Tight assed stripper gets his freak on with those boyz

Tight assed stripper gets his freak on with those boyz
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The Farm Characters: Jo (Jo Ann)- mother of Jeb and Mabel (May belle) and wife of Josh. Lives with her family on a farm outside a small small town in the South.

Josh - husband of Jo and father of eighteen-year-old Jeb and nineteen year old Mabel Lou (Lou Ann) - identical twin sister of Jo - lives in Chicago with her son, Robert (Bobby 19) and daughter Roberta (Bobbi Jo 18). Lisa a close friend of May belle. Lives on the adjoining farm. Chap 1 "Ow, ow, godamm May belle leggo. You're hurtin me awful. Pa come in here and make her turn me loose." Josh entered his daughter's room to find his naked kids in a sixty-nine position on his daughter's bed.

Jeb's large cock was being held firmly between the teeth of his slim red haired daughter. "What the hell's going on here?" he shouted.

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Why is she biting your cock?" "She wanted me to eat her pussy and I was going to, but it don't taste right." "Now honey, you let go of your brothers dick, I'll eat your sweet pussy." Josh ran his rough hands up the inside of the girl's shapely legs and gently fingered the puffy outer lips of her sweet pussy. The girl trembled and opened her mouth in a soft moan as the older man skillfully inserted his tongue into her steamy channel.

Jeb quickly rolled from the bed holding his now fiery red cock. "Boy, you had better go in the kitchen and let your Ma take a look at that thing - make sure there's no real damage done." Josh said, as he briefly lifted his head from between the legs of the trembling redhead, before returning to the succulent clit of his daughter.

"Oh Pa," May bell exclaimed, "You do eat pussy good. I'm gonna cum any minute. Oh shit, fuck, I'm Cumming now - suck it harder, harderrr. God damm that was sooo good." The girl reached between her legs, grasping her father's head in both hands, she pulled his mouth to hers. "I want to taste my pussy before you fuck me." She said in a breathless whisper and probed his mouth with her hot tongue. Josh grinned and lowered his mouth to the girl's pert breasts. While not large, they were perfectly shaped, firm with pouty aureoles and topped by rosebud nipples - now hard as marbles.

He alternately sucked one nipple while rotating the other between his thumb and forefinger. May belle's breath was coming in short gasps as she lifted and wiggled her shapely ass trying to capture her fathers long, thick cock with her steaming pussy. Josh took the shaft of his cock and leaning back, watched as the crown slid between the puffy lips of the girl's slick, wet pussy. He breathed heavily as nine inches of the hot, hard, throbbing shaft were driven into the lovely girl's hot channel.

Bucking and thrusting her ass upward, May belle wrapped her slim legs around her father's waist uttering "fuck me daddy, harder fuck me harder and faster. I'm cummingggg now." With a mighty thrust, Josh drove the entire length of his cock into the girl's depths and his balls slapped against her tight ass. In a few moments, May belle's thrusting and trembling began to subside and looking into her fathers sweating face with hot green eyes still filled with lust whispered "Fuck my ass daddy, I want you to be my first." Josh's eyes opened wide in surprise.

"Honey, I don't think you know what you're asking for - I could bad hurt you." "No," was the girls reply, Lisa and I have been playing with some of her dildos and I think I'm ready for a real man thing in my ass." "Well I'm real proud." Josh responded.

"Yours is about the sweetest looking ass I've ever seen and to tell the truth I've wanted to fuck it for a long time.

Put your ankles on my shoulders, sweetheart, I want to see your face when Daddy slides his hard cock into your tight ass." Holding the calves of her legs above his head, Josh lifted his daughter until he could probe the tight ring of her sphincter with his tongue.

Due to her practice with Lisa, May belle quickly relaxed her ass hole in preparation for her father's onslaught. The hot juices from her orgasm had well lubricated the opening to her dark tunnel and Josh's cock met little resistance as it's crown popped inside May bell's tight ass.

"Ohhh daddy, that feels so damm good - let me have some more of your hard cock. Let me have it all." She moaned and thrust her ass upward to meet Josh's downward plunge. "Godamm May bell", Josh uttered, "that's about the hottest and tightest piece of ass I've ever been in. I don't think I can last much longer." Josh pounded his cock into May belle's clinched ass in long strokes. He was fast approaching orgasm. May bell's voice was hoarse as she shouted, I'm Cumming, I'm Cumming, daddy!

Shoot your load in my face." Josh quickly withdrew his throbbing member from the hot depths of the girl's puckered ass and letting her legs drop from his shoulders began to pump his hot sperm onto her face and onto her pert breasts. "Just like your mother." He said, "Thinking that's what gives you the rosy soft complexion". "Well, it don't hurt none." The girl replied as she took the crown of her father's waning cock between her hands and licked the last of his expenditure from it before taking the crown into her talented mouth.

She savored the alkaline taste of his cum. "Daddy, that was so good, can we just stay in here and fuck all day?" May belle asked. "No sugar, as much as I would like to, you know Jed and I have got to bury that old horse that died yesterday - he was older than you and like a member of the family.

No rendering plant for him, we got to give him a decent burial." Chapter 2 Jed walked naked into the kitchen where his mother was stringing green beans for their dinner. He was gently holding his now flaccid cock. "Mama, look at what that damm May belle did to my pecker - she tried to bite it off!" He exclaimed. "Come over here sugar, sit down, and let Mama have a look." Jo said. Jed took a seat in one of the kitchen chairs and Jo gently lifted his large cock with her left hand while cupping his balls in her right.

Sliding back the foreskin to reveal the large purplish crown, she muttered, "That little shit did do a number on your dick. I think Mama can make it all better though." Lowering her knees to the floor, Jo took the boy's flaccid member into her mouth, gently holding it there while massaging the swelling crown with her hot tongue. Without moving her head she held Jed's long cock in her mouth as it hardened and began to fill her throat.

When his cock had reached a full erection, Jo released it and stood in front of the boy. "Before you get the rest of my treatment baby, Mama wants a little tongue." Lifting her short skirt, Jo placed a long leg over Jed's shoulder and pulled his face to the thick auburn curls surrounding the puffy outer lips of her anxious pussy. "Eat Mama's pussy a little, baby." She instructed her son. Jed eagerly spread the hot lips of his mother's pussy to expose her long clit.

He rotated the erect nubbin between his thumb and forefinger before taking it fully into his mouth and inserting three fingers as deeply as he could into her wet channel. Jo threw her head back and moaning, whispered "You eat pussy better than your sister and almost as good as your Daddy. Just a little more, honey, I'm almost ready." She said, as she rotated her hips, grinding her hot opening into the boy's eager tongue.

"Mama, I think you've got the best pussy in the whole world." Jed uttered as Jo removed her leg from his shoulder and lowered her body to sit on his lap facing him. His large cock was fully buried in the hot depths of his mother's tight cunt. "Don't move." Jo instructed, "Just let Mama do her thing. You can suck Mama's titties if you want. I'd like that." Jed took one of his mother's large nipples in his mouth rotating his tongue around it and its large dark aureole.

He could feel the erotic contractions and rippling strong muscles of his mother's hot passage. Even though there was no other movement, he knew his throbbing cock would soon explode. Jo also sensed that Jed was fast approaching climax and with some reluctance lifted her self from the delicious shaft upon which she had impaled herself. Telling Jed to stand, she took the chair upon which he had been sitting and said, "Shoot you load on my face and breasts - that's cream for my complexion".

She briefly took Jed's swollen cock in her hot mouth and in only a second felt the head expand in preparation for release.

Withdrawing her mouth, she aimed the spouting shaft at her cheeks and firm breasts. As the last spurt of his expenditure splattered on a puckered nipple, she took him deep in her throat, sucking gently to extract the last of his offering. "Mama, that was so good, my dick feels a whole lot better. Can we fuck some more in the bedroom."? "Not now, baby." Jo replied, "You've got to help your Daddy bury that old horse".

Chapter 3 As Josh and his son stood looking at the body of the old horse that had been a part of their lives for many years, their neighbor, George Benson, pulled up on his flat bed wagon pulled by two sleek mules.

"Hi George," Josh said in greeting, "what brings you over this fine morning". "I, I, I heared tell yor old hors died an I'mm real sory." George replied in the slurred words of his speech impediment. "Why thank you George, you didn't have to come all the way over here to tell us you're sorry, but thanks anyway. Is there anything else we might help you with?" Josh asked. "We we wel, yes, I was awonderin if I.

l could have that ole dead horse. I, I, I'll bury him good for you." "George, what the hell do you want an old dead horse for?" Josh sputtered.

George answered in his halting manner. "You know my brother Ben. He come home one day from the field and say to me 'George do you know who the first president of these junited states was?' and I say Ben you know dammed well I don know who the first president of these junited states wus, I never went to school. And Ben say it wus Jorge Washinton, you dumb somnabitch you." "Yes, I know Ben can be bastard sometimes, but what the hell has that got to do with this old dead horse?" Josh again inquired.

"We we wel, another day Ben come home from the field and say to me, 'George, tell me, who rote the gettsburgg adress' an I say gott dammit Ben, you know fuckin well I don know who wrote no fuckin gettsburgg addres, I never went to school.

An Ben, he say it wus Abram Linkon, you dumb somnabitch you." "Yes, yes Ben has a cruel streak in him, but again I ask what the hell has that got to do with this old dead horse?" Josh again asked.

"We we wel, I'm gonna take that ol dead horse home. Ima gonna drag him upstairs and put it in Ben's bathtub." "What the fuck are you going to do that for George?" Josh asked in amazement.

"We we wel, Ben, he gonna come home frum the field - all hot an swetty. He gonna run up stares to tak a bath. Wen he open the dor to his bathroom, he gonna see that ole dead horse in his bathtub.

Ben he gonna jump bak an yell 'Jorge, Jorge what the hell is this up here in my baftub?" An I gonna say 'ITS AN OLE DEAD HORSE YOU DUM SOMNABITCH YOU." "Take the horse, George." Josh said. After the three men had loading the horse on George's wagon, Josh turned to Jeb saying, "You know you aunt Lu's kids are coming in today to stay for a few weeks, you need to go into town and meet their train.

I'll bet you're looking forward to seeing that hot assed lookin cousin, Roberta, of yours. In the kitchen, Jo had returned to stringing beans when May belle walked in wearing only a thin short shift. Her hard nipples and their dark pouty aureoles protruded against the flimsy, almost transparent fabric.

"My, my, don't we look delicious this morning." Jo commented. "Yeah," May belle replied, "Daddy did me pretty good this morning, but I'm still horny and hot - Mom, do you think you have time for a little clitty fuck before I go over to see Lisa?" "Sweetheart, you come on in the bedroom, I always have time for some of that sweet hot pussy." Jo responded, rising from her bean-stringing chore.

In the bedroom, the two women quickly shed their scant garments and stood naked before each other. Jo caressed the girl's small breasts and leaned forward to suckle the succulent nipples. May belle cupped a small hand over her mother's prominent mound - separating the hairs of the thick auburn bush. She inserted a finger into the still wet channel and began to massage the long erect clit lurking there.

"Damm, May belle, how about sucking that thing a little before I fuck you." Jo said as she lay on the bed spreading her long legs wide apart for the girl's attention. "Sure, Mama, but I want you to do the same for me." May belle replied as she straddled her mothers face and lowered her open pussy to Jo's open mouth with its long protruding tongue. The two beautiful creatures encircled each other's thighs in urgent embrace as, with hot tongues, they probed the depths of their partner's pussy and sucked flowing clits, devouring the sweet nectar flowing there from.

Moans of ecstasy filled the room and their bodies trembled in mutual climax. "That was a good warm-up," Jo commented, "and you still taste like that lavender douche Jeb hates". "I know Mama, but Lisa loves it and I kinda like it too." Separating from one another, Jo said, "Up on your shoulders little girl, you wanted a clitty fuck and you're going to get it. I think I'm going to enjoy this as much as you." May belle obediently lifted her lower torso into the air supporting herself on her shoulders and outstretched arms.

"Is that good for you Mom?" she asked. "Yes sugar." Jo replied as she quickly scissored her body over that of her beautiful daughter.

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Grasping May belle's long leg, she pulled it close between her breasts and lowered her hot open pussy to envelope that of the girl straining to make firm contact with her mother's long firm clit.

Jo's expert pelvic gyrations against that of the girl soon had May belle trembling and moaning. Incoherent ramblings rolled from her lips as her hot juices mingled with that of her mothers and flowed in copious amount down across her taunt belly, pooling between her firm breasts.

Shuttering in their mutual climax, Jo lowered herself to the surface of the bed still clutching the girl's leg to her chest and maintaining the intense contact between their pulsing, pumping vaginas. It was in this position that Josh found them. Seeing before him the two beautiful creatures he most loved in the world locked to each in the throes of passion and lust, he immediately became aroused and began to remove the overalls and brogans that were his only clothes.

He leaned over the two women and began to lick the sweet nectar that had accumulated on May belle's stomach and breasts. Tracing a path across her lower belly with his hot tongue, he soon reached the center of his most profound desire - the locked together pussies of his beautiful wife and daughter. With his massive organ only inches from her face, Jo could not resist the impulse to guide it toward her hot mouth. Before doing so she gently rolled back the foreskin and placed her hot tongue below the crown and rolled the foreskin back over the crown capturing her tongue inside.

She began to rotate her tongue around the crown of the swelling member while holding her tongue locked inside the foreskin with the crown of Josh's, now throbbing cock. Josh lifted his face from the pussies of the two women and told his daughter it was time for her to meet her friend Lisa. "Your Mama and I have got some serious fucking to do." Before leaving, May belle stood beside the bed and watched a few moments as Josh buried his face between the legs of his lovely wife and sucked her throbbing clit into his mouth.

At the same time Jo freed her tongue from the hot pocket in which it had been held. Rolling back the taunt foreskin to reveal the large purple crown of Josh's massive organ, she, without hesitation, grasped Josh by the buttocks pulling him to her as she took the entire length of him into her throat. After holding him a few moments, she applied a slight upward pressure to his thighs and Josh lifted to let his turgid member slide from his bride's talented mouth.

When only the throbbing crown remained encased in her torrid orifice, Jo again grasp his ass and pulled him deep into her throat again. Josh needed no more guidance. He began the slow, sensuous, rhythmic fucking of Jo's mouth they both loved so much. His own mouth was engaged in sucking her delectable clit while at the same time plunging two large fingers in and out of her tight anus. His thumb was busy massaging her hot pussy coaxing copious amounts of her sweet nectar from it.

Josh could feel Jo building toward climax and knew that he too was close. With a few quick thrusts into the tight channel of her throat and a renewed vigor in his assault on her clitoris and anus, they each grasped the other around the hips and pulled crotches to mouths. Josh pumped large amounts of his viscous cum deep into Jo's convulsing throat while sucking as much of her sweet nectar as possible into his own.

With the throes of climax somewhat in remission, the two lovers embraced. Jo lay atop Josh as they kissed and fondled each other.

She traced wet patterns from his ears to his lips to his nipples. He responded by plunging his tongue into her mouth and massaging her large breasts, rotating hard nipples between thumb and forefinger. Spreading her shapely legs, Jo began to rotate her hips, rubbing the lips of her still wet pussy over Josh's flaccid member.

After a while she lifted her body from him and again took him in her mouth. Cupping his balls in her hand, she gently squeezed and massaged them while letting a long finger probe in and out of his anus. In only a few minutes, Josh began to respond to the erotic tattoo. His cock lifted and began to swell as blood flowed into the growing organ. With a mischievous grin, Jo said "Big boy you haven't fucked me yet, I want you in my ass and in my pussy - I wish you had two cocks and could do them both at the same time." Chapter 4 As May belle was leaving the house she saw Jeb heading toward the family's old station wagon."Where you goin?" she asked."I've got to meet the train, you know Aunt Lou, and her kids are coming to stay for a few weeks." Jeb replied."Can I go too, I haven't seen Bobby and Bobbi Jo in over a year." She said."Sure, hop in.

I bet you try to fuck both of them before we get home." Jeb replied. "Now! That sounds like a plan." she squealed. The thirty-minute trip into town was uneventful except for May belle's several attempts to get Jeb to let her suck his cock.

"I just want to make up for biting you last time", she pleaded. "No way May belle, besides I want to be ready - just in case Aunt Lou wants some before we get home. Last time here she sucked my cock as good as Mama." The train had arrived a few minutes early and their Aunt and Cousins were waiting for them in the parking lot. After many hugs and kisses in greeting, Bobby and Jeb loaded luggage into the back of the big station wagon. The two girls ushered Bobby into the back seat between them while Lou took her place on the front seat beside Jeb.

No sooner had the doors closed than May belle and Bobbi Jo leaned over Bobby and engaged in a passionate kiss, hot tongues explored each other - both girls had a hand on Bobby's crotch.

"Can I suck it first?" May belle asked Bobbi Jo. "Sure, honey, just let me help you out of your pants, it's been a long time since I tasted your sweet pussy." "Don't worry about my panties, I haven't had them on since I heard you guys were coming, and by-the-way I'm looking forward to a clitty fuck with you. Lisa can hardly wait to see you again also." Bobby was urged into a corner of the back seat as May belle knelt over him, her pert ass lifted to meet Bobbi Jo's eager tongue.

Flipping up her cousin's short skirt, Bobbi Jo plunged her tongue into May belle's seething pussy at the same time May belle took the full length of Bobby's hard member deep into her throat. Watching the torrid scene from the front seat, Lou moved a hand to unbutton the fly on Jeb's overalls and free his hardening member. "Shall we join them?" she asked, lowering her head to his lap.

Lou cupped the boy's testicles in a hot hand and began to massage them as she, with a flick of her tongue captured the pre-cum already leaking from Jeb's erection. With expertise gained from many years of practice, Lou rolled down the thick foreskin exposing the purple crown of large cock awaiting her ministrations. As her hot tongue began to massage his manhood, Jeb said, "Godamm, I've got to find a place to park or I'm going to wreck this fuckin car".

Lou lifted her head for a moment and smiling said, "If I remember right, the old cemetery is just up ahead - ah that brings back some fond memories". Jeb turned the car into the entrance to the cemetery and quickly found a secluded spot behind some tall hedges. Almost before he had a chance to switch off the engine, Lou was out of the car removing her blouse and bra, her taunt nipples begging for attention. Reaching into the automobile she grasped Jeb by the hand saying, "Come on honey, suck on these a little before you eat my pussy.

Jeb was quick to comply. Rotating his tongue around each hard nipple before sucking into his mouth and nibbling gently with his teeth. As his hand moved up the inside of her leg, Lou moved to give him better access.

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Suddenly Jeb sprang back, a look of astonishment on his boyish face. "You ain't go no hair on your pussy Aunt Lou, what happened, I never saw a grown woman with no hair on her pussy, I want to see It." Laughing, Lou explained that she and Bobbi Jo had decided to shave their pussies.

"It makes clitty fucking more fun." From the back seat May belle almost shouted, "I've never seen one either. Bobbi Jo let me see your naked pussy." "I'll do better than that," Bobbi Jo replied "trade places with me, only I want his cock in my pussy.

You can see my shaved pussy while you suck my clit." May belle had been sitting in Bobby's lap with her legs wide spread to fully enjoy the attention to her throbbing pussy being given by Bobbi Jo. From behind, Bobby had his arms wrapped around her slender body, massaging her breasts while rotating the nipples between thumbs and forefinger - his cock deep in her hot pussy.

Bobbi Jo had been plunging her long tongue as deep as possible (around her brothers cock) into her cousins leaking pussy, sucking her erect clit. When Bobby asked "what's your Dad going to say when he finds out I've been getting some of his pussy?

May belle had replied, "Don't worry about that, you're about three inches from Daddy's pussy, but I do want you to fuck my ass and let Bobbi Jo take care of my pussy. Bobbi Jo and May belle quickly changed places with Bobby burying his cock deep in his sister's wet pussy. May belle lost no time in attacking the clean-shaven slit. "Damm it looks almost like a taco." She exclaimed. "Lisa is going to love this, I think we're going to want to shave our pussies too." Lou said, "Looks like the kids have got things in control, now stop staring and put your tongue in there." Jeb with some reluctance lowered his head between his aunts beautiful long legs and tentatively ran his tongue around the outer lips of the older woman's sweet pussy before plunging his tongue inside to massage her long hard clitoris.

"Goddamm," he muttered, "This IS better, I gotta fuck you Aunt Lou." "That's what we're here for sugar, put that hard dick of yours where it will do us the most good." She whispered as she slipped her wet tongue into his ear. Lou lay on her back a leg over the back of the front seat. Her ass rested on the edge of the seat her other leg hung out the open door. Jeb pushed the gallowses of his overalls from his shoulders letting them fall to his ankles.

He reached beneath his aunt's legs and pulled her a little further out of the car, watching as Lou grasped his throbbing member and guided it unerringly toward her hot opening. Watching the almost angry purple crown of his cock probe to open the puffy lips of Lou's wet cunt was one of the most exciting things he had ever witnessed. It was with some awe he watched as her labia opened to receive his shaft. The lips curved slightly inward clinging tightly to the intruder forcing its thick foreskin further down the shaft of his throbbing cock as he pushed deeper into the hot channel.

At last he was fully embedded in Lou's slick paradise where he paused only a moment. Jeb was fully absorbed in the view as he slowly began to withdraw his member. The soft lips, that had only moments before been slightly curved inward, now were clinging to his shaft in a gentle caress that begged not to be abandoned. Losing all self-control, Jeb pounded into Lou's sweet depths in a series of frantic strokes as Lou moaned gratefully and met his hard thrusts with those of her own.

"Fuck me, fuck me as hard as you can, I'm Cumming, Cumming again. Goddamm, fuck, shit it's been too damm long since I've had that much cock in me." "I can't wait either", Jeb muttered, "I wish I could still keep going! That's the best pussy I ever had, even better than Mamas!" he panted as he pumped his juices deep into his Aunts steaming depths.


Through half lidded eyes, Lou looked up at her young nephew, smiling as she watched him slowly withdraw his long cock from her now gaping pussy. It was glistening from their mingled expenditures. "Let me lick that dry" she uttered and took Jeb's shrinking member into her hot mouth. "Aunt Lou, I want to eat a little more of that naked pussy of yours too before we leave." He replied.

In the back seat the three cousins had expended themselves in each other and sexually sated had watched in fascination as Jeb and Lou engaged in their mutual pleasure of each other. Leaving the cemetery, May belle said, "just drop Bobbi Jo and me off at Lisa's, she's gonna love Bobbi Jo's shaved pussy." "O.K.

" Jeb replied, as he shifted into gear and started toward the exit of the cemetery. After dropping May belle and Bobbi Jo off at Lisa's, Jeb continued toward home.

"What are you guys got planned for this evening?" Lou inquired. "Well, I've got some of the hottest pussy in the county lined up for Bobby and me." Jeb answered. "You know you just had some of the hottest pussy in the state only a few minutes ago, but I guess a little "strange" is always in order. Don't stay out too late - we may have a little "homecumming" party tonight.

Jeb and Bobby unloaded the guest's baggage at the farmhouse and after a few exchanged embraces with Jo, Jeb and Bobby returned to the car. Where is all this hot pussy you got lined up Jeb?" Bobby asked as the started down the lane leading back to the highway. "I think I had as soon stay here, I been thinking about your Mama's hot pussy every since Mom told me we were coming to visit." "Don't worry Bobby, we'll be home in plenty of time for a fucking good family evening - I expect Lisa will be coming over too." Jeb replied slyly.

After a couple of miles, Jeb turned off the highway onto a narrow dirt track leading into a dense stand of trees. It had gotten dark and Jeb, having doused his headlights, was following the road, clearly visible in the light of the full moon.

"What the fuck are you doing Jeb, sneaking around just to get some strange pussy. We got plenty of good pussy at the house." "You just wait - this is the hottest damm pussy you ever had and it won't take too long. Just get out of the car and follow me. The two boys climbed over a rail fence and crept across an open field toward a board-fenced lot adjoining the large barn.

Climbing to the to the top of the fence, Jeb whispered, "come on Bobby, this is our neighbors pig lot - pig pussy is a lot hotter than girl pussy, you'll love it. They dropped to the ground inside the lot and Jeb quickly caught one of the young shoats and headed her into a corner.

Lifting the pig's back feet off the ground he drove his long cock deep inside the hot channel, moaning "goddamm, that's good. How are you doing Bobby?" "I I don know, I can't seem to get it up, it's the first time this ever happened." In the light of the full moon, Jeb looked over his shoulder at his cousin and seeing his dilemma responded, "No damm wonder your dick won't get hard - you caught the ugliest fuckin one of the lot." There was no response when May belle knocked on the door at Lisa's house.

After waiting a few minutes she opened the unlocked door and led Bobby Jo inside and down a dark hallway toward the sound of country music.

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Opening the door to Lisa's bedroom they saw the small girl lying naked on her bed. Her eves were closed, two pillows elevated her pert ass, and she softly moaned as she stroked her erect clit with one hand, the other had four fingers buried deep in her seething channel.

Her hot juices ran copiously down the crack of her ass and had wet a sizable spot on the pillow. "Oh Baby! What's going on? Don't waste all that sweet pussy juice, let me have it." May belle exclaimed upon seeing the beautiful child like creature writhing in frustration on her bed.

"May belle, May belle eat me pleaseees, fuck me I'm so godammed hot I feel like I'm going to explode." Lisa pleaded. "That's O.K. sugar, Bobbi Jo and I can take care of that, and then you can tell us what happened. Bobbi get two of those vibrating dildos from the top drawer of the dresser and hand them to me.

Then I want you to put your naked pussy over Lisa's mouth, she will love that." May belle instructed. May belle quickly inserted a twelve-inch vibrating dildo deep into the young girls hot, leaking pussy and almost as quickly inserted a smaller unit into Lisa's pulsating ass.

She then captured Lisa's long clit in her mouth and began nibbling and sucking the erect organ. In the meantime, Bobbi Jo had shed her scant attire and was attacking the small girls pert breasts sucking the hard nipples and alternately nibbling upon them. After running her fingers through her own wet pussy, she had placed three of them in the girl's mouth - Lisa sucked them voraciously. Abandoning the succulent nipples, Bobbi Jo straddled Lisa's head and began to lower her dripping pussy to the girl's puckered mouth.

Lisa moaned, "Ohhoo, damm, fuck, shit, that's so fucking good, I'm going to cum again, don't stop, keep on, fuck me, suck me, I don't want you to ever stop". As the smooth lips of Bobbi Jo's pussy brushed her lips, Lisa, opening her eyes exclaimed, "That's the prettiest pussy I've ever seen!" Grasping the cheeks of Bobbi Jo's firm ass she pulled her tight against her mouth and plunged her long hot tongue as deeply as possible into the fortunate pussy of Bobbi Jo.

For an hour or more the three gorgeous creatures cavorted with each other, eating pussy, fucking mouth, ass and pussy with strap on dildos (Lisa had a large collection) and finally dosed in a circle, mouth to pussy, on the large bed.

Upon awaking a short time later, May belle leaned across Lisa and gently probed the girl's sweet mouth with her sharp tongue. Lisa returned the passionate kiss and said, "Thanks, that was the very best". "What in hell happened to get you so worked up Lisa, your have GOT to tell us and, bye the way, where's your Uncle?" May Belle queried. Lisa sat up and began to tell the story as Bobbi Jo and May Belle sat, absently fondling each other's luscious bodies, and listening to Lisa.

"You know Uncle Luther, he owns the farm, and since my folks were killed, he has let me live here with him. He's passed out upstairs in his bedroom now. Well, he has the biggest cock you have ever seen, Bobbi Jo.

The crown is larger than a softball; it's over fourteen inches long and thicker than the calf of my leg.

I've wanted him to fuck me for years and we have tried many times to no avail. Today I came in. hornier than usual, and instead of getting my toys; I went upstairs to Uncle Luther's bedroom. He was lying naked on his bed. The "Sleeping Beauty" (that's what we call his cock) was slightly erect and I thought this would be my lucky day. I stripped off my clothes and lay on the bed beside him. I sucked his nipples and caressed his large balls.

He quickly awakened and crushed me to him before rolling me on my back and burying his face in my pussy. Fuck me! Uncle Luther I cried. I wanted to feel that huge cock in me so bad. Honey, you know we can't, we've tried before. Pleeseee, Uncle Luther, let me lick it some, maybe this time we can make it work. O.K. sugar you can lick it while I eat some more of this sweet pussy. He rolled on his back and lifted me on top of him, with my pussy at his mouth.

I grasped his cock and pulled it to my mouth and began licking around the shaft and rolling the foreskin back to lick the huge purple crown. I was getting hotter by the second as Uncle Luther probed my pussy with his tongue and sucked my clit. I fantasized about having that sweet piece of meat in my pussy. I thought about you too May Belle and the fun the three of us could have together.

Uncle Luther was, by this time, panting and moaning a little as his cock began to harden (by now it was at least sixteen inches long). I thought it was hard enough to try fucking and lifted off Uncle Luther's face. My pussy was slick and sopping wet as I straddled him and started to guide his half hard prick into my over anxious, throbbing pussy. My juices were wetting the head of his cock; I was already beginning to cum again just thinking of all that monster meat inside my aching pussy.

Just as the crown of his marvelous cock began to enter my awaiting channel, it swelled perceptibly and became incredibly hard before it jerked against my pussy and collapsed completely. Uncle Luther's eyes had glazed over - he had passed out. I cried and cussed, licking his limp cock; I tried to get it hard again.

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My pussy ached and throbbed, I really, really needed a really good fucking. Uncle Luther does not have enough blood to get his cock hard without passing out - it has happened before." "That's the dammdest think I ever heard of." Bobby Jo said, "I sure would like to see a cock that big". "Well, come on, I think he is still asleep, I don't think he would mind if you want to see a real "Sleeping Beauty" Lisa responded.

The three girls, still naked, tromped up the stairs to Luther's bedroom where he lay prone on his bed. The head of the "Sleeping Beauty" rested just above his knee. "That is one beautiful cock." Bobbi Jo cried as she rushed to the bedside. Kneeling, she lifted the monster meat and squeezed it between her breasts.

Forcing the foreskin back, she began to lick the remnants of Lisa's trapped juices from around the crown of Luther's flaccid member. "Maybe, if we could get him a blood transfusion, he could fuck us all." She cried. "Coach Wilson, you know the Mudville Mules have beaten our football team for the last five years - ever since you became coach. I think we've come up with the reason why." The three girls were standing in the coach's office. May Belle and Lisa were dressed in their skimpy cheerleader outfits, their taunt nipples clearly visible through their tight white cotton tee shirts.

Bobbi Jo wore a short skirt and a thin blouse that did nothing to hide her beautiful breasts. As she bent over to retrieve a pencil from the floor her naked bottom was exposed to the coach and he lost concentration in what May Belle had been saying.

"Dammit girls, I'm the coach and you are the cheerleaders, don't tell me how to coach my team!" The coach exclaimed. "We're not trying to tell you how to coach, but we think Black Pearl has figured it out. She's head cheerleader for the Mules and a good buddy of Lisa. Pearl told Lisa that their coach did not let the team party the night before the game - he keeps the cheerleaders away from the team until after the game. They have a big party after the game and the boys on the team and the coach get all the pussy they want then." May Belle explained.

"Well me and my boys get all the pussy we want the night before the game, it's an incentive for the team to win." The coach argued. "But it's not working" Lisa interrupted, " The team is so pussy-whipped the next day, they can't play.

The big game is tomorrow and we have a plan, by-the way you're going to get all the pussy you want today. May Bell, her cousin Bobbi Jo and I are going to fuck you ragged as soon as you agree to our plan." "Now that sounds like a fine plan to me already, come here Bobbi Jo, sit on my lap and let me suck those sweet titties while Lisa explains the rest of her plan." The coach muttered, licking his lips in anticipation.

"It's really pretty simple, Lisa began, "Black Pearl is a really, really good friend of mine and she said she would keep coach Thomas occupied while our cheerleaders raid the Mudville teams rooms at the NO-TEL motel where they're spending the night. Our girls will have them so pussy whipped by morning; I wouldn't be surprised if half of them don't make it to the field at all.

Our girls will be ready to reward our team after they win the championship from Mudville." Bobbi Jo had rolled her skirt up around her waist and shed her thin blouse.

She wiggled and moaned on the coach's lap as he loudly slurped at her hard nipples. He had buried two fingers in her hot channel. "I wanna fuck." Bobbi Jo panted. "So do we all." Lisa replied as she and May Belle shed their skimpy outfits. Bobbi Jo slid off the coach's lap to the floor where she quickly unzipped his cock-tented trousers and began groping for his now fully erect penis. The other two girls caught the coach under his arms and lifted him to his feet. Bobbi Jo unfastened his belt and pulled his trousers and underwear to his ankles.

Coach Wilson's fully erect nine-inch member brushed against her face. Bobbi Jo lost no time in wrapping her full lips around his erection and sucking him fully into the hot channel of her throat while gently squeezing and massaging his balls. "May Belle," the coach moaned", why didn't you tell me about this cousin, she sucks cock as good as you do and almost as good as Lisa and your Mama." "Coach, you know Mama and Lisa are the best cock suckers anywhere around and they also eat pussy better than anybody else we know." May Belle replied without any hint of envy.

"You also know that nobody can fuck you any better than I can and I'm going to do that before Bobbi takes the edge off, I want your first load in my ass." May Belle went to her knees on the thick carpet and lifted he firmly rounded ass for the assault to come.

Lisa quickly knelt behind her and began to probe her tight asshole with her sharp tongue while burying three fingers in May Belle's leaking pussy. Removing her fingers from May Belle's flowing channel, she licked a small amount of the sweet juices from a finger and immediately plunged them deep into May Belle's puckered bung.

"I think she's ready now coach, why don't you eat Bobbi Jo's pussy while you fuck May Belle's sweet ass. I have a little surprise for you myself." She told the coach. As the coach worked his hard shaft into May Belle's flaming hot channel, her tight muscles alternately clinched and relaxed around his shaft coaxing him into her deeper and deeper until his balls rested against the puffy lips of her pussy.

Meanwhile, Bobbi Jo had positioned herself on the floor with one leg across May Belle's shoulders and her puffy pussy lips were spread only inches from the coach's face when he bent over May Belle's back, now coated in a light sheen of perspiration.

While the coach and the two other girls were enjoying the beginning of a prolonged fuck fest, Lisa had removed a twenty-inch double-ended dildo from her bag. It was equipped with a set of fat balls at the half way mark. Lisa sucked six inches of the monster toy into her mouth before sliding into her now leaking pussy and fastening the strap around her slim waist.

The coach's ass was high in the air as he pounded into the depths of May Belle's dark channel. Lisa gave his ass a sharp slap and grasped his balls squeezing them. "You ready for my surprise now coach?" She asked. With sweat pouring from his face and gasping for breath, the coach murmured.

"Lisa, honey, I don't think it gets any better than this - Bobbi Jo has the sweetest and wettest pussy I think I've ever tasted and May Bell has the hottest and tightest ass of all the girls on your squad, it can't get any better, I'm gonna cum any minute." "Not before my surprise." Lisa answered, as she spread his quivering ass cheeks and probed his tightly puckered ass with her sharp wet tongue.

In only a few moments the coach's tight anus began to relax with the encouragement of her hot tongue and probing fingers. Lifting her head from his ass, Lisa guided the head of the dildo to May Belle's pussy and the copious flow of juices emanating there from. With her hand she captured the sweet nectar and generously lubricated the protruding end of the dildo. She probed gently at the coach's now only slightly puckered asshole. After the bulbous head had passed the sphincter muscle, she gave a powerful thrust driving the member into the coach's virgin channel until the fake balls pounded against his own.

The coach screamed and slammed his hips forward driving his cock to his balls into May Belle's clinching asshole.


His cock exploded deep inside her tight channel and continued pumping as Lisa began to thrust in and out of his ass with her toy. "Goddamm, I never cum like that before he gasped as his member continued to pump thick ropes of his semen into the girls ass and as he began to enjoy the sensation of Lisa's pumping in and out of his ass with less vigor than her initial thrust.

Lisa's face began to darken, her taunt nipples hardened even more than before as she climaxed around the dildo buried in her tight pussy. May Belle clinched her ass tightly around the coach's cock trying to hold it for one more orgasm (she had experienced several). She moved her head between Bobbi Jo's spread legs and tongued her wet slit sucking on the girl's hard clit. Bobbi Jo convulsed in climax at her cousin's thoughtful attention.

Joe Wyatt, coach of the Mules, sat in the big recliner in his motel room. He languidly stroked his cock as he watched the two girls in the porn flick attack each other with tongues, fingers and dildos. He was looking forward to the big after game party planned for the next night. He knew at least half the girls on the cheerleading team would be panting for some stiff cock - he and his team were not going to disappoint them. Joe was aroused from his reverie by a loud banging on the door to his room.

It was almost drowned out by the heavy downpour outside. I hope this rain won't fuck-up the game tomorrow he thought as he strode cross the room to answer the knocking. Before opening the door, he could hear someone shouting "Coach, Coach, you got to let me in, I'm scared of this storm, please let me in, please." Standing outside his door was the head cheerleader, Black Pearl.

Water ran down her face, the thin tee shirt she wore was plastered to her gleaming, shiny wet, black skin. The shirt was not long enough to cover the white bikini briefs she wore. The thin white material plastered to her skin seemed to accentuate her nakedness. Firm nipples protruded a full half-inch from her firm rounded breasts. Large aureoles, even darker than her dark skin, were clearly discernible even in the dim light cast from his room.

The girl did not seem to notice the Coach's tented shorts and his lustful gaze.As a particularly sharp clap of thunder, accompanied by a bright streak of lightening struck nearby, she threw herself into his arms wailing "Coach, Coach, I'm sooo scared, Daddy always holds me when there's a big storm, will you let me in, can I stay here until the storm's over, I'll be good I promise?" "Come on in girl before you catch your death of cold." Joe replied putting his arms around her small shoulders and guiding her into the room.

"What are those girls doing on the TV" Pearl asked as one of the porn stars probed her partners ass with a long dildo. "That looks like fun," Pearl continued with a sly look at the Coach. "I expect it would be more fun with the real thing," Joe retorted. "Come on over here girl and sit on my lap, let me dry you off and warm you up a little." That sounds good to me, looking at your fine hard body is making me a little warm already.

I might even need a spanking for what I'm thinking. My Daddy always gives me a good spanking when I'm being naughty. I don't mind a spanking, Daddy always makes it up to me afterward, he kisses me all over and let's me suck him off before he slides his long cock in my wet pussy - a good spanking always makes my pussy wet, he always likes to taste my pussy before we fuck. I heard you told some of your Guys that white pussy was for eating and black pussy was for fucking.

I think you should taste my black pussy Coach - that is if you want to fuck?" "God Damm Pearl, I don't think I would have said that, and yes I want to eat that sweet black pussy and I want to fuck you something awful." "Sit back down Coach" Pearl said as she removed the wet tee and slipped the bikinis to her ankles.

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With a flick of her foot they flew to Joe's face. He inhaled the heady aroma and sucked the crotch of them into his mouth. "That's a good start," Pearl cooed as she stepped unto the chair, placing a foot on either side of the Coach's hips. She spread the lips of her already leaking pussy and squatted to bring the choice morsel to within reach of Joe's eager mouth and anticipating tongue. With a groan, Joe took the small girls firm buttocks in hand and pulled her to him. He eagerly began to probe her purple depths and suck the extended clit, now pulsing and emanating its sweet nectar in copious amounts.

"Damm that's good pussy" Joe exclaimed as he took a deep breath before continuing his feast. Pearl threw her head back shaking it from one side to the other as she began to buck her pelvis into the Coach's face. "Harder, Coach, harder tongue fuck me harder, stick your finger in my ass, I love it when Daddy does that" she cried. As Joe began to probe the girls puckered anus, Pearl, trembling with the onset of climax, grasped Joe's head and ground her pussy into his face - "You eat pussy almost as good as my Daddy." She moaned and began to let her body glide down over that of the fortunate man's chest.

She paused in her descent to let Joe suck her dark nipples and pebbly hard aureoles. Joe could not believe his good fortune as the tiny creature slipped to her knees and took his full length into her mouth. Cupping his balls in her small hand she kneaded them as she let her tongue caress the most sensitive area around the crown of his throbbing cock. Her small white teeth scraping over his shaft and across the crown was exquisite pain.

Lifting her head, she began a new assault, stroking his shaft as she sucked his balls letting her hot tongue tease his perineum. "Damm Pearl, that feels so damm good, I'm gonna cum before we fuck if you keep that up." Pearl's response was to quickly capture the head of the Coach's bulbous cock in her hot mouth.

She rapidly moved her head up and down sucking the stiff member deep into her throat while massaging his balls and teasing his anus with a long finger. Joe's body stiffened as he grasped the girl's head and thrust his cock as deeply as he could into her open throat. He moaned loudly as he pumped cum into her. Pearl swallowed spasmodically as the ropes of semen continued to spurt in a, seemingly endless, hot flow deep in her throat.

Fearing he may have hurt the small girl, Joe felt near panic as he began to withdraw from her mouth. His fear was unfounded.

Pearl smiled as she took his now near flaccid shaft in one hand and licked the remnants of his expenditure from it. "Don't be upset Coach, it's not dead - I think it will be up to a good fuck in a little while. In the meantime I think I need to be punished for being such a bad a girl - letting someone else have some of Daddy's private stock pussy. Truth is, Daddy's not giving me the treatment he used to, we used to fuck every day, sometimes two or three times.

Now that he's almost forty, we only fuck two or three times a week. It's just not enough for a growing girl. "Pearl, I don't know anyone who could stand that much of your hot pussy over a long stretch of time. I'm going to do my best to see you get as much cock as I'm able to give you for as long as I can." "Thank you Coach," Pearl cooed as she curled into Joe's arms. Joe gazed down at the beautiful voluptuous creature nestled in his arms.

He began to caress the large firm breasts rolling her turgid nipples between thumb and forefinger. He lowered in mouth to hers and probed the hot orifice with his tongue. Pearl eagerly sucked his tongue into the musky sweetness, in which still resided some of the alkaline residue of his jism.

Joe caressed the girls firmly rounded buttocks as she wiggled their dark globes against his groin. Departing the sweetness of her mouth, Joe began to feast lavishly upon the dark orbs he had been fondling. He let a long finger stroke the erect clit protruding slightly from the velvet lips of the nymph's sweet pussy - his cock was beginning to come alive again.

Pearl languidly rolled onto her stomach, (still on the Coach's lap) her firm ass cheeks were elevated, inviting the attention she so desired. "I've been a bad girl, you've got to punish me Coach." She whispered. With his right hand, Joe reached beneath the prostrate girl and grasped a firm breast; with his left he delivered a stinging slap to her lovely rounded ass.

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Pearl gave a gasp and whimpered "Again, harder!" she exclaimed. Joe reluctantly delivered a second resounding slap to the girls quivering flesh, then a third and a fourth.

With each blow the girl gave a gasp of pain/pleasure and begged for more. After a half dozen of the punishing blows, Joe could bring himself to deliver no more. He lifted the sobbing girl from his lap and cuddled her trembling body in his arms, gently kissing her tears away. Pearl was sobbing into his neck "Thank you, thank you, that was sooo good, not as hard as Daddy but good.

It made me so hot, I've got to fuck now." She said, as she again straddled the Coach and lowered her pelvis to meet his groin. Grasping his cock, she guided him unerringly into the depths of the hottest channel Joe had ever felt. He could feel her hot wetness running down his shaft over his tight scrotum to wet the seat of the recliner.

Pearl rode Joe's cock. Alternating between agonizingly slow strokes. She would lift until only the tip of his cock rested at the entrance to her hot channel before dropping down on him to engulf his entire length.

In wild abandon she would furiously pound her pelvis into his all the while rotating her sweat drenched ass cheeks in a blur of motion.Each time Joe approached climax she would pause, holding him deep in her pulsating channel, she would bite his ear painfully until he had regained some control.

Pearl continued in this manner through several orgasms of her own and until she knew the Coach could not be held off much longer. After a short pelvic grind on Joe's throbbing member, the girl lifted herself up and taking Joe by the hand urged him to stand.

With Joe standing behind her she placed her hands on the seat of the recliner and looked over her shoulder with an impish grin and said. "You wanted a piece of hot black ass, have some of mine - fuck my ass like Daddy does, you'll like it too." With those words she placed a hand over her pussy and began to massage her clit while thrusting her rounded firm ass toward Joe for his attention. Trembling in anticipation, Joe placed the tip of his throbbing member against the puckered opening.

"How about a little tongue first." Pearl panted. Without hesitation, Joe placed a hand on each of the girl's buttocks and began to grind his face between their firm cheeks. Thrusting forward with his tongue, he could feel Pearl push back to get more of his oral digit into her tight opening. After a few moments of Joe's probing tongue, Pearl began to relax her sphincter muscle and groaned, "Fuck me now, now dammit".

Joe lost no time in bringing the crown of his cock to the entrance of her dark channel and began to press forward. Suddenly the head of his cock burst thru the tight opening into a lava like inferno, so hot he almost jerked back in involuntary surprise. Never in all his years had he encountered such exquisite pleasure.

Pearl pressed back harder, taking him deeper and deeper into the depths of her velvety hot canal. With his balls resting against her perineum and with his cock buried in the girl's tight ass to its maximum, he paused to bask in the sheer exuberance of the moment. "Don't stop Coach, fuck me, fuck me hard, make me cum." Pearl growled, as she vigorously massaged her clitoris and ground her hard, sweat soaked buttocks into Joe's groin.

Joe withdrew his cock from the fiery channel until only the crown was nested inside the tight ring before slamming it back to it's maximum depth and followed with a near frantic pumping repeatedly in and out while delivering stinging slaps to the glistening cheeks of Pearl's upturned ass.

"Yesss, Yesss that's it FUCK ME, FUCK MY HOT ASS, MAKE ME CUM, I'M CUMMING DAMMIT I'M CUMMING FUCK ME HARDER SLAP MY ASS HARDER OH SHIT THAT'S GOOD - DO IT DADDY FUCK ME, fuck meee" she moaned as Joe held her hips tightly, his cock buried deep inside her pumping his seed into her lustful ass.

As the crown of his near flaccid cock fairly popped from the girl's anus, Joe could see spurts of his expenditure oozing from the dark opening. With a howl of glee, Pearl turned and threw her arms around his neck kissing his face and neck. She ran a hot tongue across his chest pausing to suck his taunt nipples before dropping to her knees to take his still leaking cock in her mouth and sucking him dry. Withdrawing her mouth from his now limp cock, Pearl continuing to knead his balls, looked up at him and said "That's the way Daddy and me used to fuck, can we do this again sometime, maybe after the game tomorrow.

By the way, hope you won't be mad at me for causing you to lose the game tomorrow - Lisa and her cheerleaders have been fucking the brains out of our team for the last few hours. The Coach said. "I can't wait till next year!"