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Gay sex hot boys africa tumblr Trent Ferris is the coolest fellow in
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This is based on a true story, it has been altered a little and names and locations have been changed. Also I realize my spelling and grammar aren't perfect, but if you notice something major I need to fix then please let me know. Enjoy ;) Also, I am aware this story is identical to the one written by KawaiiCandy as that is my other account. I lost my virginity when I was ten years old. My step brother Devin showed me a new "game" while our parents were away.

We were young and didn't fully understand what we were doing. As you can imagine for the next five or so years there was an awkwardness between us.

We never spoke of that day and pretended it never happened, a silent agreement we had. I would often comfort myself by stating the fact that we weren't really related, my dad married his mom.

As time passed we grew further apart, in school I would see him but never had direct contact, at home it was similar with clipped small talk to keep Dad and Carol happy. We also matured more, I thinned out and my chest grew to an average 36C, he got taller, grew his dark hair out and his angles and muscles defined.

For five years we avoided each other and never spoke of that day. Three weeks after my sixteenth birthday my parents left us home alone again so they could go to a movie and dinner. I tried to avoid situations like this by mooching over at friends houses but this time it was extremely short notice so I was stuck at home. We stayed on separate parts of the house. I washed dishes in the kitchen while he did homework in his room. I remember being aggravated by all the dishes I had to wash so I turned on my iPod to pass the time.

A short time later Devin walked in and I avoided directly looking at him. He filled a glass with ice then came over to the sink to fill it. I tensed and moved over for him switching the water to cold. Suddenly he pulled back the collar of my shirt and slipped something down the back. I screamed and spun around as a freezing wetness slid down my spine.

I snatched my headphones off and lifted my shirt letting a large piece of ice fall to the floor and shatter. I turned to look squarely at Devin who was laughing so hard he needed the counter for support.

I glared at him.

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"You dumb ass! I hope you plan to clean that up!" I snapped throwing my dish towel at him. He laughed harder and fell to the floor. I growled and stormed out of the room. "Wait Kas! I'm sorry." He said between laughter as he got up to follow me. Truthfully I shouldn't have been over reacting but my pride was hurt.

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"Kas!" He called again catching up with me in the hallway. "Go away!" I snapped turning to look at him. Though it was obvious he still found it funny I could tell he was genuinely very sorry. "Kas, I'm sorry," He began moving closer. "It was a moment of immaturity." he said as an excuse.

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I scoffed. "You whole life has been a moment of immaturity." I said coldly. Suddenly all childishness left his face and he yanked me to him pressing our bodies together completely taking me by surprise.

With very serious eyes and steady voice he said, "I think we both know how mature I can be." My stomach dropped and I quickly pulled away.

He wasn't supposed to talk about that. "Leave me alone." I said breathily. I kept my eyes on the floor, but he didn't leave. "Stop pretending it never happened, Kas." he said. "What never happened?" I asked stupidly, wishing he would just let it alone.

"That we never fucked." He said with blunt simplicity. I looked up at him in shock. "W-we were little…we had no idea!" "What we were doing?" He finished cutting me off. "No, I think we knew enough." he said with a wicked smile. His eyes trailed the length of my body lingering on my chest then rising to meet my eyes. "We were wrong." I said backing towards the wall as he stepped closer.

"Were we?" Devin asked distracted as he watched my mouth and closed the distance between us. He held my face in his hands then rubbed his thumb along my lips making me shudder. "You have no idea…how…" his voice trailed off as he lowered one of his hands and slid it into my jeans pinning me against the wall.

I stood paralyzed not sure what I should do. He looked at me with lust filled eyes then kissed me in a way no brother and sister should. Heavy and hard.

Instinctively my body moved against his and I felt his hardness. He pulled me tighter too him and kissed my neck as his cold finger tips traveled the length of my back. "Wait! Stop!" I gasped. He looked at me with impatient curiosity. "We can't." I said moving away. "This is wrong, what if dad and Carol find out?" I asked as the sick feeling returned to my stomach.

"Kas, they are never going to find out." He tried to assure me looking frustrated, however I was not so easily assured. "Fine." He said after a long pause.

"If you don't want to then I'll just go masturbate in the living room." He said. When I didn't respond he released me and walked down the hall into the living room. I gathered myself and went back into the kitchen to finish the dishes. The ice had melted into water and my iPod had dropped in the floor. I knew I had done the right thing but having him bring the topic back up made me feel guilty. As I placed a plate into the dishwasher I heard something. I paused and it got louder causing me to blush once I realized what it was.

Devin was in the next room masturbating. He moaned and jerked relentlessly. I always suspected he masturbated but this was the first time I had heard him. I went back to work telling myself he was a boy and that's what boys do.

Nothing strange or out of the ordinary. But halfway through the dishes Devin's moans grew louder and more pleasureful. A sudden ache began to build below my stomach and I worked to ignore it. Three minutes later I wondered how long he could keep I up.

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I slipped a hand into my shorts and slid my longer fingers against my clitoris. It felt so good and I leaned against the counter for support. Unlike Devin I worked to suppress my moans and instead built off of his. I began to wonder what he was thinking about when he cried out making me jump. "Oh god Kas! Kas!" He shouted. Hearing him say my name like that sent shivers through my body and I felt weak.

I brought my other hand up to my chest and gripped it's fleshy roundness. My own hands were no longer keeping me satisfied and I let out a small frustrated whimper as the ache increased. I began looking around for things to stick inside of me: and empty wine bottle, the handle of a spatula, a green banana. Nothing seemed sufficient so I settled for the banana. I realized it was suddenly quiet and I wasn't sure how long it had been. I turned to see Devin standing in the door watching me.

I almost jumped but instead gave him what I hoped was a bored inquiring look. "What do you want?" I asked realizing to late it was the wrong question. He smiled mischievously and pushed off of the door frame and walked towards me. "What do you plan to do with that?" he asked gesturing to the banana I hadn't realized I was still holding. "Uh…eat it?" I said feigning confusion.

" Of course." He said with mock simplicity. He walked closer and took the fruit from my hand. I stiffened to keep from trembling and hoped I wasn't flushed. I liked my lips which were dry, an instinctive movement that can be taken the wrong way.

However Devin didn't seem phased by it and instead kept his intent gaze on me. He smelled like must and sex or like my parents bedroom after they had spent some time in there.

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I watched him snap of a piece of banana and slide it into his sensual mouth. The ache grew and I couldn't move and I was sure breathing would give away everything. He took off another small piece and brought it to my lips.

Without thinking much about it I opened my mouth and he pushed it in. I chewed and he smiled at me. He ate another piece and offered me the last one tossing the peel into the trash.

I watched it land perfectly without hitting the sides.

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As I turned back, Devin took my shoulders firmly then kissed me hard, I was about to pull away when his tongue pushed between my lips taking me by surprise. His tongue slid warmly against mine and he transferred the fruit I was still eating into his mouth then swallowed as he held me tightly. "What are you thinking?" he asked and I felt him pressed against my stomach. His eyes were dark and beautiful and I wondered how I had never noticed this before.

I slowly realized he had asked me a question and was expecting a reply. "I need…" I began trying to focus on thinking. "I need…to…finish the dishes." I said distantly while he pressed his smooth lips to my wrist then my palm, then took my middle finger and gently sucked on it with his tongue letting it slowly slide out while looking knowingly into my eyes the whole time.

He shouldn't be doing that, I thought then said aloud. "This is so wrong." "Which is why." he paused to kiss my neck, "It is so." he kissed my mouth barely touching my lips making me want more. "damn sexy." he finished then seductively licked the bridge of my nose.

"Think about it Kas. We could make this fun. You could come to my bed at night." he said "We wouldn't be able to hide it forever." I said surprised I was even considering it. "Why not? Imagine in the future when we come home for the holidays.

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Or whenever you get tired of your husband." He slipped his hand into my waistband. "We could fuck all night long." He said huskily. His fingers slid inside of me and I grabbed onto his shirt. "It's just sex, Kas. Just two people pleasuring each other." He said and curved his fingers inside hitting something so good it caused me to jolt and cry out.


I had to stop myself from coming right then. He moved his fingers around inside of me making me whimper mindlessly. Suddenly he released me and I stood trembling while he got on his knees before me and slid my shorts and wet panties from my hips. It was surreal, I was standing exposed in my kitchen while my brother began making love to me. I looked down as he but his face between my thighs and felt his warm breath on my vagina followed by wet tongue.

I moaned then grabbed fist fulls of his dark hair as he sucked, licked, nibbled and ate me out. He grabbed my butt then bulled me closer tilting his head to stick his tongue in further.

I all but screamed as my nerves went crazy and I could barely stand as the pressure built up. "D-Devin." I wavered warning him I was ready to come. He pulled away and looked up at me with pure lust. "Go lay on the couch." he demanded suddenly. I stepped out of my shorts and turned to obey over powered by lust.It was just sex. He followed me into the living room them helped me lay down on the couch. It was soft and cool beneath my burning skin.

I remained docile while he tugged off my shirt and expertly unfastened my bra and tossed them both aside.

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He moaned then took my breasts into his hands to fondle them. I never realized I could feel this good. My brothers hands and lips all over my body, a forbidden act, but so beautiful. His warm lips took in the tip of my breast and his sharp teeth bit into it as his tongue massaged the tip. After a few long but too short moments he pulled away to stand beside the couch. He tugged off his Greenday T-shirt revealing his lean bronze torso. Not so muscular but not so thin, perfect.

I couldn't wait to feel it pressed against my own body. I watched with glazed eyes as he slid his boxers off revealing his 8 1/2 inch cock to me. It was nothing like I remembered.

His hands wrapped around it and he pulled on it as his eyes traveled the length of my naked body. The ache was unbearable now and I squirmed.


He took my hand and forced my fingers around it and guided me in a back-forth motioned. I was surprised by how warm and hard it was. He let me take over and his head fell back as a loud groan left his throat. Feeling and seeing it made me worried about how it was going to fit inside of me.

As I thought about this my conscience shouted from somewhere far away, but it was too far away for me to care what it had to say. It seemed centuries before his hands touched my thighs opening them so he could fit between. He lined himself up gently lifting my hips then slowly he pushed his pulsing tip inside of me. I gripped the fabric around me and let out a loud cry of pain and relieved pleasure. My brother was inside of me. He pushed in further and in heat he moaned. I jolted beneath him savoring each feeling.

Unbearable pain balanced out by extreme pleasure. I moved underneath him and he looked at me strange and breathed out, "Oh god, yes! Do that." I trembled beneath him and he began moving against me sliding in and out. I moaned and whined with each thrust and I reached down to rub my clitoris as he humped me faster. There was no condom or clothing to separate our skin, just the thin layer or glistening sweat covering our naked bodies as they fit together beautifully.

I began to wonder if we could really keep this up forever, he would come into my room at night and fuck me while our parents moaned and fucked in the next room over. Devin moved faster now, there was no more gentleness as he moved. He breathed hard and panted as I lay in a lust induced coma and bit my lower lip.

He pulled me to him like a possession and fucked harder making me call out incoherently. "Devin…Devin." I begged not sure if I was begging him to slow down or move faster. "Kas…Kas…babe." Me moaned sexily between pants urging me to stay with him. He kissed me passionately while our bodies moved with frantic urgency. The couch creaked protesting to our actions.

He began licking me, my mouth, my neck, between my tits. There were slurping sounds as he pounded against me and our juices mixed and dripped slowly like honey. "Devin…oh god!…fuck me." I chanted and he was more than happy to comply. His body was so warm and solid, perfectly capable of supporting me in my weak state. He lifted me so that we were in a sitting position and his hand held my neck under my hair. He lifted me up by my hips and lowered me back down over his cock and I looked into his wanting face.

"Kas babe…come with me." He said gripping my tighter. I let myself be taken under by the waves of pleasure and felt my body letting go. We panted together his heart racing against my breasts until finally he cried out and a warmness filled me causing me to call out his name and come as well.

He released me and let me fall back as he continued to fill me and my insides latched onto him. My long hair clung to my moist body as gripped my breasts tightly. All too soon the orgasm was gone, I wanted another one but wasn't sure if my body could produce one so soon after the first. Devin lay beside me and we breathed exhausted together. His arms wrapped around me pulling me too him and I felt his no semi hard cock rest against my flat stomach.

Suddenly I realized what we had just done and I sat up. "Devin!" I yelled.


He rolled his eyes and looked up at me. "Jeez! Not so loud." "You…you came inside of me!" I accused. "Yeah…" He said seeming not to understanding why I was so upset. "I…I don't take birth control and you weren't wearing any protection" I explained beginning to panic. "So?" "What if I get pregnant?!" I exclaimed.

"Then," He began and placed a hand over my stomach. "We will have something to remind us of our first…second time together." He smiled lazily through his damp, dark, tussled hair. I was surprised with how calm he was about it, and strangely it made me relax a little, though I still didn't want a child at 16. He reached up and took a strand of my hair between his fingers and caressed it. "Next time I'll use a condom if it makes you feel better." He said in an offhand way.

I noticed he had said "next time". He lifted himself up and kissed the top of my left breast and gave a satisfied sigh. The feeling of his lips on my skin was becoming so familiar and essential.

"Speaking of next time…" He began then kissed under my neck. "I have plans for next time." to be continued. Comment below if you liked, if you think there could be changes, or would like me to continue. kisses. xxx ;)