Youporn Mutter verführt Milf den Handyman

Youporn Mutter verführt Milf den Handyman
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Chapter 4 When the door opened again, Carlos dragged in a barely conscious Lisa, and dropped her on the floor. Juan and Sanchez loomed in the background. "OK, you three spring chickens out with you". The women, Arlene in the middle, and Diana and Shelia on the outside, formed a tight huddle, and screamed "NO NO NO don't take us", but the Quick 6's were on them quickly.

Sanchez the littlest one of the bunch made the mistake of tackling the gorgeous Diana. She worked out at the gym and had taken self defense classes. She elbowed Sanchez in the throat causing a gurgled surprised shout, and she kicked him in the ankle. Sanchez danced around on the one good foot.

Juan laughed at that, picked up Shelia like she was a sack of potatoes and tossed her over his shoulder as she ineffectively kicked and scratched. Carlos grabbed Arlene by the shoulder. She meekly followed. Looking down and sobbing. Diana made another move and Sanchez decided he had had enough. He pivoted on his good foot and kicked her hard in the stomach doubling her over. He stepped close to her, grabbed a handful of long blonde hair, yanked her face up and slapped her face back and forth 6 times.

Then he reached in and grabbed a handful of her ample right tit. He put the nipple directly between his thumb and forefinger and he pinched hard.

She scream until she ran out of breath and Sanchez let go, grabbed her by the arm and walked out closing the door. As soon as the door was closed Jennifer lit a candle they had found that was left over from a birthday party. Lisa pulled herself up on an elbow and promptly vomited a puddle of semen.

Apparently from the torn mouth and the her badly torn anus, Juan had finally gotten a piece of ass. Debbie and Jennifer got the paper towels and napkins and try to ease her pain. Juan set Shelia down on her feet and she immediately ran to Dick who was on his knees a couple of feet away.

She hugged him and tried to kiss him but he turned his head away.


Cree started laughing, "For now, he is mine senorita". He walked over and pulled her to her feet. He put his dick in front of Dick who when offered a choice of Shelia's pussy or Cree's dick, both right in front of his face, he took Cree's cock in his mouth all the way to the hilt. Cree kissed Shelia gently running his tongue along Shelia's lips but it was enough to make Shelia cringe.

Cree saw this and threw her to her knees. "You both suck my dick". So Shelia put her lips on one side of Crees dick as did Dick, and they moved back and forth together like a giant tight mouth. Finally Cree said "Dick lick my asshole", and, he pulled back his cock and shoved it totally into Shelia mouth so her nose was buried in his pubes. Dick scuttle to comply. He shoved his face deep into Cree asscrack and licked deep in to Crees bowels.

Sanchez and Juan had lost no time in hopping Diana luscious bones. Sanchez had her bent over the desk and taking her from behind.

Her had gotten bored with her pussy which was dry and tight and so he was practicing alternating between her ass and her pussy until her pussy got slicked up with a mixture of fecal matter and blood. Man, he thought she is going to get a huge infection from this.

She won't fuck anybody for a year. As with Jennifer he was brutal. He bent forward and licked her neck and bit her sharply on the ear while he ground her tits from the side. Normally she would be screaming or passing out but Juan was offering her neither opportunity. His cock was so big and long that it would periodically block her wind pipe. The corners of her once beautiful mouth had torn and she tasted blood constantly but it was the lack of air when Juan quite moving his hips periodically that kept her awake, afraid she was going to die.

He would just look down into her face and smile as she started to get spastic from lack of oxygen. "Heh, Man, Juan what are you doing you got her insides popping like a snapping turtle. This is great", as he slammed into her with enormous strength. Then Juan would ease out so she could breath and go back to his normal rythem.

"You think that's great You won't believe this but I found a virgin". Carlos had Arlene laying on another desk. He was between her legs. Licking and sucking on her pussy which was humiliating her and mortifying her enough. He had easily stuck his thumb up her ass with minimal whines of pain but when he tried to stick a couple of fingers up her cunt he got nowhere. "This is going to be so much fun!!" He stood up and laid his cock in her lightly haircovered cuntal lips that by now were swollen with abuse.

He laid his dick between them and lay down on little Arlene so he could slide his dick inbetween them to get wet for her first time. He sucked her little tits one by one and then he kissed her face. Little wet kisses that putrefied Arlene and burned them into her memory. Finally he kissed her hard on the mouth sticking his tongue all the way back into hers. In one swift motion, he pulled his dick back and down into her untried hole.

He broke through on the first stab. He was half way down her canal with the second stab and buried to the hilt with the third. The blood flowed and underneath him Arlene writhed like a snake that had just been decapitated. Carlos pumped a couple of time but the contractions were too much for him and he came loudly just as Cree was coming in Shelia's mouth. Shelia choked up vomit and swallowed it. He pulled out of her with a pop, because her mouth was so contorted, trying to keep from throwing up.

Up it would come and down she would make it go. This went on for several minutes till finally the urge passed. Juan stuck his dick in Diana's convulsive throat and her air went away. Sanchez pounded her now slick cunt that gripped at him like several powerful mouths, as Diana slowly asphyxiated. He knew he was about to explode. He opened his mouth and began to bellow!

"Da DaDaDaDa" and then he pumped 6 more time in rythem with Sanchez and they came. Breathing hard they filed Diana with jism. Sanchez even thought to stick his dick up her ass one last time for a shot of the white stuff up her poop chute, before they dropped her on the floor. "Heh", said Cree, and he watch Carlos head for the bathroom with an evil look on his face. "Clean up your mess". Toss those shitheads in the store room with the rest. But Carlos left Arlene curled up like a pill bug in a bloody mess on the desk.

Catatonic. Cree shook his head at the two dudes left. "Put them away and then come back and give me a little hand with Shelia". Juan picked up Diana who was limp as a dishrag. He hoped she was still alive. That had been a lot of fun. Sanchez picked up little Arlene who was frozen and stiff and probably wished she were dead.

They placed them in the dark space and left them to their officemates care. When Juan and Sanchez walked out of the storeroom, Shelia suddenly realized that her fate was going to be like Lisa's, and even worse, her worthless husband still had his face stuck in Cree's Buttcrack. Not only that, but there were some pretty obnoxious sounds coming out of the bathroom. It sounded like pigs crawling in the mud or something. Juan said, "I want the snatch this time".

But Sanchez said, "you got stuck last time you got to be more careful". Cree laughed "Why don cha you let me decide?" He pulled back Dick's face from his ass, "You ever fucked your wife in the ass???" "No she would never allow that." "Get up", he said.

"Juan you still got that RUSH in your pants pocket?" "Yeah". "Well get it". When Carlos walked into the bathroom Wayne immediately raised his legs again and set them on the edge of the tub. Carlos slid over the side of the tub, settled between Wayne's legs, lifted his ass with both hands and slide his cock up Wayne's warm hole.

He mushed his chest down on Wayne's and smeared the shit and the pee everywhere.

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Then he kissed Wayne hard and whispered, "Make little puppy noises my little fuck puppy", and Carlos started giving Wayne a ride he would never forget. Juan came back with the RUSH in a little tiny red glass bottle.

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Cree grabbed the back of Dick's head and forced it to the bottle. "Breath this in", Cree order. He took a few sniffs. "More", he said. Dick took a few sniffs. Shelia was shifting from one foot to the other aware that she was surrounded by 3 large men with hardons. The smell of pussy and cock and shit and testosterone and blood closed in on her and all she do was look from cock to cock to cock.

In particular her husband had suddenly got a big one. Bigger then ever she had seen on him. "More, take more" said Cree. "Heh', said Juan, "I've never seen anybody do that much. "Don't kill him, OK"? Dick took two more sniffs and Cree resealed the bottle. Dick had an amazing hardon. So hard it hurt. He couldn't see well, the room kept moving like prism or one of those kaleidoscopes, and it kept changing colors.

He felt warm. "OK", said Cree, "Let's get this special little finale agoin. Juan you sit on the cleared desk, Sanchez you stand on the desk right behind him". They scrambled up on the desk. Cree pushed Shelia towards them until she was within Juan's reach. He grabbed her and picked her up by the armpits and rested her pussy lips right on the head of his cock. She could feel that it would not fit right away. "Remember", said Sanchez, "Don't get stuck this time or you have to get out of it your own self".

Shelia tried to spread her cunt out and lubricate without much success. She stared at Sanchez's shit and blood covered dick over Juan's shoulder as he started to press his dick home.

Cree pushed Dick on the shoulder. "Get up your old ladies ass", he said. Dick penis hurt so much he could not imagine anything touching it, but, he did as he was told. Juan was about half way up Shelia's cunt and she was making little whiny squeaks that were cut off as Sanchez grabbed her head and shoved his prick in her mouth.

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Dick slide his cock up to her asshole and he could hear awful little sounds coming from her throat as Sanchez pumped into her. Juan hit the back of her cunt and stopped. Dick could feel Cree behind him and as Cree started to put the dick to Dick, he goosed forward and jammed into his wifes asshole.

Her feet were not touching the ground so they started waving around widly. She was jammed tigh however. Dick's ass and cock hurt like fire and he had nowhere to go. Soon he was buried in his wife and Cree was buried in him. From the bathroom they could hear Carlos going orgasmic again.

"UH UH UH UHHHH" and then there was silence. Mysteriously the shower above the tub started. Carlos was driving into Waynes ass now. He was almost there.

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Wayne's little puppy noises had stopped a while back so Carlos pinched his nipples hard and they started up again. "UHUHUH UHHHH" Carlos filled Waynes ass with goo. Carlos kissed him deeply on the mouth and stood up. He turned and started the shower leaving Wayne in the bottom of the tub with little bubbles coming from his mouth from Carlos's spit.

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Carlos cleaned himself off, turned the shower off, got out and toweled down. He went to look for his clothes. When he walked into the room he grunted admirably as he saw Sanchez pumping Shelia's mouth, Juan pulling Shelia up and down on his cock like a rag doll, and Dick pumping her ass, while Cree pumped his.

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He found his clothes and put them on. Sanchez started moaning. "AH AhhhhAh AH Ahhhhhhhgn" He shot come into Shelia's mouth and it drippled down her chin. He pulled it out of her mouth and shot more on her face. She almost strangled on the sticky mix of shit and blood and semen but it went down. Cree pulled Dick out of his wife and away to his knees.

There he began to fuck him in earnest. Dick cried and screamed until Cree bit him on the neck like an Alpha dog taking control over a beta bitch. Sanchez jumped off the desk, wondered over to Carlos, and put on his clothes. Juan rolled over onto Shelia and really put it too her, fast and hard, but mindful of previous problems he only bounce off her cervix not through it.


Shelia passed out as Juan roared again and came. He pulled his rapidly deflating cock out of Shelia shooting a final shot on her stomach. Cree to was approaching climax, and he pulled his dick out of Dick's ass rolled him over ,sat on his chest and stuck his cock in his mouth, shooting aload there, and squirting more in his face. He got up and spit on him. Dick just lay there fluttering, breathing hard, and sobbing. Cree walked over to the rest of the dressed Quick 6's. Carlos handed him his clothes, "Let get out of here".

When they walked out of the elevator past the receptionist desk Juan said, "I think the receptionist is off tomorrow". Cree laughed and said, "Good day at the office guys". He opened the door. They walked out of the building into deepening twilight, headed for the train tracks and their territory.

The end