Very petite redheads interracial fun

Very petite redheads interracial fun
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Sarah Walmin stared down at her shoes as she headed home. It had been a long day, and she was looking forward to getting home and out of these clothes! Her school demanded the students to wear uniforms, and she wasn't too fond of the outfits, they were too uncomfortable and the school for some odd reason never gave her the right size for anything. Everyday she had to wear a white button up shirt with a green plaid skirt and black shoes.

Her skirt was always too short, and she never enjoyed the idea of guys drooling over her ass and legs, and the shirts always seemed too tight making her breasts seem to stick out. Its not that she didn't like boys, its just that she never wanted to be considered a slut.

She had a nice body, for a girl who was sixteen. She had long brown hair with hazel eyes, a pretty face and nice body. She was 5' 4'', 103 lbs, and sported a nice set of breasts. Almost all the guys at school wanted her. But, she already had a boyfriend, Sean Anglen, who she thought was the best boy in the world, and they had never done anything beyond kissing.

She wasn't ashamed to still be a virgin, and she was planning on staying one till she married, and she hoped she married Sean. Her mind drifted to Sean, and she hoped he wasn't busy tonight so they could get together.

Her parents were getting home late, so all she really had to do was check on her younger sister, then she could do whatever she felt like. She was lost in thought, and didn't see the van in driveway ahead slowly back out.

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The noise of the van made her look up, and just in time as she had walked right in front of the back end which was now less than a foot away. She let out a scream and fell backwards in surprise. The van stopped and a man wearing a gray jumpsuit came running out from the drivers seat. He was Hispanic, and he had a slight accent when he asked her, "Holy.are you alright?" He reached a hand out and helped her up. His face was wild with panic as he looked her over. "You okay?

I didn't hurt you did I?" He said with his accent.

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"N-no, I'm fine, just a little startled." She said, brushing herself off. "You don't need a ride to the hospital do you? Oh god, I can't be sued now!" He turned towads the back of the work van and reached for the door handle. "No, its alright, I'm fine!" He stopped and spun back around. "You sure? Oh please, don't tell your parents, I don't have enough money as it is!" "No no, its quite allright, no harm done!

Its as much my fault as it is yours!" She smiled at him. His panic striken face broke into an unsure smile, but then his eyes looked over her head. His face turned and grim, and he nodded. Fear starting to rise inside of her, she spun around, but saw noone was behind her. She was about to turn back when she was grabbed from behind. A hand covered her mouth as another one wrapped around her waist and turned her around. The door to the van opened and she was shoved inside.

Inside sat a man and a woman. The man was also hispanic, and he was wearing a nice suit. The woman looked american, and she did not speak with an accent.

She was wearing a black dress that was low cut, showing plenty of her large, round breasts and a long slit ran from the bottom of the dress up to her hip. They both looked at her as the driver hopped back in and started the vehicle. Sarah sat in fear, watching her captors as they seemed to be sizing her up.

"She looks a little too old." The man said in his accent.

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"I don't know, she looks fine to me. Besides, all girls can be taught, it doesn't matter age!" The woman said in a sweet soothing voice. "Yes, but younger ones sell better and can be made more loyal." Sarah's head filled with different ideas of what they might be talking about.

" parents aren't rich, they can't pay you a lot" She stammered. "No, of course not sweetie, thats not what we are expecting." The woman said, looking at her with big, green eyes. She brushed a lock of red hair away from her eyes, and turned towards the man. "Should we atleast test out and see if shes experienced or not?" The man looked at Sarah sternly, then nodded.

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The woman pulled a suitcase out from behind her and set it on the floor. The man tapped the wall of the van, and the van slowed down to a stop. The woman turned towards Sarah. "Baby, do as I say and nothing bad will happen. But if you don't, then we will have to get violent, and we don't want that, you understand?" Sarah thought for a second, then nodded.

"Good. Now I need you to undress yourself and lay down on this mat." The woman pulled out what looked like a yoga mat and spreaded it out if front of her. Sarah sat there, frozen.


" want me to do what?" "Do as she says!" The man almost yelled. The woman shushed him and turned back to Sarah. "Just do as I say, I promise nothing bad will happen." Sarah looked uneasily at the woman, then the man, then at herself. 'Why do they want me to get naked?

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What are they going to do to me?' She thought for a second, then decided she'd better just do as they say to not anger them. She reached her hand down to her shirt and started to unbutton it. She opened it up and set it off to the side, revelaing her white bra. She nervously removed it, feeling the eyes of the man and woman on her. She then removed her skirt, and then her panties and shoes.

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Standing there, those eyes on her, she couldn't help but get a little turned on. The woman patted the mat, and Sarah shakily complied. She lay down, her legs towards the woman, and held her arms accross her chest and groin as best as possible. "Oh come now, silly little girl!" The woman gently removed Sarah's hand from her vagina. The woman then turned back towards the case and searched through it. She pulled out a small bottle and a dildo.

'Oh no! Oh god, please no!' Sarah thought in fright as the woman handled the plastic dildo. She then frowned and set it down, but picked up a rubber one that was almost twice as big. Sarah stared in shock at the thing, wondering how on earth anyone could get something like that inside them.

She tried to sit up, but the woman simply pushed her back down.


"Its okay, its not gonna hurt too much, thats what this is for." The woman opened the bottle of lube and started to pour it on the dildo. "You have to admit Mike, she does have a nice body!" The woman then placed the tip of the dildo at Sarah's opening.

"You ready sweetie?" Tears were now pouring down Sarah's face, and she shook her head and croaked "No!", but the woman only smiled. She slid the fake cock slowly inside Sarah's virgin pussy. Jolts of pain mixed with pleasure ran up and down Sarah's body as the shaft went in deeper and deeper. But, as soon as her cheery was popped and her blood now covered the shaft, the woman stopped.

"Well, looks like she's still a virgin, well was anyway. Thats a plus, right?" The man nodded. "So, can we gonna keep her or not?" Mike nodded again. The woman's face broke into a smile, and she turned back to Sarah. "Welcome to your new friends, hoar!" The sweetness was gone, and her face was turning more and more manical. The woman slid off her dress, revealing no bra and a black lace thong. She grabbed the dildo and returned it back to Sarah's now wet and bloody entrance.

Sarah cried out for her to stop, but she didn't listen. The two inch wide, seven inch long dildo re-entered Sarah's hole, and this time the woman showed no mercy. Sarah arched her back in pain as the shaft dug ini deeper and deeper, but at the same time jolts of ectasy filled her body.

The woman then started moving it in and out, driving it deeper and deeper each time. After a few minutes, the pain subdued into pure pleasure as the woman worked Sarah up into an orgasm. As she felt herself about to come, the woman pulled out the sticky dildo and dove face first into her snatch. Sarah gribbed the mat as the woman licked her into her first amazing orgasam, and then her second.

The woman's hands slid over Sarah's breasts, massaging and pinching the hard nipples. 'Oh my god, this actually feels sooo good! ' Sarah thought as the woman slid up and wrapped her mouth around one of the tits. Sarah noticed Mike sliding behind the woman's ass, which was sticking up in the air. He slid her thong down and off, then worked to get his own pants off. Sarah's eyes widened as he pulled out his monster cock, now full of blood and ready to fuck. The woman leaned up and kissed Sarah's lower lip, and at this point Sarah no longer objected.

She could feel the woman rock slightly as the man inserted his monstrous cock inside the woman's ass. As he dug himself deep inside, she grabbed the dildo back and slid it back inside Sarah. Sarah massaged her nipples as she was sent through another orgasm, and the woman let out a moan as the man dug himself all the way to the balls at the end of his 8.9 inch cock. He then stopped and pulled himself out of her and gestured for her to move. He bent over Sarah, and placed his cock in between her breasts.

He squeezed her breasts around his shaft as he jerked forward, the woman continuing with the dildo.


The dick was bumping into Sarah's chin each time he pushed forward, and she counld't help but enjoy what she was feeling right now. She felt the cock tense, and next thing she new it erupted cum all over her face, neck and chest. He continued to jerk, causing the thick warm liquid to cover between her breasts.

He then pulled himself up, dressed, and sat back down. "She will work for the time being. Clean her up Rachel and then we'll go swing by her place to pick up some things she'll need." The woman named Rachel nodded then pulled out the dildo and ran her tongue along Sarah's breasts and face, licking up the cum. She'd occaionally lean up and try to kiss Sarah on the lips, causing the taste of Mike's sperm to enter her mouth.

By the time she was licked clean, her mind was slowly starting to return to normal, and tears of shame started to appear on her face as she dressed. 'Oh god, I just lost my virginity to another woman, oh dear god!

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And, what did they mean by "she'll work"? Oh no, please dear god, help me!'

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