Amateur doggystyles agent after pussyrubbing

Amateur doggystyles agent after pussyrubbing
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For 22 years I didn't know what was in our basement. My father had always kept the door locked and my younger sister and I were always told never to go down there so we didn't. We'd often hear noises like screams or groans coming from there too but as younger kids those were just kind of scary and helped push away any curiosity of what was down there. Our mom had passed away not long after my sister was born and Dad never remarried, there were plenty of women who would come and go but none of them ever committed to him.

One summer I was home from college, I found myself in the house alone and spotted the basement key sitting on the kitchen counter, it was always on an over-sized red plastic key fob but that was sitting beside the key, broken and removed from the chain. I stared at the key for what felt like forever then slowly picked it up. I could feel my heart pounding in my chest as I approached the door, my hands shaking as I turned the lock, each click of it's action seeming louder and my hands were shaking.


I opened the door and turned on the light then slowly made my way down the stairs. What I found caught me by surprise, I didn't know what to expect but on a small platform was 2 wooden posts a couple of feet apart and the top of each one had a single padded handcuff attached to it.

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A small table off to the side was covered with ropes, sex toys and whips and a rudimentary soundproofing covered some of the walls. The moans and screams suddenly made more sense. The women were Dad's sex toys and the thought of it had my panties getting very wet.

I froze, the front door slammed and I heard my Father's boots thumping over the hardwood floors and approach the open door of the basement. I had nowhere to hide, I felt my breath quicken as he slowly walked down the stairs and stood at the bottom of them looking at me. I could see the conflict in his eyes, I wondered if he'd yell at me, tell me to never speak of what I seen or just turn and walk away. He spoke to me instead.

"What do you want?" He said softly.

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My inside voice screamed at me, told me to say sorry, to beg forgiveness for invading his space but my body betrayed me. My pussy was soaked, my nipples hard and my breath shallow. "Th.this." I stammered. My Father blinked a few times then came close to me, brushed a strand of hair from my eyes and slowly unbuttoned my blouse. "Go up and lock the door." He said.

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I did so without hesitation and walked back downstairs to stand before him. He gently removed the rest of my clothes then once I was naked, attached each wrist to a post with the cuffs. He stood before me and undressed, he was well built, had always kept himself in shape and had the body of a man of 35 and didn't look the 55 he was. Before he took off his boxers he spoke to me again. "Last chance to change your mind." He said, looking into my eyes.

"I want this, please." I said, practically begging. He looked down at my body then pulled his boxers down and stepped out of them, I was in awe, his cock was much bigger than any of the men I'd slept with in college. He walked behind me and had me bend over, my restraints holding me up and opened my legs. He ran his hand over my ass and brushed my pussy with his fingers. "You are dripping back here girl." He said.

I didn't reply. After what felt like minutes but I'm sure was only a few seconds, I felt him brush my dripping pussy with the tip of his cock. He teased me a little then slowly eased his cock inside me, slow enough that I felt I could feel every vein on his monster and stretching me like never before. I soon felt his balls pressing against me then he began long, deep thrusts into me as he gripped my waist.

I was cumming after about 4 thrusts and I felt my juices start to soak my inner thighs. I lost track of how many times I came, he lasted almost an hour before he pushed in deep and let his cock erupt his hot seed into me, setting me off again. As his cock softened he pulled out of me slowly and it felt like a flood of cum ran out of me. My father took a handful of my hair with one hand and fed his cock into my mouth with the other, told me to clean him.

Once he was satisfied I'd sucked our juices from his cock he let me go and slowly undid my restraints. My legs wouldn't hold me up though and he just picked me up into his arms. "Let's get you cleaned up." He said then carried me upstairs. He held me close to him in the hot shower until I could stand then gently washed the sweat from my body then helped me into bed. The weeks that followed I learned more about the basement, sometimes I'd be just chained and spanked, other times just my mouth would be used to pleasure him, sometimes he'd use my ass and never would I refuse.

It got to the point where he'd just hand me the key and my panties would be soaked. I quit college and made money selling kink videos on my website but I didn't care, I belonged to my Father's cock and I was his to use. This weekend is going to be special though, I get to introduce my younger sister to the basement for the first time.

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The weekend had finally arrived, I picked my sister Amber up from the airport and drove her home. "You know, you could have told me what's going on over the phone sis." Said Amber. "I really couldn't, I pretty much have to show you sweetie. You look great, still seeing that guy from the football team?" I replied. "Fuck no, caught him getting a blowjob from my roommate, said I'd break his arm if I seen him near us again." "Us?

You didn't kick her ass?" "No, he fucking roofied her, she thought she was blowing her brother. We had sex when she sobered up so is all good. I'm kinda just sleeping around." "Are you teasing me?" "No I swear, her brother is fucking sexy, I had a threesome with them, they've been fucking since his balls dropped, actually find it so dirty and wrong but makes me so hot." "So what's sex with a girl like?" "Oh it's fun, I'd offer to eat you if you weren't so prudey and stuck up." She said and punched me in the arm.

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'Oh sister, you have no idea' I thought to myself. "Well, things change." I said and smiled at her. We both laughed. We'd always had a good relationship growing up, we'd compare boob sizes (she was the lucky one and had a great pair to my small but perky ones) and discovered porn together. As we grew older I grew less interested in sex but her appetite only grew and by the time she left for college she'd had way more guys than I had by the same age.

I missed her when I had left but she got into the same school and we stayed pretty close. "So, this a rental or what? You're living with dad and our town has zero jobs for a college dropout." "It's my car, I'll tell you about it later but I'm not hurting for money." We pulled into the driveway, I turned off the engine and turned to face Amber.

"I love you Amber, I'm so glad you agreed to come." I said then kissed her on the lips, it stunned her a little and she looked at me with wide eyes.

"I. I love you too." She said and got out the car with me. I had Dad park his truck in the garage and he knew where to be, I'd staged everything and Amber followed my plan without knowing it. "Oh shit, the basement door is open." She said, noticing it sitting ajar. "Do you want to see what's down there, remember we were never allowed down there." I said, acting excited. "I. I do, what if he comes home?" "I'll lock the front door, leave my key in it so nobody can get in." "My heart's pounding, you coming too." "Hell yea I'm coming." She held my hand as we walked down together, her eyes widened when she spotted Dad's 'sex pillars' as I called them and her eyes were darting all over the room.

I was just watching her, noticing her reaction was like mine the first time and I even noticed her nipples harden and poke out from her shirt. "Holy fuck! The noises that scared the shit out of us as kids, all those women were sex toys, no wonder they practically ignored us!" "Are you wet? You are aren't you." I said with a smile, gently brushing hair over her ear. "Wha. what? How do you know that?" "Because I was the first time too, close your eyes." Amber stared at me for a second then did, I took the blindfold from the bench and put it on her.

"Trust me." I said then kissed her neck. Her breathing became shallow and fast, gasping each time I touched her, my hands softly running over her body.

I pulled her t-shirt over her head then unhooked her bra and took that off her too. I led her over to the sex pillars and attached each of her wrists with the cuffs then stood back to set up my cameras. Once they were ready I texted our waiting Dad and watched Amber's reaction when she heard his boots thumping on the hardwood floor above us. "What the. He's home, this isn't funny, let me out of these." She said, panicking.

"Then tell me you don't want this, your body says you do." "I.

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I. oh fuck I do." She stammered. "Then relax little sister, I promise you'll enjoy it." I whispered into her ear then unbuttoned her shorts. She wasn't wearing any panties, her shorts were pretty damp at the crotch when I picked them up and I put them with the rest of her clothes, she was shaking by the time Dad came down the stairs.

I knelt before him as expected and looked down until he spoke to me. "Does she want this or did you force her." He said. "She wants it Sir, she's really wet." I replied. "Is everything in place?" I knew he meant the cameras. "Yes Sir." "Take her blindfold off while I undress, you shouldn't have clothes on either." "Okay Sir." I quickly pulled off my summer dress and sports bra and pulled off Amber's blindfold then knelt in front of her.

She blinked a few times then watched as Dad undressed then stood before me, his cock already semi hard. I looked up at Amber then took his cock into my mouth like the countless times I had already and began to suck him to hardness.

I watched her face as I sucked him, she licked then bit her lower lip and barely took her eyes off his cock. He stopped me when he was hard and walked behind Amber. He bent her over and opened her legs the same way he did to me the first time then ran a hand over her pussy. "She's as wet as you were that first time.


Are you sure you want this Amber, last chance to turn back." "I want this please." She said. Watching Amber's face as our Dad teased then entered her slowly was amazing, after a few deep thrusts her eyes seemed to glaze over and she had a look of pure bliss on her face. She came pretty quickly like I did, her face and chest getting red with her climaxes and she was soon cumming every couple of minutes.

Dad lasted ages too, he had a good grip of her slim waist and would vary his pace, sometimes hard and shallow, other times deep and slow. Eventually Dad pushed in deep and groaned then shuddered as he sprayed his seed into Amber. She gasped when he came and had almost a look of pain on her face as she enjoyed his eruption.

Amber could barely stand when he pulled out, he left her cuffed to the posts and still bent over and fed his still dripping cock into my mouth and made me suck their juices off him.

Once he was clean he uncuffed Amber and laid her on her back on the padded bench. "Clean her too." He said to me. I went to get a cloth but he stopped me. "With your tongue." I paused but knew better than to question and opened Amber's legs to lick her. She was clean shaven and her lips were pretty swollen and soaking wet with her juices. I closed my eyes and licked another woman for the first time, the thought alone of what I was doing enough to have me soaking wet.

Once I'd licked all of the cum oozing from her, Dad picked her up and took her to the shower with him. I stopped all the cameras, set the face blurring software to work and climbed onto the bed with Amber once she'd dried herself.

"That was fucking amazing, was that how your first time was too?" Said Amber, she had a soft smile on her face. "Mostly, Dad just held me in the shower until I could stand though, oh and I didn't have anyone to eat my pussy right after." I replied, hugging her close to me. "For the record, Dad fucked me so good I could barely feel your tongue, was disappointing." She said then kissed me on the cheek.

"Well Dad is away for the weekend so you can return the compliment first then I can try again. Are you freaked out at all?" "No way, it was amazing." Dad came in to the room about an hour later, I told Amber about all the other things she could have while attached to the sex pillars.

"You told her all the rules Clara?" He said. "Mostly Sir, I'll go over more tomorrow." "Remember we have that live broadcast tomorrow morning, make sure the room is set up and ready to go by 9am okay?" "I will Sir." "No staying up all night having sex, both of you get some sleep." He said then left the room.

"Live broadcast?" Asked Amber. "Oh, I forgot to mention, I run a pretty exclusive kink sex site, I'll give you a model release to sign but your face will be blurred, I'm running the program now." "What? You filmed Dad fucking me?" "Well yea, looking forward to watching it with you when it's done. I'm going to bed. I'll get you up at 8 and I'll show you the setup." The next morning Amber got to watch while Dad, wearing a mask, spanked me with a wooden paddle then put on the POV camera while he fucked my ass.

Once we were done with the live show, Amber helped me shower, Dad took a nap on the couch and I took Amber to my room and undressed her, laid her down on my bed without saying anything then straddled her face and made her eat me. When I'd cum I got between her legs and returned the compliment then we just held each other. "I totally want to go wake Dad up with a blowjob." Said Amber once we'd both caught our breaths.

"Ooooh, that's a huge no. Nothing sexual with Dad ever outside the basement, we'll rarely even hug or kiss." "Oh okay, I understand I guess." "You won't want for release, trust me, he really knows how to keep you satisfied and wanting more." A few weeks later Dad and I were sitting eating lunch, going over the previous months sales. A red eyed Amber sat down at the table, tears running down her face.

"What's wrong sweetie?" Said Dad with a look of concern. "I.


I forgot I wasn't taking the pill, my last relationship was with a woman and I am pregnant." She said, sobbing. "Well, to everyone else it's a married guy you had a one night stand with, you don't want him in your life anyway. We'll raise it as a family, I'll be the best Grandpa ever and you get gentle treatment in the basement until the baby comes. No need to be upset sweetie." Said Dad calmly. He got up and gave Amber a hug. "You. you're not mad?" She said.

"Why would I be, I honestly didn't think I could anymore but I guess there's life in these heavy balls after all thanks to your sister's vitamin regime, Clara's on the pill so I didn't think about it when I came in you." He replied.

"Thank you, I was so scared." "I'm just thinking about the kink pregnant and lactating videos we'll be selling, my friend Kim had a kid and let me try her milk, was so fucking hot." I said with a smile.

"Well. that mental picture has me worked up, who's joining me." Said Dad as he put the key on the table. Life went on for us all, Amber's daughter never knew Grandpa was actually her dad but with the sales from my site over the years we live on our own island and clothes are not allowed.