Johnny sins with three girls

Johnny sins with three girls
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From Lonely Housewife to Perverted Slut Chapter24 Sorry for taking so long to work on Chapter 24 for those who have been waiting. If you didn't like the first 23 Chapters I strongly suggest not to read this chapter. There will be outrageous sex in this chapter so if you don't like this sort of thing I suggest you do not read this story.

I had been totally worn out by the weekend I had spent at the porno theatre. I just needed a hot bubble bath and sleep. Even after my bubble bath I was pretty stinky and sticky so took a nice long shower scrubbing my entire body squeaky clean.

I dried myself and went to my husband and my room and got under the covers. My head was spinning as I thought over the long weekend. I'd had some exciting times before but not like the weekend I had spent at the porno theatre. (you may read all about the weekend in Chapter 23) I fell asleep totally contented but sore all over as I drifted off to sleep.

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Even after the long weekend I was still horny believe it or not. I was woken by a gentle shove and kiss on my cheek. "How was your weekend with your mom?" Paul whispered in my ear. "It was a lot of fun Paul. We went to one of those 24 hour movies." I answered not telling a complete lie. I had been to he movies just not the kind of movie Paul would think I went to and I hadn't taken mom. I kissed Paul hard on the mouth reaching down to message his tiny cock "Someone is frisky this morning." Paul said placing his hand on top of mine.

"But that will have to wait. I have to get to the gym to workout before heading out to the construction site. I was just thinking about my brothers.

They had to work the long weekend and all their wives are going to some kind of meeting. Maybe you should ask my brothers over for dinner so they won't have to cook for themselves. They can keep you company. I'll have to work real late tonight. "That sounds like a good idea Paul. I'll give them all a call and ask them to come over." I was thinking it would be hot to have his brothers over for the day in more ways than one.

Are your sisters going to the same meeting?" "I asked. Should I ask them over as well?" "That's a good idea if you don't mind a houseful of men dear." Paul answered. "I'll see you in the morning. Maybe I'll sleep in the basement so I don' disturb you when I get home Joan." "That's okay I'll gladly sleep in the basement. You'll need your sleep." I said figuring his brothers and brother in laws would still be with me in the basement when he got home.

Good bye Paul see you in the morning. "Yes see you in the morning." Paul said picking up his gym bag and leaving out the kitchen door.

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As soon as Paul was out I picked up the phone and dialed Jason's phone number. "Hi Jason. I hear you and your brothers have the day off. Do you All need some company?" I asked. 'f you know what I mean. Paul won't be home until late so he suggested I sleep in the basement so he doesn't wake me when he gets home.

So we have all day and night. I'm also asking my in laws to join the party/ Bring some horny guys from the site with you. I'm extra horny for some hot fucking I'll call Mark, Steve, Tony and Ted and be over within the hour.

I'll also contact some of the guys who have the day off" Jason said. Next I called my brother in law Greg. 'Hi Greg. I understand you have the day off. Paul's brothers are on their way over how about you call George, Mark and Jeff over to throw a good fuck in me. Invite any horny good looking friends. We have all day and night.

i told Paul I'd sleep in the basement so he wouldn't wake me when he came home. 'Sounds great. I'll call Mac, George, Ted and Tony and we'll be over soon. You know we're all hot to screw you Joan. I'll bring over a few young studs to really screw you slut." Greg said before hanging up. 1. i went up and changed into what I had worn over to the theatre on the weekend.

I rook a look in the bedroom door mirror to make sure I looked good and slutty for my guests. I heard a car pull up outside and went to the door.

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It was Jason, Mark, Tony Ted. Another car pulled our and four hot black men got out I recognized them from Paul's construction site Then Greg pulled into the lane way. Greg, George and Mac got out. Another car pulled up behind Greg and four hot young men I judged to be in their late teens or early twenties got our. They all came to the Garage door. I went to the kitchen door to let them in. They were all wearing T-shirts and shorts. Let me leave a note for Paul and we'll head down stairs." I just explain why the cars are still harked here.

There." I put the pen and pad down on the kitchen table. "That should do I explained you your cars and took a taxi home because they had been drinking. Lets head down stairs and get started. I need some big cock. 2. "You don't have to ask twice." Tony said following me down the basement stairs.

Lets head for the den.' Everyone followed Tony into the large den and started taking off their clothes as I put on a strip show for Paul's in laws and brothers.

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I looked around the room as all he hot men made themselves comfortable in chairs circling me. I liked my lips deciding who to blow first. Tony decided for me by spreading his muscular legs and dropping a pillow on the floor between his feet.

He stood up undoing the top button of his tight fitting jeans pulling down the zipper. I settled down on my knees in front of him tugging his jeans to his feet. His big thick cock bounced out as he pulled his T-shirt over his head tossing it on the floor beside me.

Soon all the guys had pulled their T-shirts off tossing them on the floor and stood up facing me. They were all messaging large bulges in their shorts. I leaned forward holding Tony's large cock in my hand as began licking his low hanging balls. They tasted nice and salty and musky.

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I took one of his golf ball size balls sin my mouth swishing it from my cheek to the other as I looked up into his face. Tony looked down at me and smiled.

This is great. "Enjoy my cum filled balls Joan." Tony grunted. "This looks hot." Jason said standing to Tony's right. It looks like she is working your balls good Tony." "That's because she is. She's a real ball eater. Time to eat them both slut" Tony grunted leaning over my back his hand pressed against my back as his hands pushed toward my hot pussy. I'd say she needs her hot pussy worked over guys." I took his other ball in my mouth swishing it around in my mouth.

I want her hot pussy first. Greg was standing on the other side of Tony. The wife is holding out as usual." He made his way behind me slapping each of my ass cheeks as soon as he was behind me. Will my cock be the first one inside your cunt today Joan?" Greg asked "Yes Greg so open me up for all the other guys." I answered shoving my ass back.

"Get that nice big cock inside me stud." "Don't worry. I'm extra horny for your hot pussy slut." Greg my sister in law's husband said slapping each of my ass cheeks good and hard. I felt his nice thick nine inches slide through my pussy lips pressing against my clit. "Oh yes just like that." I moaned as more and more of his dock entered my hungry pussy. "How does that feel Joan?" Greg asked as the rest of his cock entered my pussy.

"It feels real good now fuck me." I moaned with lust in my soul. "i need you to fuck me good and hard stud. "He will.


Get my cock in your mouth." Tony said. I took a hold of Tony's thick cock waving in front of my face. Then I took it in my mouth as he leaned in and pushed it inside my mouth holding my head between his large hands.

Tony's thick cock pushed to the back of my throat. I had no problem swallowing it. "That's the good girl swallow my cock." Tony grunted. He didn't move his big cock resting in my throat. In the mean time Greg's cock inched into my pussy until his big low hanging balls slapped my ass.

Then he started pulling his stiff cock out of my pussy slowly before ramming hi s entire cock deep in my pussy. He took a hold of my hips and started fucking me good and hard.


"That's the way keep shoving your ass back and fuck my hard cock bitch. You're true Bitch in heat. Take my big throbbing cock, just like that. "Swallow my cock just like that." Tony grunted as he shoved his entire cock down my throat pulling it out and shoving it down my throat over and over again and again. "Darn you have an endless cunt. I m sure enjoying fucking it good and hard." Greg grunted as he rammed his big cock deep in my pussy.

'My wife sure can't take it when I'm easy with her I really give it to you full barrels. Are you getting close Tony? "Yes I'm close. What about you Greg? Tony asked. "I sure am. Are two more studs ready to take over. I Have a feeling it's going to be a long day.' Greg said thrusting his hard cock down my throat pulling it out and thrusting it down my throat over and over again.

"I'm real close. I felt as his thick cock vibrate in my throat before he tugged it out filling my entire mouth with his salty load. He pulled his cock out of my mouth only to spurt all over my face. I'm shooting my load in this hot pussy." Greg shouted as he filled my hot pussy with his fresh load.

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As soon as he pulled out of my pussy he shot load after load across my back mixing with the sweat covering my back. He stood up "I believe you're next Mark. I have her pussy all ready for you Mark. Hurry up and get over here. The guys are all lined up and more hot men on the way. I told the guys at my construction site Paul's wife is all worked up again and they said they'd be glad to work he itch out of her pussy, throat and even her hot ass." I'm ready and raring to fuck that hot pussy." Mark said walking behind me his good nine inch thick cock in hand.

Nice job of opening her up Greg. I felt his big hand slap each of my ass cheeks before he reached around grabbing one of my breasts in each hand and squeezing each of my nipples hard. Then he rammed half hi nine inch cock half way in my cunt pressing against my hard clit. Then he rammed the rest of his big thick cock inside me.

All I could manage was a gasp as I watched George approach me with his eight inch thick cock in hand. "Get ready to suck my thick eight inch cock Joan. Open your mouth nice and wide. I see you like the looks of it by the way you're looking at it." George said at the same time I opened my mouth good and wide. He took a hold of my head between his large hands as he shoved his cock in my mouth and into my throat. Mark twisted each of my nipples as he shoved his thick cock deep into my pussy pulling it out before ramming it deep inside again.

Meantime George pulled his thick eight inch cock out of my mouth while gripping my head between his hands only to ram it down my throat. I heard from the others waiting to fuck my pussy, ass and throat. Hurry up you two. We're all horny. Share the fucking slut with us. Were some of the things the guys were shouting as George pounded his cock in my mouth and down my throat. Mark kept pinching my nipples as he fucked my pussy good and hard just like the way I enjoyed it. George groaned.

"i'm cumming really filling my hot pussy with his big load. He pulled out of my pussy flooding my sweat and cum covered back. "Come on Jason, Ted, time the two of you laid it into me before I take on all those big muscular young black men." I said looking first at Jason and then Ted.

Ted walked up to me with his fat eight inch dick in hand. I opened my mouth wide letting Ted shove his nice size cock in my mouth and down my throat. Jason flashed his nine inch thick cock toward me before going behind me. I felt him ram his entire nine thick inch dick in my cum coated pussy.

"You have a great pussy Joan." Ted kept ramming his big cock in and and out my mouth while Jason kept fucking my pussy good and hard. "I'm getting ready to blast my load down your throat Joan."Ted grunted.

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I felt his cock expanding in my throat before he pulled it out filling my mouth with his delicious load. "I'm cumming." Jason shouted filling my pussy to overflowing before pulling his cock out of my cunt. "All right you eight big cocked black men, line up in front and behind me to fuck my pussy and throat." I shouted needing more big cock inside my throat and pussy.

End of Chapter 24