Young Amateur Cutie in Panties Sucking Dick

Young Amateur Cutie in Panties Sucking Dick
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Images of writhing, naked bodies; sensations of gentle suckling and exploratory tongues; sounds of wet slurps, gasps, and moans filled with need. All of it directed towards me, and all of it waiting to be sated. I waded into the ocean of flesh, which pounced on me like a starving animal, worshipping every inch of my body with carnal offerings and oaths of devotion.

As I submerged myself in the sea of sensation, I was overtaken with a pleasure that swept through my whole body, but concentrated most on my groin. --- I awoke to the playful teasing of a tongue on my balls.

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It traced all around the outline of my scrotum, momentarily cradling each testicle in a careful embrace. Each ball was briefly sucked into the inviting mouth, and rolled around lovingly between her tongue and soft inner cheek. I slowly pried open my eyes to see which if my girls had won the chance to wake me this morning. Propping myself up on my elbows I glanced down to see my naked body, uncovered by sheets, and a small head bobbing up and down between my legs.

Noticing my movement, the blond-haired girl peeked out from under my package and gave me twinkling smile. "Good morning, Daddy. Did you sleep well?" She quickly hunkered down again to continue lavishing my crotch with her mouth. "Just fine, Tessa. Make sure you get low enough, little one." I heard her giggle her assent through the balls in her mouth, which she popped out one at a time.

I raised my knees up higher so as to give her better access. She huddled down beneath my ball sac and began exploring my lower regions with her mouth as well. I shuddered in pleasure as I felt her tongue trace up and down my taint, and prod playfully at my asshole. Tessa's young mouth, while not the most experienced of all the girls I'd had - in fact not even the most skillful of all of my daughters - was easily one of the most enjoyable to wake up to, if only for the sheer enthusiasm with which she took to her task.

She delighted simply from the act of covering her father and master's body with her tongue. To her, the taste of my cock, balls, asshole - every part of my crotch - was ambrosia, and she was addicted to my flavor.

I try my best to reward my girls with pleasure when they perform well, but with Tessa I rarely even needed to.


Without any direct stimulation, she would regularly orgasm simply by sucking my dick, and whenever she rimmed me she would moan into my ass as though she was getting more pleasure from it than I was. She did this now, her grunts and squeaks of pleasure muffled by my ass as her hands gripped around my thighs in a desperate attempt to force her face even deeper into me.

Having just awoken from a routinely erotic dream and not yet having relieved myself from the night's sleep, I whistled for another girl to come see to my needs. The bed chamber door opened almost immediately, indicating the girls had been waiting just outside ready to step in at a moment's notice. In walked three of my other girls - two more of my daughters, and one live-in slave I had picked up several months previously.

My two daughters, Lacy and Jess, had already dressed themselves in their favorite outfits, which they loved mostly because of the effect they had on their father. Sarah, the slave, had not yet earned the privilege of choosing her own clothing, and so was stark naked, with the exception of a high-quality leather collar worn around her neck and attached by a chain to a similar strap on her right wrist.

The three filed into the room and stood shoulder-to-shoulder, waiting for my request. Lacy, having just recently turned fifteen, had just discovered rave girl culture, and had taken a particular shine to the fashions she had seen those sluts wear when attending events. She was currently experimenting with which of those styles would appeal most to me, and this morning had chosen for her outfit nothing but a pair of bright orange panties, long lime-green knee socks, duct tape of a matching colour covering her nipples, and a pink fishnet top.

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The overall effect was garish, slutty, and extremely arousing. Jess on the other hand, being two years younger than Lacy, had not yet grown confident enough for something so adventurous, and presented herself in her usual schoolgirl uniform - somewhat ironic, since very few of my daughters attended school, and Jess was not one of them. It had long ago been modified so that her skirt barely reached below her crotch, and her white blouse was unbuttoned above her navel, with a straight plaid tie seated in the middle of her budding cleavage.

Sarah, nearly as naked as the day she was born, stood next to the two of them with her head submissively pointed towards the ground. I was briefly prevented from addressing the girls by Tessa's tongue working deep into my asshole, as a growl of pleasure interrupted my speech. "Good morning girls. Lacy, you're looking exceptionally trashy today.

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Your Daddy loves it." She blushed from head to toe - none of which was hidden by clothes - and giggled joyfully at the praise. "He also needs to piss like a racehorse, so why not climb over here and get yourself a drink?" She bounced in excitement at the request, which made her nubile, barely-covered tits jiggle in a way that made my jaw tense up. Trotting over to the bed, jiggling the whole way, she clambered over to me on her hands and knees, tucked her shoulder-length brown hair behind her ear, and bent down to my exposed cock.

She lovingly cradled its heft in her hands before wetting her lips and sliding her head all the way down my shaft, nestling her nose deep in my pubic bone, and effortlessly granting my cock unrestricted access to her eager throat.

She had come so far from the little girl who had choked on my flaccid 6" penis, and it warmed my heart to see her throat my entire hardened 10" length without so much as a cough. The warmth and wetness of her soft teenage throat was a beautiful sleeve around my cock.

I took a moment before releasing my urine to look lovingly down at my little would-be raver. I brushed aside a lock of hair that covered her face and gently mussed her hair.

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I was so proud of my girls. She made eye contact, and gave me the closest thing to a worshipful smile that a girl with ten inches of dick in her mouth can achieve.

I had been holding it for too long, though. "Here it comes baby girl," I said as I released. There's an incredible rush of pleasure that comes when your penis is enveloped in something warm and wet at the same time as it urinates.

Like piss shivers, but raised to near-orgasmic levels. This was only enhanced by Tessa determinedly lapping away at my ass and taint. Lacy moaned softly as she felt my piss flooding her throat - while she loves the taste of her Daddy's piss, there was no way she was even getting any right now.

I was lodged so deep in her head that I was pissing directly into her stomach. Nonetheless, the sensation of her Daddy's fluid being deposited into her body made her shiver with an intense orgasm, and her eyes rolled slightly back into her head.

Struggling through the pleasure blinding her, she reached up with her free hand and began fondling my balls, squeezing them gently and rolling them between her delicate fingers.

I gestured to Jess that she should join us on the bed, but kept Sarah where she was - part of her training would be to watch as the various members of my existing harem pleasured me and were pleasured in turn.

She would be allowed to masturbate to the thought after the fact, but not allowed to touch herself while she watched, and she was prohibited from participating until she had been properly broken in. Jess had been squirming desperately at the sight of her sisters on the bed with her Daddy, and rubbed her thighs together in a futile attempt to relieve herself without touching.

She nearly leapt forward at my slightest indication that she was allowed to join us, and climbed on the bed near my head. As my other primary erogenous zones were already being covered by Lacy and Tessa, Jess immediately bent forward to momentarily suck on each of my nipples, circling each with her tongue and depositing a generous amount of saliva on each one.

She then looked me in the eye devotedly, and prodded at my lips with her fingers. I cracked my lips slightly to accept her soft digits, and sucked them inside, making her gasp and shiver with pleasure. I licked them all over, wetting them thoroughly, anticipating what she had in mind.

She had to force herself to remove her fingers from my mouth as she was enjoying the sensation too much, but she quickly replaced them with her own lips, moving her freshly-lubricated fingers down to play with my nipples. Her tongue probed desperately as she tried to have our mouths connect on as much area as possible, and she ground her panty-clad crotch against the bedspread, trying with all her might to get some reprieve from her intense sexual need.


All the while, I had moved my hands to begin exploring the soft, pubescent bodies I had in front of me. My left hand drifted up underneath Jess' too-short skirt and firmly gripped her pert, pale bottom. My right hand reached down to Lacy's nearly-exposed tits, and my fingers slid in and through her slutty fishnet top. I couldn't stimulate her nipples through the tape, but I kneaded her titty flesh between my fingers, alternately squeezing tightly and hefting their weight with my hand.

Both of them responded viscerally, moaning with a carnal intensity that sent vibrations through my cock and my tongue. They both pressed their bodies close to my hands, trying hard to bring themselves even closer to their father's erotic touch. Three of my daughters were all enthusiastically pleasuring every sensitive region I had - my cock, balls and asshole were all being worshipped with teenage tongues, my mouth was engaged in a frenzied, intimate dance with a slutty schoolgirl while she played with my nipples, I was both receiving head from and pissing directly into the throat of a slutty rave bitch, all while a slave-in-training watched with a dripping cunt, her mind foggy with envy and unfulfilled need.


It was just enough. I had emptied my bladder entirely, at which point Lacy had begun suckling intently at my cock, not removing it from its home deep in her esophagus.

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Every muscle in my body tensed up; my asshole flexed tight around Tessa's tongue, making her giggle and moan; Lacy's hands slid frantically around my belly and legs, not having anywhere to grab, but wanting desperately to increase her contact with my body; Jess thrust her tongue deep into my mouth and gripped my head with both arms, forcing herself as powerfully towards me as she could.

I exploded. Thick ropes of jism shot powerfully into Lacy's flexing throat, and her eyes rolled back once more as another room-shaking orgasm overtook her. Jess, who hadn't broken our kiss to take a breath for nearly a full minute, almost screamed into my mouth as her body's pleasure overtook her.

Tessa gripped my legs hard from beneath my ass and felt my thighs, which had tensed into steel cables. I saw her little hands quivering as she was vicariously rocked by the same pleasure her sisters and I felt. My hips lifted off the bed entirely, lifting Lacy's head with them, and giving Tessa even more access to probe my ass while I came. My cock thundered each pulse of cum deep into my little girl's suckling mouth, and my hands gripped Jess and Lacy's flesh hard enough to bruise.

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A primeval growl swelled up from within me that shook Jess' whole body, as I deposited my massive load into the waiting hole that craved it. My orgasm shook the room, and it seemed as though each girl was wracked with a new wave of pleasure for each pulse of my cock - though Lacy was the lucky one who got to consume my jizz, each of the girls that lavished my body all felt as though they were receiving my climax for themselves.

With one last powerful thrust I shot another load into Lacy's dripping mouth, quaked, and collapsed back onto the bed. My mouth fell away from Jess' and she looked down at me with a stupefied smile, her eyes glassy from the afterglow of the ecstasy she'd just felt. The other girls were the same, as Tessa heavily lifted her head from between my legs and let if fall to one side, resting it on my thigh and looking up at me with a satisfied smile.

Lacy seemed less than eager to unlatch from my cock, and took her time sliding her lips back up my shaft, her tongue licking and polishing the whole way, until she closed her lips at the top of my head and kissed it with a wet smack, leaving her mouth empty, panting and dripping.

As my rod - still swollen by substantially less rigid - fell to the side, Lacy rested her head next to my package, staring at it and lightly playing with it with her fingers. Her other hand unconsciously stroked her now-full stomach, cradling her father's delicious and satisfying load.We lay like that for a while, my cock gradually shrinking back to its usual size, while my sisters basked in the afterglow of our wake-up ritual.

After a time, I offhandedly asked the girls how they had decided who would be joining me this morning. Jess, perennial chatterbox, chimed in first, "We've trying out a new a system, Daddy! All us girls put our names in a hat one time, and every morning we'll draw a few to see who gets to wake you up that day. When the names run out we put everyone's name back in and we start again!

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We haven't run out yet though, and it's going to take a long time to go through everybody. We're still taking it for a test run though, if any of the girls start to feel like they haven't gotten a turn in too long we might start sending more than three at a time so more of us get a chance at once. Would you be okay with that, Daddy?" I chuckled deeply, "Of course not sweetie, you girls decide however you like. But why did Tessa get to go first?" I looked over at the blond girl with an inquisitive eyebrow raised, and she blushed, but gave me an embarrassed smile.

"We owed her a favor," Jess replied, pouting slightly. My eyes drifted over to Sarah, who I had briefly forgotten was standing there, and she quickly lowered her head before I could make eye contact.

"And how about Sarah, here? Are the training girls getting their names in the hat too?" "No, that was my idea," Lacy piped up, sweetly. She had a wry smile on her face, as though she was admitting a dirty secret to someone, "See Daddy, I think she's really cute.

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I want to start playing with her as soon as possible, but we can't until you say she's ready. I thought if she saw how we wake you up in the morning she'd learn a thing or two, and it would make her training go faster." Lacy turned her head towards the nude girl in the corner and looked her body up and down with undisguised lust in her eyes.

Sarah had clearly been listening, because her whole exposed body was glowing red. She took a chance and raised an eye sheepishly, at which point I gave her a sly wink. Her eyes immediately shot down again, and her whole body quivered as she tried to suppress an excited smile. I could just make out the glint of a bead of juice rolling down her inner thigh. I could already tell that this one would prove to be quite a bit of fun. I glanced lazily over at the clock to see how much time had passed since waking up.

It had been a half hour Tessa's tongue stirred me from my sleep. Time to start the day.