Felched Dreier fickt ihre engen Ärsche

Felched Dreier fickt ihre engen Ärsche
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I was completely lost in him, desperate for more.

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He groaned as he buried himself deeper inside, my wetness coated his thick member and trailing down to his balls. I moaned loudly, the intensity building as the hot swollen flesh of my cunt grasped tightly around his hard dick. Over and over, his hot lips sucking harshly on my hard nipples. His tongue ran up my throat, sent my body over the edge.

The orgasm slammed through me, my body arched and pure pleasure slammed through my body. He fucked me harder, extending out the sweet high my body felt. My pussy was quivering and throbbing tightly around him. He groaned softly, enjoying the pleasure he brought me and the hot creamy nectar that flowed from my hot pussy.

He paused a moment, teasing me by only allowing the tip to spread me wide. Watching me with eyes of lust and satisfaction. We had waited so long for this moment, giving into temptation and reveling in the moment that I was his.

I moaned louder, the teasing driving me insane and another orgasm close. He stopped for a mere second before ramming inside with all the force he had, a loud scream erupting from my throat.

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"Don't stop, please don't stop" I whimpered, running my hands down his shoulders. "You like this, you like me fucking you like I promised I could" he whispered, his voice clouded with lust.

"Yes, please cum inside of me" I could help it, I was lost to him. "You want this load" he asked, watching me nod and arch below his powerful body. He bite my neck roughly, his fast breath dancing across my skin and his thrusts becoming slow.

Like water crashing on the ocean, he pulled as far out as he could and slammed inside slowly. My nails digging into his back, as I held onto him with everything I had. The friction of each slide, making my pussy slick with my wetness and I couldn't stop moaning loudly in pleasure.

With each thrust, he grew more and more rough, his orgasm nearing. In a scream, another powerful orgasm slammed through my body. The thought and the feeling of the pleasure, he caused made him follow me to the edge. Leaping off together, was intense and intimate. His hot cum shooting into my pussy in huge loads that didn't seem to end. My muscles clamped around his hot cock, pulling every single drop from his rod. Drowning in the release and floating slowly back down.

Both of us stayed perfectly still, breathing hard and letting our thick liquid mix. He let go of my neck slowly, looking down at my flushed face and messy hair. He grinned widely, both of us knowing that this was one of many intimate moments we would share.

I smiled widely, pushing up against him playfully and he slowly began to pull out. Groaning loudly as my tight flesh refused to let his cock go. I licked my lips as I glanced at his hot dick, dripping and coated with our sex.

I dipped my finger in my enterance, feeling all of his cum pouring out of my pussy and brought it to my lip, tasting us. He grinned, his member jumping at my apparent enjoyment of the flavor.

Slipping out of the bed made his cum drip out of my cunt, coating my thighs and leaving drops on the floor.

He watched me intently, seeing all of the marks he had left on my pale flesh. He laid on the bed, his muscles coated in a glimmer of sweat and I found my desire growing again. His hot cock was already semi hard and he looked at me. I reached over for a black see through robe, my perky tits pushing against the fabric. I was lost in my naughty thoughts, staring into those dark eyes who seemed to be reading my mind when a knock at the door, interrupted me.

"What is she?" He asked, intrigued by our relationship. "My sex toy" I smiled and his eyes widened slightly, pure lust of his naughty thoughts showed.

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"So she does whatever you want" he asked, stretching out against the pillows. "And only what I ask" I smiled micheviously and he motioned for me to join him on the bed.

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"How" he asked, as I slid into the cool bed next to him. "I met her at work, she was sexy and I wanted her" I shrugged and he shook his head.

"We fuck all the time, maybe if you be a good boy I will let you watch" I grinned playfully and he rolled his eyes. "No such thing" he laughed and there was a knock at the door.

She walked in after I gave permission, carrying a large tray full of food. She moved to the small table toward the end of the bed. Bending over innocently, showing off the nice tight curves of her ass. I glanced at him, his eyes watching her intently as she placed everything on the table. I leaned over to him, guiding his face toward me and kissed him passionately.


His lips molded with mine, our tongue dancing with each other and the heat increasing between us. I parted long enough to look at her, she had her fingers entangled in her red hair.


She looked nervous, unsure of what she should do but her eyes were brimming with desire. "Be a good girl and sit in that chair, over there" I commanded, she sunk into the chair that was positioned at the very end of the bed. "Yes, miss" she looked solely at me but desperate to see his hard thick cock. "I discussed the rules earlier, they apply and don't break them, do you understand" I asked my tone sharp and she nodded enthusiastically. "Good girl" I whispered, moaning as he cupped my breast.

He kissed me wildly, guiding my body on top of his and I rubbed his hard erect cock on my clit. He groaned loudly when I sunk slowly down on top of his dick. My pussy lips swollen and slick from need enclosing around each hot inch. He flicked my nipples with his tongue as I grinded down on him. I watched each pink bud dissappear into his mouth, feeling the electric hum of pleasure race down my stomach to my pussy.

I rode him, grinding and lifting my body up before slamming down. Hearing him groan in pleasure and lift his hips up to join us. My beautiful red haired beauty, was making little noises of pleasure as she pushed her long finger inside of her glistening pussy. Her legs draped over the arms of the chair giving me a hot view of her dripping cunt. She was finger fucking herself to my rhythm. She smiled widely and I licked my lips, as she continued.

He was fully lost in the curves and movement of my hips. Sliding his hand down my thighs and rubbing my clit. I moaned loudly, my tits bouncing as I slammed down. My orgasm nearing with fast power and I grinded harder against him. He leaned up, embracing me and kissing my neck, hearing the rise of my ecstasy.

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He grabbed my breasts roughly, squeezing and thrusting his tongue into my mouth. The orgasm slammed through me, roaring to life and pulling me under. I stopped moving, his cock buried deep inside and he forced his hips off the bed. Using his muscles to keep my orgasm going and to bring himself closer to cumming.

He groaned loudly, our bodies slamming together as I began to ride him once more. She was moaning loudly, her orgasm slamming through her. He groaned, hearing us girls orgasm drove him mad and he rammed himself up against him. To the point I had to place my hands on his smooth chest to keep from falling off. He arched below me, his hot creamy cum shooting inside of me and I kept my hips grinding down on him.

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Helping him pump every drop inside of me and my silky wetness dripping around his cock. His thick member shooting more and more cum inside. Filling me deeply with his liquid, to the point that all of our fluids were pouring out of me. I could hear her whimpering as she leaned back against the chair, sweaty and breathing just as hard as us. I laid down against his hot chest, and he wrapped his arms around me. Lost in each other, I heard the door shut as she left us alone.


Left us alone in this moment of intimacy.