Son forced her xxx mom in kitchen

Son forced her xxx mom in kitchen
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My aunt got divorced and became a mom in the same month. She was a wreck. She had to have my mom take care of her baby for a few weeks so that she could get counseling and drug therapy. During this time I returned to town and was staying in my mom's basement for summer vacation.

My aunt didn't live far from my mom, a small house about five minutes walk. I had heard a brief, terse conversation on the phone with my mom and who I figured was my aunt. She wasn't due back from rehab for at least a week or two.

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I thought it might be a good idea to check on her, since she was going through such a rough time. I walked up to her house and peeked in. She was on the couch, hunched over. I knocked and waved through the window, so she could see me.

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She took a while to come to the door. "Hi," she said in a monotone, her eyes puffy and red. "I just wanted to stop by. See if maybe you want to have dinner." "I'm not hungry. I'm going through a lot right now." "I know. I just wanted to stop by and see if you wouldn't mind company. I'm not here to judge or anything." "Thank you. I appreciate that." It was quiet for a few moments. "Have a seat. I was just going to put on a movie or something." "Ok, sure." "Do you want something to drink?" "Yeah, I'll take a beer if you have any, thanks." "Just scotch." "That'll do." She handed me a tumbler, and she had one as well.

She put on some show, with the volume not too loud and sipped her scotch. A toddler came onto the screen and she changed the channel.

I move to sit next to her. "It's gonna be okay.

I know this is rough, but were a family and we'll get through this. No matter what it takes." She looked at me and gave me a long hug. "You're right. Would you do me a small favor?" "Yes, anything." "Can you give your aunt a little foot rub, the walk back was terrible." "Sure, I'd be happy to." I positioned to massage her feet and she leaned back with her scotch, sipping.

I was massaging and taking sips of the scotch while she flipped through channels stopping here and there to get the gist of a show, before moving on. "That feels really good." She relaxed even more.

"I'm glad you're feeling more relaxed." She smiled and took another sip. "You know what would make me really relax?" "What's that?" "If you sucked on my toes." I stopped.

"What?" "Just a little bit. Please?" "I'm sorry Auntie, that's a bit much." "You're right. I'm sorry. I'm all messed up." "It's ok." I started massaging her feet again. We both relaxed, drinking more scotch, and half-watching the tv. "Can you move up a bit?" "Sure," I massaged her tight calve muscles. "Have you ever played with anyone in the family?" "What are you talking about?" "Oh, do you mind topping me off?" She handed me her glass.

I went to the kitchen and refilled our glasses. A warm feeling filled my body. "Thank you." She took a sip and I took a long sip.

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"I know what you're getting at. And it's not true." I took another sip. "I'm not trying to pry, honestly.


I just feel so vulnerable and out of it, I really don't know what I'm going to do." "I don't know why you keep pressing me on this." "Oh that's a good spot," she said as he kneaded her calves.

"Ok. I'll tell you what happened to put to bed these rumors. Yes, mom did bathe me, but didn't do anything that people said." "Ok, I believe you.

But she did bathe you for kind of a long while." "What drugs are you on?" "Why do you want some?" "Listen, I'm not here to play games. I came to see how you're doing and you seem to be fine. I'll be leaving now." "Please stay.

Go if you have to. But I do appreciate your company.

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If you can just sit next to me for a bit, that would mean a lot to me. No more questions, I swear." I pulled the blinds and locked the door. "Ok, thank you." I sipped the scotch and we watched tv. "It was a few months after my mom gave birth to Jack." I said.

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My aunt watched me closely. "I was about to leave for college, and dad had been gone since, I forget." She rubbed my shoulder. "I came home late, and mom was watching a movie by herself. It was probably 3 am. I sat down next to her." My aunt took another sip, moved in to listen closer. "She was sad that I was leaving and all that. We hugged and kissed, then." I take a long drink. "What kind of drugs do you really have?" My aunt turned quickly and dug around in her purse.

"Here." "What is this?" "Trust me.

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It'll make you feel good." I take it and wash it down with more scotch. "So you were hugging and kissing." she leads me back to the story. "Yeah, and then we are kissing, french kissing. It feels strange, but I don't stop. She gets on top of me and I start sucking on her breasts." "Yes, and are you turned on are you hard?" "Very.


We couldn't stop. I was sucking milk out of her breasts, and kissing her, she had her hand down my pants." "Oh wow." "Yeah." "Keep going please. That's very erotic." "You think so?

I feel so ashamed and embarassed." "Why? Who cares what other people think. You did it, seemed to enjoy it." "I did, it felt like nothing else." "Did you have sex then?" "Yeah, we went down into the basement and had the filthiest insect you could imagine.

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I came inside of her, and then, for the rest of the summer I'd stay out late and we'd meet in the basement so I could suck her milky tits, lick her pussy and fuck my mom until I came. Then we'd just lay together, sticky and sweaty, kissing each other, until we feel asleep or fucked again." "That is amazing." I hold her foot up and start kissing her toes.

"Oh, yes. Thank you god." I suck on her toes and she leans back and moans. She spreads her legs and I can see her bushy pussy. I move in and start licking. "Oh fuck! Yes! Please fuck me!" "What did you give me?" "Ecstacy. Are you reading to have dirty incest with your Auntie?"