Busty czech model sits on a cock

Busty czech model sits on a cock
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ch1 She was cold. Lying there naked, all tied up over the kitchen table. The recently installed ac was flowing chilling air over her wet body. Her long blonde hair flowed to the floor.

Her nipples hard as diamonds. Just looking at Rayna was enough to make any man's heart skip a beat. With breasts that could no longer fit the average man's hand in a reverent grasp, a thin waist that was lean and taught along with a pussy that was tighter than most, Rayna was a knockout. Rayna's deep blue eyes were now closed shut.

Her sensual lips that caressed you as she talked were hidden under a rope swiftly baring her chattering teeth from making a sound.

Her mind racing for her captor, her lover to return caused Rayna to lie perfectly still in honorable obedience. Footsteps echoed his return. Rayna heard the refrigerator door open, ice cubes being put into a glass.


Cold water being poured from the tap. "Would you like something to drink, my dear?" he asked. A burly five foot seven man stood before her. Rayna opened her eyes revealing a painful heartless stare, only to blink a strained yes.

He then proceeded to carefully undo the rope that had been protruding from her mouth. He raised her head gently as the glass of ice water hit her lips. While taking in the few drops of water allowed to enter her dry mouth, Rayna took a good look at her captor.

Built like he was born working out in a gym, Drake had all of the muscular attributes of a fit Hawaiian man.


Comforting copper eyes looked back her from beyond the tilted glass. Drake's shrewdly pulled-back black hair was barely discernable. "There you go." Drake said, as he returned the glass of water to the counter top. Turning back to Rayna, he took his large calloused hands and began to gently run his finger tips over her lips, slowly down her neck.

He began to caress her hard nipples lightly with his tongue, letting Rayna softly moan. "More.oh God. Please more!" Rayna begged of him. He set the glass of water down, and roughly took hold of her at her waist, lifting her against her restraints. Drake plunged her breast into his mouth sucking on the nipple as Rayna helplessly writhed in pleasure.

Just as suddenly as he started Drake pulled back, leaving her to her body's sexual ambitions.

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Drake took the glass of water from the counter top and dipped his fingers in the frigid water. Now paying only attention to Rayna's alluring stomach, Drake took his wet and frozen fingertips and began to gently let them cascade down from her belly button into the small crown of Rayna's labia, chilling her to the core. He started to massage her clit into a little hard stub, making her body rivet from side to side within her restraints. He took his now warm fingers away, and dipped them once again into the chilling tap water.

"Please, don't! I can't take much more." Rayna cried out. Ignoring her plea's, Drake shoved two of the fridge icicles he called fingers straight into Rayna's warm, wet pussy. "Oh my God, that feels so good! Please don't stop, please!" Rayna begged. "First, you don't want my fingers anywhere near you, and now that they are inside of you, you don't want me to stop?" exclaimed Drake. Drake moved his fingers in and out of Rayna vigorously until they again, were warm.

"Ohhhhmmm" moaned Rayna, as he took his fingers out of her. "You are so ungrateful!"yelled Drake. Rayna's eye's bulged at this exclamation. "I give you pleasure, only for you not to appreciate it? I would think from just the cold alone that you would be greatful for the warmth that an orgasm can give!" Drake pulled away from Rayna, leaving her shivering and expecting the worst. He walked to the other side of the room, pulled open a draw and started fumbling around inside of it.

After a minute of rummaging through, he found what he was looking for and returned to Rayna's side. He put the new-found Japanese clover nipple clamps in the glass of tap water, then turned to the sink and filled it the brim with ice cold water.

"I have felt that you have not appreciated the gifts that I have been generous enough to give you. So now, unfortunately you must be punished. But before your punishment is to commence, I'd like to know if you have anything to say." announced Drake, placing the glass on the table. Unable to see what was in the glass upon the table, Rayna fearfully replied, "Please, I am so sorry that I had asked you to stop.

Please don't punish me!" "Ha!" laughed Drake. "You fear your punishment, but you think that you are not deserving of it! Which is all the more reason to give it!" With that, Drake took the clover clamps out of the ice water and began to run them over the hard nubs that were Rayna's nipples.

The new cold made Rayna shudder. Drake took one nipple into his left hand, brandishing one end of the clamp in the other. He started to pinch her erect wet nipple, hard. It made Rayna flinch each time. Without a word, Drake clamped the damp nipple with the teeth of the nipple clamp, digging into her soft flesh. "Ow!" Rayna cried out in pain. "Please take it off, I'll never ask you to stop again!" "I take it your nipples have never seen a clamp before?" chided Drake as he bent down to see her face.

"From the pain in your eyes, I would guess not. The initial pain will subside. Tell me now, my dear Rayna. I will give you the option of choice. You may either remain as you are, cold, wet, and with only one nipple clamped. Or, you can allow me to clamp the other nipple and I will unite you. Of course, your nipples must remain clamped for the rest of the night, if; you chose to be untied.

Once you are untied you can expect cloths, food and a warm bed. Choose to stay tied up, and you will not receive any of those until morning. As I am an impatient man, you will only have a matter of minutes to decide while I tidy up the other room for you. Have you no answer, you will remain clamped and tied up with a few un-mentionable extra's.

Decide quickly." Drake then proceeded to leave the room. Once Rayna was sure that Drake's footsteps were more than earshot away, she started to consider her options. She thumbed over the prospect of staying tied up in a kitchen all night, naked with muscles that already ached her to tears. She also thought of a warm, dry bed and food.

Of which to get, was to sacrifice her tits to pain and torture all night long. But, if she stayed, her whole body was subject to who knows what Drake was thinking. Considering it was she who approached Drake with the option of being his sex slave, and it was her idea to be tied up over the table, she would have to see things through. As a clause in her contract, she could not leave permanently unless Drake specified that he no longer wanted her.

A thought that brought tears to her eyes faster than her left nipple that was currently screaming in fiery pain. So giving her current status, Rayna decided to surrender her right nipple to join in blissful pain of the left. Scattered seconds after Rayna made her choice; she could deftly hear Drake's footsteps coming back towards her. Drake looked at her with love and compassion in his eyes. "So, what is your decision of the night, dear Rayna?" "I have decided to have you clamp my other nipple, so I may eat and get warm tonight.

I will sacrifice my tits to you until tomorrow morning." she declared. Drake moved towards Rayna bending down on his knee to begin to free her aching arms. "When I finish untying you, I will apply the other clamp as promised. Once you feel up to being on your feet, you may go into the next room. Where upon the bed you will find a nice dry towel and your attire for the night. Feel free to use the shower across the hall.

Be sure to meet me back here in the kitchen in 15 minutes. While you are getting ready I will be making dinner. Just so I am understood. under NO conditions are the nipple clamps to come off of you. If I am dis-obeyed again, you will end up just as you were before, wet, naked, tied up and with some new accommodations that I have for you. Are we clear on this?" "Yes, Drake." whispered Rayna. Drake released the final rope that was on her feet.

With one fell swoop, Drake pinched and clamped Rayna's right nipple. "Now go. Enjoy yourself. I have food to prepare!" Rayna sat up, massaging her aching arms and legs, trying to get feeling back into them. For the first time in the hours that she was tied up, she was able to take a good look at her surroundings. She sat firmly on a large light-wood table directly across from the sink.

Rayna stood up, only to realize she couldn't remember where the exit to the hall was. She took a feeble look around, and saw a brash living room consisting of a couch, a TV, a nightstand and two equally tall dressers at either side of the room.

In the midst of this scene, there was a small door way leading out of the kitchen and living room area into a hall.

Walking and trying to not have the clamps sway was near impossible, so Rayna kept her movements short and quick. Knowing that if her tits hurt her this early in the night, she could only imagine what was to come. Taking her time, she made it into the nearest bedroom. Upon entering the room, Rayna's breath was taken away.

A beautiful canap?ed, with white lace trimmings gleamed at her. A king bed rested at her feet, made up with red satin sheets and pillows that were fluffy enough to make you dream of sleeping by just looking at them. Clearly all of Drake's time and money went into making this room up for her. It was everything she had ever dreamed of in a bedroom. Set neatly at one corner of the bed was a huge towel that Rayna snatched up quickly; starving for the warmth it would give her.

Rayna started to carefully dry herself off once the initial chill had passed out of her. Directly next to where she snatched up the towel was something that was supposed to be a remnant of clothing. It was in two pieces, one for her tits, and one for her pussy, both made of black leather.

The top was in such a way that Rayna was able to put it on without removing the clamps. Once on her, Rayna noticed that each breast had its own zipper that stopped just enough to leave her bruised nipples put out, with a mirrored zipper on the other side of the nipple hole.

The pussy contraption was another thing to figure out entirely. It was outlined like a chastity belt, but instead of hiding away her holes, Rayna had to stuff two hollow, 1.5 inch thick cylinders inside of her. One in her pussy and one up her ass. Each cylinder left her holes gaping open.

Rayna now understood the meaning of the two-hour long enema session she was made to take upon her arrival. By the time Rayna was done fiddling with this anti-chastity contraption, it was time for her to make her way back to the kitchen.

"I see that you have found your attire and the towel suitable?" asked Drake, now humbly perplexed by Rayna's stunning appearance. "Yes, I have. I hope that you don't mind that I left the towel in the bedroom." "No, no I don't mind that fact at all.

Why don't you sit? I already ate.

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I'm going to tell you about tonight's rules while you eat." This called Rayna's attention to the table. The table was set for one.

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One glass with a red wine in it, one plate with a medley of food in it. "Please, eat what you can. You will need your strength for the rest of the night." Frightened by Drake's words and equally hungry, Rayna sat down and ate the meal before her. "Before accompanying me to the bedroom you will be allowed one bathroom visit. This will be the only bathroom visit for the night.

Once in the bedroom you will lie down next to me. I have some plugs that fit perfectly up those cylinders so that I can be sure that there will be no sort of 'accident' during the night. You will perform whatever sexual acts that I acquire. Then I will play with your tits in any variation that I please as you fall asleep. If allow me to do all of this, I can guarantee that by morning your tit's will be sore but free from those clamps.

You will be completely naked and free of this current attire. I must mention. As stated in your contract, I am allowed to choose what attire you sleep in every night. These garments are your new pajamas. You will wear this exact attire every night.

Whether you have plugs or clamps in will vary. If you are unwilling to allow me to do this, I will tie you up on the table as you were before. But this time, it will not just be the nipple clamps giving you pain.

As always, I am a man who is of many options. Chose yours while you eat." After giving this frightening monolog, Drake and Rayna sat in silence as he watched Rayna contemplate what could be tonight's events.

Rayna found it utterly humiliating and difficult to eat under such scrutiny, but managed to swallow a few grave bites before pushing away her plate.

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"What path do you chose?"Questioned Drake, a little too eagerly "I am in no mood to service you tonight. So you might as well tie me up with your new devices." replied Rayna. She had a hint of surprise in her voice. She didn't know she even had that much strength to say what she did. "You've clearly made your choice then. Upon your choice, I have also made another one of my own. I am not going to tie you up in here. I am going to tie you up downstairs.

The basement is soundproof and more suitable for your screams." With that Drake picked up the frightened Rayna and made his way downstairs where he made Rayna sprawl out in a hammock. She was then tied in such a way that both ass and pussy were completely visible. Drake wordlessly took out from a metal closet what looked like see-through ass and pussy plugs that had wire connecting each one to a black device that was in the shape of a small box, with one big knob and two little buttons.

He then got a rope from the same cabinet and proceeded to lace one end of the rope through a metal loop in the ceiling and then also through the chain of her already painful nipple clamps. He then tied the end of this rope to both of Rayna's ankles. "How does that feel Rayna? How much do my tits's hurt now?" Drake smiled as he saw a wave of pain masking her face. "Quiet now aren't we? Not going to make any more bad decisions are you? Well, you don't have to worry your little head about that.

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Because you are out of options." Drake took the two plastic see-through plugs and held them out towards Rayna's already gaping holes. "Now you are going to find out what real pain is." Drake shoved one plug up her dry pussy, making Rayna cry out in obvious pain. "You know that the next one is going up your ass, right?" She shook her head, yes. "Okay, how about this? I shove it in your mouth first so you can get it all nice and wet for your ass." Again, Rayna shook her head, yes.

Only this time she opened her mouth as Drake shoved the other plug in. "Now, see this little box? This box is going to send you a little present every so often.

And, every so often you are going to want to jolt, but if you do jolt, your tits are going to feel it. Why don't we give it a practice run so you'll see what I mean?" Rayna shook her head no, but Drake didn't' care.

She had to take her punishment. Drake set the timer on the box and then hit a button. The electric shock that entered her pussy and mouth drove her wild. Almost an automatic orgasm. When she moved her feet, her tits felt like they would break at the seams. "See my dear, not that bad huh? Okay, I think that ass plug is wet enough." Drake took the plug from her mouth and nonchalantly shoved it up her ass.

"Okay, here's the deal. I've set it so that every 25 or so minutes you get a shock. You are to go to sleep. If you do so, I will make sure that you awaken in the morning next to me in that nice bed you saw earlier, naked.

Completely rid of all plugs, clamps and attire. You will be allowed to sleep and rest for as long as you like. If you don't go to sleep and you were down here screaming all night, you will be left just like this, for all of tomorrow.

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You will only see me to eat and go to the bathroom, just to return to where you were previously. I will know if you go to sleep or not because I have this room bugged in such a way that it will record your screams and let me know. So, keep quiet and go to sleep. Or tomorrow only gets worse." With that Drake gave Rayna a quick kiss on the forehead and went upstairs to bed.

Rayna was left fighting for her screams to be silenced for a better tomorrow. Rayna woke up the next morning; lying comfortably in the beautiful bed she had had just a glimpse of last night. She remembered her silent screams of the night, and how sticky she had been from cuming so much, even while asleep. She went and felt her own body looking for remnants of the painful night. Rayna only found sore tits, pussy and ass.

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Drake was still fast asleep next to her. He must have bathed her after she had succumbed to her blissful sleep.


What a night, it had been everything that she had signed up for with her new lover. Pain, torture, love, true bliss. She turned to look at the sleeping man before her, lightly pushing his hair out of his closed eyes. Rayna had to smile to herself. Last night was just the beginning. New night, new contract. The beginnings of a new slave. A slave to the overwhelming desire to surrender yourself completely to fall into a void of pure ecstasy, found nowhere else.

This is Rayna Rockwell, and this is her story.