Female ebony police and blonde woman Suspect was taken to backroom LP

Female ebony police and blonde woman Suspect was taken to backroom LP
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BBC threesome fun  I love black men. They are so incredibly hot. Big muscles, soft lips, and of course, nice long cocks. What else could a man ask for? I was about to find out. I was walking to the local gas station near my house to pick an evening coffee. As I approached the gas station, I noticed a man with a fish net shirt. I could not take my eyes off him. He was about six feet, and very muscular (I could see all this because his shirt was see-through).

He was wearing mechanic pants, and the most distracting thing was the clear bulge I could see begging to come out of his pants. He had a little bit of facial hair, just the perfect amount. I needed to do something to grab his attention. I'm not exactly the most confident guy. I am a bit chubby. Stocky, but I could afford to lose a few pounds. I have light brown hair, green eyes, and nice thick cock.

I have been with a few guys before but never had such an urge before. I finally figured out how to approach him. I saw him filling up his 96 Pontiac with air, but it wasn't the car I was looking at. He was near the tire, and I could see the outline of his muscular ass.

I walked towards him, "excuse me", "yes" he replied. His voice was deep and sexy. "Do you have the time?" He must had realized I was full of shit, because he shook his head and smiled, "You like what you see, come here and help me with my tire". I leaned in next to him, and place my coffee on the ground.

He took my hand and place in on his crotch. Of course nobody could see us because our backs were turned. His cock must have biggest cock I ever felt.

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He whispered in my ear, "Thanks for your help with the tire, I'm heading out, but I hope you can help me out with something else a bit later, my name is Steve". I could feel my cock harden. He rubbed it gently, and slipped his business card into my shirt pocket. We parted ways, and I couldn't stop thinking about Steve on the way home.

I wasn't sure when to call him. I waited a couple hours. I nervously dialed his number, "hello" a deep voice answered on the other end. "Hello, it's the guy from today" I barely was able to say without my voice shaking. "When are you coming over, I have a big surprise". "When do you want me to?" I asked nervously "Now" said Steve. "I am going to text you my address when we hang up".

"Ok" I replied. We hung up and I made my over to the house. I was shaking on the way, and I wasn't sure why. It was a fifteen minute drive, but it felt like an hour. When I pulled up to his house I was amazed and how beautiful it was. His house was nothing short of a mansion. I rang the doorbell, and got the sexiest surprise ever.

I was Steve in nothing but a towel. I could see his cock begging to come out of the towel. "Get on your knees" Steve ordered. I had no problem with doing anything Steve said. "Unwrap the towel with your teeth". I was already hard as a rock. His cock flew out of the towel faster than Trump's hair on a Chicago morning.

His cock was massive.

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It was at least eleven inches. "Put it in your mouth". We were still in the entrance of his house, my mouth going up and down on his huge cock. He grabbbed the back of my head, and I grabbed his hot muscular ass. The motion was amazing; I was gagging so hard but refused to stop. "Come with me" Steve took my hand and walked my upstairs to his bedroom. It was absolutely amazing. The art was incredible, the bed was huge, I had many question but right now I was distracted by Steve and his massive cock.

Steve shoved me on the bed, "Take off your clothes". I readily complied, while eyeballing Steve. I took my clothes of quickly. He turned me on my stomach, "spread your legs". I spread my legs as wide as I could. I felt a wet warm sensation licking the inside of my ass.

"hmmmm"I mumbled. He did this for a few minutes, then he lay on top of me, making sure I felt his huge cock up against my ass. He grabbed a container of lube from his bedside, and gently fingered my ass. His fingers were amazing and I was rock hard.

I was groaning so much, just thinking about his thick cock in me. "Are you ready for your surprise?" He didn't even let me answer because he began shoving another finger in my ass, and all I could do was moan. "Rocky, get in here!" he yelled. "He's my boxing buddy" Steve whispered in my ear, while sliding his fingers in and out of my quivering asshole. Rocky walked into the room completely naked. He looked pretty similar to Steve.

But there was no guesswork.


His cock was even bigger, about ten inches but thick as a beer can. There were no introductions.


As Steve fingered me, Rocky walked straight up to me and put his cock in front of my face. He rubbed it against my lips. "Taste it!" he demanded. I licked it gently on the tip. "You want this cock?" I wanted it badly, so badly. I opened my mouth as wide as I could.

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Rocky shoved his cock all the way to the back of my throat. I started to gag hard. "Steve, maybe stick your dick in his ass so his stops acting like a bitch". Steve stopped fingering me, and rubbed his dick near my asshole. Rocky get throat fucking me, and making me gag. Suddenly I felt the biggest pain in my life, I thought I could handle it. "More lube", I mumbled, with Rocky's cock still in my throat.

Steve readily complied, and went a bit easier.

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I still wanted it badly. Steve reached underneath me, and grabbed my cock while fucking me from behind. My dick was going to explode. Steve slowly went in and out of my ass; he was hitting a spot that was making me quiver. Rocky suddenly took his cock away from my mouth. "Let him taste his ass, and give Rocky some love". I don't what that meant, but it sounded nice. "Lie on your back" I lay on my back, wondering when I would get to feel that hard cock again.

Rocky stuck his finger in ass, "So tight, better loosed you up a bit, said |Rocky. While he fingered me he sucked on my cock. He was great at it, going nice and slow with a lot of saliva. I was doing best not to cum. Steve got busy. I was lying down, with Steve shoving his cock in and out of my mouth, I wanted to grab his ass but I couldn't because I was shaking.

Rocky lifted my legs over his shoulders. I knew what that meant. He put his cock in my ass. Gently and first, but started shoving it a little harder. I hardly felt him, because I was concentrating on the monster cock in my mouth. I wrapped my arms around Rocky's huge muscles. I watched as Steve and Rocky kissed passionately on the lips while they both fucked me, one in my mouth, the other in my ass. "I'm about to cum, but let's take of you first" said Steve.

He took his huge cock out of my mouth (which greatly upset me), and sucked me off while rocky fucked me. Within a few minutes I blew my load all over Steve's face. "Wow!" I screamed. Rocky pulled out of my ass, "my turn" he stroked his cock a few times and blew his load all over my face, and of course I swallowed every last bit of his warm cum.

That left Steve. Steve lay on his back, and me and Randy caressed his huge cock our tongues.

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It took him seconds, before he blew his load all over both our mouths. Of course me and Rocky kissed, because sharing is caring. I lay in the middle of the bed, between two of the most beautiful black men, and wondered what would happened next. I was very surprised when I heard the front door open and a woman's voice said "Honey I'm home"… To be continued.