Parque los reyes Chile en la noche de perra cross me culean rico

Parque los reyes Chile en la noche de perra cross me culean rico
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I knocked on the metal gate. It was a rather large bungalow surrounded by brick walls with barbed wire icing.


My heart was pumping. All I felt was the fear of being rejected or something. Fortunately, her older brother, Suleman, answered the door.

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He was guy with cool temper and rather muscular build, so he kept his stance. He looked at me judgingly for a moment, smiled, and gave me a handshake. "Ei, what are you doing here?" "I'm here to visit your sister…" I trailed off, knowing how unusual that was for me. He looked at me like he was trying to send me some message between the lines of "Really?" and "Don't mess with me, I'm watching you". After some brief moments he replied: "Aiite, come in." The area inside was a bit stereotypical.

Concrete floor in the front as a driveway (thankfully it was empty) A couple of trees, some bushes spread around the corners and some clothes drying at the back. He led me into the house, pointed me to the end of the hallway past the living room, smiled again, and left.

There I was, in her bedroom. It was a pretty generic one, for the average rural African, that is. Dark wooden furniture stood around all corners, a somewhat tattered linen mat, covering the concrete floor - cool to the bare feet, a ceiling fan, quietly hissing the air around, and metal barred windows with nets, to fend off mosquitoes and hooligans. She sat there on a double bed, in a blue traditional dress, pretty loose, to allow free movement.

She was about 5'5", dark skinned, brown eyes, her hair done into long dreadlocks. Her rather-concealing dress allowed me to check her out for a slight moment. Her body was curved oh-so perfectly, not voluptuous enough to send guys chasing, but it would look perfect in a suitable outfit. "Hey" "Hi" I replied. So, normally, I don't visit friends that much, not even talking of girls. And yet, there I was, standing like a lost potato.

She quickly shifted onto the other side of the bed and gestured for me to sit on it. I sat down and her laptop was In-between us, playing some Korean film with English subtitles. I started off with discussing about college, and then it went off to music, films, animations and games. The longer I stayed, the more natural it felt. As the credits rolled in for the film, she closed the player and opened a 3d modelling software we were talking about earlier, gesturing "teach me".

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I tried my best to start with the basics, cubes and spheres, and moved on to more tasking things, and after a while, I showed her the "brush" tool. This required some precision, so instead of telling her "point there, drag there", I leaned my hand over her shoulder and took hold of the wireless mouse. At this point, I was practically hugging her. She didn't seem to resist, so kept it that way. When we were done with that, she stared at me.

I stared back into her dark brown eyes for what seemed to be a minute, and then I leaned forward. It startled her for a brief time, but then she gave in. We kissed long and deep. How I wished that moment lasted forever. While still at it, I closed the laptop, dropped it on the bedside table and moved her down to a laying position. I kissed her even more deeply as I heard her moan softly. I slid my head down towards her neck, kissed it by the sides. Her moans got a bit louder as I went down slowly towards her chest.

I felt her pounding heart as I brushed my lips against her chest. My heart was pounding as fast as hers, and that sync somehow made me feel really good.

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I unzipped the dress from behind her and lowered it. I felt those goose bumps of pleasure run through me when I saw her breasts. They seemed to have somehow inflated as I removed her top. After some moments, I went back down on her, teasing her around the breasts, and as slowly as possible, I spiralled my tongue up to her nipples.

I slowly sucked on them as I slid my hands all over her. Her moaning kept pumping even more ounces of blood to my fully erect penis. After some more time, I proceeded to go even lower with my mouth, while keeping my hands on her breasts. I went on, kissing her stomach and sides.

I felt it was the ultimate time to undo her skirt. I unwrapped the folds holding it together and slowly opened it.


Seeing her soaked panties and smelling the pheromone filled air around it made me feel like my organ would explode. I kept on kissing her lower stomach, reaching lower and lower. Suddenly, the door in the room slammed, startling us both.

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We looked at each other for a moment. She pulled her dress up and closed her skirt. I was a bit numb from what just happened, so I didn't say anything.

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The door slammed shut, and after I realized what might have happened, I tried to save the situation. "Come on, it's just the wind" I foolishly blurted. She didn't say anything, looking rather embarrassed. I had to do something. I tried kissing her again, but she resisted. "Please, no" she cooed. "What is it?" I queried.

"It… This… It's wrong" I knew she was right, so I kept quiet. After some awkward silence, she finally said: "You should leave" I slowly stood up, thinking really fast .

"Want to show me the exit?" "Ok." She stood up, and we walked towards the door. As she reached out to grab the handle, I stopped her with my hand. She looked at me, surprised.

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I turned the lock on the door and slowly leaned over to kiss her again. She didn't resistso without hesitating, I lifted her off her feet. I was taller, about 6'4", so it felt natural. I slammed her down onto the bed, this time everything felt even more passionate. I undid her skirt, and the arousing fragrance filled my nostrils once more.

I lowered my head into her crotch and licked the sides of her panties. The smell was irresistible, so I licked through right at the centre. For the first time, I felt the strong yet sweet taste of a woman's flower. I couldn't resist it, so I kept at it while massaging her now exposed breasts with my hands. She moaned even louder this time. I finally pulled her panties down to fully reveal her nether. I licked my finger and slid it into her, pumping ever so slowly.

I proceed to rub her clitoris with my tongue, maintaining a constant increase in speed. She started moaning, louder and more frequently. She interlocked her legs and pulled me towards her. I grabbed her belly with my free hand from the sudden movement, and felt as her muscles contracted and heard her moans while she came.