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With his wand, Harry removed the silver fibrous strand which was his memory and placed it in the pensieve on the Minister's desk. The swirling liquid in the vessel bubbled as it swallowed the strands. Harry Potter looked at the recently appointed Minister of Magic, Kingsley Shackelbolt. He stammered a bit, and said, "This is the first time I've tried this, I hope it works." "Kingsley reassured him, "You are a brilliant wizard, Harry.

I'm sure it will be fine." The minister leaned forward and disappeared into the liquid. Harry leaned forward and felt himself being pulled downward.

He still had not gotten use to some of the modes of transport in the wizarding world, and once again, flying through a penseive provided the most unsettling feeling. He landed next to the Minister of Magic, who was standing in the Chamber of Secrets. Harry looked over and saw himself on his knees next to a comatose, Ginny Weasley.

He saw the determination in Tom Riddle's face as he bent down to snatch the wand Harry had so carelessly dropped on the ground. Shackelbolt witnessed the Young Lord Voldemort's confession that it was indeed he, the rightful heir to the Slytherin bloodline, who opened the chamber of secrets and not that "Oaf" Hagrid, who had paid dearly for a crime he did not commit by serving some time in azkaban Prison.

Harry Looked at Shackelbolt and nodded. In an instant they were back in the Ministers Office. "So, you see, considering all that Hagrid has done for the Order of the Phoenix and the fact that He was Dumbledore's confidante and trusted servant for so many years, I think it would be the proper thing to do, for the ministry to lift the ban from him performing magic." Shackelbolt, tilted his head and furrowed his brow. Harry was sure he was going to say no.

He gazed at Harry for a few moments and said, "Although, I do favor lifting the ban, I have some concerns ." Harry was elated, but didn't let his glee show just yet. "Concerns?" Harry quizzed. "Well . Why yes, although Hagrid has been covertly using magic all of his adult life, There are still procedures that must be followed.

The only fair thing to do, if I lift the ban, would be to have Hagrid, prepare for, and pass the OWLs." The minister studied Harry's face and noted a slight pang of disappointment, this only showed because Harry was using occlumency to prevent his real thoughts on the matter being read.

This worried Harry because part of him doubted that Hagrid could have the focus to study for such a task. Shacklebolt silently noted that Harry was using this shield against him and once again was awed at Harry natural abilities and intuition. "What do you think Harry?" Harry smiled and shook the Ministers hand, "Brilliant, sir." Shackelbolt looked up at the portrait hanging on the wall behind his desk and asked, "And what about you, Albus, what do you think?" Harry smiled up at the portrait of Dumbledore.

He looked at Harry and winked, "I think at the point in time, a lifting of the ban on Hagrid's performing magic is due." He looked over his glasses at Harry and smiled. "Besides," Dumbledore continued and delivered dryly, "I can only imagine that at one point Hagrid would perform a spell I taught him, after the ban was imposed. It wouldn't be a good reflection on my brilliant and untarnished career as a Hogwart's Headmaster." Shackelbolt and Harry smiled. "Might I suggest that you make yourself available to work with Hagrid on Defense Against the Dark Arts?

Harry nodded. He knew all too well that there were still many of the Dark Lord's supporters still at large. "I would also suggest that Hagrid work with Headmistress McGonagall and Miss Granger.


They should be able to swiftly bring him up to speed in time for the OWLs. I can only wonder what sort of beast Hagrid would have for a patronus. You will have to let me know, Harry. Now, I must go see Minerva. We are decided Kingsley?" "Yes Albus, I will send an Owl with the decree to Hogwart's straight away." Dumbledore bid them farewell, got up and exited his picture frame, leaving his ornate blue easy chair, vacant. Harry smiled. It was always good to talk to Dumbledore, even if he was "just" a portrait.

"I'll see you at the Quidditch pitch on Saturday, Harry, I expect Gryffindor to win the House Cup again this year." The Minister smiled and shook Harry's hand. Harry gave a flick of his head. His hair jostled and exposed the scar that once house a piece of the Dark Lord's soul. Harry turned and thought to himself, "Hogsmeade." There was a crack and he was gone.

Outside the Three Broomsticks, Madame Rosmerta was being eyed by a seventh year Hufflpuff. She was sporting her usual titillating eyeful of cleavage as she bent over her plants fussing with the weeds.

She may have been old enough to be his mother, but she was by far the sexiest woman he had ever seen. He intended to think about her if he could smuggle his latest purchase into Hogwarts.

He had a Fantorgasmic Horny Toad, a new product from Weasley's Wizarding Wheezes. Since Lord Voldemort had passed, the booming business they were doing selling protective charms had waned and George and his new partner, Percy had to expand their product line in a different direction.

George could not believe that his prim and proper brother who had been such a prat most of his life said, "Well, you know George, one thing is for certain, Sex sells." If you were able to stomach the squirming chocolate concoction, for some reason they never really wanted to be eaten and did a good job resisting, the Fantorgasmic Horny Toad transported you into a lifelike sexual fantasy of your choice, where you actually have sex with the one you secretly desire.

Madame Rosemerta looked up from her plants and eyed the Hufflepuff who was caught up by her allure. She smiled and winked at him, as she adjusted her top.

He scurried away, more flustered and hornier than ever. Rosemerta looked up as she heard a loud crack. "Hello, Harry. Ginny is upstairs." Harry walked into the bar and ordered himself a glass of elf made, wine. He climbed the stairs.

He found Ginny in the room her parents had rented for the weekend. She lit up when he entered the room. He saw the table contained a bottle of the elf wine he had ordered, minus at least two glasses.

"How did it go?" she asked, as she leaned in to kiss him. "It was great, the memory worked perfectly. Shacklebolt is going to lift the ban, on the condition that Hagrid pass the OWLs ." Ginny giggled with delight. She was buzzed by the wine and had a mischievous glint in her eye." "Mum and Dad are with McGonagall they won't be back for a couple of hours." Harry loved it when she got that look.

"A couple of hours, eh?" He drained his glass of wine and poured another. Ginny was wearing her robes. It looked like she had black stockings on. Her eyes flashed at him. She pulled out her wand and flicked.

The hem of her robes began to slowly rise. She lifted her wand. Harry eyed her stockings as more her svelte legs were revealed.

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His heart and his cock leaped at the sight of the Gryffindor styled crimson and yellow garters holding up her stockings. The hem rose higher and exposed her bright red neatly trimmed muff.

She spread her legs and let Harry get a good look at her slick little pussy. He groaned with lust. She walked over to him making piercing eye contact, eye contact Harry could not meet as she unzipped her robes and revealed her firm perky breasts. His eyes shot from her chest to her pubic area as she sashayed closer to him. He reached out and felt her breast and she planted a wet kiss on Harry's lips.

Her tongue poked into his mouth as she cupped his balls. She then dropped to her knees. She reached up and tweaked his nipples as she placed his throbbing cock in her mouth. "Uhhhh ." Harry sighed. "That feels so good." "You taste so good," and once again swallowed his warm rigid flesh. She went down deeply. Harry closed his eyes and stroked her hair. He opened them and looked down at her again.

She looked up at him and into his eyes. He had a mischievous smile of his own. "What?" She asked. "Nothing, I'm enjoying this, you are so hot!" "What!?, comon Harry what is it?" She asked as she pumped his cock were her hand. He smiled and shyly asked.

"Can you do that thing you did . last time?" "You liked that? I thought it was a joke." "No, no. I mean, I wouldn't want you to look like that all the time, but it was so naughty.

It felt great." She pulled his cock down stretching it as far as she dared and let it go. It sprung back upwards and slapped him in the stomach." "Okay, but you have to eat my pussy later." What kind of condition is that, Harry thought? "Trust me Ginny, your pussy will be eaten, you can guarantee that will happen." She continued pumping his dick with her hand.

With her other hand she fished around for her wand." "Twice! You have to do it again before I go to bed tonight." She was driving Harry nuts, she was so sexy and playful. "Okay, here it goes." She waved her wand, pointed it at her mouth and cast a nonverbal spell. She looked up at Harry. He smiled. She reciprocated and gave him a big toothless smile displaying only soft fleshy gums. Harry moaned as she once again devoured his cock. Her hand disappeared between her damp legs as she began frantically fingering herself.

****************************** Harry, Ron and Ginny sat at the Gryffindor table in the Great Hall.

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Things seemed like they were actually back to normal and that the school had not been nearly destroyed as the forces of Darkness shook Hogwarts by its foundations a few short months earlier. It was decided that the whole year would be made up for all students who chose to do so. The curriculum was not as difficult. There was an air of rebirth and re-growth as people got on with their lives, having slogged through the quagmire of a school year under the watchful eye of Death Eaters.

Most of the students returned. A large percentage of the Slytherins did not, either out of embarrassment or outright disgust that they no longer had Hogwarts in their constricting coils. The school was returning to its old, civilized self. There was a cheerful atmosphere and many students were celebrating life by exploring their young exploding bodies. Most of the younger ones were partaking of the Fantorgasmic Horny Toads and the older ones were just hooking up with each other.

Just the other day Luna Lovegood was caught jacking off both Dean Thomas and Neville Longbottom in the owlry. The school was abuzz with rumors of who was diddling whom. The food materialized on the tables and the owls began to swoop in with the daily mail. Professor McGonagall and Hermione walked into the hall together and took their seats.

Hermione crashed down next to Harry with a thump tossing her heavy book bag on the table. Not all of the Hogwarts students were taking such a nonchalant approach to their studies in this make up year . "Uhhh, I'm so frustrated." Ron shoveled his face full of scrambled eggs and kippers before he asked, "whff, rrr yuu so mmupset." He managed to grunt out with a full mouth." Ginny just looked at him with disgust.

Harry smiled at his characteristically uncouth table manners. He caught Ginny's eye and smiled. She smiled back giving him a big fleshy smile, just for an instant before her teeth reappeared. Harry blushed.

"Ron, honestly, it is as if you have never eaten before." He quizzed her again, this time the words came out. "What's wrong, Hermione?" "Well, I've got advanced Runes today at 2 o'clock and was hoping to stay for the 3 o'clock as well. Now, Professor McGonagall wants me to help Hagrid study for his OWLs. I have to do it today, because of Quidditch tomorrow, I can't miss the Weasley King and his magic hands, she said with a seductive tone. Harry and Ginny both chimed, "OOOOOOOHHHHH!" Ron was concerned, "How long you gonna be, I thought we were going to meet during the study hour before dinner." "I'm sorry Ron, we'll have to get together later, I promise.

I'll show you a spell I learned from a good friend of mine." She looked at Ginny and winked. She Ginny and Harry started laughing. "Spell, what spell, who's your friend?" "You are going to just have to wait." ************************** Hermione trudged down to Hagrid's cabin. She was wearing a white blouse with a mid thigh plaid skirt, and knee socks.

She looked more like a muggle parochial school student than the brightest witch at the foremost school for Wizards and Witches. Her mind was on her NEWTs and acing all of them. She had forgotten that she had agreed to go Hagrid's. Her outfit was more for Ron's benefit as she caught him looking at such attired girls in a muggle nudie magazine.

The girl she patterned the outfit after looked very much like her. Hermione did feel a little adventurous and decided to forgo the white cotton panties. She felt so free as the breeze passed through her legs. She arrived at Hagrid's and saw a billow of smoke escaping from his chimney. There was still a large mound of earth visible near the pumpkin patch where Aragog, the spider was buried.

Hermione frowned, because the smoke indicated that Hagrid had been cooking and she would most likely have to politely accept the morsels he had to offer. She knocked on the door. Fang barked. "Hagrid, it's me, Hermione." The door swung open and the giant stood before her beaming ear to ear. "Oh, 'ello, 'ermione. where's 'arry n Ron?" He asked scanning the area hoping to see them. "They couldn't come, Hagrid, it is just me." He seemed disappointed but, smiled and invited her in. Then it hit her, whatever Hagrid was cooking smelled sooo incredibly good.

She could not believe it. Fang walked up to her and licked her hand. Hermione looked around the cluttered room. There were open books, and scrolls of parchment. Then she noticed what smelled so enticing was the brew that Hagrid had bubbling in a small cauldron near the fire. She smiled, "He has been doing his homework," she thought.

Hagrid busied himself. He grabbed his wand, which had previously been disguised as a tattered old umbrella and said, "Watch this, Hermione." He looked like he was meditating.

"Watch the cup on the table." He got quiet and focused again. With a slight flick of the wand, the cup flew off the table and leaped into his hand. "Very good, Hagrid!" Hermione beamed. "This won't be so hard after all," she thought. He then took the cup and pointed the wand at it, he muttered something under his breath and transfigured the cup into a teapot. "I can' quite get tha' one with out speakin' the spell, yet." "Hagrid that is great." She applauded. She walked over to the table and looked at the open potions book.

She then looked at the cauldron. The potion he was brewing was a strengthening tonic.

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I was swirling ruby red, and smelled wonderful. "Hagrid this is so impressive. You are going to have no problem passing the OWLs. May I?" Hagrid nodded. She grabbed the last handful of cornish pixie wings, which would complete the elixir, dropped them in and stirred three time counter clockwise and once clockwise. The ruby turned to deep turquoise as sparks flew out of the cauldron.

They both tasted it. Hermione sighed, "Hagrid this is so good. Perfect." "Thanks, Ermy. I almost din' make it cos I didn't have one of the ingredients.

Yer supposed to mash ther wormwood with spearmint and owl bone meal, but I only had fresh mint. He stirred the pot, it seems to work, I feel better already. "Hagrid, you know you are not supposed to substitute ingredients in potions." She felt really good, but funny. She flipped through the book.

Hagrid sat down at the table, flipping the transfigured cup, up and down in the air.

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He took another sip of the potion. Even though she was concerned about him substituting an ingredient, Hermione took another sip as well. It was a good brew and was making her feel energized. She found the passage she was seeking.

"Spearmint and mint can be used interchangeably in most potions. The few exceptions are if you are making a strengthening potion, you can easily turn it into an aphrodisiac is you substitute mint for spearmint." Hermione let out a little gasp.

But the smell of the potion drew her in. she couldn't resist, and she took another sip.

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She began to feel its full affects. She felt like she wouldn't be able to resist anything. She looked up at Hagrid. He seemed nervous, acting as if he had done something wrong.

He was watching Hermione as she leafed through the book. He was admiring his own handiwork and pleased that she was impressed by his hard work. She had grown so much since he first met her, she was turning into a very lovely young lady. But he couldn't take his eyes off of her skirt. She bent over to grab another book and gasped as he spied her perfectly round, nude arse.

framing her delicious fanny. "I . uhhhh, Better get going Hagrid, this is great work, I'll come back tomorrow." "Yeah, tha's a good idea, Think I've got a handle on this. I do." He looked down at her petite frame. What was happening to him?

Hermione went to grab her bag near the leg of the table and tripped over Fang. She fell forward. She landed in front of Hagrid, who caught her in his massive hands, breaking her fall. The potion was too strong. She was close enough to smell his sweat and his muskiness. Her hand was resting on his knee as she steadied herself. But her legs felt like jello. In fact, her whole body was quivering.

She saw the lump in his pants. She looked at him. "Ahhh. Hermione'… almost fell there." He couldn't believe what he was saying because it was the last thing he wanted to tell her, "Why don'cha run along now, Ron's probly waitin' for yer." He looked down at her.

She was so tiny. She looked back at his trousers and her hand reached out. She couldn't believe what she was doing. Hagrid had been like a father to her all these years. She loved him so much for everything he had ever done for her. Standing up for her when Malfoy called her a "mudblood" . Everything. She appreciated it all so much. Now it was time to show that appreciation. She slid her tiny hand against the monstorous lump. She could not take it away.

She looked up at him, he was embarrassed. But that didn't stop him from unfastening his belt and unzipping his trousers. She reached inside and pulled out his humongous log. It was growing stiffer by the moment. Surprisingly, he was circumcised. He was about 22 inches long and the head was about the size of a grapefruit. Hagrid stroked her long brown hair. "Yer such a fair, young maiden Hermione, I don't deserve this." "Yes you do, Hagrid.

I'm so proud of you, you've been such a good friend to me, to all of us." She stepped back from him and undid her blouse. He began stroking his mammoth penis, watching intently as she undressed for him. The blouse came off followed by her bra. She left on the socks and the skirt but she did raise it so that Hagrid could see her brown curly pubic area.


She climbed on top of him and stood on his lap as he gently sucked and licked her nipples. He cupped her ass, stroking in lovingly. His hand felt like a warm rough chair it was so big. He brushed one of his fingers against her pussy. She spread her legs and begged. "Hagrid, lick me." He lifted her up, cradled in his hands and brought her tiny delicate mound to his eager tongue.

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She never felt so naughty. The tip of his tongue covered her entire pussy. Within moments she was shuddering with excitement and came. He lightly pinched one nipple and went back to licking her breasts. He lowered her. She began humping one of his massive fingers. It was bigger than Ron's cock.

She was in heaven. She studied his massive cock touching it and stroking it with both hands. She lowered her mouth and began tonguing and licking the slit of his penis. She was sliding her tongue in and out and licking all around his massive head, as she worked his cock with both hands. Hagrid began to grunt. She was making him feel so good. "Hagrid, lift me up and slide your cock against my pussy." "It's too big, I'll hurt yer." "Just on the outside, I have to feel that against me." He complied.

he lifted her up and lowered her onto his raging cock as she massaged her clitty and pussy lips. She was sliding back and forth on his glistening pole. He began to grunt in rhythm with her. She looked at him with her eyes wide. "What Hermione?" "Your going to make me cum on your cock, Hagrid. Are you gonna cum on my pussy?

I want you to come in my pussy. She rocked back and forth as he slapped his member shamelessly against her quivering love pot. She grabbed her wand and pointed down there and said with a flick of the wrist, "Engorgio!" Magically her pussy opened up.

Hagrid was both awed and ecstatic as his cock disappeared inside her tiny, lithe opening. He lifted her up and down as she flopped around like a rag doll. Hagrid grunted and she felt him tense up. The gush of semen almost lifted her off of his cock. she was sure she would have been shot across the room had he not held her. The warm liquid bathed her pussy and clit. Hagrid's orgasm continued to gush, spurt after spurt bringing her ever closer to her own explosion.

She flopped over exhausted as he began to writhe and vibrate. Hagrid chose just the right time to bite one of her nipples. She stood up removing his pole from inside her.

She smiled and collapsed on his heaving chest. He gave a final grunt. The both lay there exhausted as she snuggled on his massive frame. He smiled down at her as she coyly looked up at him. "I think we need to work on your potions making skills a little more, I better come back for some more tutoring tomorrow."