Blonde Freundin hart gefickt Doggystyle

Blonde Freundin hart gefickt Doggystyle
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The World's First Futa Futa's Beauty Pageant Chapter Three: Futa's First Naughty Award By mypenname3000 Copyright 2018 April 17th, 2047 "So I think everyone in the audience and watching live around the world is interested in who won, Becky," Adelia, the talk show host interviewing me, asked. "Which one of the three finalists impressed you the most?" "Well, it wasn't an easy decision," I said. "All three of them blew me away with their talent portion of the contests.

They were all so eager to win and be crowned Ms. Bred 2019. Their horny and pregnant bodies quivered to please me." "So that's what it came down to?" she asked. "Which of them made you cum the hardest in the toy portion?" I smiled at Adelia.

"Well, they all made me cum hard during the talent contest for different reason. I mean, Cass's amazing control of her pectoral muscles to make her tits bounce and squirt breast milk was amazing. And Sabrina's angelic voice, belting out one of the hardest songs to sing while having toys buzzing inside her pussy and asshole. Well, that was a sight to behold." "And she was kind enough to share her toys, too," added Adelia. "It's called the Sabrina Rule, right.

Where the contestants can't give sex toys to the judges to try and influence them." "Mr. Mondale implemented it for the second year," I said. "I think he was just jealous he wasn't given a vibrator." Adelia laughed at that, a genuine sound bursting from her lips.

She leaned over, her tits jiggling in her dress, moving in such inviting ways. My futa-cock was so hard. I was looking forward to the upcoming commercial break. I needed another cum. Enjoying my wife's asshole before the last break was great, but. talking about my life was just so exciting. It just kept me hard all the time. "And, of course, Jacki gave that amazing magic show," Adelia continued when she regained her composure. "She proved how skilled she was with sex toys." "I still don't know how she switched the egg vibrators," I said.

"I know I pushed a blue one into her cunt with my girl-dick and then pulled out a red one a moment later." I shuddered, remembering that wicked delight. "That's what makes stage magicians so much fun.

And, yes, she was skilled with toys. "They all were." "So whose idea was it to have the finale come down to the three remaining contestants to please you with their favorite sex toys?" Adelia patted my thigh. Heat rippled up my skin to my pussy. Then it throbbed up to my futa-dick tenting the front of my skirt. "You?" "Mr. Mondale," I said. "He knew it would be a huge rating boon advertising that you'd get to see me fuck the three finalist.

The advertising rates he charged alone made us both rich." Adelia leaned closer, her hand stroking higher up my thigh. Her eyes had a naughty glint in them. "So, why did you vote for the winner?" "Because she infected me with her enthusiastic charm," I purred, licking my lips. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ March 23rd, 2019 "So the rules for the toy demonstration are simple," purred Karissa Walmsley. Last year's Miss Universe held her pregnant belly, covered by her silver dress, with both hands as she faced the audience.

"The three remaining finalist have each selected their favorite sex toys. They're going to use them on Becky Woodward. Then she and the other two judges will select the one they think pleased our naughty futa the most." Applause thundered through the Dolby Theater in Los Angeles.

I shivered, listening to it, my futa-dick so hard beneath my little, black dress. I rose once more from the judges table and strutted out onto the stage on my heels, feeling so glamorous. This was the same stage that the Oscars were held. In the year-and-a-half since I became the world's first futa, it never really hit me just how powerful having a girl-dick was.

The audience loved me. Many were women, their desire for me sweeping over the stage. I heard my fellow cheerleaders whooping in the front row. They were here to support Mei Wen, a Chinese girl on our squad, who made the event but was disqualified in the first round.

Now they were just eager to watch me have my fun. "Mmm, Becky," Karissa said, her right arm slipping around my waist and pulling me against the swell of her pregnancy. She wasn't showing as much as the contestants, but it still made my dick throb knowing my daughter grew inside of her. "I bet you're just excited." "Can't you tell?" I asked, glancing down at my clit-dick tenting the front of the skirt. "I've been looking forward to this all night. It's not often that women bust out their toy collection to please me." "Too busy working their fertile pussies up and down your cock to do much else?" Karissa asked, her voice throaty.

I remembered meeting her four months ago and how the caramel-skinned, mixed race beauty queen exploded on my girl-dick. "Yep." "Good thing you've already bred all the finalists so they concentrate on pleasing other parts of you." The crowd whooped again. My cheeks actually blushed. I didn't think I could still blush, but right now, before them all, a surprisingly virginal wave of nervousness washed through me.

My stomach gave a little turn even as my pussy grew hotter. Juices trickled down my thighs. I was eager for this to start while hoping I didn't make a fool of myself before the world as the cameras broadcast this live. It wasn't on one of the big networks, but on cable where the FCC couldn't object.

"So, who are you leaning towards?" Karissa asked. "It's a close race right now," I said. "But. Jacki did let me fuck her asshole." Karissa gave a wicked laugh. "Which was so naughty of her. You almost ruined her magic trick with your horny cock." "It was her fault for inviting me to thrust my dick into her pregnant snatch," I said, my cock twitching. "Mmm, it was," she said, her hand around my waist slipping up my dress. "Now we need to get you naked." I shivered as the beauty queen's hand slid up my naked back to the ties of my dress behind my neck.

With my blonde hair piled on my right side and spilling down my cleavage, she didn't have any obstruction. In moments, her deft fingers had it open and the top fell away to expose my round breast.

"Mmm, I love these tits," Karissa said, her free hand gasping my right mound. She squeezed it and shook it at the crowd. "Don't you?" The crowd roared their agreement, their lust washing over me. It was a powerful wave that had me shivering. Then I gasped as Karissa leaned over and sucked on my nipple. Her tongue swirled around it, making me quiver. Her lips popped off after a moment. "Mmm, just getting you warmed up for the finalist." "Mmm, you got me boiling," I groaned then gasped as she worked off my skirt down my hips, the fabric rubbing on the sensitive tip of my girl-dick.

Pleasure flowed down my shaft to my pussy. "Ooh, Karissa, that's nice." "So's this," the pregnant beauty queen purred and grabbed my girl-dick. She stroked up and down it. "Mmm, the finalists are lucky to get to enjoy this." I nodded my head in agreement as I stepped out of my little, black dress.

I stood naked save for my heels before the world. With Karissa's hand stroking up and down my dick, the virginal nervousness vanished. This wasn't my first time having sex live on the air. Not by a long shot. The stage lights blazed brighter, spotlights flooding down to illuminate behind me.

I turned and smiled at the bed on a round dais. It slowly rotated, not fast to be distracting to the pregnant contestant and me, but enough so the crowd and the world could see us at so many different angles. Cass Alymer stood naked by the bed, her collection of toys on a small nightstand also on the platform. Karissa broke away from me and sauntered to the pregnant contestant with the large breasts. The black-hair contestant had a big smile on her face as she rubbed her swollen belly.

"So, what have you brought to play with Becky?" she asked as I lightly stroked my futa-cock. "Lots and lots of vibrators," Cass said, a big grin spreading on her lips. "Including ones for her nipples." "Fan of nipple play?" Karissa asked. "Always. And now that my milk has come in, well, it's an exciting delight." She hefted her own left breast, brought her fat, dusky-pink nipple to her mouth, and suckled from it.

She moaned as she tasted her own creamy treat." My mouth watered. "And I see you have several ben wa balls," Karissa added. Cass popped her own nipple out of her mouth. "Mmm, yes, we're going to have fun with those." "I bet you are." Karissa glanced at me as she backed away.

"Enjoy, you two." "Yes," I groaned and advanced on Cass, my pussy on fire. So much naughty fun. Cass caught me in an embrace the moment I mounted the rotating dais. Her pregnant belly pressed into my stomach as she kissed me hard. Her tongue danced with mine, her mouth nibbling and teasing.

I shuddered, squirming against her, my stomach caressing hers. I tasted something sweet and melony, like cantaloupe. Breast milk. Cass broke the kiss and smiled. "Mmm, just slide onto the bed, and I will take care of everything, Becky." "I'm putty in your hands," I moaned as I sank onto the bed. She grabbed a pair of small, cylindrical vibrators, shorter than my pinky finger, but also wider. Which one had surgical tape already on them, ready to be attached. I shivered as she positioned each one over my nipples, smoothing the tape down to hold them in place.

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The cool plastic caressed them. She pushed buttons on top. Buzzing delight teased my nipples. I let out a wanton moan, my pussy growing hotter and hotter as I squirmed on the bed. It was such a tease, my dick throbbing to the puling vibration. She grabbed two more vibrators, also cylindrical, but larger. "Now these are for your cock," she said, grabbing an elastic band and bringing the toys to my dick.

"Really?" I asked. "They're meant for men, but I think we can improvise," she purred. "Do you like to use these on the men in your life?" "While I suck on their balls or lick their assholes." Cass gave me a wink.

"But with a futanari, why, I'll have to play with your pussy, instead." My snatch clenched in delight.

She pressed both toys against my cock and put the band around them. It held them in place. She hit the buttons on both, and they came to life. I groaned, the vibrations even more intense against my cock then my nipples. My dick's tip and frenulum drank in the buzzing bliss. The electricity churned by those naughty toys met the sparks jolting from my nipples. The sensations all mixed inside my hot pussy.

I trembled, rubbing my thighs together while she grabbed the ben walls. "This is such wondrous torture," I groaned, my futa-dick twitching, aimed right at my breasts. "Mmm, and it's about to get better," the pregnant woman purred as she knelt between my thighs. She stared at my blonde bush, the ben wall balls in hand.

They were a swirl of clearly crimson and pure diamond, the red almost milky at times. They were connected by a string. She pushed the first ball against the entrance of my pussy, teasing me. My dick twitched, drinking in the buzzing vibrators. I whimpered, squirming my hips. My hands found my breasts, squeezing them, brushing the surgical tape holding the humming toys against my nubs.

It felt incredible. She pushed the ben wa ball against my pussy. I gasped as my soaked labia stretched and stretched to accommodate it. The sphere was wider than any toy I'd put in there. I groaned, my pussy swallowing the first ball. I felt in inside of me as I squirmed, adding its own delight to the pleasure building in me. Then she pressed the second one against my pussy lips. "Cass," I whimpered as my twat swallowed ball number two. I had two of them in me, stretching my cunt to her limit.

I wiggled, my futa-dick swaying as it thrust out above my stomach. "Ooh, that's naughty." "Mmm, and it's about to get better," she purred, leaning down. I felt her breath on my pussy, hot and teasing, as she worked the third ben wa ball into me. I groaned at it nuzzling at my pussy lips.


Her tongue lapped at my folds around it as she wiggled it into me. The other two balls filled me up and. and. she managed to pop the third one in while her tongue fluttered up and down my slit. The vibrators felt like they hummed faster as her tongue danced up and down my pussy lips. My cunt clenched around the ben wall balls.

I shuddered, squirming. Her tongue caressed my labia, gathering my sweet juices flowing out of me. "Oh, Becky, you taste so good," moaned Cass as she licked again. "Mmm, just so yummy." "Uh-huh," I moaned, not sure what to say. I jiggled my breasts, the vibrators shifting as they buzzed away against my nipples. My dick throbbed more and more. The buzzing bliss brought me closer and closer to my orgasm.

As the ache built at the tip of my girl-cock, the vibrators humming against my sensitive crowns felt even more intense. I gasped, fingers digging into my tits. I whimpered, back arching. I felt the cameras and the audience watching me in breathless anticipation. "Oh, my god, Cass," I groaned, my cunt clenching down on those ben wa balls.

"This is. This is amazing. Ooh, you're just so naughty!" "Uh-huh," she moaned. Then she tugged. I gasped as all three ben wa balls were ripped out of my pussy. My labia spread wide as they jerked out. The rapture sent a surged through me. My pussy transmitted this delight right to the tip of my futa-cock. "Cass!" I cried out as my futa-cock erupted. Hot cum spurted up my body. Blast after blast of jizz splashed along my round tits, spilling over the surgical tape and the vibrators.

Cass licked at my snatch, gathering up the pussy cream flowing out of me as I bucked on the bed. The vibrators kept my dick erupting. The stimulation on my cumming cock only sent more rapture into me. More and more jizz flowed out of me as I bucked on the bed.


I gasped and cried out. The ecstasy washed across my brains. "Mmm, yes," the busty, pregnant contestant purred. She licked at my pussy again. "You just want more! You want to enjoy my pussy." "Yes!" I gasped as she sat up and grabbed a green dildo off the table. It had a curved shaft, ending at a blunt hook. She slammed it into my cunt. The curving upward tip caressed my pussy walls. Making me shudder. She just gave me a naughty grin as she pulled off the vibrators around my cock.

I whimpered, wanting more stimulation to ripple down my cock.

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She moved, her belly heaving as she went to straddle me. Before she did, she turned on the vibrator in my pussy. "Holy fucking shit!" I gasped, shocked by what I felt. It didn't just buzz, though that felt incredible, it also rotated. I shuddered as the rounded tip spun inside of me. Not fast, but it was incredible as it teased me. It stirred me up. Cass grinned at me as she straddled me.

I whimpered, her pillowy breasts swaying, her hand guiding my futa-dick to her shaved, pregnant pussy. I gasped as her thick, butterfly-like labia kissed my futa-dick. Those engorged petals engulfed my dick in her warmth. I shuddered as she slid down my body, engulfing me in her heat while quivering in delight. My nipples throbbed, still teased by the vibrations. "Mmm, now isn't that nice?" she asked, leaning over me, her breasts dangling towards me.

Milk beaded her dusky-pink nipples. I seized her tits and moaned, "Uh-huh." I licked my lips, staring at those creamy droplets. "Just amazing." "Go ahead," she moaned as she slid her pussy up my shaft, her cunt clenching down my clit-dick. "Nurse. Enjoy yourself, Becky." Pleasure racing through my body, I lifted my head and latched onto her right nipple. My lips formed a tight seal. I suckled. Her treat squirted.

Hot, creamy, sweet breast milk splashed across my tongue.

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I whimpered as I enjoyed the delicious taste. It melted on my mouth. I gulped it down, my cunt clenching down on the rotating dildo. I whimpered, squeezing her breast tight. More breast milk squirted into my hungry mouth. I swallowed the treat as fast as I could. She groaned, working her snatch up and down my dick, squeezing and massaging my clit-dick with her silky flesh. The bottom swell of her pregnant belly rubbed against my stomach as she rode me.

The bed creaked. Cameras moved around us, capturing us for the world to enjoy as the bed slowly rotated. I groaned, my toes curling. The vibrators buzzed against my nipples. The naughty dildo churned my pussy to a hot froth. My ovaries swelled, the pressure building and building in me as she worked her cunt faster and faster up and down my dick.

Her silky pussy worked faster and faster. Her moans echoed through the air as I nursed from her mouth. Her breast milk coated my tongue. My throat. The warmth poured down my belly and spread through my body. "Oh, yes, yes, yes, Becky!" she groaned.

"I've missed this cock so much! Ooh, yes. You're going to cum so hard in my pregnant pussy, aren't you?" I could only moan about her nipple as I suckled again. Her hands stroked my blonde hair as she bounced faster and faster on me. She worked that silky, bred pussy up and down my dick. She swiveled her hips and stirred around inside of me while her dildo rotated in my snatch.

That massaging tip caressed different parts of me as I squirmed. "Ooh, you're going to make me cum, Becky!" she whimpered. "I'm so horny all the time. And now you're in me. You're nursing from me! And the world. Oh, god, the world's watching." "Yes, we are," purred Karissa.

"Cum like the little pregnant slut you are, Cass." Cass slammed her pussy down my cock. Her pregnant belly rubbed into my flat stomach as she heaved.

Her pussy convulsed, spasming about my cock. Her back arched, ripping her nipple out of my hungry mouth. "Yes, yes, yes!" she gasped, squirming above me. Her moans sang across the stage as the pleasure shot through me. "Becky! Cum in me!" "I will!" I moaned as she worked her convulsing snatch up and down my dick.

My nipples throbbed. My pussy clenched on the rotating dildo. All these sensations shot through me, mixing and warring, driving me wild.

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Her silky, convulsing snatch engulfed my cock. My dick throbbed. I unloaded into her bred depths. My body shuddered. My tits heaved as I cried out in orgasmic rapture.

Pleasure surged out of me, boiling into her juicy cunt. My mouth popped off her nipple as the pleasure spasmed my body. My pussy convulsed, sending waves of rapture to mix with the pulses of ecstasy jolting from my futa-cock. I pumped her pregnant snatch full of so much cum while the exciting flavor of her breast milk lingered on my lips. "Becky!" she whimpered as her pussy wrung out the last drops of my futa-spunk. "Mmm, Cass, that was delicious," I groaned, lost in a daze.

"Thank you for sharing all your favorite toys with me." She beamed at me, holding her pregnant belly. As I recovered, Sabina came out naked with her tray full of naughty objects. She came up to Karissa, the beauty queen letting out a naughty gasp of surprise.

"Well, look at what you brought, Sabrina. Who's going to be tied up?" Tied up? "Since Becky fucked me in front of my boyfriend, Tavon, and bred me, we learned he enjoys being cuckolded. We've been having a lot of fun with that.

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And, well, we've found it's even hotter when I'm tied up and being fucked by a strong man while he watches in the corner." She turned and blew a kiss towards the side of the stage. I blinked, noticing the Black man sitting there. The quarterback for the University of Oregon's Ducks had thick dreadlocks that fell about his ebony face.

He wore a suit, cutting a dashing figure in it. My dick throbbed. I would get to cuckold him. "So I want Becky to do that to me," Sabrina continued. The caramel-skinned, mixed-race beauty trembled beside Karissa, her naked ass wiggling at me. "I brought all my favorite BDSM paraphernalia." She held up a leather strap. "I especially love being spanked while giving a blowjob. I'm just such a naughty girl." "I'll say," Karissa said. She looked over her shoulder at the bed and me sitting their naked, my futa-dick throbbing hard again.

"Well, I think Becky's recovered from what Cass did to her. Your turn to rock her world." "Mmm, yes," Sabrina said. Her round breasts jiggled as she rolled her table towards the slowly rotating dais. I trembled as she had such a smoky look on her face. She walked with that sexy, pregnant waddle, leaning back slightly, her swollen belly thrust before her. I licked my lips, my futa-dick aching. I'd never done this before, but I was willing to try.

Sabrina lifted her tray onto the dais and joined it. Then she knelt on the bed and put her hand behind me. "Mistress Becky, please tie me up and fuck me while my boyfriend watches. Use my body! Make me your slut while he sits there and let's you use me!" Her boyfriend groaned. I didn't blame him. Those words made my dick ache and throb.

I grabbed the pink, fuzzy handcuffs as I looked at the rest of the toys. I think I knew what they were all for. My pussy dribbled juices down my thighs as I brought the cuffs to her wrists clasped behind her. Metal ratcheted as I slapped the restraints on both her wrists. She gave a tug and let out a whimpering moan. I grabbed the matching blindfold, black and ringed with pink fuzz.

Her moans only grew greater as I pulled it over her face, seating it on her eyes. Now she couldn't see what I was doing. What must that be like? She trembled, her pregnant belly quivering before her.

Juices ran down her thighs. Her brown bush was soaked, her trimmed curls beaded with dew. She was so turned on. I could smell her spicy musk. I grabbed the pink butt plug next and sucked on the rubbery end, soaking it in my saliva as I stared at her rump. I could feel the audience watching with breathless awe. It was so quiet save for Sabrina's whimpers and the rattle of her handcuff chains. I shivered, feeling the expectant lust. I popped the butt plug out of my mouth and brought it to her asshole.

"Mistress Becky!" she whimpered as I worked it against her sphincter. I remembered fucking that hole before I bred her pussy, making her wash my cock clean in her cunt. Her sphincter widened as the cone grew thicker and thicker. I twisted it back and forth, working it deeper and deeper into her asshole until it popped in, the handle nestled between her butt-cheeks.

I picked up the ring connected to several straps. I frowned at it for a moment. It was meant to tie around something and. Was it a type of gag? It was a thick ring. It would force her mouth to be open wide enough to. suck my cock. My girl-dick witched as I brought it to her mouth. I shoved it in, forcing her lips and teeth to open wide. I secured it tight behind her, matting down her short, brown hair.

She quivered, her breasts swaying, her nipples so hard. They begged for the next items. I grabbed the clamps, a strange surge of lust shooting through me as I brought them to her hard nipples. I squeezed the ends, the mouth opening, covered in pink felt. I brought it to her nub and released it. She squealed through her ring gag. Drool ran down her chin as she whimpered.

"That is kinky," Karissa said over the PA. "But Sabrina loves it. Look at her back arch, thrusting her tits at Becky. She wants the other one clamped, too." "Yes," I groaned, more pussy juices flooding out of my hot cunt. I picked up the last clamp and brought it to her nipple. I opened it and held it around her nipple. I just had to release it and she'd squeal again.

I clamped her nipple. She bucked. Her tits heaved. She moaned, her tongue wiggling in her open mouth. Her body quivered. My futa-dick throbbed, aching for the pleasure of using her body. I grabbed the last item, the leather strap. It was thick, like something a barber would use to sharpen his straight razor.

I smacked it into my open palm. It stung. Sabrina quivered. I moved before her, feeling the audience waiting for this moment. I seized Sabrina's hair with my left hand, holding her head at the right level. I brought her mouth to my dick and slid my cock through the ring and into her warm depths. It was different from a woman able to clamp her lips about my dick. Sabrina couldn't suck that hard, but her tongue could move, and her mouth was still hot and wet.

I whimpered and fucked her mouth while I stared at her ass. I smacked the strap down on her ramp. A stinging smack echoed across the stage. Sabrina whimpered about my futa-dick. The watching audience moaned. My pussy clenched. SMACK! I landed it harder. A bright, red stripe crossed her rump. I shuddered, my breast jiggling as I smacked it down again and again. I had to stretch my arm forward and lean over the pregnant slut to spank her while fucking her mouth.

SMACK! "Oh, you are a naughty slut, Sabrina," I groaned, plowing into her mouth hard and fast, my dick ramming to the back of her throat. Her tongue danced around my shaft.

SMACK! She moaned about my cock, the humming bliss shooting up my dick. SMACK! "Yes, yes, yes, you like this, don't you, you naughty slut!" I groaned, gripping her hair. SMACK! She whimpered about my dick, wiggling her rump covered in bright, red stripes. SMACK! "Yes, you do!" I growled, my pussy tightening. This was so hot. "Your boyfriend's watching while I use you." SMACK!

"You're his girl, but my slut!" SMACK! "I'm going to use you!" SMACK! "I'm going to fuck you so hard!" SMACK!

"You're my slut!" SMACK! Every word swelled my orgasm. It rose inside of me. I shuddered, my pussy squeezing tight while my dick throbbed in Sabrina's hot mouth. I slammed forward, driving my girl-dick deep into her mouth. My back arched. My tits heaved before me.

With a gasp, my cock erupted. I fired my girl-spunk into her mouth. SMACK! Pleasure rippled through me. She gulped it down with noisy pleasure. She quivered, wiggling her body as I pumped her mouth full of my futa-cum. It fired out of me, leaving me dizzy. My mind drank it in. I drew in deep breaths. "That was good, slut," I groaned, my dick still hard.

Still aching. "But I need more from your slut-body. I need to really defile you while your wimpy, pathetic boyfriend watches." Sabrina moaned her agreement around my girl-dick.

I ripped my cock out of her mouth and threw down the leather strap. I moved around the bed, my dick throbbing and aching. My cock nudged into her ass as I settled into place. I seized the handle of her butt plug and tugged. She let out a wordless moan of rapture as the cone ripped out of her asshole. Her sphincter gaped open for a moment as I lined up my girl-dick. Before her whimpers even stopped, I slammed my dick deep into her bowels, sodomizing her.

Hot, tight, wondrous pleasure engulfed my cock. I buried to the hilt in her velvety bowels. My crotch smacked into her welted ass. She moaned, clenching down on it. Her fingers twitched and curled, her wrists pulling on the fuzzy cuffs binding her together. I seized the chain of her cuffs, gripping it tight, and thrust hard into her bowels. I pounded her. I fucked her with such passion. I jammed my girl-dick to the hilt in her. She gasped and whimpered, her asshole squeezing down on my girl-dick.

Her hips rotated from side to side, stirring around my dick in her tight asshole. "Oh, you love it, slut!" I growled. "You love taking the cock that bred your slut-cunt in your asshole, don't you?" She moaned what could have been a yes. "Mmm, and your boyfriend's watching, just like last time," I gasped, plowing so hard into her asshole, using her, fucking her.

My orgasm built so fast. This was intoxicating. I licked my lips, the flavor of Cass's breast milk still lingering. My tits heaved. My pussy grew hotter and hotter. Sabrina's bowels clenched and relaxed on my dick, the friction driving me to my climax and. I yanked out of her asshole. I grabbed her hair and wrenched the pregnant slut around.

She gave a wordless gasp moments before I rammed my dirty cock into her mouth. She wanted to be used, and this perverted part of me wanted to use her. "That's it!" I moaned, my pussy clenching, my orgasm about to ripple through me. "Suck my dirty cock clean, whore!" An explosion came from the studio audience.

They clapped and cheered as I drove my filthy girl-dick so deep into Sabrina's gagged mouth. The girl's tongue swirled around my dick as my eyes squeezed shut. Then rapture shot out of me. My body heaved as my cum erupted from my girl-dick. Blast after blast of my jizz erupted into her mouth. I pumped her full of my spunk. I shuddered, a dizzy wave sweeping through me as I used her for my pleasure.

She drank it down. She gulped my spunk. It was so nasty of her. I loved it. A dizzy sway ran through my body as the slut gulped it down with such hunger. I sucked in a deep breath, my eyes fluttering. Rapture burned through my mind. Stars exploded across my vision. Then I released her hair and drank in the cheers and applause. She panted and groaned, my cum running down her chin along with her saliva.

I ripped off her blindfold and shuddered at the glassy joy in her green eyes. She loved it. Then her boyfriend was there. He scooped her pregnant form up in his arms and carried her away while I gasped and panted. A wave of dizziness washed through me. I couldn't believe that just happened. That I spanked a pregnant girl, fucked her ass, and then came down her throat. It was all a blur.

An exciting blur. I was dazed as Karissa called out the blonde Jacki. I didn't hear at all what she had planned for me as I trembled on the bed, staring up at the ceiling. My hand opened and closed. Did I. like dominating girls? No. It was nice, but I liked them free to touch me. I enjoyed them able to cry out their rapture. I wanted them riding me. Fucking me. I wanted them dripping for me to just breed them, not spank them. Not tie them up. Once was nice. Once. Then Jacki was standing over the bed, a strange object in her hand, a thick dildo strapped to her pussy, thrusting from beneath her pregnant belly.

She gave me such a wicked grin, her heavy tits swaying as she mounted the bed. I blinked, staring at the strange, pink shaft in her hand. It looked like it was made of rubber, but it didn't look like a sex toy. Too. cylindrical and blunted. I caught a glimpse of a small hole centered around what look liked pussy lips sculpted into the fleshy latex. "Going to use a magic trick to convince me you won?" I managed to ask as she settled between my thighs.

She winked at me. "Nope, just gonna use this onahole on your dick and fuck your pussy hard." "Ona. hole?" I asked, frowning at the pink cylinder. "It's a Japanese sex toys for boys." She gave me a grin. "And hung futas. It's a fake pussy. You're gonna love it." I frowned as she grabbed pillows and hiked my ass, shoving them beneath, elevating my pussy to the level with her dildo. My futa-cock flopped on my belly, so hard and aching. My precum dribbled from the end.

She brought her strap-on to my pussy, lined it up with my hungry hole, and thrust into me. I groaned as she sank into my silky depths. My pussy clenched around her thick shaft, feeling the little bumps adorning it. They stroked my flesh, sending tingles of delight racing straight to the tip of my girl-dick. It had me whimpering. It felt incredible in me. Then she brought the onahole to the tip of my dick.

She pressed my cock against that small hole. It was the size of my pinky finger. There was no way it could. I groaned as the elastic rubber stretched and stretched and stretched. It swallowed my cock in a tight grip, cool and slicked by lube inside.

Then I gasped as the rubbery depths rubbed at my flesh, textured with ridges and bumps, tighter in some places than others. "Holy fucking shit!" I gasped, my dick throbbing while my pussy clenched down on her dildo.

"That's different." "But hot, right?" she asked. "I always love jerking off a guy with an onahole while I peg his ass." She gave me a wicked grin. "And now I get to fuck your pussy." "What sort of Christian college did you go to?" I groaned.

She winked at me and then the pleasure began. My eyes bulged as she pumped the onahole up and down my cock at the same moment she fucked the thick, bumpy dildo in and out of my cunt. The pregnant blonde's big tits heaved as she plowed me. Her pregnant belly jiggled. I groaned, my twat squeezing down on the fake cock pumping in and out of me while the sensitive crown of my dick drank in the feel of the naughty toy. She squeezed the onahole about my dick as she fucked me.

My toes curled. The stretchy rubber felt different from a pussy, but it also felt nice. It stimulated me, shooting bliss down to my pussy being stirred up by her thrusting cock. My tits jiggled and heaved as she reamed me. Such delight rippled out of me.

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"Oh, wow, Jacki!" I gasped as the blonde fucked me hard, my pussy squeezing down on her bumpy toy, drinking in the friction. "Mmm, I knew you'd like it," she grinned. "You're such a futa-slut, Becky! Now work those hips. Ooh, yes you're grinding the dildo's base against my clit.

You're making me feel good, too!" "Good," I moaned, my tits bouncing and jiggling as she plowed me. I squirmed on the table, my dick throbbing in the onahole's tight embrace.

"Oh, fuck, keep stroking my cock and fucking me. I'm going to cum so hard!" "Gladly!" she panted, thrusting hard, her tits heaving. "Ooh, the world is watching us make such wicked passion! There are guys beating off and girls rubbing their cunts right now watching us." "Yes!" I gasped, my pussy growing hotter and juicier.

I whimpered as she thrust in harder. "Just getting off on how sexy we are!" "So sexy!" she groaned, driving that bumpy dildo over and over into my pussy. The pleasure swelled through me. My head arched, spotting one of the cameras recording this moment, immortalizing this hot sex. I shuddered, rotating my hips, meeting her thrusts. My futa-cock ached in the onahole, stimulated by that rubbery delight. My tip drank in the friction, my sensitive frenulum shooting rapture down to my cunt.

Every thrust of the dildo into my cunt brought my pussy closer to a boil. I groaned and shuddered, squeezing down on the shaft. The dual delights rippled through me. I gasped out my growing rapture, shuddering on the bed, my fingers clawing at the sheets.

"Jacki!" I groaned, my face tightening, my pleasure swelling. "Just cum!" she groaned. "Let's cum together while the world masturbates to us!" She drove her dildo into my cunt's depths. She slammed the onahole down my cock's length. "Yes!" I howled. My girl-cum fired into the onahole. Pulse after pulse of rapture shot out of my cock and through my body. My pussy convulsed on the bumpy dildo, drinking in the texture. Hot gusts of ecstasy howled through my body and triggered a storm of euphoric bliss in my mind.

Lightning jolted from my cock, mixing in with the typhoon blowing my thoughts to and fro. She gasped, trembling. Her moans joined mine.

I knew she was cumming as she pumped the onahole up and down my dick, milking out all my cum into the rubbery hole. My pussy convulsed about her delicious dildo. My body shook as the pregnant woman fucked me into ecstasy. I collapsed, panting. "Jacki, you wonderful slut. Mmm, that was incredible." "Uh-huh," she moaned. "Now it's time for my treat." I groaned as she ripped the onahole off my dick and brought the sex toy to her mouth.

I watched as my pearly jizz ran out of the hole and onto her tongue thrust out of her lips. She groaned as my cream poured into her mouth, her body quaking through another orgasm as she gulped down my jizz on live TV. I loved this beauty pageant. "It's got to be Sabrina," Amelia said ten minutes later after I'd recovered from my fun with Jacki, my pussy still aching from her bumpy toy. We were at the judge's table while Pharrell performed his signature song, Happy.

"It was so hot the way she had you tie her up." "I liked Jacki," Mr. Mondale said. "She fucked you hard. You look like you exploded. And when she drank your jizz out of the onahole. Fuck, that was hot." "I did cum hard," I said, my dick remembering that onahole. "But." The taste of Cass's breast milk still somehow managed to linger after all the naughty fun. "What about Cass.?" "Cass was so boring," Amelia said, rubbing at her pregnant belly.

"Jacki had fun fucking you." "Boring?" I gasped. "Cass was lactating." I shivered and licked my lips. "Mmm, when your milk comes in, you'll know how delicious it is. Nursing from Cass, gulping down her creamy treat. It only sweetened the pleasure of her pussy riding my dick. All the girls were amazing, but. To me, that creamy milk gives Cass the edge." Amelia swallowed.

I leaned closer to her. "It was so sweet and warm. It squirted into my mouth, not like an erupting cock"—I used to suck Kurt, my one and only boyfriend, off before he took my virginity and triggered my transformation—"but. like a water pistol. But it tastes so much better. It has a melony flavor, like cantaloupe. And it feels so naughty sliding down your throat to your belly. Made my pussy so wet and my girl-dick throb." Amelia whimpered. "Cass.

I'm voting for Cass. That does sound hot." "Yeah," Mr. Mondale groaned on the other side of me. "Two for Cass. It looks like she won." Amelia's hands slid up to her tits, squeezing them. "Mmm, I really, really want to lactate now." Cass looked so beautiful as I awarded her the crown and made her the first ever Ms. Bred. She wore a blue gown that set off her braided, black hair. It clung to her pregnant curves like a lover's caress.

She beamed at me as I placed the sash over her shoulder and the silver tiara, tipped with diamonds, on her head. Tears built in her eyes. I gave her a hot kiss while the world watched and the audience roared in applause. My girl-dick throbbed, and I knew Cass would be spending the night in my hotel room. I would celebrate her victory in style. I would let her enjoy my futa-dick however she wanted.

The first beauty pageant was such a success. I couldn't wait for next year and the year after it. I would have to reed so many women during late June, July, August, and early September so there could be plenty of candidates. I couldn't wait. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ April 17th, 2047 "You never forget your first," I said, smiling at the cameras, my futa-cock so hard and throbbing.

Remembering those wild sex acts with those three beautiful, pregnant beauties—women I bred—had my dick in such need. My wife, Sharron, waited on the wings. I knew she would be more than happy to satiate me.

But so would Adelia. "No, you don't," purred Adelia. "Your first time losing your cherry, or your first time with a futa." "For some it's both," I said with a smile, glancing at my wife, her strawberry-blonde hair framing her face, that supportive smile on her lips.

So much like his. "The other pageants I judged have blended together over the years. I've hosted just over twenty of them, I think, but I'll never forget the first. It was definitely one of those high points of my time at the University of Washington." "How did the rest of your college career go?" "The next two years were a lot of fun," I said, "but went much like those first two.

Every year, I bred the new members of the Sigma Lambda Tau sorority. Of course, I never stopped cheerleading. There was a shortage of cheerleaders because so many of them were getting pregnant. I hosted two more Miss Bred pageants. I had my weekly visits with the school's president, Cherie Pop, and my weekly orgies at my dorm. I fucked so many wives of the college's donors.

I can't even remember how many rich men spanked it to me breeding their young trophy wives." "I bet that was a treat," Adelia said, sparking a giggle from the audience. "Usually, they can be so jealous even while cheating on their wives with their mistresses or secretaries." "But everyone enjoys watching a futa fuck." The audience cheered in agreement.

"Let's watch you fuck right now, Becky!" an excited woman screeched. My girl-dick throbbed. "What else.?" I said, thinking back thirty years. "Kurt shared at least another dozen girlfriends with me in search for that perfect girl.

Lucky for him, he found her." I couldn't help staring at my own perfect girl and smiling. Sharron beamed back, her blue eyes twinkling as she rubbed her pregnant belly just starting to show with our third daughter.

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"So, when you graduated, you didn't know what to do with your life?" Adelia said. "What career to go in?" "I was restless.

I didn't need to work, not with the money from the beauty pageants and other sponsorship deals I made. I forget how many commercials and adds and products I endorsed over those few years." I shrugged. "Since I didn't really feel like I found my place, I decided to hitchhike. To see America, the world, to find out where I belonged." "I bet you have some naughty stories to tell." I nodded my head.

"Well, when we get back from our commercial break, and the exciting words from our sponsors," Adelia said without a trace of any annoyance, "we'll talk to Becky about some of those highlights." "Mmm, those nuns were were memorable and that cult." I shuddered.

"They were weird but hot." "So don't click away, we'll be right back," Adelia said. The lights on the cameras went red. I groaned and said, "Someone, make me cum!" The END of This Tale of the World's First Futa