Black shemale toys her ass

Black shemale toys her ass
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there we were, me naked in bed, cumming twice for her, she in a blue t-shirt, mine.1/2 off her shoulders, hiked up, as I laid between her kissing her all over her neck and shoulders saying I love you, and kissing her lips.

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I kept kissing down.and down and down. kissing her tummy, saying I love you, I kissed down to her belly button, saying I loave you I kissed just above her beautiful, sweet, hairless, 7 year old pussy, saying i love you and then I kissed down her thighs, all over, up and down, saying I love you each time.


and then my lips touched it. her pussy, warm, swollen from all this sensation and wet lilps, touched her pussy lips and I kissed, saying I love you.

she almost JUMPED, squirmed, and I knew she loved it. I kept kissing, licking my lips, and hers, each time, saying I lov eyou again and again and again and again, I licked her pussy, while she thrashed, squirmed on the bed.her legs spread for me, thrashing like crazy, as her stevie weavie licked and kissed her pussy saying I love you.

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my warm breath on it, my saliva, coating it, I could hear her, barely able to breath, as I licked and licked, parting her pussy slowly with long, wet, saliva coated licks.she was moaning.softly. to say I was in heaven would miss the mark by a hundred miles as I licked her, my hands wrapped around her thighs.holding her I licked and said I love voice, vibrating on her.

she was limp, not moving, laying back, unable to move.her eyes rolled up in her head. and that's when it happened.

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she peed. I don't know if this was her first "orgasm".i might never know. all i Know is she lost muscle control, hadn't peed that morning, and it all came out.

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once again, she was worried, I was amazed at how fast hte strength came back to her. "oh no." almost crying. I came up to her and pulled her away from the wet ness and I caressed her hair. that's okay baby, it's alright, stevie likes that you did that, and caressed her and kisse dher softly, telling her I loved her.

when she was calm.I got up, got 2 towels and a warm washcloth. I soaked up the wet bed with one towel.put another dry one down on the other side and put her on it.and washed her pussy with the wet wash cloth, looking at her as I lovingly applied hte warmth to her pussy. did you like that, I asked? stevie licking?

she nodded, a bit shyly.I LOVED IT I said. do you like stevie cleaning you? I asked.

Yes.she said, a smile in her eyes, and I leaned back down between her legs. and said, "hi.I'm Stevie" and kissed her pussy, no more thrashing, and I just wnated to say how pretty you are, and that I love youand I lovef kissing you, and I love licking you, and I can't stop kissing you.and I started licking her and kissing her again.and she was laughing.and holding my hair.and LOVING it. and I kissed her up her body, all over.introducing myself. until I was in between her cock, hard again, touching her pussy as I held my body over hers.and looke dinto her eyes and I said "do you have any idea how much I absolutely LOVE you?" and her eyes were all gleaming and beaming and she was smiling.

a little.she said, and I tickled her.ands he squirmed s miling I leaned down and kissed her again, softly.gently, on the lips. and pulled away, saying I love you say it.

and she said it.softly. I said, "i love you ." louder, ands he copied me. I smiled it.and I yellled, "I LOVE YOU'' and she yelled it back.her legs spread, my cock against her pussy.

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I could feel it rub on me as she said I love you. I laid next to her.afnd I said, "I don't think I can sto pkissing you all over your sexy body nancy" and she BLUSHED. you know what this is.I asked.touching gently.her pussy.that's my vagina.she said.knowingly.I's your cookie, and I'm the cookie monster and I tickled her and came closer to her, gnetly t ouching it, and kissing her.

and we laid and kissed a bit more.until I said, I'm hungry, are you hungry, and she said yes.I cleaned up the towels.and I went to the kitchen to make breakfast.

as I was cooking, Kathy came I was freaking out.I was worried Nancy might say something, who knows.


she walked in, and said "why ar eyou making breakfasrt.I have bagels and cofee". I told her nancy wet the bed, don't make a big deal about I am making her pancakes to cheer her up. as far as I know, kathy never brought it up, and I now knew I had 2 very very sexy girls to kiss lick and cum with ALL THE TIME, just right now, not at the same time. I was one very very lucky guy.

Nancy came out and the two of us sat int he kitchen eathing pancakes while Kathy ate a bagel quickly and said, I'm going to take a shower. as soon as she left the room, Nancy came ovder.stood in between my legs.caressing me, d ying for a kiss.little did I know - any time her mother ;was not around she wanted to kiss, to touch, to be touched.