Young slim teenager have sex after school

Young slim teenager have sex after school
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I've been mostly a plain Jane for as long as I can remember. Not really a tomboy and certainly a late bloomer when it came to filling out through my teen years. I had tried my hand at sports to be more popular but I hadn't developed any muscles or aptitude playing sports.

I did like to run and tried out for the normal girls sports throughout high school, rarely making any team. I was just too thin and gangly to do very well. My best sport was running, not that I was any more proficient at it than other sports, just that it was so individual and I could practice most nights and weekends at my own pace without feeling like I was terrible at it or letting a team down.

This continued through college to the present day. So here I am at 24, kind of an ordinary girl, still thin, flat chested and except for what's turned out to be a cute butt, nothing much to look at. Oh, I've had my share of dates or requests for dates, mostly with nerdy or equally geeky looking guys, but never much more than that.

I stood 5'5" with straight shoulder length hair that always seemed to need a brushing. I never really spent a lot of time with make-up or fashionable clothes, spending money more on comfort clothing unless it had to do with my running.

I still liked to go out and run for 4-10 miles on the road and enter the occasional road race, just for fun. My story starts at one such race. I had planned on running a race which started and ended on the track of the local university and wound it's way up and through a hilly canyon. I had run the race before and although steep the first half of the race, the latter portion of the run was a slow, windy run down the canyon with a wonderful view of the bay.

This more than made up for the stress of the earlier part of the run. I had run this twice before and enjoyed it. I got dressed in my usual attire, a light white t-shirt with a green singlet over it and a green and white pair of shorts with white cotton panties.

I didn't wear a bra as my a cups didn't need much help staying put and the white t-shirt was a snug fit on my body. I got to the race early and it was still a bit chilly.

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I registered and took off my singlet to attach the number to the front evenly then put it back on. It was then I noticed my nipples were hard from the chill.

About the same time I heard someone say, "That's a great idea" and looked up to see a 40ish looking woman smiling at me. She said commented about how having the singlet over the t-shirt allowed me to put the number on straight without exposing myself or poking myself with one of the pins. She walked right up to me and pulled the singlet straight down to look at the number and commenting it looked perfect then smiled at me and walked away.

Odd, I thought, and I glanced at her walking away, somewhat dumbfounded. I noticed she had nice shapely legs and firm looking ass which I caught myself staring at a moment. That is until she turned around and looked back at me and smiled.

I blushed, waved and quickly turned around to warm up. I hadn't been attracted to women although certainly I could see how we are attractive. I continued a light walk and stretch before the race began, trying to remember I had to run still.

The race was largely uneventful except that the day got very hot, very quickly. I worked up a good sweat and enjoyed what I could of the run even though I was dripping from head to toe. I had finished about like I normally do, not anywhere close to the front. I worked my way over to the refreshments and quickly downed a full bottle of ice cold water. God, that was good.

I grabbed another bottle and just started to swig it down when I felt a touch on my shoulder. The lady I had run into earlier was there and asked how I was doing.

I said 'fine, I was just hot as hell and just dripping wet." She said, "Come with me, I think I can help you." Naively I followed her into the parking lot to her mini-van.

She opened the back, put a towel down on the bumper and asked me to sit down. She grabbed another towel while I was drinking some more water. She started wiping the sweat off my forehead and hair then caressed my face, pulling me a bit toward her as she leaned in and started kissing me softly on the lips.

I was in a stage of disbelief but found myself responding. She pulled back and said she'd wanted me since she saw my rock hard nipples earlier. I didn't know what to say. I then realized her hand was on my left leg, no make that my left thigh.and rising to my crotch.

I just sat there in disbelief as her hand slid under my shorts and started rubbing my pussy through my sweat soaked panties. I thought I just died and went to heaven. The combination of being drained from the heat and run and the adrenaline of her kiss and touch made me lose touch with reality.

I let out an "Oh fuck" and leaned back into the minivan until I rested upon some box that was there. She then pulled aside the cloth of my panties and stuck a finger in slit and rubbed up and down while her thumb found my little nub of a clit and pressed firm in a circular motion for a few moments then withdrew her hand. "Yes, you were very wet indeed.

I need to taste this sweet pussy but this is too out in the open." She reached out for my hand and helped pull me out of the back of the minivan and led me to the passenger side door and let me in. Confused but totally aroused I jumped in, but not without her helping me by firmly putting an hand on my ass to assist. Before I knew it we were rolling out of the parking lot on the way to what I assumed was her home. As I started to come back to my senses I realized we were going to have sex.

I know, naive. I looked at her, really looked for the first time. While she was somewhere in her forties I assumed she was in pretty good shape. She wasn't thin, but not too thick. Her breasts were in a sports bra of some kind which pressed them flat without trying to give any hint of shape. When I tried to look at her face more closely we'd come to a stop light she looked at me and I blushed, deeply this time.

She spoke, "You don't have to be ashamed of wanting to be with me. I was thinking of you the whole run too! When I ran into you after the race and you told me how wet you were I couldn't help myself. I can't wait until I get you home" My gosh, she thought I was hot for her and I get nervous. I'd never been with a woman and didn't know what to expect.

But those few moments she kissed and touched me did get me excited. I guess I was too quiet in thought. lost in my battle of nerves and excitement. I heard her saying something but it didn't register. Then I heard her say her name was Mary and what was I thinking about. "Oh, sorry. I'm Pam.I'm just a bit nervous.a.I haven't really done anything li." she cut me off, "Here we are!" as she pulled up into an apartment complex.

"I don't normally get to play with another woman that often either, since I moved in with my partner. Come inside and let's take a hot shower and get to know each other.


Then it won't feel like we don't know each other." It was like I was in a trance. I didn't know really what to do but instinctively I got out of the minivan and met her at the back. She took my hand and lead me to her apartment. Once inside she dropped her purse, keys and bag and pulled me into her arms then forcefully pushed me back into the now closed front door while starting to kiss me, quickly on the lips but then on my ears and neck.

I was back to being stunned and out of control. She muttered that I tasted good, kind of salty as expected. She had her hands rubbing my thin thighs on the outside and she slowly started working her right thigh into my crotch. She lifted her leg up slightly and tried to spread my legs so I'd ride her thigh. Like on auto-pilot I spread my legs and allowed it to happen. It started to feel good. Real good. The without warning she stepped back and pulled up my t-shirt while the singlet going with it to expose my naked small breasts.

In one fell swoop her mouth clamped on my right nipple. It was then I noticed how hard they were and how nice and hot her lips, then tongue felt playing with that nipple.

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I hadn't noticed that my pussy was no longer in contact with her thigh but I kept my legs spread. I was enjoying the moment. She switched too briefly to my left nipple, licking it like she was bathing me and just savoring the flavor. Mary then pulled both my tops the rest of the way off and said, "Let's hit the shower." With that she turned around and started kicking off her shoes and getting undressed further as she walked towards the back of the apartment.

I followed, a little apprehensive, curious and wobbly. When I got to the hallway, I was unsure where to go or what to do next. I then heard the shower turn on and looked into the second door down and Mary was standing there nude reaching up to take a spare towel out of the small cabinet.


She remarked, "Not bad for 46" as she showed me her figure, first from the front and then doing a spin to show me her body. She looked great for her age, but all I could manage to do for an answer was stare.

She had thicker legs from curvier, more defined calves to solid but not fat thighs leading up to her shapely round ass. I had noticed some kind of horizontal tattoo on her back above her ass.

She was also had a full, thick but groomed pussy that I could tell with a thin waste. But what caught my attention were her breasts. They were maybe a c cup and hung down a bit with very large and dark areoloas and what looked like nipples as large as my thumb to the first knuckle, both in length and thickness.

"Oh, baby," she purred " you just want me right now don't you?" and stepped towards me, starting to kiss my softly and tweaking my nipples with her hands. I started going weak-kneed again as she pushed me back against the open door frame where I could retreat no more.

She felt so sensual kissing my lips I realized for the first time the different feeling it was to kiss a woman than the few men, much smoother face and seemingly a longing that she knew what I wanted. Her hands left my nipples and reached out and touched and held my corresponding hand on each side of my body as she slithered up closer to me, similar to how were were earlier. She pressed a leg between mine and held my hands back and started working her lips on my cheek to first my right ear then back across to my left ear, nibbling and licking each ear wantonly.

She then let go of my hands and reached for the waist band of my running shorts which I didn't remember still having on.

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She stepped back and slowly but methodically worked them down to my ankles then first off one foot then the other. My god, I was helping! What was I doing?!? Before I had another chance to think twice I felt a hot breath on my sex, followed by firm but loving kissed in the crease between my left leg and abdomen.

It tickled. I also also pulled away from her opening up my pussy for access. She wasted no time to dive in and lick my clit a few times which made me utter a few moans. After a few licks of my pouty lips she stood up abruptly, took my hand and hurriedly pulled me into the next room, a bedroom. She spun me around and gently pushed me back onto the bed with my legs hanging over the edge still.

She dropped down to her knees and crept back between my legs and started darting her tongue in and out of my sopping wet pussy. The next few minutes were a blur. I'd had oral performed on me a few times but never spreading for a woman, or anyone in daylight.

But that didn't seem to matter.

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Mary licked all over my pussy, bathing it in her saliva. Then she just honed in on my hole and really gave it a thorough proding with her tongue, the join by a finger, then another.

Unconsciously, I pulled back both my legs to further allow this vaginal intrusion. Mary took this as a hint and pulled her head back and started furiously finger fucking my hairy pussy. She joined a third finger together and started banging roughly into my hole, trying to fully invade it. Then it came. It wasn't so much the normal built up for the few good orgasms I've had before.

This was like being outside by an airport runway but not knowing it. Then you hear a light hum then rumble and before you know it the plane is passing right over you as loud as can be, shaking you to your roots. I started shaking and humping back onto her hand, literally trying to push the whole thing in my cunt.yes, it was not my cunt I was thinking of.

I was on fire and shaking uncontrollably but soon started to slow down. My breathing started returning to normal and as I was finally catching my breath I could see Mary licking her fingers, the very same ones that just plowed into me.

I suddenly became very self aware. I was naked, well, thought I was naked with my shoes and socks still on for some reason. But I had my legs pulled back and spread out for almost a complete stranger.

A woman. And she just made me cum. Hard! Mary was smiling and looking at me with lust in her eyes. She said, "That was hot, I'm dripping and can't wait until you lick my pussy." She proceeded to pop onto the bed next to me and held me, running one of her hands lightly over my breasts and stomach, occasionally stroking my face.

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I had long since lowered my legs and just felt like running away. The only thing in my mind was that she expected me to lick her. I hadn't thought of that. Or really anything. This was a whirlwind and my lack of experience and assertiveness had put me squarely in the horns of a dilemma. I was no longer in a haze of sexual frenzy or delirium and hadn't given any thought of reciprocating any pleasure back. I hadn't even thought of doing anything to her or really any woman besides a passing fantasy discussion with one of the few guys I'd had sex with.

I was getting anxious and right about at my peak of nerves Mary asked what I was thinking about. I just blurted it out somehow that I couldn't do that with her. That this was all a mistake and I didn't know what I was doing here. It was like I hit Mary with a cold slap on the face. She bolted up and got very agitated at first then started to calm down a bit.

I found myself whimpering a bit and saying I was sorry over and over. I also said I am not sure what I was doing her and it was nice and all but I really didn't know what was going to happen overall, that she made me feel good and I don't get that feeling all that often, but I really didn't want to touch or taste a woman, preferring to have sex from a male and that I really want to have a dick in my when I have sex.

I could tell she was still upset but she'd calmed down. After a few moments of uncomfortable silence she said, "why don't you take a quick shower and I'll take you back to your car." Whew, I thought. I was relieved. I got up and followed her again into the bathroom, this time she just washed and dried her hands and didn't say a word, just pulled the door shut without even glancing in my general direction, even through the mirror.

I felt bad. I started the shower and took off the shoes and socks I was wearing and picked up my running shorts and put it on the toilet seat rather than leaving it on the ground. I looked for my shirt and singlet and remembered they were in the front room. I'd just pick them up and put them on when I was done here. I hoped they were dry by now and not very smelly.

At least I'd have a shower to clean myself and clear my head a bit. The water felt good running over me. I had it on extra hot and didn't want to really wash or touch myself, just let the water cascade over my body and bring me out of my funk. My pale skin started to turn a hot pink from the temperature. Finally, I felt ready to head out, without even really washing anything but a casual, quick splash or two of water on my pussy.

I dried off slowly, not savoring the feeling of being clean or even thinking of the orgasm that had washed over me, just feeling the need to get out as soon as I could. God, this is probably how guys felt after a one night stand when leaving me. I giggled at that thought. I quickly put on my socks, shoes and shorts - again remembering my tops were in the other room.

I hung up the wet towel after a quick dry of my hair, trying to somehow brush it with the towel. I didn't feel it was right to use her brush or comb sitting on the sink.

With a renewed courage I bounded out of the bathroom hoping to make the best of an awkward situation by ignoring it when I was stunned at what I saw. It was a rather tall, thicker woman standing next to Mary. She was probably about Mary's age, give or take a few years. Not heavy set, just carried more weigh on her all around unlike Mary or I. Next to her on a lease was a german shepherd, the normal combination of grey and black.

I liked dogs but hadn't had any since I was young. I wasn't afraid of the dog, just surprised by both of their appearances. The dog was sitting and appeared happy to see me, the woman on the other hand, did not. "This is my friend Carrie," Mary introduced, " She was just out walking her dog and stopped over." Carrie nodded, issued the command to stay to her dog, let go of the lease and reached out her hand saying "Hi." I took a couple steps and reached my hand out and gently started to shake her hand when I realized I was still topless.

I started to excuse myself and pull away but Carrie held my hand firmly and said she hadn't seen enough of me yet. Then she roughly yanked me towards her and held me tight, looking directly down into my eyes. "I hear you weren't too friend to Mary today after she was so hospitable." I started to tremble a little. I said I'm sorry but I don't like having sex with women.

Carrie just smiled at first. "Perhaps you don't now but you can learn to like it. Don't worry, I hear you like to get fucked by males and we'll make sure you get your wish." She grabbed my hands and as a much larger woman fairly easily had them pushed behind me. I felt something cramping on my wrists about the same time I felt a presence from behind. I was Mary and I hadn't seen her move there. It felt like handcuffs but not metal.

I didn't have much choice in the matter but still protested and started to get vocal. As Mary held my arms Carrie put some cloth in my mouth. I tried to spit it out but she held it there was some duct tape. It didn't all fit in my mouth but the tape still held it there firmly as my protests now grew with intensity but were quite muffled.

I continued to struggle then realized I had free use of my legs and pulled back and kicked Carrie. Before I knew what was coming Carrie swapped my face hard with an open hand, knocking any sense and thoughts out of my head. I got dizzy. I was turned around then pushed and prodded back into the bedroom. This time I was placed face forward at the end of the bed and held there by Carrie. I started to cry. I could feel one of my legs being grabbed and something being tied to them and struggled to pull away.

At this point Carrie pushed her knee hard into my ass then lowered herself a bit and then separated my legs with her knee then got both her legs there and leaned heavily on me. I didn't have much room to move now. I still struggled but eventually both legs were tied to the corresponding lower portion of a bed post.

Carrie let up her weight off of me and told me that I could struggle and get rope burns or cooperate and it will all be a bit easier for me.

Besides, I could probably awkwardly stand up but I wasn't going to have much success in moving. I just laid there whimpering a bit and wondering what was going to happen. I felt a presence on the bed and looked up.

It was Mary. "I called Carrie and told her what happened and that I felt hurt and dissatisfied with our encounter earlier. She said she could help me. Then she slipped off the bed.

I felt a rough hand on my shorts caressing my ass then crudely reaching up one leg and fumbling for my pussy. Finding it, I heard Carrie say, "Put some lube on that vibrator, we want her to feel comfortable and aroused. After we are satisfied, we can see her cunt be abused. If she's a good girl she'll get to cum later. A few moments later I heard a low hum and felt another cool breeze between my legs as the fabric of my running shorts were pulled aside. The vibrator was lightly rubbed up and down my slit a few times then it found the mark it was looking for and push purposefully into my pussy.

I left out a sharp moan. In and out it was slid, just a few inches at a time both ways. Although I was trying not to feel anything and my clit was being left alone, slowly I started to make the best of it and relaxed. Within minutes I knew I was now wetter due to my own feelings and reactions.

I felt that presence again on the bed, it was Mary again. She asked how I was enjoying myself. Obviously it was a rhetorical question and I had no way of answering well even if I wanted to.

Then she asked how I liked a mouth full of Carrie's panties and did I like the smell. To me, all I could sense was a dry mouth due to the cotton panties and nothing else. But the thought they were her panties crept into my mind. Mary shuffle around a bit more on the bed, placing what looked like they were pillows in the middle. Then she proceeded to crawl on the bed and was trying to put her legs on either side of me.

I realized then that she was naked. I could see her pussy, full of hair just a few inches away from me. Then I heard Carrie speak, "We are going to remove your gag. You're goal is to give Mary what she deserves and what she did for you. She just wanted an orgasm. If you holler we'll gag you back then I'll clean up this vibrator and stuff it all the way up your ass. Then, I'll pull it out and you'll have to clean it off with your mouth so I can use it on you cunt again.

Isn't that considerate? I wouldn't want to put something that was in your ass right back in your cunt, it could lead to infection." With that.

Mary slowly removed the duct tape from my face and pulled the panties out with it. While that was happening Carrie turned on the vibrator and slowly worked it on my clit. I was resigned to my fate as my body was responding more and more to the vibrator. Mary edged up closer. I could smell the distinct aroma of a woman's sex, different than mine but close enough to know what it was. Another nudge and I was nose deep in her pussy hair.

I didn't move. Then I felt her two hands grab the sides of my head and tilt it up a bit and could see Mary's eyes looking at me. "Lick me nice and slow like a good little girl and maybe you'll get the fucking you wanted." I was scared and unsure. My pussy was starting to get on fire with the smallish vibrator rubbing in and out of my lips. Then I felt it slide down to my ass.

"No, please," I whimpered "I don't know what to do but don't stick that in my ass." Carrie was circling my asshole with the vibrator then slowly put the tip in my hole and wiggled it. "If you start making her moan I'll turn off the vibrator and lick you as well." And she wasn't stopping the slow insertion. "Mary," I pleaded "how do I do this?" After a low laugh and smirk she said told me to stick out my tongue. When I did she moved the rest of the way to put her pussy on it.

"Thinking of your tongue lick a pencil or pen and start writing the alphabet with it. Soon enough you'll know the letters I like." It sounded silly but with my ass starting to feel an intrusion I jumped into it. I just started moving. I think by the end of the letter D she let out a slight moan.

True to her word the anal probing stopped. I paused for a moment but returned to the alphabet. When I hit the letter I my tongue ran most of the length of her slit and caught her clit. As I was starting the letter J I was instructed to go back and repeat that for awhile.

I did. That's when I first felt like I could taste something more than just the aroma. It wasn't half bad. I can't say it was great but the more I did it the more she was getting into it and I felt better overall. I hadn't paid much attention to behind me at all but felt a finger slowly rubbing my pussy.

I could tell it was a finger as I felt the fingernail occasionally flick my clit. I found I had stopped with the letters and was just exploring Mary's pussy as well.

Trying to mimic what the finger was doing to me. It was almost an unconscious act. Soon Mary was starting to grind on my face and just trying to use my face and tongue as her personal toy. Without a lot of warning she shouted out "Suck on my clit!" I didn't hesitate. It took me a moment but I found it purely through the touch of my lips and sucked.

"Fuck, fuck, fuckkkkkkkkkk me, god that's good, make me cum you slut. make me cc." I can't type the sounds she made as she convulsed on my lips for a few seconds then, like I was sucking all the air out of her, she sharply straightened up, wrapping her legs as close to my head as our positions would allow.

As this was happening I discovered that Carrie had somehow gotten her head between my legs and started licking my pussy.

I wasn't sure what to feel again, although for a few moments it was hard to breathe. I tried licking Mary but just like the few orgasms I've had, she was a bit ticklish after her cum. But I wasn't feeling ticklish at the moment. I was actually enjoying being licked by Carrie. Not that she was any better, worse or different than Mary, probably just a bit harder on me, it just wasn't the first time I've been eaten and I didn't even remember that I was tied up and couldn't do anything to stop it.

I certainly didn't plead for her to stop as Mary pulled herself up and rolled away from me, just laying on the bed cuddling a pillow. After a few minutes Mary came to her senses and spoke to me as I was starting to drift into a dream-like state.

"Now, wouldn't this have been a lot nicer had you just done that for me earlier? That wasn't so bad now was it?

She was right. I know I was motivated to do it but it wasn't bad. I don't know how long I could do that or if I wanted to again, but at the minimum it was an experience and I was a bit smug as well, knowing I got another woman off.

I started to feel real good from the oral I was getting and started my own grinding. That's when Carrie stopped and moved away from me. That was odd. I wanted her to continue. Carrie asked if I liked that and I quickly responded I sure did. She asked if I wanted to be licked more. I guess it was pretty easy to see I wanted that and said please instead of yes. "Well," Carries said, "if you are as good of a pussy licker as you were with Mary maybe we'll get you both licked and fucked." Carrie jumped up on the bed and kept her legs over my outstretched and tied up arms and shoved her pussy into my smeared face.

I hesitated only in that Carrie was completely shaven. I could see everything and her pussy looked so plain but red. I was thinking she had to be doing something with her pussy earlier. Then I started licking. She definitely tasted different. Salty and a bit more smelly than Mary. I got over it a bit and found the more I licked around and got through the initially poor taste that it started turning sweeter.

Carrie wasn't much of a moaner but made these small little noises off an on like I was shocking her but in a pleasant way. And I licked her a lot. So much so my inexperienced tongue and jaw were aching. Oddly, I was trying to get to my goal of getting her off and getting my own orgasm. I had long ago resigned myself that the fuck I was going to get was from one of them and some device.

I think it's called a strap-on. Time had passed, I don't know how much. I was starting to be less interested in getting Carrie off, but just due to my soreness.

I was also growing old of the binds that tied me. But I kept at it. Carrie had been praising me off and on and twitched here and there but didn't seem to be getting any closer to an orgasm. Oddly, Carrie asked Mary to check on her dog. I couldn't see what Mary had been doing to my limited line of sight but suspected she and Carrie were touching and/or kissing.

As Mary passed by me I felt her hand rub my ass and pussy, reaching under me and seeing that I was still wet, even putting a couple fingers in me briefly. That seemed to wake me up a bit. I licked with renewed vigor even though I was sore.

Some moments passed and Mary returned and announced that Carrie's dog was just fine, had just been sleeping by the door when it was opened. Carrie said thanks for checking and also for getting me more aroused. "Maybe you should arouse her some more so this slut get's more motivated to get me off." Mary agreed and soon I felt a tongue licking me, but that couldn't be Mary's tongue as it was much longer and didn't really concentrate on my pussy.

Oh no, it's the dog! "No!" I shouted. With that Carrie just grabbed my head and buried it in her hairless pussy. I made several protests but all muffled. Carrie relaxed her grip and looked at my while I caught my breath. "He'll stop licking you when you get me off. So get to it bitch." I eagerly went back to work.

But I was very distracted.


Both from the licking that her dog was giving me and that it was a dog, how could I enjoy it. Occasionally the dog would part my pussy lips and get further into me and I'd elicit a deep moan. This moan seemed to help Carrie. I discovered moaning, groaning, growling and humming seemed to be something she liked.

Soon enough I could feel that Carrie was starting to get closer. She was breathing heavier but still not saying much until she just let out "I'm gonna cum." And she did, squirting on my face and into my mouth. It was a sour kind of liquid and I thought she was peeing on me.

It was not pleasant. After this was done and I was still trying to get the taste out of my mouth Carrie looked down at me pitifully. "I bet you've never had a squirter before." I didn't even know what one was.

"Whew, that was good even though it took awhile. Maybe next time I'll let you eat me when I haven't just been fucking and had cum in me." So that's why it tasted funny before and had that smell. I started to feel even more disgusted.

That feeling didn't last long as Carrie suggested Mary clean me up. For a few moment Mary was dabbling my face with a cloth and I felt the dog licking me again. Oddly enough, after the orgasm hit Carrie, I didn't remember the dog stopping but it was starting again.

I started to speak but instead of words coming out about the dog the cloth was pushed into my mouth again. What now! As I started to struggle in a vain attempt to speak or spit out the gag, Mary proudly announced that I earned my fucking that I had been promised.

"Let's get the your dog ready" she said. No, hell no, this wasn't going to happen. But I still couldn't do anything about it. There were moments there were I thought they were just joking as I could hear but not see anything going on behind me, but nothing touching me or really not much noise. Finally, Carrie announced they were ready. She came up to my face and told me I was in for a treat. That she knew what a good fuck her dog was and hoped I'd enjoyed tasting him earlier.

Maybe she'd let me suck him off later. It was the dog's cum I had tasted!!! No way, she had to be lying. But sure enough I feel the dog jump up on me from behind.

With help from Carrie on the bed and I assume Mary they helped this humping German Shepherd get in a good position. I could feel something poking the side of one ass cheek a few times then I felt my ass being spread apart and the dog's cock hitting close to my asshole.

I grew very concerned very quickly. But just a quickly I got pulled on my shoulders by Carrie and that raised my body up some. Carrie jumped off the bed and I felt her kneeling by my right leg assumingly helping the dog. She took one hand and felt for my pussy and then I believe she pushed the dog's cock right in front of my hole. I assumed this as right after she pulled out her hand I felt a stabbing into my cunt followed but a quicker stabbing and then a full thrusting.

The dog nuzzled up next to my neck so I could feel his breathing and he tried wrapping his front paws around me. But basically I mostly felt something invading my cunt quickly over and over and fairly deep. My cunt was being used by the dog and all I could do was moan into the gag.

But that didn't last long. Carrie ripped the gag out of my mouth and I just panted. I was being invaded, used. Then I felt a lot of pressure on my pussy lips and it started to be a bit painful. "My dog is going to breed you," Carrie remarked. Mary added, "Now maybe you'll know how used I felt earlier." All I could do was pant and gasp as my pussy started stretching. What was probably a short while but felt like eternity the dog stopped pushing and held me. I wondered what was happening but then I knew.

I felt a flood of cum being emptied into me. I could also feel some of it starting to leak out. Carrie remarked, "Shit, he didn't tie her. Oh well, maybe next time we can loosen that cunt up some and really let the bitch be used." I didn't really know what tie meant but I did feel used. I had the dogs cum in me and now starting to dribble down my legs. That changed soon enough when the dog pulled back and the bit that was wedged in my pussy was yanked out. Again, it was painful and it didn't help that more cum was now gushing out of me.

Again, oblivious to anything by my own feelings I finally noticed Mary with a digital camera taking pictures.

I felt embarrassed again. "These are just for me, unless you have an issue with what happened her today and decide to tell someone. We'll both suggest that you asked for this treatment and we'll still spread the pictures around.

Although embarrassed and hurting more since I was still tied up and leaking cum, oddly I didn't feel that bad other than needing to cum myself. For some reason, that's what I asked for was to get off.

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They both helped get me untied and they rubbed some lotion on the spots I complained the most about and told me to go ahead, get yourself off. I certainly didn't feel shy anymore and jumped on the bed, spread my legs wide and started frigging myself. I was all kinds of wet from the dog semen and I'm sure some of my own juices.

Mary and Carrie each grabbed a leg and helped keep me spread as I furiously frigged myself. It took a lot longer than I thought, but after about 10 minutes I felt the pangs of an orgasm building. About the same time the dog re-appeared and started licking my pussy again. I just leaned back and let it happen.

As the dog snaked his tongue in and out of my pussy I screamed out that I was cumming and that I was such a slut. The dog got distracted by all the noise but I was already shaking and convulsing.

I felt my legs get released and I just curled up a bit more on the bed and relished the feeling until I drifted off to sleep. When I woke up I was cold and certainly had a stale smell to me. Carrie had left with her dog and Mary just told me I could take a shower, she'd drive me back and thanks for the show.

Bashfully I mumbled that perhaps we can do it again sometime and headed off for the bathroom.