Sexy young Bianka from Sexdebut danish porn

Sexy young Bianka from Sexdebut danish porn
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I have a girl friend named Janice. She is a hottie at five seven, one hundred twenty pounds of lean body with nice firm C cups. I'm Jake. I'm about 6'-2" and 185 lbs with a well toned body. Jan is highly sexed and wears me out most nights. She likes it any way I can give it to her, and we try everything we see or hear about. I can hold out a long time until I'm ready to cum, and that works out well for Jan.

I've cum in every opening she has including her ears (she wanted to hear me cum). She masturbates several times a week with and without me present and once in a while fucks me in the ass with a double ended strap on.

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She is flexible enough to fuck my ass and suck my cock at the same time. I cum so hard when she does that. We have a wide variety of toys that we use for our pleasure. We've got huge rubber dildos, whips, cuffs, vibrators of all sorts and lots more. Like I said, we've tried it all. When we see or hear of something new, we try it quickly. When Jan moved in with me she brought her dog Bo along.

Bo was a huge dog and was always little protective of her. She said he almost tore the hand off of a guy that tried to mug her. Bo always seemed to know when we were being intimate.

It became a challenge to get away with having sex without being interrupted. Now I realize that he could smell Jan when she started getting excited. One day I was fucking Jan on the edge of the bed, she had her legs locked around me, was in the middle of cumming and I was almost there with her. Well I had just plunged into the hilt and started cumming when I felt Bo jump up on my back and growl.

I froze as much as I could and held my breath. I thought he was going to finally kill me. Janice's eyes got real big and she said to not move. I couldn't move anyway because her legs were crossed behind me and Bo was on top of them. It only took a few seconds to realize what he was up to. Bo was humping behind me trying to get some for himself. I tried to get up but quickly stopped when he growled in my ear and showed me his teeth. He had a lot of teeth. I didn't move and Bo was trying to fuck something.

I felt his cock go in Janice beside my cock a couple of times and looked into her eyes with concern for her. She said he would probably give up and to just relax. Well I did relax and as soon as I did his cock went into my ass a little bit. Janice saw my expression and asked what was wrong. I told her that Bo was trying to screw me.

She laughed and said if he did I wouldn't forget it. Right then He pushed it further up my ass and kept it there. Then he shoved it all up my ass. My eyes almost popped out of my head. I didn't have to tell her what happened, she knew.

She told me to relax and not fight it or it would hurt a lot. Luckily Janice had reamed my ass out the night before with her biggest strap on or I would have been really hurting.

Bo started fucking my ass real fast. He was pushing me into Janice and she was getting off on it.

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She came three times while Bo was fucking me. My cock was rock hard because Bo was pounding my prostrate. After a little while Janice told me to not let the knot go in. I looked at her with a questioning look when Bo pulled up tight and started to cum and cum and cum. It felt like my ass was getting filled up with cum but it didn't seem to be leaking out.

Then I came hard. The pressure on my prostrate got to me. I never could come two times so close together but here I was cumming like never before. My cock stayed hard and showed no sign of going down. I was just waiting for him to be done and get off of me. I felt as if my ass was going to split. When Bo jumped off and turned around his cock was still in me. He walked away and pulled me by the ass with him and off of Janice. WTF! Janice jumped up and told me I wasn't supposed to let him get the knot in me.

I asked her what the hell a knot was and why I was stuck to the dog. She explained how a dog mates and how they get tied together with the knot to seal in the cum. I asked her how long it takes to get unstuck and she replied that she didn't know.

Bo curled up in a corner with me stuck to him like glue. Janice pointed out that I was still hard and must have enjoyed it. I told her it wasn't that bad as I had cum twice. Since I was still hard she suggested that I try for three. She said she wanted to suck me off. I told her to go for it and she got on her hands and knees and started sucking. I was a little tender but it felt really good. I think that Bo's cock was still putting pressure on my prostrate.

Janice was sucking my cock real good and her pussy was drooling my last two loads all over the floor.

Bo smelled the cum on the floor and was licking it up. He followed the cum trail to Janice's pussy. I was holding her head by then and fucking her mouth. She couldn't get away from either of us. All of a sudden Bo plopped out of my ass and I started to cum.

Jan watched Bo's cum pour out of my ass while she drank mine. Bo jumped up and continued to clean Janice's pussy. She was starting to moan on my cumming cock when Bo jumped up on her forcing her to deep throat me. Before she could react and stop choking on my cock Bo was in her fucking away and holding on tight.


I could see the look in her eyes that I probably had in mine just minutes before. I slid my sore ass away from them and watched as Bo fucked her hard and fast. It didn't take long before she was cumming and cumming non stop. Bo finally pulled up tight and it was her turn to be tied to him. She kept cumming until he finally pulled out.

We both later admitted that it was really a pretty good sexual experience that we didn't want to try again soon. We tried to be careful after that. We locked him outside or out of the room during our love making. The next time Bo snuck up on us we were in the bedroom with the door closed having a good time. We could hear Bo pawing at the door knob trying to get in. We were in a 69 with her on top.

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My head was at the edge of the bed and she was sort of standing at the edge of the bed leaning over sucking my cock. We were really having a good time. She already had cum twice and I was getting close to getting mine.

She kept holding mine off, not letting me cum until she had enough of her own. I was half smothered under her and could hardly see but I was enjoying every minute of it. I loved the taste of her pussy. I could and would eat her pussy anytime she wanted it, even after I came in it. She really seemed to like me eating my cum out of her. That really drove her wild. Somehow that damn dog got the door open. Neither of us heard him come into the room.

The next thing I knew was there was some extra weight on me and a dog cock poking me in my face. Janice was struggling to get away but was being held in place between me and Bo. I was trying to figure out what to do when Bo jammed his cock into my mouth and down my throat. I was gagging and trying to breathe. I quickly decided that in order to survive I would have to relax and swallow whatever he was giving me.

He fucked my mouth mercilessly and was deep in my throat when he held it in and started cumming By this time his knot was swelled and overfilling my mouth. I held my mouth open as wide as I could but he was stretching it even further. He was filling my stomach with a lot of cum. I could hardly breathe. I could feel Bo's cum going down but couldn't taste it. Janice had continued to suck on my cock while Bo raped my mouth and she swallowed my load.

I'm not sure she knew what was going on behind her. She was grinding her crotch on my chin and getting off quite a bit that way. When Bo was finished he climbed off of us and dragged me out from under Janice by my mouth. His knot was was so big it was stuck in my mouth.

He continued to cum with me this way for a while and Janice sat beside me wide eyed. She could see his cock pulsing cum into me. She was rambling about it was the wildest thing she ever saw. She was rubbing her clit madly. Every time I would try to get Bo's cock out of my mouth it seemed to grow bigger and he would look at me and growl.

My jaw was sore as hell and my stomach was filling. It took 15 minutes for the knot to shrink down to the point where I was finally able to spit it out. Jan asked how I was and I told her I wasn't hungry and wouldn't need dinner as my stomach was full. I collapsed on the floor and Janice said he was still spurting cum. She played with his cock a little and then suprisingly put it in her mouth and sucked on it.

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She said after watching that she just had to taste it. I told her that next time it was all hers. She said she just might take me up on that. After that I bought a door knob prop because I didn't want a repeat of that night. About a week later Janice was a little drunk and said that she wanted to try sucking off Bo, but she wanted me to fuck her while he did it.

She wanted a double penetration. I asked if she was sure because once he started he wasn't going to stop. She could deep throat me easily so she thought she could take Bo's cock too.

She said she wouldn't let the knot in her mouth like I did. We arranged a long stool where I could fuck her while kneeling and her head hung over the other side just right for Bo's attack. We waited for Bo to take a nap before we started. We got everything arranged quietly and I started eating her pussy for a while before I stuck my cock in her and really gave it to her.

Bo showed up suddenly and went right behind me. Janice called him over to her and he licked her face while she rubbed his cock. His cock started showing right away and she pulled him over into position. He pumped into her real quick and set up a fast pace. Janice seemed to be ok and enjoying it so I got back in the groove. I wanted to try to cum at the same time as Bo. Janice was really having a good time. She loves to suck cock and had as much as she could handle in her mouth. She was cumming on my cock and moaning like crazy on Bo's cock.

Bo was smelling her pussy and started licking her while I was fucking her. She was bucking and moaning like never before. Every once in a while he got a lick on my cock when I was on an out stroke. This was all pushing me over the edge too soon and I pulled up tight and started cumming. I finished first and pulled out falling back. Bo licked my cum from Janice's pussy as he dumped his load into her throat.

Jan was cumming non stop. I moved closer to watch the show. Janice looked like she was having convulsions. She was bucking under his tonguing and moaning on his cock, which by the way was buried knot and all in her mouth. Her cheeks were bulging obcenely with the knot.


Janice wrapped her legs over Bo's back so he couldn't turn around. He kept cleaning her pussy which never stopped running juices and she kept working on his cock. It was an amazing sight. We lost count on how many times she came.

She had lost all control of herself. She was lost in lust with this animal. After what seemed forever, Bo started bucking again and Janice moaned her approval. I couldn't believe it. He was going for seconds without ever pulling out. Janice was bent on sucking another load out of him. I was aroused by all of this and went around and started fucking Janice again, going for my second also.

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Bo and I both lasted longer and almost came together again. Bo cleaned her again after I disengaged, to her delightful orgasms. After about ten minutes she let Bo out of her mouth. Bo went to the corner to clean himself and Janice sat up and rubbed her jaw. She said that was the greatest. She said she always wanted to know what a three way was like. And she said it was also the best sex she has ever had.

We had a shower, fell into bed and went to sleep instantly. We slept like dogs that night. I woke in the morning to find Bo on his back in the bed with Janice sucking his cock.


She looked at me and asked if I wanted some. I said sure and jokingly started sucking his cock. She said that is not what she meant. Bo started howling and cumming in my mouth. I had a mouthful of cum real quick and swallowed instinctively. Janice pushed me out of the way and finished him off. She said that that was supposed to be all for her and then asked me how I liked it. I said it was not that bad, not quite the same as my own from her pussy. It was the first time I had tasted cum without being from a pussy.

She said to wait right there and quickly went to the bathroom and back. She had a small paper cup and said we were going to do a taste test. She went down on me and sucked my cock good.

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In a short time I was cumming but she directed it into the cup. When I was drained she finished me off with her mouth. Then she put the cup to my lips and told me bottoms up. I swirled the slimy cum in my mouth before swallowing.

I told her that Bo's tasted better. She said that she agreed but she liked mine too. Bo came over to the side of the bed and whined. Janice said that she thought that Bo was starting to like me.

She said that if I sucked him off he would really like me and If I let him fuck my ass once in a while he would be my best friend. I gave him the suck job. He could definitely like me more some other time. his cum did taste better than mine and there was more of it.

I never had this kind of breakfast before but had it many times afterward. Life goes on. don't waste a minute of it worrying about what other people might think.