Redhead tranny wanks and unloads milky cum

Redhead tranny wanks and unloads milky cum
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When I was a kid, between about 10 and 12, I used to spend a lot of weekends sleeping over at my friend Tim's house. At some point we got to fooling around and feeling each other's cocks and it became a regular, exciting activity we looked forward to. We contented ourselves with fondling until one day when we sneaked off into the woods to smoke cigarettes when I said, "Hey Tim, I heard that sometimes girls suck guys cocks." "WOW!

Really?" Tim replied. "That sounds cool. Here, I want to try that with you!" So he knelt down in front of me, unzipped my pants, took out my already hard cock and started sucking it. Wow, what a sensation!

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I had to try it too, so after a few minutes we changed places and I sucked his. So now we added sucking to our activities. Neither of us ever came.

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We both wanted to, but we just didn't know the right things to do. I really wanted him to cum in my mouth, but before we got old enough to get it figured out he went off to a different school and we drifted apart, and for years afterward I felt cheated.

Now and then over the years I would think about those days and how exciting and "taboo" it was, and little by little the urge to try again got stronger. Finally in the mid 90s I had to know what it was like. By then I had discovered the possibilities the on line world held, and I had even managed to get myself an on line lady friend, but now and then I would also pop into a M4M chatroom.

It was so exciting being able to talk to other adult men about sucking, and I knew this might be my chance. I recall the first guy I tried to hook up with when I decided to "cross the line". We'd had some very hot chat on line a few times. We were both totally new to this and decided to meet in a parking lot for an initial get-together.

I climbed into his car. He was maybe 5 years younger than I was. We chatted nervously for a couple of minutes, when he said "Um, look.

I don't think I can do this.


OK? So, I'll see you later".


I shrugged, said goodbye, got out of his car and left. I probably should have gotten him to calm down, remind him that I was new to it too and we can explore it together. I guess he just wasn't ready though. My very first time as an adult was with a BiMM I had chatted with on line.

He knew I didn't have any experience at all, but wanted some. We both worked in the same town at the time, and I was usually alone in the office.

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He was a little more experienced than I was, and it became more and more exciting as we talked, getting each other worked up. Finally I invited him to come over. He arrived a while later, and I was pretty nervous as we stood there small talking awkwardly for several minutes until finally he reached over and started rubbing the obvious bulge in my pants and said "Shall we go upstairs?" And so we did.

I sat in a chair as he stood in front of me with his pants down. His stiff cock standing straight up oozing precum (I'd never seen that before). I was scared and excited at the same time. My heart was pounding.

He stepped closer to me and I started to stroke his cock, which was already lubricated with his precum. After a minute or so he stepped even closer and in a soft voice said "Go ahead. Take it. It won't hurt". His stiff cock dribbling precum just 6 inches from my face was impossible to resist.

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Finally, the moment I had thought about so long was at hand, and for the first time I took a man's cock into my mouth. The real thing. One that was eagerly capable of finally fulfilling the desire I'd had since childhood, but unlike then, now I knew exactly what to do. He asked me if I wanted him to cum in my mouth, and after a moment's thought I breathed "YES!". I had waited for this for so long, how could I back out now? His cock felt wonderful. So hot. I sucked him for a bit, tasting the slight saltiness of his precum.

Then he wanted to lie on the carpet, and I resumed sucking him, hoping I was doing an OK job. I guess I was, because after a couple of minutes his hips began bucking, wildly fucking my mouth, which I could barely keep in position. Then, through all his thrashing, I thought I felt something different. A difference in consistency and maybe a different taste.

I wasn't sure, but I thought it might be cum, so I tried swallowing some as I kept working my mouth up and down. Finally he said "Oh God, stop!" I took my mouth away and he got up to head to the bathroom to wash himself up. I still had some of whatever it was in my mouth and I asked "Did you cum?" and from the bathroom he replied "Yes!". Suddenly I was grossed out. I started gagging, and spit it out in the wastebasket.

He got dressed and left to go back to work and I never saw him again.

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The experience repulsed me and I felt awful about it, but the seed (pardon pun) was planted. I had stepped over the line, and before too many months I felt that urge growing in me to try it again. It was another year or two before I met Nick, another biMM I have been seeing on and off the past several years.

He could usually swallow my load, but at first I was unable to take his. Anytime I tried I would gag, and most of the time I would suck him until he was close and I'd jerk him off. Thankfully Nick was patient enough with me to help me get over my aversion which I was determined to do. I remember the first time I was finally able to swallow all of his cream with minimal gagging (and he has a huge load).

I was so happy with myself. After that I wanted to keep trying until I learned to really love it. Now I feel there's nothing as exciting as taking his cock in my mouth. Feeling it's strength and power. Both of us knowing there's only one way it will end. I'm as desperate to taste and swallow his hot cum as he is to give it to me.

Urging him closer and closer to the edge, his moaning increases. He issues fair warning, but it only makes me suck with more determination. His hips rise, and with a loud grunt, I feel and taste that first gush of cum shoot across my tongue. I relax, massaging his cock with my tongue while I enjoy his orgasm. Feeling his shaft pulse with each shot as he fills my mouth with the most secret, intimate gift of all. Sometimes I have to swallow some to make room for more until I'm sure he's drained.

Only then do I slip his cock from my mouth and swallow the rest. I've even kept track of the number of times we've gotten together and swallowed each others "gift" over the past 5 or 6 years. So far it's been 46 times. It's gotten to be something we both look forward to doing as often as possible.