Beach bondage training my little teen culo whore

Beach bondage training my little teen culo whore
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The slave cunt named number one was in the middle of the room with her arms stretched out tied to eyebolts in the ceiling and her ankles tied to eyebolts on the floor opening her legs as far as they could go. Her Master stood looking at her trying to decide what cruel form of punishment he was going to inflict upon her that day. As he looked at her, he decided her "D" cup tits needed some attention. Her nipples having been pierced several years earlier, and were now stretched to 0-gauge holes.

He had plans to stretch the holes to 000-gauge, he wanted to be able to stick his fingers in them and pull. He asked her if she was comfortable, knowing she was not, and she nodded her head. She had an inflatable dildo gag in her mouth and he had inflated it so that it went down her throat. She could hardly breathe. She could not speak as she had had her vocal cords cut about 5 years ago. The only time she was allowed to speak, via paper, or indicate her discomfort was when she was alone with her fellow slave cunt sister, and even then, it was limited and restricted.

The sisters were identical twins and had paid their Master to take them in for six months, eight years earlier. After the six months, he told them he had decided they were no longer able to leave and told them they were his slave cunts forever. They begged him to release them as their six months were up and they didn't want to stay. He told them one of them could leave but only if the other sister tortured her to death and the dead one was carried out in a body bag or better yet, they cooked her and ate her for dinner.

Neither sister wanted to kill or eat the other, so he told them they would be with him until either he tired of them, or they died. They looked at each other and told him they would stay and serve him well. He then told them he was going to tattoo number one and two just above their cunts and they would have a competition so see who got which number, the loser was two of course.

In reality, it was number one who ended up loosing later because of something she did to piss off Master and she ended up being the most modified and abused. Back to the cunt hanging in the room, he went to his cabinet of toys and took out some electrical tape.

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He wrapped it around one tit, causing it to stand out instead of hang from her body. He did the same to the other and then taped them together, so her nipples almost touched. He then took out some rope, and put it through her nipple rings, tightened it causing her nipples to touch, they were stretched so much. Master brought his ladder over, took the rope from her nipples, and put it through another eyebolt in the ceiling.

He stood on the floor and attached a 5-pound weight to her nipple rope. When he let go of the weight, it put extreme pressure on her nipples and her tits were stretched toward the ceiling. He knew this was not comfortable for her and stood back laughing.

He asked her if she liked what he was doing to her, she knew she had to nod her head yes, if she didn't want to suffer an even worse fate. Her tits were starting to turn a nice shade of purple, and he knew they would bleed nicely when the skewers went through them. What the cunt didn't know was he was going to bring her twin into the room and make her punish her. He did this on occasion and neither sister liked it but they were forced to do it.

He stood there trying to decide what he was going to do to her cunt, did he want to hang weights off her piercings, did he want to hook her up to the voltage unit, or did he want to use the cane on her this time and see how long it took her clit to bleed.

Her clit no longer had any feeling from being abuse so much, the nerves died. She was no longer able to cum and it frustrated her to no end because she used to enjoy cumming many, many times per sex session. Her twin was still able to cum, adding to her frustration. Master made sure her twin came every time he had them together as an additional form of punishment, it being more mental of course.

He decided he was going to hang weights to go along with the weights on her nipples. He went to the weight stand and chose a couple of 5-pounders to hang from her. He took the weights and attached 5-pounds to each lip and dropped them rather than let them down gently. She tried to scream from the pain but of course could not. He saw her reaction and told her she deserved it for being such a dumb cunt and selling herself to him so many years back. She tried to plead with him through her eyes and he knew it, but tormented her even more when he left the room and returned with her twin.

Her twin had not been pierced, and was still able to cum. He had told them several years ago as soon as she was no longer fun for him to play with, he would dispose of her and do everything he to her that he had done to her twin. They were able to speak semi-freely at that time and she begged him to abuse her forever and let her twin go free. He told them the only way either one of them was going to be free is after their death and he didn't know when or how it might happen.

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They asked if he was going to kill them and he told them he didn't plan on it then but if it happened, it happened and he would replace them with another cunt. He told her what he had planned for the day. He took her twin to the needle cabinet and told her to get several different size needles and skewers to use. She looked at him and he told her she was going to abuse her sister that day and she was not to choose only the small needles, he wanted many large ones as well as some of the skewers.

She chose about 4-dozen needles of various sizes from 22-gauge to 8-gauge and 4 skewers similar to the ones used for shish-kabobs. They were square rather than round shafted and as they didn't have the sharpest tips, when they went through some part of her sister's body, they would cause her great pain.

She didn't know for sure but after seeing her twins tits purple, figure she was going to skewer them, she of course was correct. Master told her it was time and for her to start putting the needles into her sister and told her she needed to put them in her ass, cunt lips, face, arms and between her toes. He told her, the skewers were to go through her tits, both vertically and horizontally and the further back the better as he had something new to try after her tits were skewered.

She didn't like to cause so much pain to her sister but she knew if she didn't do as she was ordered she would pay dearly herself later with some form of punishment. She was usually punished by being whipped and/or electrocuted.

Their Master loved to hook them up to the voltage unit and turn up the power to see if he could stop their hearts but of course they were still alive so he had not succeeded. She knew it might be only a matter of time before he did though, because he had recently purchased a larger, more powerful unit and told them he was looking forward to trying it out on the two of them together.

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They wondered if he would have a competition with himself to see which one died first. Slave cunt number one looked at her sister with pleading eyes trying to tell her to ram one of the skewers into her heart and end her suffering but her twin could not understand her mental thoughts.

Slave cunt number two, who was doing the punishment, for their Master, continued inserting the needles where she was told and when it came time for the skewers, she begged the Master to not make her use them as they were not sharp and would cause her sister great pain and suffering as well as permanent damage to her tits.

He asked her if she wanted him to shove them through her tits instead and hang her up off the floor with them. She told him she did not and looked her sister in the eyes and told her she was so sorry and shoved the first one through without stopping.

It did not go through easily and she had to put a great amount of force into it, you could see it trying to break through the skin on the other side long before it broke through. If the slave cunt could have screamed she would have, it caused her so much pain and discomfort. When it was finally through, her twin told her she had three more just like that one and told her again how sorry she was.

It was no easier to shove the last three through as it was the first one and by the time she was done the cunt was dripping with sweat and almost ready to pass out from the pain.

The Master told the twins how nice the skewers looked and he should have used them many times before, this was the first time they had been used since he had just purchased them the day before. He told slave cunt two to kneel on the floor and watch the rest of the time she was there. She did as she was ordered and kept her eyes on her hanging sister. The Master decided he needed to piss so he told her to tip her head back and open her mouth.

She did and he stepped up, and shoved his cock down her throat and started to piss. He pissed about half of what he had in his bladder, and pulled his cock out of her mouth and proceeded to piss all over her face and when she tried to close her eyes he slugged her and told her to open them and pissed directly in each one. When he was close to finishing, he put his cock back into her mouth, and finished pissing and told her she could not swallow until he told her she could.

He walked away, leaving her with a mouth full of piss to look in his cabinet of goodies to see what he wanted to use on the hanging sister next.

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. He looked and decided he was going to change how her tits were being lifted to the ceiling. He took new rope and tied it around the skewers and removed the nipple weights. He did not remove the nipple rope because he had another plan in mind as well.

He put the skewer rope through the eyebolt in the ceiling and took the nipple rope down. He lifted her off the ground about six inches with the skewer rope and then he took the nipple rope and tied each nipple separately and stretched it out sideways to posts on either side of her.

He then took the weights from before and hung them on the ropes. She was hanging off the floor by her tits as well as having them stretched sideways with weights hanging from the ropes. He looked at her and smiled. He asked her if she was okay, and of course, once again she nodded her head to indicate yes.

He looked at her sister and told her he thought she should torment the hanging sister by playing with her clit and teasing her. He told her since she could no longer cum she was to torment her for an hour while he was gone to get some additional supplies from the adult store in town. He told her she could not stop as he was going to set up the video recorder, and she was also going to be tied to the ropes attached to her sister's nipples, and if she tried to move away she could possibly rip them off.

She told him she would follow his orders and he would be pleased when he returned. He told her if her sister lost a nipple it was no big deal as he had thought about cutting one off anyway but he would like to be there if she did, even though he had been stretching them to larger holes.

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He set up the camera, tied her to her sister, slapped her on the ass, and told her to be nice but have fun. He then grabbed one of the nipple ropes and pulled on it hard, causing slave cunt number one to try and stop the pain but to no avail.

He left and went to the adult store for all the new toys he had on order. When he walked in the door, he told the proprietor to turn on his cam feed to watch his slave cunts while he was there. The man in the store told him how ingenious he was to install an internet feed and wondered if he was going to start charging people to view the show. Master told him he might with his next pair of slaves but these two were starting to be old to him and he thought he might replace them within the next couple of months.

The man at the store asked him what he was going to do with them. He was told they might be the meat at a huge BBQ the Master had planned. The proprietor told him he should record it and sell the video on the black market as there was a huge demand for cannibal videos and they were very hard to come by.

Master told him he would consider it and asked if he could he distribute them without anybody knowing who, where and such.

The man told him he could and would be happy to and would even videotape it for him as he had some professional equipment he used for other porn videos. They came to an agreement, and the Master made his purchase and left with the twins fate sealed, they were to become meat in eight weeks.

Master returned to his place and when he walked into the room the twins were in, he saw his orders had been followed. They knew he had from watching them at the store. He had told the man at the store he could continue watching for only an hour and he was able to see the feed, and who was watching, so if he tried to watch longer there would be hell to pay. He told the girls about the upcoming BBQ, leaving out the fact that they were going to be the main entrée. He told number two she could stop tormenting her sister and to kneel in the doggie position with her ass high in the air.

After she did, Master shoved a dry, huge butt plug in her ass and told her to get used to it as she was going to be wearing it from now on, except when she had to shit. He told her he would also control when she could shit from then on and if she didn't like it, she could trade places with her sister at any time she wanted. She thanked him for her plug and she would be pleased to have him control when she could shit, as she was his to do as he pleased and she had no say in her well being or life.

He told her she knew her place well and told her to put her hands on her head and to straighten beck back to shove her tits out proud. She did as ordered and he attached weighted nipple clamps that had teeth on them causing them to bite into her nipples and break the skin. They had 3-pound weights attached and her nipples stretched quite long.

He asked her how she liked them and was told she loved them and would wear them as long as he pleased, as well. He told her he didn't know how long but at least through the night, as she was not changing positions for the next five hours, until morning, as it was 1am at that time.

He told the girls to sleep tight as he was going to bed. As he walked out of the room he turned off the lights, shutting the door and leaving them in complete darkness and very uncomfortable.

The next morning at 6am he entered the room to find the cunts in the exact positions he had left them in the night before and told them how good they looked, almost good enough to eat.

He then laughed at the joke, so they thought, as he knew they were to be meat soon enough. He told number two she could take the nipple clamps off and remove the weights from her sister's tits. She did so without hesitation as they were both in extreme pain through the night. He then let the ropes down from the ceiling and allowed number one to stand on her feet for the first time in hours.

The twins had been beautiful blondes when he had first met them but he had had all of their body hair removed after them being with him for about a year and he wondered what color haired twins he was going to find next time. He knew it was time to start looking, as the BBQ was only a short time away. He told the cunts he was going to be looking for their replacements as he had decided he was tired of them. Number two asked if he was going to release them and he told her no, they were being sold to others.

She asked if they were being sold together and would they stay together. He told her they were being sold as a pair and in a sense, they would stay together. She wanted to ask him further questions but she could see she was starting to piss off Master and she decided to just thank him and hoped that they had served him well.

He told her they had served him well and they would right up until they were no longer with him. Over the next seven weeks, he looked for a new pair of twins to own and finally had a pair of beautiful 18 year old twins black girls apply.

He had placed an ad in the local BDSM paper, looking for a pair of twins to own for six months with very few limits of punishment and/or abuse. He had several single girls apply but only a couple sets of twins until the black girls.

The minute he met them, he knew they were the ones. They were not only beautiful but he could tell they had received some from of slave training in the past. He interviewed them and found out they had been trained by their mother to serve men and never question their authority. They were nothing but animals to be treated any way the Master wanted, including death.

He asked them how many Masters they had served and they told him they had not served any as they had only been trained, by their mother, who used to be a slave. He asked what they meant by used to be. They told him she had caused herself to be turned into meat for her Master friends. He asked them when she had been cooked and they told him just last month and they missed her but knew that was all she was good for. He asked them if they would like to finish their life the same way and they told him if it pleased him, they would.

He knew then and there he would take them in. He asked about the other master and was told he never wanted them and only kept them because of their mother and as soon as she was no longer with him, he threw them out onto the street. He didn't even want to sell them he just wanted them gone. Master told them they now belonged to him and asked if they had any belongings. They told him they only had the small bags sitting on the floor at the table, everything else they had owned was burned in front of them before the master tossed them to the street.

Master paid the bill for the meal and told the girls to follow him to his car. They did and as they were driving, he told them he was going to take them to the tattoo shop and have their numbers tattooed on them.

They were going to be three and four. He asked if they had any piercings and was told they did not but he could have them pierced any place and as big as he pleased as they belonged to him now. When they arrived at the shop, he told the artist he wanted them tattooed and the girl asked him about branding them instead. Three and four looked at each other and asked for permission to speak. He told them they could and number three said she thought he should have them branded as that was the way slaves used to be marked.

He thought for a minute and told the artist, he decided it was the thing to do. He told her which was which and they were to be branded on their foreheads so they could never cover the number from view.

The brands were completed and he decided four should have her nipples pierced as well as her cunt lips. He told the piercer to pierce her nipples with the largest gauge she had, as he didn't want to have to go through the stretching process as long as he had with number one and the same with her cunt lips. Each lip was to be pierced twice. The girl was able to use a dermal punch on four's cunt lips and pierced her with 000 gauge right from the start but was only able to use 0 gauge on her nipples as that was the largest she had.

Four was pierced, and because of her training let out very little sound. He paid the girl and told the twins to go out to his car and wait for him kneeling beside it. They did as instructed and he watched to see what they would do.

They knelt beside the car and bowed their heads looking at the ground, and put their hands behind their backs, which were straight, the perfect slave position. He left them there for a few minutes and talked to the piercer about nothing in particular but thought she might make a fun fuck toy.

He asked her about fucking her and was told she was a lesbian and only fucked women, he told her it was too bad as he had wanted to fuck her. He wished her a good day and walked out to his car. He ordered the twins to get into the open trunk and after they were inside he closed it and drove away to the adult shop.


When he arrived at the adult shop he opened the trunk and told the girls to get out and go into the store and assume the position inside. They did so without question.

He talked to the shop owner about the upcoming BBQ and the video he was going to make. The owner asked him about the new girls and was told they would only be with Master for about two years max as he didn't think he wanted to keep slaves as long as he had his current ones. The owner asked if he was going to have their hair removed as he did one and two and was told they were going to loose it the next day as they had an appointment with the lazer.

Master bought two extremely large butt plugs, about as big around as his wrist and after washing them in the bathroom sink, he told his new cunts to raise their asses in the air and receive their gift. They did and he shoved them in with lube, causing them almost as much pain as they had received from the brands and four her piercings. After the plugs were in place, they thanked him for their gifts. He told them to go back into the trunk and close the lid and he would be out shortly. He left them there for about a half hour and knew they could not be comfortable as it was already close to 70 degrees outside and it must be over 100 in the trunk.

He finally left and drove to his home. He opened the trunk and found the girls had taken off their clothes from the heat and they were covered with sweat.

He ordered them out of the trunk and instructed them to kneel once again beside the car. The difference this time is they had to kneel on sharp gravel instead of pavement.

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They did so without question and he told them he would return for them after he had prepared their new living quarters. He went into the house and found one and two kneeling on the sand paper he had left them on several hours earlier. He saw they had moved around some as their knees were bleeding. He told them to go to their room and remove all of their meager belongings as they had been replaced, and his new slaves were taking over their room.

They went to their room and two told one she knew they were never going to leave there alive and have freedom again and she loved her and hoped the didn't suffer too long when they were being killed.

One of course could not speak but took some paper and told her twin the same thing. It took them less than five minutes to gather their things and return to their Master. He told them to put them in the trash as they would no longer be needing them and nobody else wanted their junk. They did as instructed. He told two to go out and bring three and four inside, and take them to their new room. He told one to follow him to the pain room, as he liked to call the torture room.

When they entered the room she saw the skewers laid out once again and they had not been cleaned since they were removed for her tits the last time. He told her she was going to be skewered once again only this time she was going to skewer herself.

She looked at him with a pleading look, and he told her it was her final time to be skewered, and he knew she could do it faster and less painful then he would do it to her.

She picked up the first skewer and shoved it hard and fast through her left tit, right up against her chest as instructed. She had tears rolling down her cheeks and dripping off her chin, but she continued until all four skewers were inserted deep into her. She thought for a second about shoving one into her heart as she had tried to get her twin to do before, but chose otherwise as she wanted to see her sister one more time.

No sooner had she finished with the skewers than her sister along with three and four walked into the room. The new slaves saw her and started to say something but knew they had better keep their mouths shut or they could suffer a worse fate. Two asked if she could speak and was granted permission, she told Master that three and four were settled in their room. He told her she had done well and she would be rewarded soon. What she didn't know was she was going to be skewered for the first time shortly.

He told one to go to the needle cabinet and get four more skewers, she thought he was going to make her put more in her tits, but did so without hesitation. When she found the skewers and returned to her spot, he told two to kneel in front of one and to push her tits out as far as she could get them. She did so without question and one was ordered to skewer her tits in the same manner she had done her own.

As soon as she felt to skewer try to break through her skin, she started to scream. Master told three to go to the gag cabinet and get a gag and put it in two's mouth. Three did as ordered and four stood there watching. Master decided three and four needed to be punished just for the fun of it and ordered them to kneel on some sandpaper but they were to keep their knees in motion until he told them to stop. It took about a minute before they started bleeding but they didn't stop the self-inflicted pain.

He returned his attention to one and two and saw that one had finished with three skewers and was half way though with the last one. He told her she had done well and would reward her soon also. As soon as she was finished, she knelt beside her twin and thrust her tits out proud with the four skewers imbedded in them.

Master walked over to the voltage box and hooked up two sets of wires. He brought the wires over and hooked them to the twin's skewers, and told them he wanted to try something new.


He hooked a wire between them as well. He knew he had completed a circuit and hoped his plan worked. They looked at each other and the wires and knew they were in for some serious pain. He didn't want to kill them, he wanted to see if he could cook their tits from the inside out. He turned the box on and the twins jumped slightly from the instant pain. It didn't take long for them to start to feel the heat from the skewers.

He asked them if they were getting hot inside their tits.


One nodded her head, as did two. He told them his plan would work then and turned the box off. He unhooked the wires and told them to stay where they were and went to look at three and four.

He saw their knees were bleeding quite badly, as they were not being gentle to themselves. He liked what he saw and knew he had made the correct choice in them. He told them they could stop moving and to stand up, he wanted to inspect the damage.

They did as ordered and when they stood up he saw that three had almost scraped her knees to the bone. He asked her if this was the first time they had ever had to self-inflict pain and she told him they had been trained in that as well by their slave mother.

He told them they had done well and if they continued, they would be rewarded many times in the future. They both wondered to themselves if the reward was what they had witnessed with one and two or if he had other rewards. They did not know the reward that one and two was going to receive was not the skewering and electrical shocks but to be cooked.

He was just seeing if he could cook their tits and eat them in front of them before they were put on the BBQ. Master continued over the next few weeks learning more about his newest cunt slaves and how their mother had trained them. He had taken them to have all of their hair removed and decided he would even remove their eyelashes, just for the fun of it. After the hair removal, their brands stood out even more proud.

Number one and two were not over looked during this period either. The skewers from weeks earlier had not been removed and the cunts were in almost constant pain because they were always catching them or rubbing them on something.

There were many times when Master attached heavy weights to them and made them do their household chores with them hanging and swinging about. Finally, the day of the BBQ arrived. Master told all four slaves he was going to have several guests over that day and they were going to have a BBQ. He told them he had invited the adult shop owner to attend and film the event. He ordered one and two to go to the shower and scrub each other clean and to give each other 6-1 gallon enemas to make sure their bowels were completely free of any shit, as he didn't want it to spoil the festivities.

They left the room and did as instructed. Number three asked to speak. When permission was granted, she asked master if one and two knew they were going to be cooked, as her mother had been ordered to do the exact same things the other two had been ordered to do the day of her cooking.

Master told her they did not, but of course would find out soon. Three told him she thought that was a good way and she hoped he would not tell them until the day they were to be cooked. He asked her if that was how she wanted to leave him and she said only if it pleased him but she would like that as long as she was with her sister.

He told the two of them he would have to think about what cooking method they would leave him. He laughed to himself wondering if he could figure out a way to stuff one inside the other and make them back into one during the cooking process. That was a couple of years away and he had more important things to think about then, cooking one and two. The girls returned and he asked them if they were completely clean inside and out.

One nodded her head and he told them it was time to go to the kitchen and start preparing the meat for the BBQ later. He and all four cunts went to the kitchen. When they arrived in the kitchen, they saw the adult shop owner had set up his video equipment and was talking to a man about something. He saw them walk in and greeted Master telling him he was all set up, he told him he had some footage of the cleaning process with his hidden camera and it was going to make a great beginning to the film.

One and two still had no idea they were to be the main entrée. Master told them it was time for the meat to be prepared and ordered three to help one up onto the counter and four to help two. One and two looked at each other and knew then they were the meat for the BBQ. Tears started rolling down their cheeks immediately and two asked is she could make love to her sister one last time before they died. Master told her they would be making love right up until their last breath the way he had it planned.

The cook came over and opened each girl's legs as wide as he could get them and inspected each of the cunts and assholes. He saw they were very clean and started filling their assholes with his special BBQ sauce and because it contained alcohol, it burned as it sat there.

After they had been filled with a gallon of the sauce he inserted the largest apple he could find to plug them off. He told Master they were ready for the next step.

Master thanked him and told the meat to get down and kneel on the floor. They did without question, as they were perfect slaves even though they knew they were no longer human but were now meat for the BBQ. He came over to them with wires from the voltage box and attached them to the skewers, just as he had done before. This time when he turned the power on, he was not going to turn it off as he was going to cook their tits completely.

He turned the power on until he saw them flinch and asked them if it was hot inside their tits. One shook her head indicating it was not hot and two said it was warm only it had just startled them is all. He turned it up some more and finally two said it was getting very hot and one smiled to indicate the same. He told them it should only take about ten minutes for their tits to be cooked enough to eat.

Three and four watched the entire time and wondered if they were going to get to eat one and two. They had tasted their mother after she had been cooked and liked the taste, so they hoped they would be allowed to eat today. The adult shop owner captured everything on video and he was saying to himself that this was going to be a huge seller on the black market. Master kept checking on one and two to see how their tits were cooking. He had a cooking thermometer he was using to see how they were.

When the middle of their tits was finally to the medium rare stage he decided, he could wait no longer for a taste. He told two since she had been the one to receive the least amount of body modifications through the years, he was going to eat her tits first. With that, he took a sharp knife, sliced her left tit off, and showed it to her. She did not feel any pain when he cut it off as all the nerves had been cooked away. He left her right tit and put her left one on a plate. He sliced off a small bite size chunk and decided her twin was to have the first taste.

He picked it up, walked over to one, and told her to open her mouth and taste her sister. She shook her head no, Master slugged her on the side of the head with his closed fist and told her again to open her mouth. She did so and he put the piece of tit meat in and told her to chew and if she didn't he would rip her eyes out so she could no longer see her sister.

She chewed the meat and was finally able to swallow. He asked her if her sister tasted good and she nodded her head yes. He returned to the plate and started eating two's tit himself. He told two she tasted very good and he was looking forward to tasting more of her later.

After he was finished with her tit, he walked over to one, sliced her right tit off, cut a piece off, and fed it to two. She knew she had to eat or loose her eyes. She ate the piece of meat in her mouth and when she had swallowed, she looked at her sister and told her if she had known she would taste so good cooked, they would have figured out how to cook each other years before.

Master smiled and told the cook it was time to finish preparing the meat. The cook told the two of them to get back up on the counter only they were to put their faces in the others crotch. They kissed each other and hugged. Two told one how much she loved her and one could only show it with her eyes and nod.

They got up on the counter and two looked at one for the last time and told her she was going to eat her pussy and just wished one had a clit to enjoy a final cum. She told one to bite her clit off and swallow it, one nodded and the cook told them they were done talking and shoved two's face into one's pussy.

He wrapped some cooking twine around them to hold her head in place. He did they same to one, except she was already trying to eat her sister's pussy.

As soon as he tied the twine around her head, two came for the first time. He called his assistants to help him put the meat on the grill. They carried them outside to the cooking area that had been set up for this special day. Outside was a group of invited guests who applauded when the meat was brought out of the kitchen. The meat was place on the grill and the girls felt the heat immediately. One ate her sister faster hoping to bring her to several more cums before they died.

Two did the same to one except she was wishing one could enjoy cumming still. Two did her best to devour her sister's pussy she bite off a couple pieces of her lips and swallowed them for spite.

She was thinking if she ate them, then nobody else could and she continued biting and swallowing. When she bit off the first bite, one would have screamed if she could have, it hurt so badly. She decided to do the same thing as her sister as somehow the thought passed between them. She bit down and ate her sister's lips and finally when she felt herself nodding off, she bit through two's clit. Two came hard, squirting for the last time into her sister's mouth and they both drifted off the sleep forever.

The meat was cooked to perfection, and enjoyed by all, including three and four. They were then told they were to be the live entertainment for the party and would be severely punished and abused. They thanked Master for the privilege and told him they would provide the guests with the best show. The party continued, the twins were eaten until they were just a pile of bones.

Three and four were beaten, whipped, canedburned, cut and anything else the guests could think of shy of killing them too.

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Somebody even took the skewers from one and two and shoved them in three and four's ass cheeks. The girls were told to leave them in for the entire evening, and forced to sit many times. Master knew he was going to cook their asses that way when their turn came.