A mi mama le encanta masturbarse delante de mi

A mi mama le encanta masturbarse delante de mi
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Vengeance 14 Some time later on Thursday, Ellie led me back to the room. Her clothes had been dried, but she still wore what she borrowed from me. I've always been partial to girls wearing their boyfriend's clothing, sweatshirts, jerseys and stuff.

We sat on the futon and watched TV for a little while. Nothing special, just took a break from our highly sexual lifestyle. Just as an episode of Futurama was ending, there was a knock at the door. I got up and looked out the peephole to see who it was. Great, some brilliant drunk had decided to black out the lens again with our whiteboard marker.

I unlocked it and opened it, half expecting my roommate, already smashed without his key. Instead I was greeted by a smiling, tall tan, and very attractive Native American girl. She wore one of those sweater vest things whose usefulness I simply don't get, though it accentuated her breasts nicely, and a pair of white Capri's.

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Her dark hair was pulled back into a pony tail. I smiled, "come on in Sarah." I turned to look at a grinning Ellie. "Brought us a playmate, have you?" I asked shutting the door.

"Where's Alyssa?" "She's got something to do for basketball, couldn't make it. Such a shame, maybe next time though." Sarah and Ellie looked at each other, Sarah pondering Ellie's curious outfit, and probably remembering the brief moments when Ellie had pleasured her this summer.

Ellie was wondering what was in store.


I gestured to the box of equipment and to Ellie, "you can have some fun with her, enjoy what you missed last time. This time I'll supervise your rope work, make sure you do it right." Sarah grinned, they hadn't had a chance to do much last time before I stepped in.

"Stand up, back to me," Domme Sarah commanded. Ellie complied without hesitation as the fittingly taller Sarah approached slowly from behind. She moved Ellie's hands behind her head and did an exploratory pass of the girls breasts before peeling my shirt off of her. "Mmm, sexy," she cooed, groping her tits through the tank top. She pinched her nipples, harder and harder until Ellie cried out in pain. Sarah giggled, then pulled the tank top off too. Sarah's hands worked her way across Ellie's midsection down to the waistband of the shorts.

She slid her hands under, and slid the shorts down her legs. "Step out," Ellie obeyed, and was now fully nude in front of Sarah. "Turn and face me now." Ellie did so, looking down at the floor, showing a bit of embarrassment at being exposed in front of this girl. "Spread your legs some," Sarah ordered. Clearly she enjoyed very much the domination, the power of being in control.

Sarah reached back into her bag (had she been wearing that when she came in?) unzipped it and pulled out a riding crop. She used it to lift Ellie's chin so she stared up into Sarah's eyes. She ran it down the girls body, pausing to circle her nipples, then continuing her downward journey. When she reached Ellie's wet pussy, she pulled it back and gave a swift whack. Ellie jumped in surprise and instinctively brought her thighs closer together.

Sarah whacked her ass. "No, no, keep them spread." Ellie reluctantly obeyed putting her feet about shoulder width apart. "Farther." She expanded her stance so her feet were now three feet apart, giving Sarah a full shot at her sensitive twat. Sarah gave her pussy another whack. Ellie jumped and cried out once more. Sarah smiled and hit her again. Three more moderate cracks with the crop, and both Ellie's pussy and eyes were starting to get very wet.

"Would you like me to stop?" "Yes." Crack! "Yes what?" "Yes mistress." Those words turned me on in a way I had never realized.

Though our relationship was more equal than that of a tradition Dom and Sub, and probably wouldn't reach that level, it was still a turn on. I continued to watch from the side. Sarah put down the crop and grabbed a length of rope. Soon Ellie's wrists were bound behind her back. Sarah looked at me. I only nodded, not wanting to disturb the mood. Sarah blindfolded Ellie and turned her around to face her.

She pinched her nipples again, tugging them upward and forcing Ellie onto her tiptoes. Finally relieving her, Sarah was not done yet. She grabbed my nipple clamps and attached them. Then she tied a four foot strand of rope to the center of the chain creating an interesting leash.

She led Ellie around the room, forcing the girl to go wherever her breasts wanted to. "Hold onto this for me," Sarah said putting the chain into Ellie's mouth, pulling her breasts upward and letting the rope dangle. She reached into her bag again and pulled out a metal dildo with two wires coming from the end. Those wires ran to a box with a dial on it. An electrified tool of torture. Sarah slid the six inch piece of equipment into Ellie's excited pussy "You better not drop that chain," Sarah warned, her fingers gripping the dial.

She turned it on a lower setting for a few seconds. Completely caught off guard, Ellie cried out in shock, dropping the chain and letting her breasts fall. Her legs shot together and she bent over, trying somehow to get the dildo out of her pussy. It was no use, the device continued to buzz away at her vagina until Sarah finally turned it off. Ellie breathed heavily, "Please…please…don't do that again mistress…" Ellie was dripping.

No matter what she said, she was enjoying the helplessness. Sarah turned the dial.

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"Oooohhhhh, ooh, ooh, ooh, no, no, no, stop…pleeease…" Sarah turned it off and grinned evilly. "I should punish you for letting that chain fall. What do you think should happen?" "I…I…I…" Sarah didn't give her a chance to finish as she pushed the dial even higher. Ellie's legs shot together, she rubbed her thighs back and forth, trying ever so hard to help herself. Her cries had turned into a silent expression of both pain and enjoyment. "On your knees, spread as wide as you can." Ellie complied immediately, making herself very vulnerable.

It was much more difficult now for her legs to respond to the attacks on her vagina. Sarah turned it up once more. Ellie writhed around but remained on her knees, taking it as gracefully as she could. The chain jangled as her body twitched back and forth. When Ellie seemed to be on the verge of tears, Sarah finally turned the electric device off and removed it from Ellie's sensitive twat.

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She replaced it with the large dildo, taping it tightly in place. Ellie, though blind, knew what it was, and though her whole body went stiff as a board, she didn't struggle. Everyone in the room knew that Ellie's pussy was very, very wet and very, very sensitive, she knew it best of all. Sara laid her on the floor and bound her legs together, the dildo tightly in between her thighs. Sarah removed the blindfold, and immediately Ellie's big brown eyes began to beg.

The Domme didn't notice as she removed her top to reveal B cup breasts held in by a black lace bra.

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That came off quickly too as her breasts dropped free. Ellie stared knowingly as Sarah removed Capri's and panties in one revealing a perfectly shaved tan and pink pussy.

It already had some degree of wetness to it from torturing Ellie. Sarah walked slowly over to Ellie and stood with her legs on either side of the girls head, forcing her to stare up at her domineering naked form. She let the sight sink in before kneeling, putting her pussy mere inches from the very heterosexual Ellie's luscious lips. She lowered herself down, effectively gagging Ellie with her womanhood.

"You better lick me good." Sarah warned as she flicked the vibrator to high. Ellie's body immediately writhed and struggled under the heavier Domme. Her legs flopped around the floor like the tail of a fish. Sarah moaned. I guess Ellie's tongue had kicked into overdrive too. She leaned back, and shut her eyes, enjoying Ellie's very talented mouth. I stripped and began slowly stroking myself as I watched the mutual pleasure. The room became a cacophonous symphony of Ellie's muffled grunts and Sarah's soft happy moans.

They orgasmed together time and time again, each growing stronger and stronger as they mutually became more excited. After a while, Ellie continued to writhe about wildly in blissful agony while Sarah began to calm down. She allowed Ellie to lick her to one last soft orgasm, before flipping off the vibrator and climbing off.

Ellie didn't notice at first as she continued to orgasm and roll about. Her eyes were filled with tears as she slowly calmed down.

Sarah sat next to her, sighing contentedly, her eyes shut enjoying the cool down from the fun. At long last, Ellie's eyes opened, and they darted from the tired Sarah to me. While Sarah continued to sit there, I untied everything but Ellie's wrists and removed the vibrator. I helped her to stand on her week legs and guided her over to the futon where she could sit and rest.

Sarah stood up somewhat shakily and started towards the couch. Seizing the moment, I pulled her arms over her head, and locked my left between them and her neck. She could bend at the elbow but had no real use of her arms. I rubbed my cock into the lesbian's back and did what I pleased with my other hand.

Her breasts, hers till wet pussy, her tight abs, they were all mine to enjoy. Her arms flailed comically and uselessly above her head. She was too weak to fight back effectively. With my free hand I managed to grab some rope and do a fairly shitty, but apparently effective wrist cinch. With her at least somewhat restrained, I could now try something new.

A tie I had learned from some website online. Her arms would be over her head, bent back at the elbows so her hands rested on the base of her neck. It was a good way to tie someone's hands above their head when you didn't have something high up to tie to. It was also a nice change of pace from hand behind the back. I turned her to face me; she glared angrily as I ran both my hands up and down her long slender legs. I ran my hands back to her tight athletic ass and pulled her closer, grabbing and squeezing, I thoroughly enjoyed my total control over her body.

I slid my hands up her taut stomach, slowly advancing upon her breasts. Her expression soured the closer I got but she was powerless to stop me. I squeezed and caressed, then started to lick her nipples. She was enjoying it, though not the fact that it was coming from me.

She wanted to continue to glare at me, but her nipples betrayed her, her eyes began to soften, her lids fluttered shut and she let me work. Every now and then I surprised her with a soft bite and her eyed would fly open. I eventually pulled away and let her stand there.

Ellie had mostly recovered and was now sitting up watching with intensity. I walked over to the futon and freed her. She stood up and flexed a few cramped muscles then walked over to Sarah. The bigger girl gulped and said nothing as Ellie did a few circles around her, examining her.

Standing behind Sarah, out of sight, she gave her former torturess a hard slap on the ass. Sarah jumped and let out a sharp, "oh!" Ellie smiled and grabbed the nipple clamps she'd removed when I untied her. They were quickly besieging Sarah who had far more sensitive nipples.

Her face gave an expression wracked with pain, but she kept quiet. Ellie put her hand in between Sarah's breasts and pushed while pulling on the chain. Sarah began to whimper like a sad puppy and Ellie was enjoying every second of it.

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She used the chain to bring Sarah to her knees, and led her in front of the futon. "You're going to work on your blowjob skills on my boyfriend." I sat down in front of her shifting so my cock was inches in front of my face.


She took me in her mouth and started her terrible blowjob skills making it down two inches at most. I relaxed and laced my fingers behind my head while Ellie tutored the inexperienced dyke.

"Wrap your lips tight, he likes that, and you've got nice ones, almost as nice as mine. Make sure your tongue is doing something." All of a sudden her tongue came to life on my sensitive spot. She didn't have the experience to really know what to do, but she was hitting me fairly well.

Now I could actually feel her work as she moved up and down. Her eyes told me she wasn't enjoying herself which made it oddly more pleasurable. Ellie had a hand on the back of her head guiding her up and down, drooling as she watched another girl suck my cock.


I slouched down low, shifting Sarah backwards so Ellie could sit on me. Two advantages to this. I could play with my girlfriend's tits as much as I wanted, and Ellie could control the blowjob as though the cock were her own. Ellie put both her hands on Sarah's head and guided her up and down. Her tongue motions were getting more precise as she worked and she started to get me hornier.

Ellie pushed her deeper, making her work for it, testing her limits. She got another inch out of Sarah which felt all the better so I fondled the soft flesh of c cup breasts. "Start going faster, make him cum," Ellie demanded. Sarah's pace quickened, she got a bit sloppier, but a bit wetter which I enjoyed.

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Her spit covered my dick as she continued to suck me towards climax. Ellie moved Sarah's head faster and faster, she started to moan as though it were her own cock.

My hands stopped massaging and cupped her breasts tightly. Ellie was moving Sarah wildly up and down my cock. Suddenly she stopped and got up.

She placed Sarah on her back on the floor. Then Ellie laid on her back on Sarah with her head resting on the taller girl's breasts. "I lick your balls while you cum on her face," Ellie explained happily.

I knelt over the two girls and lowered myself into Ellie's mouth. Her tongue went absolutely insane, she'd been waiting to get a piece of me in her for a while. Watching Sarah suck me made her insanely jealous and eager. She reached a hand around and started stroking me towards Sarah's face. The girl winced in anticipation, clearly dreading my juices. Ellie was a pro by now, and I was already aroused.

I lasted two minutes tops, then began to shoot directly into Sarah's face. She clamped her eyes shut as stream after stream splattered over her face Ellie milked me until the last bit oozed out and ran down my head. She then forced Sarah to clean my dick off. Disgusted at first with the thought, she didn't mind the taste too much when it was actually in her mouth.

She did a good job polishing me off, and Ellie made her lie back down her face covered in my abundant juices. "You can lie there while we go get dinner.

Maybe when we get back I'll clean you off, or maybe I'll add more. If I find you've moved, you're going to blow every guy I can find." Sarah stayed quiet as we got dressed. Ellie leaned over and licked the slightest bit of cum off of Sarah's cheek. "See you later," she whispered.