Almost unused gorgeous teen rides a penis hiddencam hardcore

Almost unused gorgeous teen rides a penis hiddencam hardcore
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I'm a 30 year old guy, 6'2 185 brown hair and blue eyes as straight as they come I have always considered myself 100% straight. I have the beautiful wife and 3 kids, twin girls and a boy.

I make a decent living but my wife makes real money. She is a pharmacist and she owns the place where she works. I like to jet ski during the summer, we have two jet skis and a pontoon boat. I have been sneaking to the river more and more by myself. I have met a friend his name is Mike hes a 14 year old boy from the local area.

He belongs to what you would call the in crowd. About two miles up river there is a rope swing that hangs from a tree about 100 feet or so up.

It has been there forever, I played on it as a kid myself. I was riding by one day on my jet ski and I saw a beautiful little chick swing off the rope into the water. I stopped and checked out the scene. Her name was Shelby, and she was beautiful the perfect woman's body but you could tell she was maybe only 17 or 18 or so.

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I stopped and started talking to them and come to find out she was only 14. I swear girls did not have bodies like grown women when I was 14. I struck up a conversation with Mike and Shelby. They were camping out here that night and had brought only one two man tent. I thought to myself I know what Mike has in mind with a little tent like that.

They asked if I would get them some beer. I told them I wish I could but I didn't want to go to jail. They said they understood. I did have a 12 pack in the compartment of my jet ski and I offered each of them a beer if they swore never to tell anyone.

They agreed and before long after only two beers shelby started making remarks about going off the rope naked. I was down with that, but I didn't believe she would actually do it.

but to my surprise she took her bikini off and was completely nude. she had a perfect tan; no tan lines at all, and she had the most perfect B cup breast, and tightest little ass I had ever seen. She also had just a little bit of thick pussy hair that seemed to align perfectly with her clit and extend about 1.5 up her body.

She was the perfect female until I remembered she was ONLY 14. Mike looked at me and smiled and said she will fuck you if you give her more beer. I didn't know what to say but my cock was obviously saying give her anything she wants. She got on the swing and wrapped her legs around the rope and swung out over the water. She waved at me and mike and said she was gonna do a cannon ball, and she did. She then swam to the jet ski and climbed on it with me naked.

She asked if I would ride her. I told her I would love to ride her, but I would go to jail if I did. She said she "rides" older men all the time. I could not believe my ears she was so sexy and I swear she had the body of a chick in a magazine.

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A grown womans body! She then leans into my ear and tells me she wants to ride. So off we went. She was so freaking hot. She told me she wasn't into guys but would make and exception if I would hook up with her brother too, and that she had lied to me and that she was 16 not 14 and that her brother Mike is who really was attracted to me.

I was surprised but 16 is the age of consent here so I figured I would listen. She then told me she would let me fuck her if I would let Mike watch and if I would suck his cock while she was rideing my cock, and if I agreed to cum in Mikes mouth not inside her.

I never answered her.

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when we got back I beached the ski and she led me to the sand bar by my hand and just got on her knees and reached in my shorts and took my cock out and started to suck my cock like a seasoned pro. she was moaning while she was sucking my cock. I looked down at her and could not believe I had this beautiful 14 or 16 year old girl sucking my cock.

She looked so awesome with my cock in her mouth. She was working my cock too. She talked to me too she was saying I had a huge cock and how good I tasted she knew how to make a man feel like a man. She would go as far as she could and then swirl her tongue all the way back up and suck her way back down. Mike came over and looked at her and he kinda moaned and said that girls gives almost as good a blowjob as I do. at that she kinda pointed my cock at him and started to suck my balls and mike got on his knees in the sand, and in one motion I felt him swallowing my cock.

I will not lie and tell you she gave better head then he did because in all my life I never felt anything as awesome as that kids mouth on my cock. He didn't use a lot of suction but it felt like every centimeter of my cock was getting some kind of pleasure from his mouth he looked up at me and said please do it in my mouth. I did not answer him then but in less then 10 minutes I was pumping the biggest load I had ever shot into his mouth.

He handled it without missing a beat, and continued to suck my cock moaning, and kinda humping my foot with his cock. He pulled back and my cock came out of his mouth and he said; thank you man that was awesome. then he gave my cock a gentle tug and the last drop of cum made its way out of my cock.

He leaned in real slow, and opened his mouth then slowly engulfed my cock head, and gave a wonderful little last suck, and removed his mouth, and the last drop of cum was gone. Shelby said OMG that was so fucking HOT!!! I just got off 3 times watching!!!

I had nearly forgotten about her. I looked at her and she smiled at me and said I don't guess I have to ask if you enjoyed that? I said I don't have words to describe it. Mike said Dude you have an awesome cock! I thanked him and he asked if I wanted to see his. Honestly I didn't but I said sure. He took his shorts completely off and walked close to me and started to stroke to my surprise what I considered a nice cock.

I don't know why I reached for it and he kinda leaned forward and sucked my right nipple, he asked if I had ever done this before. I told him never. He moaned again and said for me to lie down on the blanket I don't know why but I did as he said.

Shelby came over and kissed him very passionately! Then she sucked his cock for about 20 seconds and then she kissed me just as passionately as she kissed him. I don't know if I can be sure who had me more worked up but my cock was so hard I thought it was gonna break. She was kissing me like a woman in love kisses the man she loves and I felt her arranging herself and I felt Mike align my cock with her pussy and she slid down on my cock. I could not believe this tight little pussy took my whole cock all at once.

Her pussy was tighter then my wifes asshole. I looked at her little pussy on my fat cock and I thought I was gonna shoot right then, but she beat me too it. she leaned back and shook all over and pressed herself hard into my cock she rocked back and forth one time and it was obvious she was Cumming just from being penetrated. She pushed on my chest and begged me not to move. She leaned forward and I felt mike slowly sucking my balls.


It was awesome I could feel her tight little pussy contracting and releasing over and over again and she wasn't moving at all. She said that was fucking awesome! Then she started to fuck me! She was rolling her lower body with a talent I have never experienced in my life, she then put her feet up close to my chest and leaned back and her pussy got even tighter and she started to fuck me fast.

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I didn't realize but Mike had his cock pointed right at my mouth. And he was closing the distance. I kinda turned away from his cock and Shelby came to a dead stop. She didn't say a word she didn't move either, I turned back towards mikes cock and she started to fuck me real slow, I opened my mouth and she fucked me a little faster when his cock was in my mouth she went wild on my cock.

I had a teenage cock in my mouth and a teenage pussy on my cock. Shelby leaned into my ear and said to suck his cock like I like my cock sucked, so I did I got lost in sucking this kids cock. I wanted to give him as good a suck job as he gave me. Shelby was cumming again and going crazy. She slowed on my cock and just rocked back and fourth for a few minutes mike said he was close and I pulled away. Shelby leaned down and said she would get off so good if she saw mike cumming in my mouth so I said what the hell and before long mike was shooting in my mouth.

It was strange but not that bad. Shelby went nuts and said she could not fuck anymore if she wanted to walk tomorrow. I said ok and thought I was gonna be left hanging but she got up, and mike got down. With no warning or anything mike was aligning my cock with his ass. And just like Shelby did he slid right down on it. He was fucking tight too.

He looked good sitting on my cock I had not noticed before but he had shaved his cock and balls he was all the way down on my cock now and his balls and cock were resting on my pelvic area. I never noticed before how nice looking this kid was, I guess being distracted by Shelby.

He has a six pack stomach and well developed pecs, his biceps were well developed and hard I could see a large vain in both of his biceps. Hes balls and cock were resting on my pelvic area again, and I could feel the weight of them and the heat coming from them.

He twisted a little bit but kept his cock and balls resting on me. He threw his head back and put his hands on my chest and leaned back a little bit I assume he was getting accustomed to my cock, he was saying man that's big, it feels so good but the look on his face said it was hurting him.

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he looked down at me and opened his eyes real big and didn't say anything. I felt him push on my chest before I felt his asshole slide up my cock, but when I felt him start to fuck me I thought I was going to loose it right then. he asked if I was ok and I said he felt so good that I was gonna loose it if the kept up. he was long and slow fucking me in away I never imagined a guy could do with his ass especially a teenaged boy! Shelby said hes awesome isn't he?

I agreed with her. Shelby leaned down and sucked mikes cock into her mouth. He was fucking me long and slow so she was able to suck him, I guess pretty good because I could feel his ass spasm as he came in her mouth.

She didn't swallow she brought it to me and kissed me and pushed some of that awesome tasting cum into my mouth. She said its ok hes ready for you to cum, he was still slow fucking me but when he would bottom out his cock and balls were on me again and he was scooting back and fourth a little while he was bottomed out on me it felt so freaking good.

He started saying give it to me I want your cum in my ass so bad, he was begging me to cum and he stepped it up a bit, but he kept bottoming out and his cock looked so good and I had to feel it. I touched his cock and he really put his talented asshole to work on me and in a few seconds I was cumming he was awesome!!!

He used his body to deliver more pleasure then I thought it was possible for a man to give another man. He eased his asshole off me and kissed Shelby and she kissed me and asked for another beer. I gave them a beer and Shelby said we have got to do this again.


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