Sexy babe in striped socks gets slammed

Sexy babe in striped socks gets slammed
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UNEXPECTED VISITOR PART SIX The Alarm on my 'phone went off at 5.30am. I rolled over and turned it off.


Brett was still out cold and I didn't like to wake him but we had to get an early start. He was lying face down with his head turned away from me. I gently peeled the sheet off him and marvelled at the beautiful sight of his naked body lying there so peacefully.

His smooth, round bum looked so good. To wake him, I slowly dragged the tips of my fingers down the middle of his back until I reached the base of his spine. As I did this a second time, he stirred as I feather-touched the top of his crack.

He clenched his cheeks together slightly against my finger tips as he turned his head to look at me. He smiled a very sleepy smile and raised his hips against my gently massaging hand. When his hip on my side lifted off the bed it revealed his hot trouser snake that was as hard as nails.

It was poking out straight at me and its single eye seemed to wink at me, urging me to touch it. I slid my fingers over his hip and easily made contact with the head which I gently stroked. Brett let out a gasp of pleasure as he rolled onto his back and spread his legs. I ran my hand down the inside of his smooth thigh as far as his knee then back up to glide lightly over his ball sack.

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This made his dick pulse strongly and I continued running my finger tips up the underside of his rock hard shaft. Brett was pretty much fully awake now and he said softly "please don't stop Dan. That feels so good." I said "I can't believe how horny you are after so much action" and wrapped my hand around his tool and masturbated him slowly while he stretched out and placed his hands behind his head.

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"No one has ever touched me like that before. It is awesome." His balls were now well up into the firing position and after only about six or seven strokes, he tensed up and blew a nice fresh string of cum onto his belly. The quantity was down a bit but there was still plenty for me to lick up and enjoy. Then I said "well come on, we have a day's work in front of us. I hope you have some strength left" smiling as I left the room. A few moments later Brett appeared still naked and his dick was still about half up as he headed for the bathroom.

I nearly followed him but was somehow able to resist the temptation. We both dragged ourselves into work mode and after some breakfast, we headed off to the site. It was a nice sunny day and our mood was soon as happy as ever even though we felt somewhat drained of energy following our first night away from the home environment.

The time went by fairly quickly and by mid morning we were proceeding well.


The section of fencing we were building ran alongside some of the townhouses where the painters were working. There was a fair number in their crew spread throughout the site, but there were two guys up on scaffolding painting trim above us. The senior of the two looked to be a little older than myself maybe early fifties.

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The younger one was a good looking man about 22. At one point earlier in the morning, the younger man caught my eye and gave me a big smile and a wave which I acknowledged likewise.


A bit later, I noticed him glancing down at Brett quite a lot. This seemed interesting, so I kept a bit of an eye on him. When I looked up one time, he was looking at me and as our eyes met, he gave himself a fairly big grope and smiled again. I returned his smile and didn't think too much more about it until smoko when I mentioned what I had seen to Brett. He said that he had experienced the same thing when the guy came down probably to go to the toilet.

He said "I really had the feeling that he was coming on to me". Anyway, we got on with our work and by 4pm decided that we had done enough for the day and headed back to our cabin. As we were leaving the site, Jim the foreman saw us and flagged me down.

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He came over to the ute and asked how we were getting on and if the cabin was ok. I said yes, that we were more than happy with everything. Jim said he was pleased and asked if we would like to join him and a few others for a barbecue at the caravan park about 6pm. We agreed that we would like to do that and said we would see him there.

So when we got to our cabin, we decided to have a quick swim to cool off then enjoy a couple of beers before meeting at the barbecue. I had enough time to get some washing, including our messed bed sheet, into a machine in the laundry. I could hang it all out to dry on a line behind our cabin. Feeling very relaxed now, as we walked over to the barbecue with a few coldies in my small cooler bag, we noted that there were some other people beginning to arrive also.

Jim was there and greeted us warmly with another lingering handshake like when we first met him the day before. He turned to call a young man over who was nearby but had his back to us. As he approached, Brett and I were astonished to recognise him as the young painter we had seen earlier. "Dan and Brett" he said, "meet Mick. Mick is one of the painting crew working on the job. He is a local lad.

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In fact, his father is the owner of the caravan park." Mick also recognised us and said with a big smile, "Hi there, I'm really pleased to meet you. You are the fencing contractors, right?" "That's right Mick, pleased to meet you too" I replied. "So you live here in the park I suppose" I went on.

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"Yep, that's right. Still at home with Mum and Dad. It's good living here; I meet a lot of people and work locally. Jim is a good friend of mine and he got me the job with the painter which is great." As we spoke, Mick gave himself a bit of a scratch a few times nothing much more than you can see when a group of guys are standing around talking, but I seemed to be getting quite strong vibes from young Mick.

Jim had been chatting with Brett while Mick and I were getting to know each other and he now turned back to us and suggested that we all sit down at one of the picnic tables near the pool. The cooking at the barbecue was being taken care of by a couple of other guys so we didn't have to worry about that.

So we each opened a cold stubby and moved to the table. Jim sat next to Mick and I couldn't help but notice how close they were to each other.

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I really felt that there was something going on here. We continued to chat about this and that for a while before the word came out that the meat was cooked and ready when we wanted it.

So, as we were quite hungry by now, Brett and I soon took up the offer and went to get our meal. When we returned to the table, Jim and Mick stood up to do the same thing. As Mick rose to his feet, he adjusted his "furniture". He had a very obvious, large, raging hard-on and didn't seem concerned about hiding it from us.

He was dressed in board shorts and had laid his hard dick across the top of his leg as it had been standing out very obviously in front of him. Jim had noticed that I had seen this and to my surprise, he smiled and winked at me. They both turned and went to get their meal from the barbeque. "Did you see that?" I quietly asked Brett.

"Sure did" he replied. "I reckon they're an item" I said. "This could be an interesting night" I remarked with a smile.