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As Sammi stared out the windshield watching nothing in particular and petting Ol'Jack Joseph was driving and singing with his country and western music a practice he had that kept him awake and helped him keep his eyes on the road. He was trying to let his passenger not feel like she was being interrogated but he also couldn't help question the things she did that seemed odd.

He took a deep breath and decided to ask something that was bothering him, "Did something happen back at the cafe.with you and Ben?" It was strange the number of emotions that went through her mind while she thought about how to answer his question the strongest emotion shame. She looked around and even squirmed in the seat before making a decision how to answer, "He uh.touched me, under the table." A few minutes passed with no conversation other then the lyrics to the music playing before Joseph responded, "I'm sorry I didn't notice.

I should have, I thought it odd with all the questions he was asking me about old times. Are you okay?" She answered first with just a nod, then realized he had to watch the road, "Yeah, I'm okay." After a few minutes pause she added, "It's not your fault. You have nothing to apologize for." She wanted to say she could take care of herself, but even she didn't believe that so she just left it at the apology.

Joseph struggled to avoid making it an interrogation so he decided to make a statement, "Whomever put those bruises on you." he paused taking a deep breath then continued, "that's pretty messed up and I'm very sorry they did that to you.

There ain't nothing you could have done to deserve to be hurt like that." After several minutes without conversation Sammi decided to ask him a question about something that was bothering her, "Joseph, when you first picked me up.you um.introduced yourself as Joseph Willis." She let that hang there for a moment then continued, "But this morning in the cafe Ben called you Joseph Johnson." Joseph let out a long sigh but then responded, "Sammi, I'm very sorry about that.

But I'd imagine you have no idea how.dangerous.the type of people there are out here on the road. Truckers have been robbed, injured and on rare occasion even killed. There are a lot of con artists or just people looking to steal from you or hijack your load.

Believe it or not even a few lovely young ladies like yourself. Sometimes even when it's not about theft, there are some people who are just out to get everything from you they can. I had a friend who picked up a girl at a truck stop and just before a weigh station from what he says she tore her own clothing and scratched her neck and chest. When he pulled in to get weighed she cried rape. Shortly after she sued the truck company. They were a big company with deep pockets. It never even went to court, their insurance company settled for lots of money.

The police did not find enough evidence and never even filed charges but the trucking company fired the driver. Three months later the police found two other cases in two other states where she filed similar claims. None of that mattered to the trucking company, or other trucking companies and he couldn't get another job. He had a wife and kids, a new house and quite a bit of debt.

He couldn't afford to buy his own truck so he lost his home. Sammi, I didn't know a thing about you. Normally I don't pick up hitchhikers.

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I can't even explain why I did, but I haven't regretted it for a moment. But I wanted to be sure you weren't a con artist looking to rip me off. It's a name I've used before when I've been approached by people I don't know until I know what their intentions are. I'm sorry I didn't tell you sooner my real name, but yes Joseph Johnson is my real name." Sammi was shocked by everything Joseph said and most of all she was feeling sick to her stomach for asking him about his name when she was using a fake name herself.

She considered telling him the truth but she had no idea what her mom and Roger did after she ran away. Did they call the police and report her missing? Is there a police investigations?

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She knew because of her age anyone who helped her might get in trouble and she'd likely be sent home. She never wanted to see Roger again but she had little proof of what he had done. She was pretty confident she would be sent home to her mom. After several minutes of consideration she decided to keep her secret. Mostly to hopefully protect Joseph.


She was really starting to like him. She knew he was way to old for her but she couldn't help the fact that she had feelings for him because how amazingly he treated her. But if her mom reported her missing and the police were searching for her she knew she had to stay to her plan. She would need to leave Joseph at some point and head in another direction. She had been seen with him in public places, maybe even on surveillance cameras.

The thought of leaving him made her sad and she pet Ol'Jack's head because she had become close to them both. But she could only protect him by not being with him. If she were found with him, he could get into trouble. She even considered that maybe she had stayed with them too long already.

The story he just told her about the other trucker didn't make her feel any better. Again the only sound in the truck for several minutes once again was only the sound of music. But Joseph decided to take the conversation in a different direction, "I remember the first time I kissed my wife. I think I caught her off guard and she was stiff and didn't kiss me back at first. I was so nervous and scared she was going to slap me, or run off and never talk to me again." He took a pause gathering his thoughts then asked another question he wanted to know the answer to, "The kiss.before we pulled out at the truck stop.it caught me a little off guard." Again he had to pause to find the right words to decide how to ask the right way, "Did I kiss back okay?" Once again a little time passed and at first she answered with just a nod, but then remembered he had to watch the road, "Yeah.you kissed back nicely.

It was a really nice kiss." After a few minutes passed he wanted to apologize again, "Again, I'm sorry about in the motel room, I was out of line." This time she replied to him quickly, "No, you weren't! It was the nicest kiss I ever had.until the kiss before we left the truck stop, that is." He thought about her words and it brought up so many questions but he didn't want to act like a cop or investigator.

He decided to say something to ease the tension, "Your kiss was very nice too. Ain't no one kissed me like that since my wife. I'm a lucky man to have been kissed by two such very lovely women." His words were perfect and did make her smile.

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To continue to ease the tension he continued to share a few stories with her about his wife, fun times they had with their sons. While sharing his stories he had Sammi open a small cooler. Inside were two different sandwiches from the cafe she could tell based on the paper they were wrapped in. He asked her to pick the one she wanted and then to fold back the paper wrapper on the other and hand it to him, he couldn't resist taking a chance to pull her leg asking, "Unless you want to take over and drive this old rig." She shook her head no and said loudly, "Nuh uh.

I'll leave the driving to you." They both laughed and she did as he asked and handed him one of the sandwiches. She was surprised how much time had passed since they left the truck stop where Ben had felt her up through her shorts, her daydreaming about what Roger and Dale had done to her and Joseph's walk down memory lane about his wife and sons.

She was definitely hungry enough to eat at least half of the sandwich and with Joseph's approval shared some of the meat from her sandwich with Ol'Jack. After eating it was pretty quiet in the truck cab for a while when Joseph decided to ask about something he thought would be a safe question, Sammi, I noticed you have some ink on your body, do they have significance to you?" Joseph had spotted a tattoo on the inside of her right hand ring finger, another on the inside of her right wrist, one on the inside of her left arm close to her elbow and one on the outside of her left calf just above her ankle.

Her short height, barely over five foot, made him question her age but the fact she had at least four visible tattoos lifted his confidence that she could be a young adult. He assumed his question would not be an emotional question to answer so he was a bit surprised when he didn't gat a quick answer.

Instead she shifted nervously in the passenger seat thinking how to answer. After a few moments of consideration she answered, "Yeah most of them." She paused for just a moment and then lifted up her ring finger which had a cross, "I got this one for God's protection." She then held up her wrist and took a deep breath, "This one I got to hide a scar from um.trying to.hurt myself." As she said the last part her voice tailed off." Joseph felt guilty for asking what he thought was an innocent question.

The one thing he was now sure of, this girl had been through a lot in a fairly small number of years. He in a soft tone said, "I'm glad I have had the opportunity to meet you." He then paused and chose his words carefully, "Sammi, I think you've been through some tough times, in fact I'm pretty confident of that.

But the one thing I know for sure is that Ol'Jack is a good judge of character and normally he is sitting beside my seat and putting that old head of his in my lap.

But since you've been in my truck my dog has been by your side every minute. Ol'Jack knows good people, so I know you are good people." He took a few moments to once again gather his thoughts then continued, "I'm going to do everything I can to help you and to make sure you're safe.

No matter how bad things were, they're going to get better. OK?" Sammi was struggling to hold back tears but at the same time felt better then she had in a long time since before Roger moved into their apartment. She thought about how to answer Joseph and how to interpret what he was saying.

She replied, "Thank you." She even made a tiny joke, "And thank you to Ol'Jack too." She then in a very soft voice said, "I got the tattoo not only to cover the scar but to remind me." She couldn't hold back tears, "That I wanted to keep going. That I could survive.

I got it the day before I ran away." Sammi could now no longer look out of the windshield and looked out the side window. Joseph gave her some time. He realized this was all very fresh for her. He knew he picked up a hitchhiker in a very complicated situation. He questioned should he just drop her off at the next truck stop and keep going with his delivery with Sammi forever in the rear view mirror.

But Ol'Jack took to her. Usually he didn't like strangers. Other then Joseph he hadn't spent much time with anyone other then Joseph's wife before she passed. So at least for now that decision was made. They rode without talking very much until night fall when Joseph suggested stopping for something to eat. She quickly agreed and before long he pulled the truck off a highway exit and pulled into a truck stop with a diner. Once in the diner the mood lightened and Sammi showed Joseph the tattoo's on her finger and wrist.

Joseph could tell it wasn't an easy conversation so he changed the subject to food and got Sammi talking about her favorite deserts. The mood definitely lightened and they had a nice dinner together.

Because of the amount of time they spent in the cafe that morning Joseph made a point to move dinner along. At one point another trucker he knew walked up to the table greeting him, but after just a moment of being polite he told the other trucker they were having a personal discussion and asked could they catch up another time. Of course the trucker quickly excused himself. The moment they finished eating, Joseph took care of the check and they headed back to the truck and took Ol'Jack for a quick walk.

After Joseph lifted Ol'Jack up into the truck, he stood ready to help Sammi climb up but instead of facing the truck and starting to climb up she turned her back to the truck and faced Joseph, looking up at him. It only took Joseph a moment or so for him to theorize why she turned her body towards him, at least he hoped he was right in his theory, he leaned down gently put his arms around her shoulders and as he hoped she turned her chin up, pushed up as high on her tip toes as she could and carefully slid her arms around his waist, although a bit timidly.

Her eyes closed as did his when he leaned just a bit closer and his lips found hers. He was a bit surprised how quickly she opened her mouth moving quickly to French kissing.

But he loved the softness and wetness of her kiss and was not sure he ever found kissing anyone more passionate then kissing Sammi. It did catch him a bit off guard but unless a man was willing to accept the risk of hooking up with the lot lizards there weren't too many opportunities for a long haul truck driver to meet respectable ladies to make out with and Joseph was never the type to engage in random hook ups, especially while his wife was alive.

Even since her passing the typical women he met at truck stops were not the type of women he was interested in. But there was something different about this young woman. He couldn't really explain it even to himself. But he pushed the thoughts out of his mind and kissed the beautiful, voluptuous young woman who's arms were wrapped around his waist. Joseph couldn't help feeling like a lucky adolescent boy. Sammi excited him like he hadn't been excited in years.

For the first time in years he felt a kiss effect his cock and he was fully erect for the first time in quite a while. His thoughts in getting the motel room were pure. His decision to kiss her in the motel room was an impulse and because she was standing there in only a towel. When she kissed him that morning at the truck stop after breakfast he took it for granted that it was just more of a thank you kiss.

But this kiss felt different. This kiss felt natural and instinctual between male and female. Despite needing to get back on the road, Joseph didn't rush to break the kiss, if anything he wanted it to last as long as possible.

Reluctantly he finally broke the kiss and to lighten the mood joked, "You're going to give this old man a heart attack but his smile let her know he was just joking. "But despite my desire to keep kissing you, we'd better hit the road." He couldn't resist watching the young woman use her body to climb up into the truck.

He quickly followed, got into his seat, started up the truck, went through his mental checklist and headed out back to the highway. Joseph suggested to Sammi that she could go get some sleep if she wanted but she responded, "I don't want you sleeping sitting up again. How long till your rest period?" "Eleven o'clock" Joseph replied. "I'll wait till them. I want you to have your bed." For the next few hours it was pretty quiet in the truck other then the typical country and western music.

As it got later Sammi started dozing off now and then. As it neared the hour he needed to get off the highway Joseph used the CB radio to find out where the next rest stop was or other option for stopping.

Sammi heard the chatter but didn't really listen to what was being said. It wasn't long before she felt the truck slow, begin braking and pull off the highway. Joseph found what he thought was the best place to stop and they all took a quick restroom break. They got back in the truck and Joseph offered her the sleeper one more time.

He was a bit taken a back when she asked, "Is there room for me too?" But without hesitation he quickly replied, "Sure." He crawled in first and took everything off except for his boxers and crawled under the covers. Even though he wanted to be respectful and at first closed his eyes, he could t help peek and saw her take off her bra with her shirt still on and then took off her shoes and her denim shorts. She then also got under the covers.

He was lying on his back and she moved right beside him and laid facing him and placed her head on his shoulder and chest and asked, "Is that okay?" He replied quickly, "Absolutely!" Then added, "Good night." To which she replied, "Good night." Joseph was surprised but loved how it felt to have her rest her head on his shoulder.

He carefully and gently wrapped his arm around her and when she didn't react negatively to that he relaxed. He hadn't just held a woman in a non-sexual way in years since his wife and it sure felt nice. He thought about trying to kiss her again now that they were in bed together but he knew they were both tired and needed rest. He felt conflicted about the idea of messing around with this young woman.

He knew she was far to young for him and he was nervous she might just be too young. But the road is a long lonely place and she had an amazing body and was very pretty. He was definitely attracted to her but he didn't think now was the right time or place. They were both tired enough sleep came fast. But it wasn't long before the events of the day somehow came flooding back to Sammi's subconscious. No matter how much she wanted to put everything that happened with Roger out of her mind, the memories just kept coming back.

___________________ Holly was horrified by what had happened to her while her mom was at work and while Roger had his friend Dale over to watch the game. Not only had Roger been beating and raping her but he now had invited his friend to rape her. When Dale had finished with her Roger let her retreat to her room and once again she couldn't take a shower soon enough. But even that shower was incredibly humiliating. The one thing Holly was forced to admit was that lots of fluids were draining from inside her sex.

Even after the water turned cold and she had to turn it off or stand under very cold water thick fluids continued to drain from her sex. She went back to her room after the shower with the intention of returning to her schoolwork but no sooner then she looked at her books she knew she had no desire to study.

So she crawled in her bed and put on music hoping to clear her mind but despite listening to her favorite music she couldn't get what had been happening to her out of her mind.

The shame and humiliation were powerful emotions and despite having just taken a long shower and washing thoroughly she could feel wetness once again in the clean panties she had put on after the shower. Fluids were obviously still draining from inside her. She just felt so much humiliation and shame even after she heard her mother come home from work she just stayed in her bed listening to music.

Her mom prepared dinner and called from her to come eat but when she didn't Roger came to her room and roughly grabbed hold of one arm and her hair and pulled her out of bed. Before walking her out of her room he pulled off his belt and swatted her with the belt on the butt three times as hard as he could swing before pushing her out of her room towards the kitchen. As the two of them entered the kitchen where her mom was finishing dinner Roger swung the belt one more time saying, "Now you listen to your mother young lady and do what she says or you will be punished." Holly, having already been hit very hard three times had no realization that this fourth hit was much less violent then the other three, but Roger swung the belt much less hard so her mother would not find the hit abusive.

He still held his breath for a few seconds hoping his girlfriend would not freak out at the punishment he enforced on her daughter.

Holly starred at her mother knowing she had to at least heard the belt hit her bottom and see him holding it in his hand. Both he and Holly looked at Rachel waiting her reaction. Rachel knew her daughter had not had a father figure in her life but she was a bit conflicted by his heavy handed physical punishment. But through her early teen years, Holly had grown more defiant of her mother and much more mouthy.

With how she had seen Holly react so far to his corporal punishment, she was amazed how Holly seemed to show no defiance only showing maybe a bit of fear. Once again she held her reaction to see Holly's reaction, but Roger knew how to work this and put his hand on Holly's shoulder guiding her to one of the chairs at the dining table and said sternly, "Take a seat." He very skillfully guided Holly over the seat of the chair and then with his hand still on her shoulder pushed her down onto the chair.

When she was just a few inches over the seat he skillfully pushed Holly very firmly down knowing her bottom was already very sore. As Rachel went back to finishing dinner and placing food on plates he held his hand on her shoulder pressing her on the chair with as much pressure as he could without it being too obvious.

He bent down next to her ear and whispered, "She made no objection to your punishment Holly." He was delighted by Holly's reaction dropping her head, not understanding that her mother knew nothing of the first three severe hits. He was pretty confident that Holly believed that her mother didn't disapprove of him spanking her with the belt. Holly stayed silent through dinner as Rachel told the two of them about her day at work. He was delighted that Rachel was more focused on the stress of her work all but ignoring her daughter's suffering.

He even took the opportunity to praise Holly for helping him with lunch and for being very helpful, nice and polite to his friend Dale.

He stated three times, "She was a very good girl." He then added, "Dale really thought she was a mature well behaved young lady." Hearing him say that Holly couldn't help think of the things Dale had done and how they made her feel, remembering those feelings and hearing him say she was a good girl was confusing. They finished dinner with more talk of Rachel's work and he volunteered Holly and himself to clean up the kitchen.

Rachel very happily accepted and went to their bedroom to wind down. He left the kitchen clean up long enough to make Rachel a drink and take it to her but at first she wasn't sure she wanted alcohol but finally to keep him happy took the drink. In less then thirty minutes she was asleep.

The minute he was sure she was asleep he went to Holly's room and intentionally left the door open. He then yelled at Holly loudly for disrespecting her mom. He then grabbed hold of her, bared her bottom sat on the bed and bent her over his lap. He then reminded her that she had agreed yesterday to accepting more spanks. The belt hit her bottom so loud and hard she couldn't help but cry out. Despite having just gone to bed about a half hour earlier Holly was devastated her mother didn't at least come look into all the noises.

After striking the same place on her bottom multiple times until it was very red, he started to swing the belt just under her bottom on her upper thighs. He hit them until he could see the welts beginning to form and then he made his next strike on her lower back just at the top of her butt crack.

"You're a dirty, filthy slut Holly, you need and deserve this punishment" he said sternly. Then demanded, "Ask me to fuck your filthy cunt Holly and I'll stop spanking you the minute you do." She was crying hysterically at the pain and because her mother was letting him do this but she relented and nodded. He struck her butt three more times then stopped and said, "Holly, I know you want this punishment to stop and want to feel me inside that dirty, filthy cunt of yours again.

Just say 'Yes Please' and I won't spank you down here any more tonight." She didn't think she could take the spanking anymore so reluctantly through heavy sobs she cried, "Yes please." Roger lifted her up into his arms and strongly tossed her onto her bed. Somehow with lightning speed he peeled off his pants and underwear and was immediately on top of her.

He moved his head so aggressively to kiss her their foreheads hit pretty hard, it even made him dizzy for a moment but it knocked her very woozy. His mouth pressed hard to hers, she was so woozy she didn't open her mouth but it just took one punch into her side to get her to open her mouth instinctually needing air. He jerked her pants and panties off and pushed her knees up towards her shoulders and thrust hard inside her.

He took a moment to lay all his weight on her body trying to force his entire cock inside her on one stroke. He thrust his tongue as deep in her mouth as he could. He wanted her to feel like he'd pushed his entire body inside hers. He held there a few moments then finally pulled his hips back and moved his arms under her upper body and from underneath clutched her shoulders. He then used every ounce of his strength to thrust into her while at the same time pulling on her shoulders hard trying to pull her to him too.

He felt his hips ram hard into her thighs, but that made him realize with her legs pulled up towards her shoulders her thighs were in the way. Once again he pulled his hips back, brought his arms out from under her, grabbed hold of her legs and pushed them out as wide as he could not wanting anything between his and her pelvis. Them again he worked his arms under her until he had hold of her shoulders and then again pushed down on her as hard as he could.

This time he felt his pelvis hit against hers. It hurt him some so he hoped it hurt her more. He defiantly felt like he penetrated her deeper. He loved that so he started fucking her like that with her legs pushed wide and slamming his hips as hard against hers as he could. He couldn't remember enjoying fucking anyone as much as he did Holly.

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He was sure if he had been this rough with any of his previous girlfriends they could have immediately broken up with him. He even decided to slap her face a few times and that excited him very much. He loved his ability to do whatever he wanted with his girlfriend's daughter and the feeling of power and control it gave him.

Fucking her that hard unfortunately made him cum faster then he hoped. But he did have a great climax. He felt drained so he got up and out of bed before falling asleep. He gave her a quick firm kiss and then went back to his room with his girlfriend who was still sound asleep.

The next morning he came to Holly's room, she was awake but still in bed. He stood next to her and said, "Get yourself cleaned up and ready for breakfast we have some things to take care of today." When Holly got up she felt so sore, especially her hips. She hated him for what he was doing but certainly her mother heard her cries yet never came to check on her.

She took a long shower but shorter then what she normally would because he seemed intense and got dressed then headed down for breakfast. He put a plate in front of her and then surprised her by saying, "Your mom tells me you want a tattoo but she said you couldn't get one until you're twenty one.

I have a friend who is a tattoo artist do you know what you want?" She looked at him shocked and untrusting. He continued, "You probably think I'm a monster but I'm just trying to teach you some discipline.

You were pretty good yesterday, Dale enjoyed meeting you and you accepted your punishment last night too. I want to do something for you and I have a friend who does tattoos, now answer my question, do you know what you want?" Holly nodded then said, "Yeah I want a dragonfly." "Where" he asked?

She showed him on her leg where she wanted it. "But I want to make sure you understand that a tattoo will be with you for the rest of your life and defines who you are. It also hurts to get one and once he starts you have to let him finish the tattoo or it'll look like shit. Do you understand" he asked" She nodded. He then said something that left her unsure, "I'm willing to take you to get the tattoo you want where you want it, as long as I approve the design.

But you also have to get one I pick where I choose. Deal?" She wasn't sure of what she thought about that. "Your mother told me this was something you've wanted for a while.

I'm trying to do something nice for you and I'll take the heat with your mom. Deal" he asked. Still unsure she nodded. He said, "Okay we leave in ten minutes." She felt like she was in shock on the ride there in the car with him, she just didn't trust him. But they pulled into the parking lot of a real tattoo shop. She got out of the car and went in with him. He immediately shook hands with a man who himself had multiple tattoos. Roger introduced her to him, "John, this is the young lady I've been telling you about, this is Holly." John shook hands with her then said, "Rog tells me you'd like a dragonfly tattoo can I show you some or did you bring your own artwork." She shook her head no to having brought her own artwork so he went and grabbed two large binders.

He already had a few of the pages marked and flipped to a several of those pages until Holly saw one she liked. He said, "That's one of my favorites I can do a real nice job for you." She noticed another person in the shop. He was in another room and she heard what she assumed was a tattoo gun.

John then lightly took hold of her arm and walked her over to a padded table and patted it pulling out a step stool. He told her to lie on her side and asked her to show him where she wanted it. He used a special pen and sketched it on her leg where she wanted it and let her say if the position, angle and size were okay. Roger asked her one more time, "Now Holly, I want to make sure that this is defiantly what you want, where you want it and you understand it hurts but you are agree to allow John to complete the tattoo.

And he's going to do an additional tattoo of my choosing, where I want it. Understand?" She nodded her head feeling very unsure. John cleaned her right calf where she wanted the tattoo and prepared his instruments. Within minutes he started working on it with the tattoo gun. Roger watched and found himself getting turned on when Holly grimaced with pain.

She had no idea that Roger had arranged with John before hand to do a very detailed tattoo filled in so it would take longer and hurt longer and more.

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John had promised Roger he would be satisfied with his work. John worked pretty consistently allowing Holly very little pause from the steady rapid tapping of the tattoo gun. She had picked a place on her body that was over bone which meant it would hurt a bit more. He was a very skilled tattoo artist and did a very nice thorough tattoo.

Roger stood on the other side of a small storage shelf and stroked his cock as he watched Holly take the pain. When John finished the tattoo he cleaned her leg, took a picture of it with his phone, showed it to Holly and then put a bandage over it and gave both her and Roger specific instructions how to take care of it. She then noticed a man come out from the other tattoo artists room, pay and leave. John then asked her to slide to the end of the padded table and helped her get there with her legs going off the end but she quickly felt a padded place to rest her knees and she was now kneeling bent over the padded table at the waist.

Roger them walked over to where she was and whispered in her ear, "Now remember you agreed. Don't you misbehave or you will be punished severely. If you understand nod your head and hold still." Holly reluctantly nodded but almost immediately panicked.

John reached under her unbuttoning her shorts. He pulled her shorts partly down off her lower back and even down off her butt a little. She was shocked when he started cleaning the top of her right butt cheek. She was strongly considering saying no to this having no idea what tattoo Roger had chosen but as she was about to do so Roger took a full hand of her hair pulling her head up to look at him, "You're going to love it, it's who you are, just relax." John finished cleaning the area and then she heard the tattoo gun once again start and felt it begin tattooing on her right butt cheek.

It didn't take as long nor hurt as much as the tattoo on her leg hurt because there was much more padding between her skin and bone on her bottom.

The longer he worked the more the shorts and panties seemed to inch down. A few times it felt like John tugged them a little but she knew better then to protest.

John did take his time and was artistic with the tattoo using lots of color and fill. As he was finishing up the other tattoo artist walked over and stood by Roger behind Holly watching John work. He said, "That's turning out really hot John, it's very expressive." "Thanks man" John replied.

Holly felt embarrassed the other tattoo artist, a guy was now also able to see her bare ass. Like before, John cleaned the tattoo, took a photo of the tattoo and then put a bandage on it. She waited assuming John or Roger was going to show her a picture but neither did. But as he was securing the bandage he said to Roger, "The payment as discussed?" Roger replied immediately, "Yes definitely." John pushed the cart he had all his instruments on away.

Then Holly heard a sound that her mind recognized a second two late, the sound of a belt buckle unbuckling but as she was about to react she felt John's body press against hers and then felt his cock push inside her, she was once again being raped. The table was heavy and the padding thin and didn't budge no matter how firmly he thrusted over and over working his cock inside her.

She was horrified this was happening and cried, "No, no no" as John continued to stroke inside her sex from behind.


Roger walked to the other end if the table and grabbed hold of her wrists holding her on the table. He wanted to watch her face, see the fear, watch her experience the pain. He was delighted when John reached and grabbed a handful of her long brown hair pulling her head up and her back to arch. The other tattoo artist stood there watching as John continued to bang Holly against the table. "Damn she's tight like you said" John said to Roger, "So very tight." Holly's mind was racing with horror and shame.

Only a few weeks earlier before her mother moved Roger in she had barely exchanged a quick peck on the cheek with a boy. Now she was with a third man in just as many days. A man she never met before just about an hour earlier yet he had part of his body inside her like it was no big deal. Even with her protest crying out "No" loudly three times he continued using her. The table under her despite being padded was hard and jamming against her thighs and hips.

Her sex was so sore from all the sex she had in just the last few days. Why was Roger doing this to her? But what troubled Holly even more was regardless of the fact that inside her sex she was swollen and raw from so much use the last few days, she could hear and feel her own heavy breathing and she could feel the familiar movement inside her slowly becoming easier as her body produced natural wetness even with the fact he was using her against his will.

She realized she had moved her legs wider trying to ease the pain but because of doing that she felt his cock touch and rub her deeper inside. She even could hear her own uncontrollable grunts and groans and even though they had not been touched her breasts, areolas and nipples felt swollen.

Finally to her relief she heard him grunt his loudest and felt him squirt fluids into her body. He only made a few more strokes and she was relieved when he let go of her hair and pulled his cock free of her body. She collapsed on the table. She foolishly closed her eyes exhausted and relieved he had finished.

But before her heartbeat returned to a normal rate Holly suddenly felt a bandage start to wrap around her eyes and the back of her head forcing her to keep her eyes closed. She felt it wrap multiple times more and then the sensation of wrapping stopped but left her unable to see.

She then felt bare legs once again touch on the back of her butt and thighs. Before her mind comprehended what was happening she felt a hard cock begin to push inside her. "That's my good dirty filthy pain slut, you're not even close to sore enough to stop yet. You need to hurt Holly. You need to ache and be sore. I know because your body responds. You know your body continues to respond. Feel him moving inside you Holly? Listen to your voice moaning, feel your lungs breathing harder, feel your heart beating faster.

Your body's not ready to stop yet Holly." "Don't think Holly, don't question just experience it Holly. I know you're sore but your body is still responding.

Feel the cock stroking in and out of you deep. You're swollen and raw but you're still responding even with the pain because you're a dirty, filthy, pain slut Holly and your body wants, no needs more. Just accept it Holly, accept what you feel and who you are. Your mom is happy and proud of how you have responded to my discipline. She told me you wanted a tattoo Holly. You wanted it even though you knew they hurt just like you want the pain you're feeling now." Holly was so sore and felt so swollen inside yet couldn't help anticipating feeling it penetrate on each stroke fully inside her.

She realized she wasn't even sure who was inside her. She assumed and pictured in her mind it was the other tattoo artist but with the bandage around her eyes she couldn't see for sure. She was pretty sure she felt him cum and definitely felt the cock pull out. She head and felt herself panting, tired catching her breath. But suddenly she felt several hands flip her over onto her back. She could feel the edge of the end of the table pressing against the top of her bottom.

She then felt hands grab and lift and widen her legs. Then Roger's voice asked, "Your body needs to hurt more Holly." The second she heard her name she felt a hard cock push back into her so very sore pussy.

She tried to kick and swing her arms but they were quickly grabbed and held by strong hands and despite her struggling she felt a cock working inside her once more. She felt so many emotions, anger, fear, frustration, horror and shame but none of it changed anything.

This time she was completely unsure who was raping her, it could be Roger or John, it was unlikely it would be the other tattoo artist as she believed he had just finished. But what she feared most is that it might not be any of the three of them.

It could be another man who she had not seen. But she had no way to know. Her mind was suddenly taken away from those horrific thoughts when she felt her right breast being rubbed in the same way her leg and bottom had been rubbed when cleaned before getting the tattoo. As she had thought she suddenly heard the tattoo gun and then felt it make contact with her right breast flesh.

She screamed in terror at the realization that while she was being raped by someone of who's identity she had no idea, her right breast was being tattooed with something which she did not know. Roger almost bubbled over with delight at the look on her face.

Her mind was confused with sensation with both the steady moving pain from the tattoo gun while at the same time she was experiencing the steady friction of the stroking in and out of the third cock to rape her in somewhere around an hour. When the cock inside her withdrew she couldn't stop crying and was unsure if it was over or would continue. She then felt the tattoo gun stop working on her breast and felt it cleaned and bandaged.

She felt her clothing pulled back up into place. Once it was in place the bandage around her eyes was removed and only she and Roger were in the room that she could see. She was sore and exhausted from the physical exertion of sex with three men. Roger helped her to the car and drove her home helping her to her room with her new ink.