Straight latino twink sucks long shlong pov

Straight latino twink sucks long shlong pov
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My name is Mary, I am sixteen years old, a petite 5' 3", my parents own a very upmarket hotel in the heart of London. The hotel predominantly caters for the very rich, there are 12 self contained suites/apartments and they are usually habited by long term guests for months at a time.


I have led a very sheltered life, I had little or no friends as I struggled to keep up friendships after school as I was expected to go straight home and help my parents in the business. This summer I had befriended one of the chambermaids called Claire, she was 18 years old, on her first placement away from home, we became very close and after a lot of badgering and persuading my parents agreed that I could share her room.

I think they had finally realised I needed friends of my own, either that or it was an excuse to off load me onto someone else, I always got the impression I was a thorn in the freedom of their side so to speak. The room was right at the top of the house, twin bedded with a small ensuite and skylights in the ceiling, I was so excited to be allowed to share with her.

The first few nights we would undress quickly before bed, embarrassed about being naked in front of one another, I couldn't help it but to cast furtive glances at Claire's more mature body comparing hers to mine. She had larger breasts than me, she had a bob of shiny black hair and her pussy hair was dark but clipped, shaved or waxed into a small triangle, she was so different to me, I am fair with shoulder length hair, small developing breasts and just some light downy fuzz between my legs.

I couldn't help but watch her, apart from changing for gym or sports at school, I had never seen another person's body! On the third or fourth night, I was jolted awake quite suddenly, lying very still I heard Claire moaning softly, it must have been a full moon as our bedroom was bathed in a brilliant silvery light from the skylights. I looked across at Claire's bed, it was quite a warm night so her body was only covered in a sheet, she was obviously naked as I could see her nightdress discarded by her pillow.

Realising she was awake I keep my eyes nearly closed so she would not see me watching her, I could see movement under the sheet by her breasts and down by the top of her legs. As her moans became louder the movement seemed to become faster, I had to shut my eyes quite quickly as she suddenly threw the sheet off of her body and I wasn't sure if she was getting out of bed and would have seen me watching her. Listening, I reopened my eyes once I was certain that she was still on the bed, to what a sight!

She lay naked squeezing her nipples with one hand and her other hand was between her opened legs moving in quite rapid judders faster and faster, suddenly she tilted her pelvis off of the bed crying out before slowing her hand down between her legs. Her body was glistening with sweat, I had no idea what she was doing but my pussy was tingling like crazy.

Eventually she seemed to drop off to sleep and I got bored watching nothing so I rolled over with my back to her and went back to sleep.

When I woke in the morning she was re-covered and fast asleep. Our working days at the hotel were quite hectic so I hardly saw her all of that day until it was evening, we served dinner to those residents who wanted it and retired to our room to eat our own.

Later on when we were changing for bed and we stood naked in our room, Claire stood watching me, and asked, 'Did you see me make myself cum last night Mary?' 'Nnnnooo, I don't know what you mean.' I nervously muttered. 'You lay in your bed with your eyes half shut watching me play with myself didn't you?' she demanded, it was glaringly obvious she had seen me watching, what was the point of denying it, I didn't want to fall out with her and end up going back to my room on my own.

'Okay, yes I did watch you, you woke me with your moaning!' I said defensively. 'Do you never have the urge to make yourself cum Mary?' she quietly questioned. Hanging my head in embarrassment I said, 'I don't even know how.' She giggled softly, making me blush all the more, 'You mean you've never played with yourself or explored your body Mary?' I just lamely shrugged my shoulders, what else could I say?

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I couldn't even look her in the eye, I felt myself blush to my roots. 'Come here.' She urged me softly. I shuffled over to her still refusing to make eye contact with her.

She put her fingers under my chin and pushed my face up to meet hers, 'Poor little virgin Mary, I'll show you what to do, we can have fun together.' She didn't mean it nastily, she was so shocked that I had never touched myself.

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It was at that point that I realised how sexually backward I was for my age, here was Claire two years older than me and yet fully aware of her own body and others, I was certain. She placed her hands on my shoulders, stroking along and down my arms, her touch caused goosebumps on my skin as I shivered in anticipation.

Her hands moved across my breast bone and down to my nipples, lightly grazing them with the back of her fingers, I drew in a sharp intake of breath as the flesh around them tightened turning my little buds into tight knots of sensitive flesh. My pussy started to tingle the same as when I was watching her last night, 'Touch my breasts, copy me Mary.' Claire suggested. We stroked and explored each others tits, I copied Claire's actions as she stroked and drew her fingers towards my nipples, rolling the hard peaks between her fingers causing us both to moan at one another.

The tingling sensation between my legs persisted and I started to feel hot and wet down there, 'Why is my pussy wet and tingly?' I asked Claire, 'You're getting turned on, the wet is your juices.' She explained, I looked at her querulously, 'I don't understand…' 'When you get horny your cunt secretes juices which helps lubricate your hole ready for a cock or anything else you want to stick in there.' I was still baffled by her response, I felt so thick and inexperienced my face scarlet with embarrassment.

'You've obviously led a very sheltered life, I was shagging at your age!' she laughed and grabbed my hand pulling me to the bed and pushing me down to sit on the edge. She grabbed a dressing room full length mirror, a relic from before the hotel was renovated which had been shoved upstairs in the staff quarters.

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Claire positioned the mirror in front of me and she came to sit down beside me with her legs open gesturing to me to do the same. 'Now, look in the mirror and pull your pussy lips open, oh god do you know nothing! Just copy me. Now at the top is a gristly piece of flesh behind the hood, that's your clit, that's heaven at a button once you know how to use it, it's one of the best spots to make you cum.

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Now you see further down there's lots of white colour creamy stuff, well that's your juices and if you carefully push your finger in the hole that's your cunt.

That's were boys stick their knobs, or you can use a vibrator or anything else that takes your fancy I guess!' Following her actions I sought my clit button trying to copy her, the way she was touching it then ventured down to my cunt feeling the creamy slippery substance, I copied her stroking her pussy up and down enjoying the feeling of my fingers moving up and down my slit.

'Now copy me and I'll show you how to stroke that wonderful little love button until you cum!' Claire instructed.


I watched as she started to massage her clit in gentle circular motions, I tried to do the same to mine but got so fixated watching her that I just stopped and slid onto the floor sitting at her feet and stared. She moved her fingers faster and faster over her clit closing her eyes and biting her lips, moaning between panting gasps. After a bit, her toes started to curl, her panting came faster, her fingers moving so fast, 'Yes, yeessss, I'm nearly there, oh fuck, faster, faster, lick me, suck on my clit for me&hellip.

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Oh my word……I'm cumming!' she screamed, her cunt started pushing out loads of goo, her hole opening and closing like a gasping fish. She sat in a prone position for ages, her breathing eventually slowing down and returning to normal.

'Are you okay, I was worried about you?' I asked her nervously. 'Yes I'm fine, that's what a good orgasm does for a girl, wipes her out, silly!' she laughed. 'What happened to you, I thought you were copying me?' 'Sorry, I was so transfixed watching you, I forgot what you showed me.' I felt my reply was so pathetic, 'will you show me again&hellip. Please?' 'I'd love to, I love pussy myself, can't get enough of it!' With that she told me to sit back on the bed and kneeled between my legs.

She started slowly trailing her fingers lightly up and down my slit, rubbing my juices all over my pussy, I sat sitting up on my elbows watching her in the mirror.

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Her touch was awesome, my whole body felt hot, my nipples became really hard, such a buzzy feeling in my tummy. Then she started concentrating on my clit, rubbing her first two fingers back and forth, my heart quickened, I opened my legs wider wanting her to rub harder.

Then she stopped, she slid her thumbs down the length of my slit and back up the inner lips, splitting my juicy pink witness open for me to see in the mirror.

She teases me with the tip of her tongue, then let the warm fullness of her tongue slide from my arsehole, up between my lips, and up to my swollen, sensitive clit. She circled it really slow, lazy circles, and then captured it in her mouth, teasing it, nibbling it, sucking it gently but firmly. She slips two fingers in to the entrance of my love hole, just enough for me to beg for more, 'Please!

Don't stop! Fuck me, please!' She pushes her fingers into me as I raise my hips to meet her thrusts and a rhythm begins. Her mouth is still teasing my clit, 'Ohhhhh!' I moan loudly as I cum all over her hand and face.

The orgasm is the best sensation I have ever had, my body tingles and twists, pulsing wonderful feelings through my body. She continues to lick my juices from my cunt lips, once she is finished she sits up and puts her wet fingers to my lips asking, 'Do you want to taste yourself?


Go on lick my fingers.' Her fingers have a musky smell, I tentatively stick out my tongue and dab her finger, drawing the flavour into my mouth, it is not unpleasant but a strange flavour, I suck her fingers into my mouth caressing my tongue around them licking them clean.

She looks at me with her huge brown eyes, 'Will you do me now?' I nod my head, we trade places she lays on the bed with her legs apart and I kneel down between her legs, I place my hands on her thighs stroking her olive skin with my finger tips. I press my nose into her pussy lips smelling her, nervously I put my mouth to her cunt and start to drink her strange tasting juices. Claire holds her labia wide open with her hand as I move in and lick her slit up and down in long strokes that cover her entire pussy.

From her streaming vagina up to the top of her clit, I lick her again and again, getting faster and faster, with my mouth buried in her mound, I can feel the juices wetting my face, running down to her arse.

She gasps, 'Stop a minute!' rolls to the side of her bed and reaches into the cabinet pulling out what I realise is a vibrator.

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'Fuck me with this!' 'What do I do with it?' I once again feel stupid and embarrassed. 'Slide it into my cunt slowly to start and twist it to increase the vibrations, just do it!' she gasps in frustration. I slowly work it in, inch by delicious inch, into Claire's wet cunt and then gently work it in and out, watching it disappear into her love hole.

I lick her juices from the lips of her cunt, I stop and look at her, 'Do you like having this dildo inside of you?' 'Yes! Oh yes! Please don't stop!' I twist the base of the machine which increases the buzzing inside her, continuing to lick her clit and fucking her with the toy. She begins squirming with her building orgasm. I cannot believe it, yesterday I was a naïve young girl, today I am in charge of a vibrating, gyrating throbbing 'cock' in her with me pumping it in and out of her juicy pussy, and my mouth is giving her clit a licking and a sucking to remember.

'Oh God! It feels soooo good to be sucked and fucked at the same time! Please! Please! Don't stop!' Needless to say I don't, I slowly increase the pressure and the tempo of her fucking and she cries out, 'Harder! Faster! Oh God, fuck me! Please! Make me cum!' I start pumping her cunt and sucking her clit for all I'm worth, suddenly she starts bucking up off the bed and grinding her pussy on the toy and into my face and screams, 'I'm cumming! Oh God!

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I'm cumming!' Her cunt starts to pump more of her juices out around the vibrator, I greedily suck up the musky cream. I slow the vibrator down and slide it out of her wet cunt, leaving her pink hole spasming, I curiously stick my tongue into the cavity and feel her muscles pulling and stroking me.

When she has recovered, we crawl up onto the bed together and lay in each others arms cuddling. I gaze lovingly into Claire's eyes, in awe of everything she has shown me tonight, we fall asleep, me knowing that more must be to come. Every night after that Claire showed me how to enjoy my body and hers, we explored each other cumming numerous times every night. She showed me how to trib, scissoring my slippery wet cunt against hers until we both came in a sweaty heap.

She showed me how to suck a man's cock using her vibrator, she even showed me how to wear her strap on and fuck her like a man but the one thing which she refused to do was penetrate me with her dildo. She insisted that I should let a man do that, so I would remember what it felt like, it frustrated me so much it was the one thing I was missing.