't make it any easier to spot her two or three blonde pubic hairs which had just started coming in. In fact, I was within licking distance before I saw them, and at that point, I was very intoxicated by the aroma wafting up from her lips, I almost forgot why I was between my daughter's legs.

I was almost in a trance, but I snapped out of it quickly when I heard her say "mom's did?" I shook my head, to shake off the trance her pussy had put me in, and asked her to repeat herself. "I said, 'Do you think that when all my hair comes in, mine will look just like mom's did?'" I hadn't really thought about it before, but with my face being so close and having been asked the question, I really looked at her pussy, then ran my fingers up and down her lips, in astonishment, and said, quite honestly, "Honey, it already looks exactly like your mother's." She smiled hugely and spread her arms, begging for a hug.

Never one to refuse her that, I climbed on top of her and hugged her tightly. She wrapped her legs around my back, and it was at that point that I realized that I was very, very hard. She hadn't noticed it at that point. I'm about seven inches long, and very thick, and when I climbed on her, my dick ended up pointing at our feet, or it would have had I not been hard.

As it was, it actually ended up pressing against the length of her sex, that's why she hadn't noticed yet, but it didn't take her long to.

"Daddy?" "Yes, honey?" I prayed she wouldn't notice. "Are you hard?" "Oh, um.yes, I guess so, sweetheart. I'm sorry." With that, I got off of her, and stood up to leave.

"Daddy, wait." "What is it, honey?" She stood up and came over to me, her eyes darting from mine to my erection and back again. "I haven't seen you like that since mom died. I mean, in the morning, sometimes you're a little hard, but I haven't seen you really hard since before." I didn't know what to say, so I just stood there.

Then she put one of her hands around my thick cock, her fingers weren't long enough to make a fist around me, so she just held me loosely. I didn't know what was about to happen, and I couldn't will myself to just leave the room, then she said, "What's it for?

How come it's different than mine?" We both burst out laughing, and mercifully, the moment of profound tension passed. A few days later, I said to her, that in light of her development, maybe it'd be a good idea if we started wearing clothes around the house. Her brow furrowed up, and she took my hands in her's.


She said, "I know that you've tried to do this before, dad. And I probably didn't express myself as clearly as I wanted to, but I think I almost had it when I was eight and I said that if I was naked, mommy would still be here. Dad, nudity was a big part of you and mom's life. It was a big part of your lifestyle. And I sort of understand why you gave up a lot of that when mom died, but favorite memories of growing up aren't when we went to Disneyworld, or the times we've gone absolute favorite memories are of you, me and mom sitting on the couch, watching TV, skin to skin.

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I loved sleeping in your bed with you two, just laying there completely naked, practically able to feel the love between you, the nudity is my way of remembering and honoring mom, making sure she's always with us. Please, don't ask me to give it up, not now, not ever again. Please?" I had tears in my eyes, and spread my own arms, begging her for a hug. She quickly complied and we sat there, her in my lap, our arms around each other.


I was starting to feel really happy again, for the first time in a long while, and some of my hippy-ishness started to return. Without really noticing it, I had started to become kind of tense around the house when we were both naked, but that all faded away after that conversation. It wasn't long before her breasts started growing, and it happened practically overnight.

One night she went to bed a tentative A-cup, the next, she woke up with a definite C-cup.

I took her to the doctor, and they did all sorts of tests on her, but the only explanation I ever got was a shrug and "growth spurt." Her breasts continued to grow steadily and at 14 she was a DD-cup, and I experienced my own "growth spurt." I found myself constantly staring at her big breasts, her nipples were almost constantly hard, as was I.

She kept her pubic hair trimmed, and was constantly running her hands through it, it made me smile, remembering how she used to do that to her mother. It did nothing to help my constant erection. It didn't escape her notice and she'd joke about it, taking my hard cock in her hand and asking me, with an innocent expression on her face, if I had to go to the bathroom.

I, for my part, joked right back at her, staring pointedly at her nipples and asking if she was cold. I would also come up behind, cup her breasts and ask how big they were today. She got used to having me cup her breasts while my erection poked her back, and she'd often put her hands over mine, and squeeze. We reveled in the intimacy of it, but we never took it farther then a little mutual touching.

We both knew it was the sight of her body that had me constantly hard, and I fantasized that it was my excitement that in turn had her excited, making her nipples constantly hard.

I knew it was wrong to be thinking that way, but I never planned on doing anything about it. I contented myself by masturbating while thinking of her. Imagining how her nipples would feel in my mouth, what it would feel like to run my hands through her pubic hair, and continue on down between her lips, finger her slowly while she stroked me.

It was pure fantasy, until one day. I had taken the day off from work, and spent most of the day masturbating. I was thinking about my current favorite fantasy, which was my daughter on her back, her feet on my shoulders while I slowly stroked in and out of her. Both of us moaning in pleasure until we shared a simultaneous climax, and made out until we fell asleep. I was in the middle of my fourth masturbation session when she burst into the apartment.

I quickly stopped stroking myself and picked up the book I'd been reading when I wasn't stroking. She quickly took off all her clothes and literally jumped onto my lap.

My dick was very well lubricated from my stroking, and I felt a sudden pain as she jumped onto me. Her eyes widened in surprise and then her face contorted in pain. I knew immediately what had happened. Her jump had landed her right on my dick, and I'd just deflowered my little girl.

My first instinct was to push her off, but I knew that that would hurt, too, and I didn't want to cause her any more pain. She tried to get up, but the pain made her stop, tears were running down her face. I pulled her head towards me, until her face was resting on my chest, I could feel her tears. I tried to soothe her, told her that I could fix this, but it would take a few minutes. "We just need to wait. If I pull out of you right now, it's going to hurt just as bad, I need you to relax." Even as I said this, a part of my brain was marveling at the fact that I had my dick in my own daughter.

That part of my brain was very aware of just how tight my little girl was, how good her breasts felt against my chest, how good it would feel to start thrusting. At that thought, my dick twitched. I could tell she felt it, but she was starting to get used to me, and she'd stopped crying. I knew that from this position, I couldn't really do pull out, I knew what I had to do.

"Ok, honey, I'm going to have to lift you up, in this position, I can't help you, so just hold my shoulders, with your arms, I'm going to try really hard not to hurt you." She nodded, and put her arms around my neck, I put my hands on her ass, and scooted myself to the edge of the couch.

Then, readjusting my grip, and enjoying how firm her ass was, I stood up. When I stood up, she wrapped her legs around my torso, and I again readjusted my grip on her teenage ass (ok, ok, I was copping a feel). I carried her to the kitchen table, remembering the good times I'd enjoyed with her mother (and others) utilizing that table, I knew it was the perfect height. "Ok, sweetheart, we've got two problems here, first, this is your first time, so I need to go real slow. Second, you're dry down there, which definitely doesn't help, we need to find a way to lubricate you." "Lubricate me?" "Yes.

I." I figured, I already my dick inside her, she was still feeling some pain, this was no time to mince words, so I charged ahead, "Honey, we need to get you excited." She gave me a puzzled look. I sighed, and said, "We need to find a way to turn you on." She blushed furiously, and looked away. "Look, honey, I know you masturbate, it's ok. I do it, too. We've never really been shy around each other, I don't think this is the time to start." She nodded at me, then closed her eyes.

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I didn't know what she was doing, and I was about to ask her if there was anything I could to help, when her hands started massaging her breasts, playing with her nipples. My dick twitched again at the sight, and I had to resist the urge to start thrusting.

She started tugging on her nipples, and moaning, and I began very small in and out motions. Even if I hadn't heard her moans, I would've known she was getting turned on. Her pussy was as tight as ever, but my in and out motions were coming easier. I was looking down at my dick, wanting to savor the sight of my dick in her pussy, so I didn't notice right away that her eyes were no longer closed, she was staring at my face while moaning.

"Just a few more minutes and I'll be able to pull out, ok?" She just looked at me, continued to moan, then her eyes rolled back, her fingers kept manipulating her nipples, and I continued moving in and out, pulling out more and more with each out thrust.

Soon, it was mostly just my head inside her. "Honey, I'm going to pull out now, ok?" That's when she wrapped her legs around my butt, and said "No, please, I'm so close. Don't stop, please!" What could I do?

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I continued to thrust in and out, no longer pulling more and more of myself out of her, instead, I was pushing myself deeper and deeper into her tight teen pussy. I knew it'd be a mistake to thrust all the way in, and since she'd given me the go ahead to make her cum, I bent my knees some, to ensure that my dick was rubbing her G-spot each time I pushed in. Then I started really thrusting into her, my dick moving in and out of her pussy like a piston.

She came like a tornado. She squeezed her breasts so much I thought they'd burst. She let out a long unintelligible shriek, which quickly turned into a long drawn out moan. Her legs squeezed me tighter. I wanted to cum. I could feel the orgasm building in my balls, spreading outward, making my legs tingle, and sending a flush up my body, making me blush. Luckily, I have very good control, and I held myself in check. Keeping that tingling feeling, letting it build and build, but not letting myself erupts.

As she came down from her orgasmic high, I slowed down inside her. She lay on the table, completely spent, she'd left red marks on her breasts, evidence of just how hard she'd been squeezing. I figured this would be the last time I'd be in a pussy so tight, so young, so.forbidden. So I just stood there, watching her pant, feeling her pussy twitch around my cock, wanting to just start fucking her again.

Each time I was ready to pull out, and began to move, she'd twitch and moan. I smiled to myself and thought "Still got it, ya old dog." I lifted her legs up, and started to pull out, when she said "Daddy?" I stopped, "Yes, honey?" "Can we do that again?" I didn't know what to say.

I knew that what I'd done was incredibly wrong, and that I'd probably scarred her for life, but dammit, it felt so damn good. Why couldn't we do it again? No. I knew why. This was wrong. This was far beyond wrong. I'd just fucked my teenage daughter.

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No, I hadn't just fucked my own daughter. I'd taken her virginity, given her an orgasm and thoroughly enjoyed every damn minute. What kind of a sick bastard was I? Sure, it's natural to have thoughts about a sexy young woman who parades in front of you naked, even if it is your daughter, but to actually fuck her? The circumstances didn't matter, accident or no, I should have pulled out when I could've, left the room to let her finish herself, and then apologized profusely afterwards.

And then, to even entertain the thought of cumming inside-- "Daddy?" "Huh?" "Can we do this again? Please?" "No, honey.

We shouldn't have even done it the one time, we definitely can't do this again." I started to pull out. She again wrapped her legs around me, the motion caused me to thrust into her, lest I fall, and she moaned.

"Did you cum, daddy?" "Honey, that's neither here nor there." "You didn't, did you?" "It doesn't matter." "It matters to me." She pouted. I sighed and said, "No. I didn't cum." "Why not?" She looked genuinely sad. "Was I not good? It was only my first time, I'll get better, I promise." "I'm sure you will get better, but not with me.

And that's not the reason I didn't cum, anyway. Honey, you were great, but you are my daughter. Having fu--having done what we just did is bad enough, to get you pregnant?

Thousand times worse." "But you can't get me pregnant. Mom told me before she died, when I asked why I didn't have any brothers or sisters.


She said her body wasn't strong enough to make another baby, so you got an operation so that you wouldn't get her pregnant accidentally." Shit. She was right, it had been so long since that had been an issue that I'd completely forgotten. So, it really wouldn't be too bad if I just--NO. This was my daughter. I'd already fucked up enough for the day, filling her with my cum wouldn't help things at all. I felt her pussy contract around my dick again, and I thought, well, if I've already screwed things up this bad.No!

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Goddammit. I need to get out of her pussy and take a cold shower, or cut my damn dick off, or something. "Daddy?" "Hmm?" "Daddy, look at me. While this wasn't how I thought I'd lose my virginity, not the right circumstances, is with the right person." I stared at her in disbelief, "What do you mean?" She blushed as she continued, "Well.ever since I can remember, like most little girls, I wanted you all to myself.

After mom died, I used to cry, thinking that my wishing you were mine had caused her to die." "Honey, no, don't think that way, it had nothing to do wit--" She cut me off, "I know that. I know. But that's how I felt. But as I got older, I realized how dumb that was.

It was an accident, and it just happened. Nobody made it happen, it just did. And then, when you wanted to wear clothes, I didn't want you to take that away from me. I didn't know why, I was still too young, but I knew that I liked seeing you naked. I liked being naked with you. Not just because that's how we lived with mom, even though that's what I told you, but also because it made me feel good.

Then, when I learned what sex was. When you explained to me what it was, I wanted it with you. The best part about getting my period was when you showed me how to put in a tampon. Your fingers on my lips made me stomach all tingly.

I wanted to feel that way forever. And then, when I got a few hairs, and I spread myself for you so you could find them for yourself.I nearly melted when I felt your breath on me. And then-and then, when I saw that I'd made you hard.Oh my god!

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I felt so good about myself, I just wanted to grab you and.well, I don't know what I wanted to do, but I know that I wanted to do it. Why do you think I grab you so often? I love how you feel in my hand, and then, when I got these" she grabbed her breasts, "and you were constantly hard, god, it made me feel.I don't

Desirable? Whatever it was, it made my nipples be constantly hard, and feeling your hands on me, oh! The first time you did that, I thought I was dreaming, then I could've died when I realized it really was you. Daddy, I love you, and I'm in love with you, and I want to make love to you." With that, she tightened her hold on me, pulling me deeper into her, I was stunned, but my dick didn't miss a beat, and I came inside her. It was the most powerful orgasm I'd had up to that point, and when it was over, I couldn't remember anything from the moment it hit until I lifted my sweaty head up and realized that we were both completely on the table.

I didn't know how that had happened, but I felt horrible about myself. My own daughter. And I'd just cum inside her. She was looking at me, smiling beatifically. I tried to blink this reality away.

Then I hurriedly got off of her, ran to my room and locked the door. I passed out and woke up to the sound of her banging on my bedroom door the next morning. I opened it, and seeing her brought it all of what had happened back to me and I started to cry. It was seeing her red rimmed eyes that stopped me, and I started to apologize. She hit me, and started crying again.

She pulled away from me, and tried to talk through her sobs. I couldn't understand exactly what she was saying, but I got the gist of it and left her alone.

After a few minutes, she regained her composure, and looked angrily at me. "I thought you'd killed yourself. I was up all night banging on your door, and I couldn't hear anything, and all I kept thinking about was how horrified you looked when you got off me, and I was so scared." She burst into tears again. I instinctively grabbed her to me, and held her in a tight hug.

I didn't let go when she struggled and she stopped trying to get away from me. She calmed down again, and I began to speak. "Honey, I'm so sorry. I don't know what happened, I think I just passed out. I couldn't stand myself, for what I'd just done. For taking advantage of you like that, and I-I-I-I just passed out." "Do you even remember what I said last night? I wanted that to happen. I've been wanting it for two years, it may have been an accident, but it wasn't a mistake." "Honey, you're too young to know what you want.

I'll probably be rotting in jail while you're laying on a psychiatrist's couch." She put her hand over my mouth, "Don't you do that to me, daddy. Don't you tell me I don't know what I want. I've been dreaming about it for years, and has made me more mature than most 25 year olds, so don't do that. I'll never see this as a mistake, and I want to do it again and again. I've been masturbating for almost two years, and your face is what I always picture.

It's never felt as good as yesterday, and I don't want to stop. You're always telling me that you love me, and that you want what's best for me, well what's best? Is having sex in the back of a car with some boy who only wants to cum, and doesn't really care about me what's best for me? Daddy, you were so gentle with me, and then, when you told me to turn myself on.daddy, I was already getting turned on. Sure, it hurt at first, but when I realized just what had happened, and I was starting to get used to it, and it started feeling so good, and then you pretty much gave me permission to enjoy it?

God, that was so awesome." "But, honey.what we did was wrong, I shouldn't have done it--" "So you should've just pulled out right away and hurt me even more?" "Well." "Daddy, you love me, I knew that. But you're also in love with me, don't deny it." I didn't say anything. "You were so gentle with me, and you made me cum so hard.and then you came so hard.I want to do it again. Show me what love can be.

I know we can't be together forever, but until I find a guy like you, a man like you, I should say, I want to be with you. In every way. Please daddy, no guy is ever going to treat me with the same love and respect that you do, so until I find a guy who can, and will, I want you to teach me what love can be.

I want to have what you and mom so obviously had. Even as a little kid, I could see it. You two shined together. I want to shine, too. Daddy, if you love me like you say you do.then love me." With that, she grabbed my quickly hardening cock with one hand, placed one of my hands on her breast with the other and said, "Love me." How could I say no?