New marage couple ammazing sexs

New marage couple ammazing sexs
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Neil A fictional product of my imagination. Maybe a few facts thrown in here and there. After I lost my wife to cancer after 38 years of wonderful marriage I pretty much withdrew into a shell. I sold my business, resigned from a couple of clubs I had been active in and didn't go out or see anyone except my kids and that didn't happen very often. During the first few years of our marriage my wife and I found we were both very bisexual and enjoyed weekends with two other couples.

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But since she had left me the only sexual activities I had was watching porn and playing with Mother Palm and her four daughters. Once in awhile I would use a finger or candle in my butt hole. I was watching a gal getting fucked by a machine one afternoon and thought "I can build one of those!" So I went out to my shop and began to make my invention.

I started with my heavy duty electric drill.

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Then I cut off about 15 inches of a broom handle, drilled a hole in it and attached it to a round sandpaper backing disc for use in a drill. I put the backing disc into the drill, build a small open box so I could secure the drill to my work bench and turned it on. It was way too fast so I used an adjustable light switch and made a control for it. Plug it in and turned it on. Worked perfect. I could run it fast or slow and it would stay at whatever setting I chose. My ass began to pucker a little so I decided to try it out.

I put a rubber glove on the wooden cock, for obvious reasons, lubed it with some lotion and was ready to get fucked. My ass was a little low so I built a step, dropped my pants and started the cock into my hole.

When I turned the motor on and the cock started pushing into me I was instantly back at one of the parties where Dillon or Larry were drilling my ass. I adjusted the speed faster and then slower just like they used to do. Now all I needed was a freshly fucked cunt to lick while I was getting plowed.

I enjoyed my new "lover" every day or so but every time regretted that all though it was good at fucking my ass it couldn't give me what I also enjoyed, a mouth full of cum at the final curtain.

But I guess I couldn't have everything unless I had the real thing. One afternoon I was just bent over enjoying the pounding my ass was taking when the motor stopped. Then I heard the cord it the floor. I started to turn around to see what was going on when I got slapped hard on my bare ass and I voice whispered, "Don't turn around." The wooden cock was removed from my ass and two hands moved me to the side.

I started to turn around to see who was behind me but got slapped on the ass again, this time harder. "Don't turn around until I tell you to," the angry whisperer said. Then out of the corner of my eye I saw a hand take the bottle of lotion and then I felt the head of a cock pressing against my mancunt. Two hands again grabbed my sides and in one push a cock was deep in me. It hurt like hell but there wasn't anything I could do about it.

I tried to relax as the hard fucking continued. It was like I had my drill on high. As my ass hole stretched my pleasure started increasing. My mind drifted back again to when Dillion used to fuck me. He always did it hard and fast. I was really enjoying what was happening when the voice whispered, "On your knees and turn around." I did as instructed and I quickly had a hard cock stuffed down my throat. There was my poop on it but I didn't care. I was getting the reward I had wanted from my machine, a mouth full of cum.

And man did I, this guy gave out a load. I swallowed two or three times as fast as I could so I wouldn't lose any. With a couple of quick jerks he was thru and pulled his meat from my mouth. It was only then that I could look up and see who the stranger was.

"Neil?" I asked. "Yeah, that be me," he replied. Neil was my neighbor's son who had spent some time in prison for embezzling money from the company he worked for. He had done yard work for me for years but I had never had any thought of having sex with him, even though he was and still is a very handsome dude.

And now I knew, with a very nice cock. "I'm out on parole but have to live with my parents for six months. I came over to see if you had anything you needed done.


And I guess you did," he said with a smile. I returned his smile and said, "That's something I need done quite often." We chatted for awhile and Neil said he had to get back, his parole officer might be checking up on him. I told him if he got lonely to come over. He said he would. I didn't hear from Neil for several days which really bummed me out. I so wanted to play and suck and get fucked by his beautiful cock.

It was an 8 inch trimmed piece of meat fairly thick with a helmet head. Then the phone rang and caller ID said it was my neighbor. I answered it with my heart fluttering like a school girl. "Hi," Neil said, "Mom and Dad are both working all day and I can't leave so could you come over." "Well duh," I replied, "I'll come over the back way.

"But there's no gate in back," Neil said. "But there are a couple of loose boards," I replied. "See you in a few." I proceed out back to the fence, removed the boards and crawled through.

As I came around the shrub Toby their black lab came bounding over to greet me. I patted his head and then looked over to the patio. I could see Neil, standing there with just a pair of shorts on. He had a very well built and cared for body and I started getting hard just thinking about what he would look like completely nude. Hopefully I was just about to find out. He offered me a chair and we sat and talked a little.

I asked him about his life in prison. Then I added if he wanted to talk about it. "I don't have any problem talking about the last 15 months of my life.

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It wasn't always fun but it was a hell of a learning experience." "Is it true that there is a lot of sex going on among the men?" I asked. "Oh yes," he replied. "There is sex, there are gangs and there is the definite chain of command in each gang. Some of the gangs get along, some don't. If the gangs are friends there is a lot of loaning of guys back and forth by the Bosses and their Lieutenants. I was a Lt so got a lot more privileges from my Boss and from the guards. Most of the hierarchy was all tops and the army so to speak were all bottoms.

I only got fucked a couple times but that was the first couple weeks I was there." "Well, I'm your bottom," I smiled, "And I'd love to give you some pleasure." I got up and moved over to Neil. He said not outside, we would go into his room.

I followed him down the hall and into the last door. Neil hesitated as we entered his room and I took that opportunity to run my hands down his sides and push his shorts down. They wouldn't go all the way down, seemed to be hung up on something.

I reached around and of course it was his cock, already hard. This is going to be such fun I thought to myself. I slipped his shorts of his cock and let them drop to the floor. Neil removed a condom and a tube of lube from a drawer next to the bed and then laid back, with hands behind his head and hard cock flopping, smiled and said, "It's all yours." I kicked off my sandals, whipped off my t-shirt and dropped my pants.

While I undressed I thought about what I wanted to do first. That decision made and laid on my stomach between his legs and pressed his cock forward.

Then I moved in with my mouth and started sucking his balls.

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I continued this action for several minutes then licked down the crack towards his rosebud and back up to his cock. I licked up and down the shaft and then concentrated on the head. He was already leaking some precum which I savored. I lowered my mouth up and down on the shaft about half way while licking under the head.


I did this for several more minutes and then Neil grabbed my head in both hands and lifted his pelvis ramming his cock all the way into and down my throat. It felt sooooo good. And as his hard meat continued to assault my throat I started thinking how great it was going to feel when it assaulted my asshole.

"Rim me," Neil ordered as he rolled over upon his hands and knees. His cock and balls were hanging down and his ass crack was open, inviting my tongue.

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I stroked his cock as I sucked his balls and started licking up the crack to his hole. I fingered it and licked it and then pushed my tongue in as far as I could.

Neil was moaning with pleasure. This continued until I just had to have his cock back in my mouth. I lay down on my back and scooted up until my head was under Neil.

I asked for a pillow which he placed under my head. "Fuck my mouth, please!" I begged. Answering my request Neil pushed his cock down my throat in one stroke.

Knowing I couldn't breathe he hesitated about every 4 or 5 pushes to let me catch my breath. We enjoyed this workout for a few minutes then I pushed up on his stomach and he pulled out. He knew where this was headed and grabbed a rubber and slipped it on his dick. As I rolled over and pushed my ass up in the air I said, "Now hammer my ass." And oh my did he. Even with my fuck machine on high speed it was nothing compared to Neil's banging.

At times it hurt like hell, other times it felt wonderful. Unfortunately my oral action had brought him hear climax and shortly after the banging began he pulled out moaning he was going to cum. I turned around as he pulled of the rubber. After stuffing his cock in my mouth yet again long hot spurts of delicious cum filled my mouth.

I had little time to enjoy the flavor because there was so much of it. I swallowed quickly to keep from spilling any. The last few I relished but when he was thru and tried to pull his cock out of my mouth I wouldn't let go. I sucked and licked up every little smidgen of his cum. He fell back on the bed as did I.

"That was fucking amazing," he whispered. "Yes it was," I agreed.

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We laid there recovering for 10 minutes or so when Neil cried out, "Oh shit, my Mom's home." I hoped out of bed, slipped into my sandals, grabbed my cloths and headed for the back door.

Neil slipped into his shorts as he said, "Bye until next time." "Would this afternoon be too soon?" I asked as I rushed past him. Their dog Toby was stretched out on the patio and lifted his head as I went past. He got up and followed me around the hedge. I didn't get a board up fast enough so he followed me thru the hole in the fence. I whispered to him "Go back to your own yard," and tried to push him.

He jumped back thru the hole but then just stood there looking at me. My eyes suddenly landed on his hard cock, stretching out of its sheath. I thought it a little bit weird that a nude man would have that kind of reaction on a dog but that's another story. Please post a comment after reading my story. And you can email me comments at itsbeenfun99 at yahoo dot com.

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I have a couple of ideas for more chapters, Toby gets involved and I meet Neil's Boss, if readers like this one.