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Busty lesbians having fantastic sex action in a kitchen pornstars brunette
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AN: It's been 5 years since i last wrote something, so i apologize if i'm rusty, and olny started this story as a hobby right now. I will wait some time to write the rest because i want some feed back.

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So there you have it. Alpha Chapter 01 New Family Member +++++++++++++ Allison was trying to find a way to enjoy that night the most, but Kristen was completely and utterly shooting down her ideas. "But we could do anything! Mom said she won't be home tonight!" Allison said with her hands moving fast in front of her. "No, she said she 'probably' won't be home tonight.

Whatever the emergency was I'm sure she will come back tonight" Kristen said not even looking at her twin sister while walking home from school. But Allison would not give up, she wanted to have fun all the time, every chance she got.

I won't give up, she thought. She kept thinking but when they got home her spirits took a dive, because just as Kristen had said, their mother's car was on the entryway.

Walking in, they found their mother, Alice, crying in the couch. They never before had seen such a scene, never thought it possible. "Mom?! What's wrong?" Kristen said dropping her things and running to her mother, Allison jus steps behind. Looking up Alice hugged her daughters.

"Your aunt, my sister Melissa is dead" She said between sobs. "We have an aunt? You have a sister" Allison asked shocked. I did not know that, she thought, looking at her twin, she saw the same surprise on her face. Releasing both girls, Alice took more tissues from the coffee table. "Yes" She said while wiping her tears. "She kind of drifted away from the family, I went away this morning to go to her funeral, and I only found out last night" "How come?" Asked Kristen while hugging her mother, trying to comfort her.

Alice could not stop crying. "Our parents did not like the choices she made for herself. They did not even show up for the wake. And the worst part is that Kyle, her son had to take care of everything alone, even when she first got sick.

Taking care of paying the bills, getting medical and legal help, and when she died he made sure to invite every single one of her friends, even some that had not seen her for years. He only got a hold of my contact yesterday, that's why I had to leave on such a short notice. He's only 16 and has been through so much already.

And Mom and Dad said they wanted nothing to do with him. God! I never liked them, but now I swear I HATE them!" Alice spat before going back to crying even harder. Kristen and Allison hugged her harder and through the family solidarity wept together with their mother, Allison felt horrible for wanting to have a party at the house.

After a long time the tears stopped and they decided that they should make an early dinner. While chopping some vegetables, Kristen piped, trying to get her mother out of the dreaded silence she felt. "So, we have a cousin?" Alice stopped setting the table for just a second before getting a small smile on her face. "Yes. Kyle is so sweet, I wish I had met him sooner" She finished setting the table before continuing.

"Well… Since his only 16 and all… and he's father is… uh… not around or anything, I kind of offered to him to come live here" She said, a little shy.

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"What?! Without clearing it out with us first?!" Allison exclaimed, No way we're getting a boy in this house! She thought.

"That's exactly what he said" Her mother said with a little chuckle. "He said he would be extremely happy to have some contact with us, but he would hate to impose and said he would only accept if you two were okay with it" Turning to an almost pleading tone. "He's only 16 and will have to fend for himself, but he's family, shouldn't that mean something?" Kristen who was finishing the salad said. "Well, I don't exactly have a problem with that, but can we do it? Financially speaking?" She asked serious.

"We could, but that won't even be a problem, my sister left some money and Kyle said that he only would come if he paid his share and rent, even if it was only a symbolic rent" Alice said as she sat, waiting for her daughters to put the food on the table, which was salad, chicken and rice with garlic bread.

Putting the salad and the bread on the table Kristen smiled at her mother. "Then no problem at all. And with a man around any heavy lifting will become a lot easier. Don't you agree Allison?" Allison was mad at her sister, always voicing reason that could not be denied. It would be hard, but she could do it for her mother, and her mother wanted it. "Yeah… Sure. He can come, since he sounds so considerate and everything" She said with a veiled irritated tone, taking the chicken and rice out of the microwave.

Alice was now smiling "Oh! You girls will love him! He's such a sweet boy!" And they ate dinner. "I'll call him later and tell him he can come" Later that night Allison entered her sister's room fuming. "I can't believe you could say yes so easily to a boy moving in. I know he's our cousin but we never met him or anything" Kristen who was on her computer turned to face her sister. "I know, but there was no way mom would let it up, and think about it, she's gonna put him in the guest room downstairs, which has it's own bathroom.

You don't have to worry so much. And didn't you hear what she said? He would only accept if we said yes, and the talk about paying his share and everything, that sounded like excuses to me, so he's at least reluctant to come. And even if he really comes, as I said, we'll have a boy around, that could be useful in many ways" Finishing stating her logic, Kristen turned back to her computer.

Allison thought hard on what her twin said. Yeah… Having a boy around could be useful.

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With that she went back to her room. The next day, at break feast her mother told them that she talked with their cousin, and he accepted come live with them, although she admitted having to convince him. With that they made plans and prepared for the arrival of their new family member.

He would arrive from Chicago the next Saturday, with his things arriving Monday. So Saturday the three of them went to the airport to pick him up. While waiting Kristen said she had to go to the toilet and that left only Allison and her mother when the gates opened. Just then Allison realized that her mother did not describe her cousin, but when she thought to ask her eyes saw the most handsome man she ever saw.

She saw him looking around and realized that she was staring and tried to stop, but couldn't. His eyes fell on her and on her they stayed. STOP STARING1 YOU'RE EMBERASSING YOURSELF! She yelled at herself in her mind but could not stop staring. The man smiled, and her mind went blank. He started walking in her direction and she started sweating. Just then she saw her mother walking forward and say "Kyle!" and hugging him. She panicked.

He is my cousin?! ++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Kristen was unsure how she felt about this whole situation. Her mother certainly was happy, considering that she said that if their father had not died she wanted to have a boy, Kristen thought that such feelings were part of the reason why.

She walked back to where they were waiting. She found Allison frozen in place with clear shock on her face.

Following her gaze she saw why. Their cousin was a god. A Greek god. He was probably 6 feet, maybe 6 1'', and in contrast with the three of them, that were 5 1'', he was a giant, a giant with a lean body and a handsome face. He had a smile that was worthy of a toothpaste commercial.

Stopping besides Allison, Kristen were also stunned into inaction. She was thinking they were going to have a 16 years old boy in the house.

She corrected herself. He's no BOY, he's a MAN! Alice walked him back to them for introductions. "Kyle, these are my daughters, Allison and Kristen" She said beaming. Kyle's smile got even larger, although with a hint of embarrassment. "Hi" He said extending his hand. Mumbling a response Allison and Kristen shook his hand. Kristen was stunned, as was obviously her twin, but they managed to follow their mother to get his baggage and back to their car.

When they got on their way home Alice finally realized the silence of her girls. "Come on, Why are you both so quiet?" She asked. Kristen looked at her sister and saw no possibility of conversation there.

I have to say something or I will look like a weirdo. Looking for inspiration she noticed a long black shape on the side coming down on the side of Kyle's head. "Uhm, Kyle… What is that. Uh …" She said indicating to him what she noticed.

Kyle gave a small smile. "This?" He said pulling and showing what looked like a thin rope that went into his shirt. "It's a small braid. I had it for years now" He reached into his shirt and took out the end of the braid. "When I was nine I made a bet with my mom, she said that she would give me a hundred bucks if I kept a braid for a month. I counter-proposed the she should give me a hundred for every month I kept the braid. She accepted" He chuckled, and then gave a sad smile.

"She used to put a hundred dollars bill in this jar every month. I still have the jar. Never spent one dollar. There is over seven thousand dollars there." He turned and looked out of the window. Kristen felt like the stupidest person in the world. Her mother lost the smile she had before, Allison looked like she was about to cry. I'm sorry! I didn't know!

I'm sorry! She yelled in her head, and when she was about to apologize he turned to her and smiled at her. "I like it, so I doubt I will ever cut it" He then tucked it back into his shirt. "So, why don't you tell me about my new school?" He asked with clear sincerity in his voice and about school they talked.


When they got home they left him in his new room to rest, Alice started to order some food for lunch. That left Kristen guiding a still stunned Allison into her room. She locked her door behind them. "OH! MY! GOD!" Were Allison's first words since the mumbled hi she said at the airport. "What the hell is he? He looks like a model!" She asked with eyes wide with excitement. "Is he really 16? He looks older" Kristen comments to no one.

"I can't believe how hot he is!" "I know!" Allison piped with a huge grin. "Imagine how it will be going to school with him every day!" Kristen imagined. She felt warm somehow. "Damn him for being our cousin! If not for that…" She let the sentence drift. "I know!

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I feel the same!" "Yeah right! You were like a dear on head lights! Completely frozen!" Kristen said, laughing at her sister's face. "Like you were any different! At least I didn't say anything stupid like you did in the car" "How could I know?!" Kristen retorted. "I thought it was some new kind of headphone or something. Even if I knew it was his hair how could I know it had something to do with his mother?!" "Well, we don't really know much about him right?" Allison took on a pensive look for a moment.

"Actually, we know nothing about him, so we have to be careful. You were on the other side of the car so you didn't see, but when he turned he had the saddest look I have ever saw, I felt like crying myself!" Allison, remembering, had a sad look. "Okay, we have this weekend to get to know him before he starts going with us to school. We just have to be careful of what we say." And that was the plan.

They started going downstairs and found him and their mother, Alice, setting the table for lunch. "…see no problem with that, but we have to find some place for the boxes" They heard their mother saying with a big smile.

"What's no problem?" Kristen asked, eager to enter the conversation, feeling more relaxed now that she had the 'home field'. "Kyle here asked if he could bring his car in from Chicago" Alice said setting the last plate. "I was thinking in selling, but I saw that your garage is really big, even with a third car there" He said with a shy look. Kristen felt herself melting. He's handsome AND cute! Taking some sodas out of the fridge, which she put on the table, Alice said "There are some boxes on the garage that we would need to move, so we would need to find some place for them, maybe the attic, but that's for later" And she changed the subject.

Kristen was clearly more relaxed, as was Allison, but still she felt glad that their mother took charge of the conversation. A short time later the food was delivered. After lunch everyone sat in the living room and talked. Kristen learned a lot about Kyle then. That he played football while a freshman, but somehow stopped.

That he was looking forward to finding a gym in which he could train, he was a martial artist. On the music field he had no dislikes, but a slight preference for rock. Movies he found that romantic comedies were better than blockbusters, but had almost no stomach for dramas. And much more. Around 3 she heard their dog, Jinx, barking like mad.

With everyone so concentrated on Kyle they forgot to give him his food. "You got a dog?" Kyle asked. He had something like glee in his eyes. Kristen beckoned him to follow her into the backyard. "Yeah, he's really big, but so mellow. But he's still a little wary of strangers so I think you should be introduced" She said as she got the backdoor open.


Jinx was a big dog, a Saint Bernard that looked just like Beethoven, only he was even bigger. When Jinx saw Kyle he stopped barking and stared. "Damn he's big!" Kyle said smiling at the dog. To everyone's surprise Jinx wagged his tail like crazy and jumped on Kyle, putting off balance for a moment.

"REALLY BIG! What's his name?" He asked laughing and ruffling the dog's fur. Kristen was astonished. Jinx's last visit to the vet showed that he weighed around 200 pounds, and Kyle kept him on up like nothing. "It's Jinx" Said Allison with amusement. "I hardly see him so happy, or so taken with strangers" Still Playing with the dog, Kyle says "I like dogs.

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I really do. They can sense such things. Isn't that right?" He asks the dog, who answer by licking his face totally surprising Kyle "Seems like he likes me too!" Everybody starts laughing then.

And with the help of Jinx, any awkwardness that existed before evaporated. +++++++++++++++++++++++ At first Kyle didn't know if moving into a new city was a good idea, but by Monday morning he had changed his mind. His Aunt and cousins were delightful. The girls had seemed a little awkward at first but since the incident with the dog they became more open.

He spent his Sunday getting his new room ready for his things and moving the boxes in the garage to the attic so that when his car arrived he had a place to park. He was just glad he finally met the sister his mother talked about so much. Maybe he could be happy here with them.

He was still sad for his loss, but would still keep moving forward. He had just woken up and gotten his things ready when someone knocked on the door. "Break feast is ready" A voice said, one of the girls. Being twins, he had no way of knowing which one without looking, and even then he could only differentiate because Allison had longer hair than Kristen. Even Alice, their mother, was alike them. It was funny.

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And they are so short! He thought with a smile. Getting to the kitchen he sat down for pancakes and juice. It was weird having someone else cooking after so long. But it was a good weird. "So, first day at the new school, nervous?" Asked Alice while sipping some coffee. "Nah… Been there, done that. Every school is the same. The only thing that changes is the name of the students." Kyle said between bites. "I'm more nervous about my things. It's a long way from Chicago and who says nothing is broken?" Alice smiles at her nephew.

"Don't worry so much. Didn't you say you spent a long time packing because you used more bubble wrap than was needed?" Kyle laughed. "Because of the extra volume I had to use more boxes than was needed too." Looking at his watch he comments. "Well, I'm glad the school is so close so we can leave almost at the last minute" Kristen, who was at his left smiles "Yeah, but today we're leaving early, you have to go to the school's office to know which classes you a taking" After that they ate the rest of the food and the three teenagers left.

Kyle knew that somehow problems would arise, but for now he was content. The short walk to school had been filled with the girls talking about teachers he would like or hate. Arriving at the school Kyle realized he was right. Every school is the same. The jocks were with other jocks, cheerleaders giggling like mad in their little circles, the punks in a corner and nerds hurrying into the school, probably trying to not get any bully's attention on themselves.

Normal students, the 'in' crowd and the 'outcasts' were always the same. Only the names change. While walking through the front gate Kyle got many students' attention. He knew he was handsome, but it was funny how he honestly did not care. He was tall, but not overly much, although with Allison and Kristen at his side he probably looked taller than he really is.

Kyle felt kind of smug, walking in on his first day with two beautiful girls. And twins to boot. And as he walked further in more people stared at him. He tried to look everyone in the eye and smile. Always be polite his mother used to say and he took it to heart. Following the twins into the school building and through the halls he got more stares.

This was a lot more than what he got in Chicago, but of course, there a lot of people already had seen him, or heard of him, so there wasn't so much surprise when people saw him. Here was different. Here he was new.

They finally arrived at the principal's office only to see the secretary freeze at the sight of him.

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It's getting tiring. "Hi! I'm new here. My name is Kyle Sharp" He said smiling at her and saw her blush. And although there was some difficulty at first, he got all the paper work done. Leaving, Kristen took his class schedule. "Great! We have almost all the same classes!

So, just follow us around today and you will get used, tomorrow we have different classes, but that's tomorrow" Kristen said with a grin, handing back the schedule. And follow the twins he did. He met theirs friends. Many people introduced themselves to him, mostly girls. Many tried flirting with him, so he humored them but showed no interest. Guys from the sports team came to see if he was interest in joining, he turned them down. The day passed. His things arrived.

He decorated his room and arranged to bring his car from Chicago. It was expensive but worth the money. It had sentimental value to him. The week passed and people invited him for parties but he turned them down. Kyle always gave the same response. "I'm still getting used to the moving and everything. Maybe next time" And so the weekend came and on Saturday his cousins had plans to sleep in a friend's house and his Aunt had a date.

They debated if it was right to leave him alone but he insisted for them to go and have fun. Kyle spent his evening surfing the internet looking for a gym and other places of interest in this new city. But later, while watching some late night TV, he heard the front door open and his aunt walk in. She sat at his side without uttering a word.

Looking at her Kyle realized that she had been crying. He only knew her for a short time, but his mother talked so much about Alice that he felt he knew her his whole life, and so her red eyes broke his heart. Moving Closer he asked "What happened? Are you okay?" Alice, in her state did not notice the boy when she got in. Actually she completely forgot about him. But he put an arm around her shoulders and the touch was so gentle and comforting the she leaned on him and sobbed some more before answering.

"My boyfriend Roger dumped me" Kyle was surprised. This Roger must be a fucking moron to dump such a beautiful and great woman, he thought.

"Well, if he is stupid enough to think he will find someone better he doesn't deserve you" He said rubbing her arm. Alice laughed. "He said he found someone else" After a moment tears started flowing again. "Someone younger" She whispered. "Ah! I see. He's even dumber than I thought then. One should not choose a women based on how old they are, but on who they are" Kyle said in a gentle tone.

Alice lifted her eyes to look directly at Kyle's. "That is sweet" She said with a small smile. "But I know you too would rather have someone younger" Kyle pushed his aunt away a little so that she could have a good look at his face. Serious he started "I'm telling the truth here. A Man who's smart will choose a woman by who she is. Let me tell you who you are. You are a beautiful woman who works hard, can cook, have a good sense of humor, have great tastes in both music and movies, is kind and is a friend to her daughters.

You're gentle, smart and funny. People say that it is hard to see one's own qualities, so I'm telling you yours. Even then, I'm only listing the obvious, since I've only know you for such a short time, but I'm 100% sure that there are many, many more that I'll get to know with time" "You're serious, aren't you? You really think that of me?" Alice asks with a whisper. "Alice, if I had to choose right now from all the women I've ever met the one I would like to have, I have no doubts at all that it would be you" Kyle says with a reassuring smile.

Putting one of her hands on top of Kyle's, Alice whisper "Then choose me" while looking down. Kyle freezes for a moment. Did I hear that right? "Come again?" He asks with a surprised look on his face. Alice Lift her eyes and blushes furiously. "Choose me" is barely a whisper. Kyle starts to think, and then stop.

What's to think, I was speaking the truth when I said that I would choose her, so what the hell, he thinks and lean in to her and kiss her on one cheek, then the other, then the lips. A quick one. Then another a little longer and he feels his aunt returning the kiss. The next one becomes a real kiss. Passionate. Warm. Felling Alice moan in his mouth he leans a little more on her, putting his arms around her waist, running gently his hands on her back.

Another moan escapes her and it only instigates Kyle to do more. Leaning her on the couch he starts kissing her neck, felling now her hands on him, on his hair. More moans push him to do even more. Opening her blouse he finds something out of a dream, small glorious breasts, only a B cup or so, but looking at them he thinks. Who would ask for more? Kissing them over the bra he loses himself for a while. "Take it off!" Gasps Alice who is now breathing hard.

Kyle do as she says, taking off her blouse and her bra, only to be blow out of his mind once again. Her nipples are a soft shade of pink and he can't help himself.

He attacks them with his mouth. His hands now start going down through her body, passing her stomach until he finds her pants. Undoing them without looking is complicated but Kyle doesn't dare leave the most beautiful breasts he has ever seen.

He finally stops so he can breathe and looks right at his aunt's face. It's a face full of desire. Desire for him. He literally rips his own t-shirt and pulls Alice's pants off, leaving her with only a pair of purple panties, a matching pair with the bra.

Picking her up and putting her on his lap he returns to kissing her. Mouth, neck, breasts and anywhere else he can reach. Kyle's hands rub a perfect round and firm bottom and his desire only increases even more. Alice's hands reach down into his pants and starts rubbing his crotch. Opening his pants, Kyle lifts himself off the couch a little to pull off both pants and boxers.

Looking at his erection Alice gasps. "How big is that?" "I don't know, I never got around to measuring it" Kyle says with a small chuckle. Wishing to continue the session, Kyle is surprised when his aunt pulls her own panties to the side and line herself over his cock. "Wait! What about a condom?" "Forget a condom.

I'm on the pill. So just fuck me!" She says sliding down on his member. "God it's big!" Kyle, deciding to give as much as he can to this beautiful women in front (or on top) of him, grabs her hips and sets a slow pace of penetration. With mouths connected, the movement never stops, but it's so slow it's almost imperceptible. When, after almost a full minute, he hits the bottom of her entrance he feels pains on his arms. Alice's nails piercing into his biceps draw blood but that is not important.

It's insignificant. What's important is her pleasure. Still with a firm grip on her hips he starts to move slowly. Alice's moan demands more speed but he sets a slow pace, trying, every few movements a new angle, until he finds it. A loud moan escapes the small woman in front him and he stops. He grins at her. By the partly scared and partly wishful look on her face, Alice knows what he wishes to do. Now, with sudden strong and fast moves, Kyle's cock hits the most sensitive spot on Alice's pussy over and over again.

"Oh God! You are gonna make me cum you bastard! Yes! Make me cum!" Alice Shouts at the top of her lungs, again riling her nails on his arms. "Fuck Yeah! Fuck Me hard!" Feeling himself reaching his climax, Kyle speeds even more, using more force, hitting the deepest parts of the soft wet and tight pussy. "Damn you are so tight Alice!

I'm close!" Leaning closer, Alice shouts "Yes! Kyle! Cum! Cum inside me! Fill Me up!" And that's what he does when he feels her pussy contracting.

He slams her down and spurts all his seeds on her. Alice Bites his shoulder, breaking skin, and groan like an animal Feeling the end of his orgasm, Kyle waits for his aunt's to end, which takes a while.

After some time he realizes she has passed out. He passes his arms around her waist and hold her close. He feels blood dripping down his back and arms.

Even knowing that the bite was deep enough to leave a small scar for a time, he relaxes. It was worth it. For her, it was worth it. +++++++++++++++++++++++++ Alice opens her eyes and sees her nephew's face in front of her, and everything comes rushing back to her. I had sex with my nephew!

Is her first thought, than she feels his hands, holding her gently, the look of pure compassion on his eyes that tells that it was not simple sex, but so much more. This was not just sex, it was something else. something beautiful.

She relaxes and feels that he still inside her. Smiling at him she says "That was amazing. I never came so hard on my life! Best I ever had" Kyle blushes and smiles back at her.

"Although I must say I have nothing to compare it to, I can honestly say that you were amazing too" Alice jumps back a bit.

"What?" Kyle blushes even harder. "I'm saying you're my first" "You're joking. You must be!" She says. "You're handsome, nice and smart! How come?" With a knowing smile her nephew answers "I told you, a man must choose his woman for the right qualities. You have them, girls my age just don't." Kyle's smile disappears and he looks down. "I just don't want you to think I tried to take advantage while you had a moment of weakness or something" GOD!

He's just so cute! Taking his face on her hands, Alice kisses him. "No. I needed AND wanted that" He smiles and she melts for him at the moment. The he winces a little and gently takes her off him. The sensation of him leaving her almost gives her another orgasm.

Even only Half erect he's so big! "I need your help with something" he says.

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"Anything" Alice responds relaxing at his side. "I need a first aid Kit" he says a little embarrassed. Startled, Alice demands "Why?" Her nephew indicates his arm and shoulder, where she sees blood flowing. "I did that? I'm so sorry! Wait a moment!" Running fast into the kitchen and opening the cupboard where is kept a small first aid kit Alice realizes than that it's actually later than she thought.

Looking at the clock on the microwave she sees it's not even Saturday anymore, it's 2AM!

How long had I stayed out? She wonders. Returning to the living room she sees the Kyle is now with his boxers on and that he used his ripped t-shirt to keep the blood from staining the couch. "A few drops got past me, blood is hard to clean" He says. Pushing him again on the couch she admonishes him. "Forget the fucking couch and let me take care of it" Using iodine to clean his wounds, Alice sees Kyle flinch sometimes and every time he does she feels bad, Like I'm bulling him or something.

After the cleaning is done is time for bandages. And some questions. "How long was I out?" She asks. "I'm not sure, two hours maybe" "Two Hours? Why didn't you wake me up?" Kyle smiles "It felt nice, being there holding you" Alice thinks a little about it and then wonders "Two hours, which you were inside me the whole time, and you didn't want to wake me up for more?" Kyle turns a mischievous smile and a boyish look at his aunt and answers "Oh… But I wanted.

It was difficult restraining myself. But I just didn't want to wake you up, since you looked so peaceful. And as I said, It felt nice holding you" Alice stopped bandaging his arm and looked at him. He was telling the truth, she could tell. This could be dangerous. It would be so easy to fall in love with him.

"I still don't believe you had no experience before me. You seemed so knowledgeable" Alice asks starting to bandage his shoulder. Again Kyle blushes before answering. "It's mom's fault. When I was 13 she bought a bunch of books about sex and gave them to me. Her exact words were 'So you don't embarrass yourself when the time comes'" Alice is forced to laugh. "That is SO Melissa" Kyle is laughing too. "Yeah… She was great" After a moment he continues.

"She used to talk a lot about you, you know? Even though it had been years since she had seen you, she still bragged about how you won a track competition on 8th grade or how you played the piano. Hearing her talk you would think you were the greatest younger sister in human history" Alice felt tears on her cheeks. "Then why didn't she contact me?" Kyle reached over and wiped her tears. "I asked her a few time about it. Once she said that she was afraid, because she made a mistake so big that you would hate her for it if you found out and if she met you she would not be able to lie to you.

She never told me what it was. But know this. She still loved you a lot. She loved you so much that she passed some of that love onto me" He smiles wickedly. "When you showed up for the funeral I felt like laughing, you know? You're so short and cute I thought you were as young as in the stories mom told me" Alice playfully smacks him on the top of the head and giggles.

"I loved her a lot too" Silence comes into the living room. Kyle gently pulls his aunt into his now bandaged shoulder.

She weeps. After some time both of them fall asleep